Sims 4 Death Flower: A Simple Guide

Do you need to save your sim from the Grim Reaper or bring a particular ghost back to life?

You’ll need the Sims 4 Death Flower for both scenarios to get it done!

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What is the Sims 4 Death Flower?

When it comes to the sims 4 death flower, it has two basic purposes; to save your sim from death or to revive your favorite ghost.

To save your dying sim, another sim will need to plead for your life to the Grim Reaper while offering up a death flower.

If they are too late to save your sim, you can also use the death flower in making Ambrosia to help bring your ghost back from the dead.

Sims 4 Death Flower Using Cheats

If you don’t like using cheats in your gameplay, skip to the next section.

Since I know many simmers love using cheats (myself included) I figured we start here.

Gaining access to the sims 4 death flower using cheats is super easy.

All you need to do is use the debug cheat to gain access to all those helpful hidden objects.

  • Open up the dialog box by using ctrl + shift + c
  • Type in testingcheats true or testingcheats on
  • You should see the message cheats enabled in the box
  • Now type in bb.showhiddenobjects
  • Head to the Build/Buy and type in Death Flower in the search box

You now have access to the elusive and powerful sims 4 death flower.

death flower purchase from build/buy

Sims 4 Death Flower by Grafting

If your sim is into plants and has reached the Level 5 gardening skill, they can eventually get a death flower by doing some extensive gardening ;

  • Graft a cherry with an apple to make a pomegranate
  • Graft a lily with a snapdragon to make an orchid
  • Graft the pomegranate to the orchid to make a death flower
  • Wait for the plant to grow and bloom, and then you can harvest it

Alternatively, if you have a sim with a Level 10 gardening skill, they can purchase packs of rare plant seeds which may contain death flowers.

While there are no guarantees, it’s a different approach you can try out.

Each pack of rare plant seeds costs §1000.

Sims 4 Death Flower Through Realm of Magic

When playing with the sims 4 realm of magic game pack, you can occasionally buy a death flower from the potion shop on Casters Alley.

You may need to try a few times, as the vendor’s inventory will vary.

If you are lucky enough to find one, ensure you have §1200 available to complete your death flower purchase.

Sims 4 Death Flower More Tips

Depending on your needs, you can pop into the sims 4 gallery and see what items have been uploaded by fellow simmers.

If luck is on your side, you can sometimes find the ingredients for making Ambrosia (which include the Sims 4 Death Flower).

You may also come across a plate of Ambrosia itself which is super convenient if you have a ghost ready to make its comeback.

Sims 4 Death Flower: Final Thoughts

Obtaining the sims 4 death flower can be pretty rewarding, especially if you’ve gone through all the gardening steps.

Whether you want to revive a ghost, save a sim from death, or keep a death flower in your sim’s inventory, the choice is yours.

And hey, maybe you want to cheat your way into getting a death flower to save time, and that’s ok too.

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Sims 4 Death Flower: A Simple Guide

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