Sims 4 Long Hair CC: Straight, Wavy, Braids & More

When it comes to our sims, we like to find them some cute outfits, accessories, and makeup, but what about the hair?

Hair can play an important role in someone’s appearance, including your sim’s final look.

A person’s hair often represents who they are and can say much about their personality, so picking the right style is key.

If you love long hair, plenty of stunning hairstyles are available. Which one will you go for?

sims 4 long hair cc collage

Fashionable Sims 4 Long Hair CC Finds

If you want to give your sims long, beautiful hair, we’ve gathered this list of gorgeous hairstyles to fit your sims’ different needs.

1. Clara Long Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

two female sims with long hair

This set will give your sims long, wavy hair with curtain bangs.

The over-the-shoulder hairstyle will look fabulous on your female sims aged Teen+.

Plus, the hair is hat-compatible and comes with 24 swatches.

2. Marlowe Hairstyle Collection by Simstrouble

female sims with long red hair

This long hairstyle comes in three ways, with hair strands that frame each side of your sims’ faces:

  • Over both shoulders
  • Over one shoulder
  • Behind the shoulders

You can get the same style without the strands for six different hairstyles in total.

The set also comes with a Barrette accessory that will add a cute look to your sims’ hair.

The hair comes in 24 colors, and the accessory comes in two, silver or gold.

3. Barber Shop Long Ombre Hair by S-Club

female sim realistic long blond hair

This set delivers a beautiful, realistic hairstyle for high-quality-looking hair.

There are 24 color swatches with two tints for the ombre look.

The hairstyle has a messy look and comes with soft curtain bangs for your female sims.

4. Janey Braids & Curls Hair by Daylifesims

black sims with long braided hair

With this half updo set of braids and curls, your sims will have a beautiful head of hair.

The long hair will go down your sims’ back in a braided fashion, with the ends finishing into lovely curls.

This hairdo has three versions: the hair comes down in front, one side in front, or all at the back.

This pretty hairstyle is fully hat-compatible and comes with an option of 24 colors.

5. Magdalena Evening Hairstyle by Oydis

female sim with long purple hair

This pulled-back hairstyle features long, wavy, layered hair with a few strands at the front.

The creator has also included a cute hairpin overlay that elevates the whole look, making this hair ideal for an evening look.

The pin comes in 46 swatches, and the hair comes in 36 colors.

6. Gaia Layered Hairstyle by The Kunstwollen

sim with green top and long blond hair

You can get this stunning, long, wavy hairstyle for female sims.

On top of being wavy, the hair has a thick layered look with long curtain bangs.

This style can be worn in two ways: with hair over one shoulder or over both.

7. Skylar Hair Set by Simcelebrity00

female sims with long straight hair

If you’re looking for smooth, luscious, long hair, this set is the one to grab.

You get straight, soft-looking hair, which is available in two versions.

The first version is exactly as you see above, while the second hair has a mid-length front hair strand acting as layered bangs.

8. Erika Long Hairstyle Set by EnriqueS4

two female sims with braided hair

With this long set of hair, your sims will have long, wavy hair over one shoulder.

What sets this hair apart from the others is that it also has a braid on each side, one at the front and one at the back.

The hairstyle has an amazing array of color choices, with 80 of them.

9. Karol Set for Hair & Accessories by Daylifesims

sims with over shoulder wavy long hair

This hairstyle features beautiful, long, wavy hair over one shoulder and is available in 24 default colors.

You can apply a second color tone to the hair in one of the four styles, which are available in 25 colors:

  • Roots
  • Ombre
  • Chunky
  • Highlights

The set also offers a couple of cute rhinestone accessories, such as on the part line or spread across the hair.

10. Velouria Hairstyle Collection by Simstrouble

female sim wavy light brown hair

This long hairstyle with strands comes in two versions: with the hair over one shoulder or over both shoulders.

There’s a second set with the same options but without the hair strands.

The hair is tied at the back using a Claw Clip accessory, which is available in 40 swatches under the Hat category.

11. Anne Long Braids Hairstyle by Eunosims

female sim with braided hair in yellow top

This hairstyle features long braided pigtails, available in two styles: one pigtail over one shoulder or two over both shoulders.

Each pigtail comes decorated with a cute bow at the end.

In addition to the braids, your sims will also have blunt bangs that work well together.

12. Dalia Long Hair Set by The Kunstwollen

female sim with curly long hair

This hairstyle features long, wavy hair with curtain bangs and the top part pulled back in a small ponytail.

The hair also comes with a cute bow accessory decorated with pearls that come in eight colors.

13. Melinda Long Hairs by Aladdin-The-Simmer

female sims with long decorated hair

Four different styles are available for this long, luscious-looking hair.

The first style has it down over both shoulders with the hair parting on the left side.

The second style is the same as the first, except the hair falls over both shoulders.

The last two styles switch up the hair part from the left to the right side.

Each style has a matching hair strand accessory, which is basically a decorative jeweled chain that comes in six swatches.

14. Arina Long Hairstyle by Joshseoh

female sim in purple top

I love the way this long hair looks on my sims.

You get waist-length, over-one-shoulder hair with long curtain bangs and loose hair strands.

This female-exclusive and hat-compatible hairstyle can be applied to Teen+ sims and is available in EA’s color palette.

