Sims 4 Summer Clothes: Dresses, Clothing Sets & More

With summer just over the horizon, it was time to gather some of our favorite and new packs for sims 4 summer clothes.

Whether you envision your sims in flowy summer dresses, casual shorts, a t-shirt, or a chic linen set, there’s something for everyone.

Get your sims dressed for a casual summer day, fun outdoor activities, or even a romantic dinner date.

collage of summer clothes

Our Top Pics For Summer Clothes This Season

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite maxis to match summer clothing designs, from casual overalls to sexy mini dresses.

Mini Dress + Accessory T-Shirt by Miiko

female sims wearing casual summer mini dresses

When the weather gets too hot for anything too thick, your sims can wear this mini flowy dress that hits thigh length.

The dress has multiple solid swatches, floral options, and one out-of-space design.

Pair the dress with the casual accessory T-shirt which comes in 20 solid colors.

Seaside Walk Dress by Black Lily

two female sims dressed in crop tops and skirts

This two-piece seaside walking dress is ideal for hot weather with its spaghetti straps and the skirt’s length.

This outfit is an excellent option for a daytime date because of its fun and flirty look. I really like the fabric’s textured look.

Printed Training Shorts by McLayneSims

male sims wearing training shorts

What better time is there than summer to do some outdoor training?

These training shorts are just what your male sims need to get a great workout in, and they come in 7 swatches.

Lena Top and Shorts by Talarian

female sim wearing a floral top and shorts

Put together a cute summer look with these floral shorts and a tank top.

The shorts have a lovely ruffle detailing along the hem and white daisies throughout.

The matching top is linked on the Recommended tab on the download page below.

Summer Breeze Skirt & Crop Top by JujuAwesomeBeans

female sims dressed in a crop top and pink summer skirt

This two-piece outfit is all about summer vibes and is perfect for a beach day.

There are 22 summary prints, so you can find the perfect swatch to match your sim’s aesthetic.

And there are 28 top swatches to mix and match different outfits perfectly.

Sims 4 Cerise Clothing Set by Caio

trio of female sims wearing cherry themed clothes

This adorable summer set is all about delicious cherry details throughout the collection.

With the collared dress and the mini shorts, this set gives me some retro feels and will look adorable this summer.

The pack includes a dress, a pair of shorts, two tops, a shirt, and some jewelry.

You will find plenty of color swatches, including some patterns and stripes.

Floral Laced Linen Set by D.O.Lilac

collage of female sim modeling a floral two-piece outfit

If your sims are fashionistas, this floral two-piece summer outfit is a great choice that can be dressed up or down.

The linen top and shorts will look amazing with heels, and I love the tie closures at the back of the top.

Two swatches are available, including the pink and orange seen above; the second option keeps the flowers in the green family.

You will find the top linked in the Recommended tab on the download page below.

Whimsy Ruffles Collection by Oydis

female sims wearing sleeveless ruffle dresses

This beautiful set of ruffle clothing is the perfect cute and sexy pack for summer date nights.

Let your sim head to a romantic dinner date in a glittery ruffle dress.

The pack includes a dress, a bodysuit-like top, a crop top, and a skirt, both with and without glitter.

Jean Short Overalls & Tee by Miiko

two female sims wearing short overalls

Overalls are a practical outfit option for summer; your sims can wear them while gardening outside or camping with friends.

The overalls come with a slouchy t-shirt and are available in 16 swatches.

Male Summer Clothing Set by Sudal-Sims

male sims dressed in cap sleeve tees and shorts

Your male sims are not to be forgotten this summer season; this small set comes with sleeveless T-shirts and casual-dressy shorts.

The T-shirts come in solid colors, stripes, and graphics, while the shorts are all solids.

Plus, you can easily dress up the shorts with a short-sleeved dress shirt.

Sweet Love Embroidery Set by HuiEN

sims dressed in summer outfits with embroidery

This adorable clothing pack seems ideal for sims living their best lives at their cottage.

With the embroidered floral details and clothing designs, there are pieces for both daytime and evening looks.

You will find all the designs seen above; the middle outfit also has a separate top.

Finish off the outfits with some pearly earrings and heels.

Meadow View Dress by Black Lily

sims wearing floral mini dresses

Nothing screams summer more than a floral dress, and this mini dress is definitely delivering.

Out of the 40 swatches, you have 38 flowery swatches to choose from, varying in flower sizes and colors.

July Clothing Collection by Simsulani

five female sims dressed for July

This July collection is inspired by the summer season and includes a great mix of custom content pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Some people love wearing jeans year-round and swap in some cute crop tops to make the outfit summery.

So aside from the jeans, there are a few tops, including halter options, a figure-hugging dress, a mini skirt, and a couple of tattoos.

Pink Flow Summer Clothes Set by HuiEN

trio of female sims dressed in pink outfits

I love mixed cc packs, and this set comes with some great casual summer options and loungewear.

If your sims enjoy doing yoga, they’ll love the yoga jumpsuit.

Or they can dress in something a little looser with the T-shirt and shorts set. You can finish off the look with the sports cap and wristbands.

Plus, your sims can end the day in some comfortable pajamas.

Summer Bummer Overalls & Shorts by Mossylane

male sims dressed in jeans shorts and overalls

This casual male set will give your sims some jeans overalls and two pairs of shorts to wear this summer.

The two shorts have the same design, except one has a belt.

The overalls include a mixture of swatches, including solids and stripes T-shirt options.

