27+ Sims 4 Freckles: For Noses, Cheeks & Body

When creating new sims, I always try to add something a little different to their look.

Sure, we can give our sims a nice outfit, a new hairstyle, or makeup, but you can also add genetics to the equation.

With skin details like freckles, so many options are available that no two sims need to look alike. 

Freckles are natural and very common, whether caused by genetics or sun exposure.

Nonetheless, they are beautiful and can add a special touch to your sims.

freckles cc collage

Add finishing touches to your Sims with some Freckles CC

In this collection of custom content freckles, you’ll find skin details that will set your sims apart even with the most subtle touches.

If you want barely noticeable freckles or something that covers the whole body, you’ll find it here.

Happy browsing.

1. Freckles Skin Details by Cosimetic

freckles variety for female sim

This freckles set contains 10 swatches that cover your sims’ cheeks and across their nose.

You can choose from colorful dark red and brown spots to lighter, more subtle-looking freckles.

2. Baby Face Kit by Northern Siberia Winds

black haired sim with mini blue bows in it

This small collection contains many elements to customize your sim’s face.

The set includes 3 types of freckles with 9 overlay options and 15 colors.

Each style has a different pattern, with spots across the bridge of the nose and heading towards the cheeks.

There are brown specks in each of the three options; the color gets lighter through each one.

3. Dewy Skin & Freckles by TwistedCat

black female sim with freckles

This small collection includes a few skin overlays and some freckle options.

You can choose from 24 swatches, which vary in intensity from very subtle to highly noticeable.

The freckles cover your sims’ whole face with a few spots on the forehead and chin areas.

This set offers natural-looking freckles that would look good on any sim.

4. High-Quality Freckles for Sims 4 by Caroll91

collage freckles on male sim

This set is for a dense patch of freckles around your sims’ cheeks and nose.

There are four swatches that vary in color intensity from light-colored to a darker patch.

You can use these freckles on any sims aged Teen+, which includes occult sims, except for werewolves.

5. Dottie Freckles Collection by Desimny

collage freckles on female sim

This set of face freckles works for any sims that are aged Toddler+.

There are nine swatches to choose from to determine the amount of gray-colored spots on your sim’s face.

You can choose an option that’s less noticeable on the nose to another that expands throughout your sims’ face.

There are two files available that determine whether this cc falls under the Skin Details or Face Paint categories.

6. Kissed by the Sun Freckles by Wistful Castle

male sim with thick hair and body freckles

This freckles pack will cover your sims in spots from head to toe, giving them a beautifully speckled look.

The skin detail can be applied to any sims, regardless of age or gender.

There are 55 swatches, including colors such as green or blue, which would be useful on occult sims.

7. Details N62 V1 Freckles by Cosimetic

closeup view at freckle swatches

With these freckles, you get some that cover the entire face from the T-zone down to the chin.

There are 10 swatches that determine the darkness of the spots, from very light to very dark.

These freckles can be applied to any sims aged Child+.

8. Subtle Freckles Set by Stonedhilda

freckles on braided hair sim

If subtlety is your goal, these freckles are just the thing.

There are 18 swatches, split between lighter and darker freckles. The darker swatches will work well with darker skin tones.

These swatches contain several designs, from thicker clusters of freckles to a sprinkling on the face.

9. Freckles Collection #3 by Lutessasims

very light colored freckles on sim face

It’s another beautiful set of freckles that can be used on any sims.

The freckles are tiny and hardly noticeable, which is great if you don’t want them too apparent.

There are 10 light-color swatches to pick from; given their lightness, some will show up better on certain skin tones.

10. Foe Body Freckles CC Pack by Sagittariah

small number freckles on sim face

If you don’t want to use many freckles but want some here and there, this set is perfect for you.

This set will place a few spots of various shapes and sizes on your sims’ face and body.

You’ll get a few freckles on your sims’ arms, legs, neck, and upper body, and they’re available in three colors.

These skin details can be used on sims aged Teen+ and occults, except those in werewolf mode.

11. Cocoa Beans Face Overlay by Serawis

sim with freckles on lips

This freckle set offers different styles for your sims’ faces.

Eight swatches offer different combinations of spots on your sims’ lips, eyelids, and nose.

We don’t see many freckle sets for lips or eyelids, which makes this set a lucky find.

12. Body & Face Freckles by Pralinesims

female sim with face and body freckles

If you want to cover your sims with freckles, you can get this set, which includes freckles for their sims’ bodies and faces.

For the face, there are five freckle styles to choose from:

  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Flush (nose and cheeks)
  • Moderate (flush, but with temple and jaw)
  • Heavy (same as moderate plus forehead and chin)

The body freckles cover the torso front and back, arms, hands, and knees.

There are three levels of pigmentation, from light to heavy.

Each face and body style comes in five color swatches to fit an extensive range of skin tones.

The face freckles are under the Skin Details category, and the body is under the Tattoos category.

13. Small Freckles Details N36 by Cosimetic

plenty freckles on female sim face

This set of freckles has spots spread across the central part of your sims’ face: the nose, cheeks, and frown line.

There are 10 color swatches to better match your sims’ skin tone, and the freckles can be applied to any sim aged Child+.

14. Freckles for Toddler & Children by Caroll91

collage freckles on sim child

This freckles set is made for your sim children and toddlers.

