Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge: For A Colorful Legacy

Are you looking to tackle your next legacy challenge?

The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge will have you see the generations through color.

sims 4 not so berry challenge color swirl

Legacy challenges are great because they last longer than shorter ones, like a Sims 4 Build Challenge.

They’re made to be creative and very fun to play, so the longer the challenge, the better.

In 2017, the sims YouTuber Lilsimsie came up with the Sims 4 Not So Berry challenge.

It’s a legacy challenge that spans through 10 color-themed generations.

For this particular challenge, you’ll need to have the following packs installed on your computer:

  • Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack
  • Sims 4: City Living expansion pack
  • Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat game pack

And if you want a sneak peek of the challenge, check out Lilsimsie’s video.

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge Rules

This sims 4 challenge has basic rules that are easy to follow, and they’re primarily based on colors.

  • Your sims, followed by each of their generations, will be represented by specific colors.

  • They will require special physical features or clothing of that particular generation’s color; by features, we’re talking about hair color, makeup, nail color, etc.

  • There’s no need to apply the generation’s color to your sims’ skin tone; it’s totally optional.

  • As for the clothing part, that part’s self-explanatory: your sims pieces in their generation’s color, like tops and bottoms, shoes, jewelry, and more.

This color rule only applies to your main sims and their offspring, which means your sims’ partner doesn’t need to follow that rule.

  • Money cheats are allowed during the sims 4 Not So Berry challenge, but like in any other challenge, it’s best used in moderation.
  • As far as where your household will live, there are no restrictions as long as it follows each generation’s rules.
  • For careers and aspirations, your sims and their future generations must have maxed them out before moving on to the next one.
  • There are no rules concerning your sims’ aging so that they can age with a normal lifespan.

So, unless otherwise stated, you can play the game however you want.

Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge Goals

As previously mentioned, this is a color challenge, so each generation of your sims is represented by a specific color.

The sims 4 Not So Berry challenge will span across ten generations of sims.

Here are the color themes for each era, along with the sims’ profile, how they should be played, and the set of goals to achieve.

To get the hair color right, I’ve used the following cc:

1. Generation One (Mint)

mint themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Jealous, Materialistic & Vegetarian
  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
  • Career: Scientist


  • Max out the Scientist career
  • Complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration
  • Master the Logic & Mischief skills
  • Have a complete Elements collection

2. Generation Two (Rose)

rose themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Hot Headed, Romantic & Snob
  • Aspiration: Serial Romantic
  • Career: Politician


  • Max out the Politician career
  • Complete the Serial Romantic aspiration
  • Master the Charisma skill
  • Have only one child
  • Have a wedding where you leave your partner at the alter
  • Get married only as an elderly person

3. Generation Three (Yellow)

yellow themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Ambitious, Clumsy & Loner
  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain
  • Career: Astronaut


  • Max out the Astronaut career
  • Complete the Nerd Brain aspiration
  • Master the Handiness & Rocket Science skills
  • Build a Rocket Ship
  • Visit the hidden world of Sixam
  • Visit the hidden lot in Oasis Springs
  • Sims must have no close friendships and relationships apart from your sims from Generation One, which would be the grandparents

4. Generation Four (Grey)

grey themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Active, Music Lover & Slob
  • Aspiration: Bodybuilder
  • Career: Athlete


  • Max out the Athlete career
  • Complete the Bodybuilder aspiration
  • Master the Athletic, Parenting, & Singing skills
  • Have a good relationship with your children
  • Go through three failed relationships before finding your sims’ true love
  • Spouse must have the Neat trait
  • Set a Movie Night tradition with your sims’ family every Sunday

5. Generation Five (Plum)

plum themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Dance Machine, Genius & Noncommittal
  • Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
  • Careers: Fast Food, Doctor & Entertainer


  • Complete the Renaissance Sim aspiration
  • Master the Dance, as well as any other two skills
  • Reach Level 8 for six additional skills
  • Must divorce a sim and then remarry that same sim again
  • Move into at least three different worlds over their lifetimes

6. Generation Six (Orange)

orange themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Evil, Glutton & Self-Assured
  • Aspiration: Public Enemy
  • Career: Criminal


  • Max out the Criminal career
  • Complete the Public Enemy aspiration
  • Master the Baking & Charisma skills
  • During the YA phase, your sims must live in an apartment that has the Needs TLC lot trait
  • Use insistently the Mischief interaction Claim to be a Criminal Mastermind, and nobody acknowledges it
  • Must have twins for children; cheats are permitted to achieve this requirement

7. Generation Seven (Pink)

pink themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Creative, Neat & Unflirty
  • Aspiration: Best Selling Author
  • Career: Business


  • Complete the Best Selling Author aspiration
  • Master the Wellness & Writing skills
  • Have a complete Postcard collection
  • Have a Garden and keep it healthy
  • While in the Adult phase, your sims will want to pursue dreams and change jobs

8. Generation Eight (Peach)

peach themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Foodie, Goofball & Lazy
  • Aspiration: Joke Star
  • Career: Detective


  • Max out the Detective career
  • Master Comedy Skills & Gourmet Cooking skills
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Live in a different world than your berry sims’ childhood one
  • Get married to a Coworker

9. Generation Nine (Green)

green themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Cheerful, Geek & Squeamish
  • Aspiration: Computer Whiz
  • Career: Tech Guru


  • Max out the Tech Guru career
  • Complete the Computer Whiz aspiration
  • Master Mixology, Programming, & Video Gaming skills
  • Have at least five of both good friends and enemies
  • Accept every one of your sims’ friends’ social events, parties, and activities

10. Generation Ten (Blue)

blue themed color sim in cas

Sims Profile:

  • Traits: Family Oriented, Gloomy & Perfectionist
  • Aspiration: Super Parent
  • Career: Critic


  • Max out the Critic career
  • Complete the Super Parent aspiration
  • Master the Cooking, Parenting, & Photography skills
  • Marry your sim’s high school sweetheart and live with that person forever
  • Adopt one child minimum
  • Have a one-time secret affair

Other Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenges

After a while, like in any challenge, gamers revamp the rules and give them their own twists to add variety or difficulty.

Here are some modified versions of the sims 4 Not So Berry challenge that could interest you.

1. Not So Berry Challenge 2.0 by Simqueen8

This version of the challenge takes the rules of the original challenge and tweaks them a little.

You’ll notice some changes made to assigned traits, careers, and aspirations.

A few of the generational goals have also been modified, and some have been added as well.

So, check out this link if you’ve done the original Not So Berry legacy challenge and want to try something different.

2. All Packs Extended Not So Berry Challenge by Illusorythrall

Several packs were not out when the original sims 4 Not So Berry challenge was created in 2017.

This updated version of the challenge now includes elements from all the newer packs (including expansion, game, and stuff packs).

The sims 4 challenge has also been extended to up to 32 generations instead of the original 10.

If you have multiple packs installed and wish to try this version out, you can read up on the rules and goals using the following link.

Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge: Final Thoughts

When you go through each generation’s rules and goals, this sims 4 Not So Berry challenge is pretty simple.

This challenge will take time, but you’ll have so much fun doing it.

You may even want to extend the fun with one of the alternate Not So Berry challenges.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge: For A Colorful Legacy

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