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Is anyone else impatiently awaiting the release of Bridgerton season 3?

I can hardly contain my excitement, especially since I’ve eagerly awaited Penelope’s love story since the show began.

The sparks are going to be electric between Pen and Colin or Polin (as they’ve been dubbed on social media).

I can almost hear Julie Andrews’ unforgettable voice narrating the opening line “Dearest Gentle Reader”.

It will be an exciting season, and there’s no time like the present to create your very own in-game Bridgerton family!

Bridgerton cc collage

Step Back In Time With These Bridgerton and Regency CC Finds

Bring your historical romance stories to life through the Sims 4 with this collection of Bridgerton custom content finds.

Your ladies and gentlemen deserve nothing but the best, from hairstyles to gowns and suits.

Edwina & Kate Sharma Gown by Sifix

female sims in regency dresses

With season 2 of Bridgerton, we welcomed the Sharma family, and both Kate and Edwina brought their unique flare to high-waisted dresses.

These lovely gowns come with an empire waist, short, slightly puffed sleeves, and some detailing at the waist.

Lizza Updo Hair CC by La Sims Society

female sims with an updo and curly tendrils

Pride and Prejudice is literally my favorite movie, and the book was published right at the start of the Regency era.

So, that makes this Lizzy hairstyle the perfect option for your new Bridgerton sims to wear in style.

Regency Infant & Toddler Skeleton Suit by Peebs

toddler wearing a red onsie

With so many marriages happening during the London social season, there’s bound to be a bunch of new youngsters joining the family.

This classic skeleton suit is available for both your infants and toddlers.

Regency Suit For Men by Historicalsimslife

male sim dressed in a regency-era suit

This regency suit will have your gentleman looking dapper and ready for a beautiful soirée in London.

No lady will be able to turn down a twirl around the ballroom.

Emma Regency Collaboration by Vintage Simstress X Peebs X BatsFromWesteros

five female regency sims standing outside

Emma is another famous story set in the Regency period, so we can easily swap in the looks from this collection for our Bridgerton gameplay.

This collaboration brings 3 parts, each creator focusing on their splendid creations.

There are dresses for different occasions, overcoats, and jewelry pieces.

The Incomparable Eloise Updo by Historicalsimslife

female sim with an updo and hair scarf

When I came across this updo and scarf, it just reminded me of Eloise Bridgerton.

Eloise often incorporates ribbons or decorations into her hairstyle, and this will be another great look for her this season.

Female Bridgerton Dress CC by Historicalsimslife

female sims wearing a high-waisted golden colordress

Dress your debutantes in this beautiful gown for their next evening event.

The sleeves have a good amount of puff, and the rushing at the hem adds some great touches to this dress.

Casual Male Regency Outfit by Peebs

male casual regency outfit

When your sims attend a social gathering or head to White’s for a drink, they must always be dressed to impress, even with casual wear.

Grab these knee-length pants and men’s tops for a great everyday look.

Kate Riding Habit Conversion by Cringeborg

female sims wearing a hat and riding outfit

Kate will need the latest riding habit if she plans to run away again on horseback.

This outfit looks like a Spenser jacket with button details, and the embroidery on the wrists adds an elegant touch.

Sims 4 Regency Hairs by Buzzardly28 

collage of regency hairstyles

With so many social events to attend each season, your sims will need fresh hairstyles for different occasions.

This set comes with three hairstyles ideal for your Bridgerton ladies, plus they are compatible with the bonnets in the Regency Reverie collection found below.

Gregory Bridgerton Suit by Historicalsimslife

male child sim in a regency suit

This boy’s regency suit is ideal for the youngest member of the Bridgerton family.

Your Gregory sim will look extremely polished in this head-to-toe suit; the tailcoat looks adorable on a sim so young.

Regency Reverie Collection by GildedGhosts

female sim wearing a bonnet

This excellent regency series comes with many beautiful pieces to style the females in the Bridgerton family.