Coastal Charm Summer Set by Madlen

trio of female sims dressed in stripped summer outfits

If you’re into fashion, you’ve likely seen the gorgeous crochet dresses and other clothing pieces that have been hitting stores recently.

I hope to snag one of those stunning black-and-white dresses from Primark; they remind me so much of this set.

Speaking of the coastal charm set, you get fantastic trendy designs for your sims to model this summer.

The long-sleeved dress and matching hat will be epic for a summertime look.

You can also dress your sims in the cute bralette and pair it with the maxi skirt or flared pants.

This crochet set is available for Patreon early access and for public release on May 20th, 2024.

Pomodoro Summer Clothes by Caio

trio of female sims modeling white and red summer clothing

This Pomodoro set has some pretty summer clothing, and the skirt definitely gives me mid-90s vibes; my mum had plenty of those in her closet.

There is also a great corset, crop, adorable summer dress, headscarf, and earrings to put together some different looks.

Last Summer CC Collection by Ikari Sims

collage of different female clothing

Add more options to your sim’s closet with this mixed summer collection.

The set includes;

  • Bathing suits
  • Beach kimono
  • Frayed jeans shorts
  • A seamless tube top
  • A double-layer necklace
  • An embroidered mesh top

Summer Evenings With Your Dress by Black Lily

collage of sims wearing a two-piece evening dress

Do your sims have a wedding to attend?

This two-piece full-length dress is an excellent option for a summer wedding or evening party.

While there are solid-color swatches, I really love the tops with the floral patterns; they add the perfect summer touch.

Floral Grace Dresses by Madlen

female sims wearing floral summer dresses

Combine a plunging neckline, puff sleeves, a frilly hemline, and a floral pattern, and you’ve got an elegant summer dress.

This Floral Grace dress comes in a cocktail and midi length, depending on your special event for the day.

Summer Floral Corset Top CC by Miiko

female sims wearing corset tops

Pair this adorable corset top with a flowy skirt, shorts, or pants to create a sexy, put-together summer look.

The corsets have silk straps that almost look like cap sleeves, and they are available in solid swatches and pretty floral designs.

Short Sleeve Male Shirt by Beto_ae0

male sim wearing a figure hugging semi closed shirt

Need a casual men’s shirt for your sim’s beachy, carefree days?

This short-sleeve shirt is definitely on the casual side, with the way it sits open and the button causing some pulling.

You’ll find classic light and dark swatches and fun summer options, including watermelon slices and other great tropical designs.

Midnight Summer Evening Dress by Madlen

female sim in a pink evening mini dress

This gorgeous dress by Madlen is another fantastic option for a romantic summer date.

With its smooth silkiness, sheer lace, and bow details on the sleeves, your sims will be the envy of the town.

While the pink color is divine, something about the black and midnight blue combo draws my eye.

Sleeveless Geometric Dress by Camuflaje

collage of sims modeling in black and white geometric dress

Strapless maxi dresses give off a true summer night feel and are always a great go-to look.

Add in geometric design, and you have a statement piece that will draw eyes your sim’s way.

This pretty dress looks fantastic in black and white, but there are 7 swatches available, including dusty rose, purple, blue, beige, and taupe options.

Samantha Casual Daytime Outfit by Pixelunivairse

sim wearing short and open shirt

This summer clothing set is a great everyday, casual option for your sims to wear any day of the week.

You get a complete outfit from the For Rent EP, except this base game version comes with shorts instead of pants.

To finish off the look, add some running shoes or sandals. There are 12 swatches, including some striped T-shirt options.

Linen Co-Ord Set by TwistedCat

sim wearing linen pants and crop top

Your sims can’t enter the summer season without at least one linen clothing set in their closets.

In addition to the linen pants, which have a beautiful fit, the crisscross crop top adds a little something extra to this outfit.

The Kaleidoscope Set by Greenllamas

two female sims wearing clubwear

Summer is the perfect time for dancing the night away, and picking out the best clubwear is just part of the fun.

This Versace-inspired vacation set offers fun butterfly jewelry pieces, a couple of tops, and a sequins skirt.

Camelia Summer Clothing Set by Serenity

collage of white clothing pieces with black trim

Step away from spring and into the summer season with this fun and flirty clothing set.

I love this collection’s aesthetic; you will find different swatches, including patterns and plaids.

The Camelia set is available for Patreon early access and for public release on May 28th, 2024.

The Yacht Collection by Greenllamas

collage of clothing, hairstyles and accessories

While yacht life is not in my tax bracket, imagining the lifestyle through my sims is fun.

Jazz up your cc wardrobe with this boho and seaside-inspired collection, which comes with;

  • 2 Tops
  • 2 Bottoms
  • 1 Belt
  • 6 Hairs

The belt is currently available, and you can grab the entire collection on early access now or when it hits public access on May 30th.

Pink Ribbons Collection by Joliebean & Arethabee

four female sims dressed for summer

There’s nothing quite like a collaboration, and this one brings Jolibean and Arethabee together to create a great summer collection. 

Each creator will have their own set and bring you a mix of clothing pieces, jewelry, hairs, and accessories. 

While not pictured above, I’m already in love with the Romance Novel Dress.

This Ribbons collection is available now for Patreon early access and for public release on May 31st, 2024.

Summer Clothes: Final Thoughts

Now that you have plenty of summer clothing options to fill your mods folder, you can assemble some fantastic looks.

Whether you want to customize a cc pack to complete an ensemble or mix and match different clothing pieces, there are plenty of options.

Summer is the perfect season to try out fun and creative looks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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