Your little sims will get slightly visible specs on their cheeks and noses, with a bigger concentration on the nose region.

There are four color swatches, each being slightly darker than the next but not enough to be too noticeable.

These freckles add a cute finishing touch and will look great on your little ones.

15. Sims 4 Faux Freckles Set by Klouria

red haired sim with freckles

This freckles pack will give your sim a beautiful cluster of freckles across their nose and cheeks.

There are 3 color swatches, each deepening the color of the freckles. You can apply these freckles on male and female sims that are Teen+ in age.

16. Floral Skin Detail CC Pack by Peachyfaerie

red haired sim with stretch marks on chest

This collection features many skin details, including a couple of freckle styles.

The Azalea Freckles for your sims’ bodies come in three patterns and are located in the Tattoos category.

The patterns are either evenly spread freckles throughout parts of the body, some spots, or a combination of both.

You also get the Primrose Freckles for your sims’ face that come in 16 swatches.

For the face, you get a good variety of subtle and more apparent skin details.

17. Body Freckles for Sims 4 by JariSimCC

male sim with body freckles

If you want to cover your sims’ bodies and faces, this cc does that with one swatch.

Your sims’ face, torso, arms, chest, back, and buttocks will be covered with lots of freckles.

This skin detail can be applied on any sims that are at least aged Teen and up.

18. Alive Freckles Pack by CarysSims

freckles on mocha colored sim

This freckles collection contains five patterns that cover both the body and face.

Depending on the swatch you choose among the four, most styles are subtle, with spots of different shapes and sizes.

One option has many big freckles spread across the sims’ bodies, with smaller but still very noticeable spots on the face.

19. Freckles N7 Skin Details by Cosimetic

light colored freckles on female sim

This skin detail will give your sims speckled freckles that spread across the cheeks and nose.

The freckles come in 10 colors and work for all sims that are Toddler+.

I like how tiny these freckles are; they add great details to your sims’ faces without being too noticeable.

20. Fräken Maxis Match Freckles by Kiwitrait

dark colored freckles on sim nose

This set of maxis match freckles has 12 swatches: six swatches for the face only and another six for the face and body.

The spots on the body are medium-sized and are mainly located on the arms and chest areas.

A large number of facial freckles will be concentrated on your sims’ nose, with a few on the cheeks and forehead.

21. Esther Freckles CC Set by Mosaica

two female sims with freckles on face

This collection has 36 swatches of facial, body, and full-body freckles.

The body freckles are mainly located on the shoulders, upper arms, and chest areas, and there are plenty of patterns to pick from.

For the facial skin details, there are different styles that vary between a few spots and lots of coverage around the nose and cheeks areas.

22. Cy-fi Cyber Freckles Set by Caroll91

luminescent colored freckles

If you want a look different from the usual freckles, you can get this out-of-this-world look.

These freckles look like stardust on your sims’ faces, which would look good on occult sims like spellcasters or aliens.

The freckles are available in nine neon-colored swatches that work on all sims and are HQ mod-compatible.

While adjusted for all skin tones, these freckles are recommended for medium to dark skin tones.

23. High-Quality Freckles for Sims 4 by Cosimetic

light colored freckles on sim face

The freckles included in this pack are small spots of different sizes in 10 colors.

These spots are mainly located on the nose and cheeks, with some between the eyes and very few on the chin.

The freckles are randomly distributed, which makes them more natural and realistic-looking.

24. Freckles 04 Skin Detail by Lutessasims

light colored freckles on brunette sim

This pack adds freckles to your sims’ cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and chest.

There are six swatches that are light-colored, so the freckles are very subtle and look more natural.

The skin details work on all sims from Infant to Elder.

25. Natural Freckles V16 by ANGISSI

collage freckles on female sim

In this pack, the freckles are mainly located around the nose area, with some spots near the corner of the eyes and the mouth.

There are six swatches to match most skin tones, and you can adjust the hue, opacity, saturation, and brightness using sliders.

You’ll find these freckles under the Makeup and Cheeks categories for sims that are aged Child+.

26. Facial Freckles N29 by IzzieMcFire

freckle collection on blonde female sim

This set features small to medium-sized spots on the nose, under the eyes, and upper cheekbones.

These freckles are offered in six color swatches and can be used on sims aged Toddler+.

The facial skin details are well-made, realistic-looking, and also HQ-compatible.

27. Strawberry Freckles by Kindlespice

freckles on black sim face

This collection offers a lot of freckle styles for your sims’ faces.

There are 36 styles in total, ranging from very few tiny spots to a large number of even bigger freckles, with light and dark options.

The patterns cover different parts of your sims’ faces, which makes this set an all-rounder to cover most tastes.

28. Vampire Bites Freckles by Sagittariah

few freckles on female sim face

This pack is for a few medium-sized freckles dispersed across your sims’ faces.

You’ll get a few freckles on your sims’ cheeks, nose, between the eyes, and near the eyebrows.

You also get two spots on the neck resembling a vampire bite mark.

There’s only one swatch, which works for any sims aged Teen+, occult included, except when turned into a werewolf.

Sims 4 Freckles Recap

We hope you’ve found what you were looking for and added a few freckles cc to your collection.

Many options are available, whether you are looking for subtle spots around the nose area or larger freckles on your sims’ bodies.

Freckles come in various shapes and sizes, which helps differentiate one sim to the next, making them more unique.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and pin this image for later!

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