You will find a mixture of pieces, including;

  • Hairs
  • Boots
  • Slippers
  • Bonnets
  • Chemisette
  • Pleated skirt
  • Spencer jackets
  • Dresses & Gowns

Spenser Walking Dress by Historicalsimslife

two female sims in spenser walking dresses

If there is one Bridgerton family member who loves a Spencer dress, it would be Eloise.

This walking dress is the perfect casual everyday look for strolls through the gardens at Aubrey Hall.

Priscilla Long High-Waisted Dress by Sifix

female sim in floral high-waisted dresses

These beautiful high-waisted dresses are appropriate for any members of high society.

The floral patterns remind me of one of the dresses the Sharmas wore, and plenty of solid swatches are available, too.

Josephine Updo Hairstyle by Historicalsimslife

frmale sim with a half updo hairstyle

This season, Penelope will be getting a much-deserved makeover, and beyond the change in clothing will be her new hairstyles.

This elegant semi-updo will look amazing on your in-game Pen and ideal for a grand soirée.

Masculine Bridgerton Outfits Recolors by AnachroSims

three male sims dressed for a ball

Add a couple more male suit options to your cc wardrobe with this set of conversions.

There are two double-breasted suits with tail coats, yet they differ in the number of buttons on the front.

Also, one of the suits comes with a neck scarf. You will need to grab the original meshes, which are linked below.

Early Romantic Era Hairs by Inlovewithregencyera

four female sims with updo hairstyles

Since we can never have enough options, let’s add four more regency romantic style hairstyles.

Each hair cc provides an elegant updo hairstyle, and two of the looks come with Apollo knots.

Bridgerton Gentleman’s Outfit by Peebs

male gentleman's outfit

Take the guesswork out of styling your Bridgerton family members with this complete gentlemen’s outfit.

Everything is taken care of, from the silk bowtie to the knee-high boots; all you need to do is select the perfect swatch.

Nellie High-Waisted Dress by Sifix

collage of high-waisted dresses in different color

Grab another Empire waist dress for your sims, except this version has an upper back opening.

The bow detail at the back adds the perfect little touch to this otherwise simple yet elegant dress.

Regency Era Portraits Set 2 by AnachroSims

gilded picture frame with a picture of a male sim

No home is complete without some family portrait lining the walls.

You can add a mix of small and large vertical Regency-era portraits throughout the Bridgerton homes.

Sims 4 Bridgerton Pose Pack by SeaQueen_

bridgerton couple holding hands

Simon and Dahne inspired this pose pack, and you can use it to capture some sweet moments between Colin and Penelope.

There are two couple poses to choose from. Both will give you a great keepsake of your couple dancing away.

Bridgerton Inspired Regency Romance Mod by JaneSimsten

regency couple dancing

The Bridgerton show inspired this regency romance mod and it will add some useful historical gameplay options.

This mod has so many great elements, including your sim’s ability to host balls, pick new careers, and gain etiquette skills.

Your sims can even receive the gossip pages from Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton-Inspired Estate by RachelPedd

bridgerton estate surrouded by flowers and trees

There’s nothing grander than a family estate, and the Bridgerton home is no exception.

This family estate is cc-free and comes with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a study, a drawing room, and all the other classic rooms in a home.

Plus, the outdoor grounds are beautifully landscaped.

Sims 4 Featherington House by Rococo4TheSims

Featherington house with greenary and water in the background

When it comes to family homes, they can be as cozy or grand as you want them to be, and Featherington House is definitely the latter.

With season 3 focused on Penelope, we will surely see more of her family estate. 

Bridgerton Family House by Simsphony

bridgerton house with a carriage out front

Here, we have another version of the Bridgerton family home with its own beautiful aesthetic.

This build requires various custom content pieces; each is listed on the download page.

Sims 4 Bridgerton CC Recap

There is nothing quite like historical stories, and this Bridgerton and Regency-era content allows us to imagine a world set in the past.

From gorgeous gowns to fabulous soirée filled with dancing, the London season is something to experience.

Hopefully, more Bridgerton creations will become available as the season airs.

We will update our post as we come across anything new. Enjoy the show!

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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