15. Britney Hairstyle Set by Daylifesims

two sims with curly layered hair

With this Britney Spears-inspired set, you get long, wavy, layered hair that falls over both shoulders.

The creator also included a link to extra free content that allows you to add dark roots, ombre, highlights, and other options.

16. Fire Girl Gets a Haircut by Simandy

female sim with black and red ombre hair

I like this hair cc a lot. It’s a long hairstyle with layered hair strands, which gives it a fun and flirty look.

You can download the extra file, which gives you 40 additional swatches for a total of 64 colors.

The creator has included a link to the ombre accessory, which can be used to give some contrast to your sims’ hair.

17. Yessica Center Part Long Hairstyle by EnriqueS4

two sims with straight hair

Gorgeous, glossy, long, straight hair that falls over one shoulder is the focal point of this hairdo.

The hair doesn’t have bangs and splits down the middle for a smooth look.

This hairstyle is available in one of 24 EA colors and can be used on Teen+ sims.

18. Kenny Hair Set by Simcelebrity00

sim with long straight ombre hair

If you like long, straight hair, this set looks amazing with the hair that falls entirely at the back, tucked behind one ear.

The hair is hat-friendly and can be used on the female frames of Teen+ sims.

This hair is available in the default color palette, plus the creator has included dyed front hair strands and an ombre accessory.

The hair strands and ombre options can be found in the Piercings category.

19. The Olivia Hairstyle by The Kunstwollen

sim with long wavy brown hair

There are two versions of this long, wavy hair set; one has choppy bangs, and the other has longer hair strands instead.

This over-the-shoulder hairstyle is available for Teen+ female sims and is fully hat-compatible.

20. Brielle Long Hair Set by Daylifesims

female sims long curly hair strand

This hairstyle has a unique twist to it. Pun intended.

With this set, your sims’ hair will be divided into several thick, large curls at the front and back.

You can have hair over one or both shoulders; both versions come with various dark and light hair roots.

The creator has included a link to get the ombre accessory.

21. Denise Long Layered Hairstyle by Simstrouble

sim with long wavy blond hair

This set is for long, natural-looking, layered hair for your female sims.

With this long hairstyle, your sims will get curtain bangs with hair parted slightly off-center.

You can choose between having hair over one or both shoulders. In both cases, the hair is available in the default colors.

22. Antonella Long Hair CC With Bangs by EnriqueS4

two female sims with long hair and bangs

You get gorgeous long wavy locks that fall down your sim’s chest with this hairstyle.

The hair also comes with blunt bangs, making your sims look chic and stylish.

If you’re a gold tier Patreon member, there are a couple of links for chunky or ombre highlights that you can use with this hairdo.

23. Alice Hair With Braids by TwistedCat

slim female sim with four braided ponytails

Another original find is this hairstyle, which has double-braided pigtails on each side instead of the usual one.

The hairstyle comes in two versions: one has hair strands, and the other doesn’t.

This set also comes with a bow hair accessory for each side, which can be found under the Hat category and is available in 15 colors.

24. Dove Long Hair Set by Daylifesims

female sims with long straight hair

In this set, you get long, straight hair tied in pigtails with hair strands falling on each side of your sim’s face.

The creator has included links for some highlights like roots, ombre, chunky, or highlights.

You also get a link for some hair ties, which come in 15 colors. These ties are under the Rings accessory category.

25. Very Long Hairstyle by Kiara Zurk

femal sims with below the knee hair

This amazing cc hair is exceptionally long, falling below the knees.

As one simmer noted, this hair would be the perfect hairstyle for a Rapunzel princess look!

26. Strawberry Pop Hairstyle by Simandy

sims with ombre and strawberry hair

In this set, you get long braided hair with loose ends that come in two versions: loose at the back or tied at the top.

Each of the two hairstyles comes in EA’s default colors, and you have the option to add 40 more swatches.

If you like two-toned hair, the creator has included an ombre overlay in the Piercings category.

27. Nova Long Hair CC by Aharris00britney

long black haired female sim

I love this over-the-shoulder ponytail with long hair strands on each side of the face.

This long hairstyle comes with a hair clip accessory in 15 colors, which is in the Hats category.

28. Mryna Summer Hairstyle by Simstrouble

female sim with long hair braids with yellow flowers down each braid

This Myrna hairstyle will give your sims super long double braids with a messy finish, providing a carefree look for summer.

There are 4 versions of this hair, each playing around with the hair strands at the front.

You can add a flower near one ear or several down the braids.

29. Heavy Cut Maxis Match Hair by Daylifesims

male and female sim sporting a long layered hairstyle

This Maxis Match hair gives off goth rock vibes, and I can’t wait to style it on my Sims.

The perfectly placed hair strands have an effortlessly cool look, and this hair will look amazing with the different color options.

You can grab this hair on Patreon early access and it becomes available to the public on August 5th.

Sims 4 Long Hair CC Recap

Browsing through this list, we hope you’ve nabbed a few long hairstyles and added them to your collection.

Whether you like your long hair wavy, curly, or straight with bangs, this list covers pretty much everything.

Plus, for some hairstyles, you can add cute hair accessories or highlights to contrast your sims’ hair.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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