25+ Sims 4 Moles: Face, Neck & Body Mole Creations

When it comes to skin details, moles are unique touches that can add a lot of character to your sim’s face and body.

Moles can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s only natural that we wanted to put together a great collection of different mole options.

While most custom content moles focus on the face, we managed to find a few body options, too.

collage of sims 4 moles

Sims 4 Moles For Your Different Needs

Whether you are searching for a little mole to place near your sim’s mouth or a body of moles, we’ve got you covered with a mixed collection.

1. Floral Birthmarks Skin Detail by Sagittariah

few birthmarks on female sim face

This set will will add a few birthmarks for your sims’ face only.

You’ll get a few spots on your sims’ cheeks and one side of the nose, upper lip, and chin.

There’s only one color swatch, which works for regular and occult sims aged Teen+.

2. Round Z32 Facial Moles by Zenx

blond sim with two round face moles

This simple set will give your female sims two round moles; one is right below the eye.

The second mole will be on the opposite side, on the lower cheek, almost lip level.

There are 3 color swatches available for these moles.

3. Spring Lip and Cheek Moles by LFN

female sims with various face moles

Add a few moles of different sizes throughout your sim’s face and a couple on the neck area, too.

There are 18 swatches available, which break down into 6 mole patterns, which come in 3 different colors.

4. Pretty Boy Moles by Anonimux Simmer

asian male sim with facial moles

This sims 4 moles set is available for both your male and female sims.

Your sims will get various small to medium-sized moles across their face, neck, and upper chest.

The moles come in either brown or black.

5. Adult Moles Hearts N.22 by IzzieMcFire

black female sim with heart shaped moles

While moles come in different shapes and sizes, they sometimes appear as recognizable shapes, too.

Although singular heart-shaped moles are not uncommon, I love that we get multiple hearts at once.

These moles, available in four colors, will give your sim a unique look from under the eyes to just above the lips.

6. Female Body Mole Pack 14 by Caroll91

female sim modeling larger moles on the chest

With this pack of moles, you can give your female sims small and larger moles across their neck, chest, and torso.

The moles are a mix of medium to dark shades of brown.

As seen above, the largest mole is in the cleavage area. You can also select a single mole or an all-in-one swatch.

7. Complexion Facial Moles Set by Chewybutterfly

black sim with different face moles

This complexion cc collection has two sets of moles: the Ria and the Mickie.

The moles are entirely focused on your sim’s face, and this set creates some lovely mole clusters.

Depending on the set, the clusters are concentrated near the nose, upper brow, and under-eye areas.

8. Moles N8 Skin Details by Seleng

redhead sim with medium sizes mole near lips

This mole set is ideal for adding a singular round mole to your sim’s face.

You can place the mole on the side of the mouth for a classic mole look.

You can also go for something a little different, with the mole on the chin, the side of the nose, or right on the edge of the eye.

9. Sims 4 Halle Moles by Crypticsim

black female sim with a mole above her eyebrow

This Hally Berry-inspired mole set will give your sims some strategically placed moles across their faces.

The moles vary in size, with the largest above the eyebrow and the least visible in size and color just above the edge of the upper lip.

10. Sunspots and Mole Pack by Caroll91

elder female sim with light moles

With this pack, you get 24 swatches of dense moles and sunspots in brown and black shades.

You can go for some really light swatches for a few moles or opt for a larger cluster.

11. Face and Body Moles N1 by Helgatisha

bare chested male sim with body moles

I love variety, and this set comes with face and body moles for sims of both genders.

The face comes with 10 variants, while the body moles have 5, and you can grab the merged file, too.

12. Mixed Body Birthmarks by Pinkishwrld

collage of different body moles

With this birthmark set, you get 10 swatches, allowing you to add a variety of moles throughout your sim’s body.

Depending on the swatch, you will place moles on your sim’s face, neck, arms, torso, legs, and back.

13. Zane Face Moles 04 by MagicHand

male sim with scattered face moles

This Zane set is all about face moles of different sizes for both your male and female sims.

You can choose from 10 individual moles or pick one of the 5 combo swatches offering multiple moles at once.

14. Little Face Moles Set by Lady Simmer

female sim with small moles on her face

Add strategically placed moles to your male and female sims with this secret garden mole set.

There are six swatches, each giving your sim one or more moles on their face: either under the eye, on the chin, near the nose, or on the cheek.

15. Female Face Moles by Zenx

blond female sim with a medium round mole on her cheek

Single, round moles are super common, especially when they fall on the cheekbones or by the lip.

This mole cc comes in 3 colors and will give your females the classic round mole on the upper cheek.

16. Sims 4 Maxis Match Moles by Myshunosun

female sim with multiple moles over the face

Add a couple or a whole face of maxis match moles with this face bits set.

The moles vary in size and come in 12 swatches, allowing you to customize your sims with the perfect amount of skin details.

17. Skin Details N41 Moles by Cosimetic

collage of female sim and close up of facial moles

This set has what you need for a sprinkling of moles across your sim’s face.

The moles are mostly the same size, focused heavily on the cheeks, with a few moles on the forehead and chin.

18. Body and Face Moles N2 by Helgatisha

sim couple in underwear modeling body moles

Here, we have another face and body mole set by Helgatisha.

The set comes with separate and merged files for the face and body moles, each with plenty of swatches.

The body moles vary in size and will appear throughout your sim’s body, including down their legs.

19. Cliora Birthmarks Set by Sagittariah

sim with various moles throughout the face

This birthmark set comes with a single swatch, giving your females a scattering of moles throughout the face.

The moles will be on the side of the eye, underneath the eye, over the nose, and across the chin.

These moles are also enabled for occults.

20. Sims 4 Raya Moles by Chewybutterfly

black female sims with facial moles

This Raya set comes with not only moles but also a set of eyebrows, eyeshadow, and liner.

The moles will appear over your sim’s eyebrow, on the side of their eyes, on their lips, and on their chin.

There are 3 swatches available in shades of brown/beige.

21. Body Moles Set HQ by Caroll91

female sim modeling a large mole on the breast, torso and back

Similar to the mole set we saw earlier at #6, this version also has a larger mole in the cleavage area.

You will also notice a large mole on your sim’s upper back.

The moles are focused on the neck, chest, torso, and back and come in 4 color swatches.

22. Maxis Match Friendly Mole Set by Caroll91

sim with two moles under the eye

I’m unsure how genetics work, but I often see people with the same two small moles near the eyes, as you see above.

This maxis match-friendly mole pack comes with 16 swatches in light to dark shades.

Some swatches also give your sim a mole under their lower lip.

Quick Recap On Sims 4 Moles

With that, we will end this roundup of sims for moles.

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect skin details to give your sims a unique and fresh look.

If you come across any other moles you’d like us to feature or have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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