37+ Sims 4 Body Presets: Petite, Athletic, Curvy & More

Find your new favorite Sims 4 Body Presets with this mixed collection of body mods!

Whether you’re building a new household or just want some diversity in your gameplay, we’ve got you covered with this list of sims 4 body presets.

From curvaceous female queens to natural-looking dad-bods, there are a ton of detailed body mods to choose from.

We’ve compiled a great collection for you to go through and find your sim’s next ideal body shape.


Before we proceed, I want to discuss the sensitive topic of body shapes and sizes. Our society is a mix of all different and beautiful body types. As such, our community’s cc creators have created various body presets to represent this diversity.

The following sims 4 body presets and descriptions are not meant to distress or offend anyone. From personal experience, I know how triggering weight & what society deems as “body imperfections” can be, and I would never want to upset anyone. Thank you

sims 4 body presets collage

Mixed Sims 4 Body Presets

Below, you will find a mix of different body types, including smaller and larger frames, athletic, soft, and more.

1. Sims 4 Kennie Body Preset by Miiko

girl in white romper

If you’re looking for a small frame for your sim girl, this body preset may be the ideal choice.

This mod features a small-boned, fit, and lean body type for a female sim.

The preset’s page also links to the cute romper she’s wearing in the above image.

2. N4 Male Sims 4 Body Preset by moony-bonbon

small boy in shorts

Need a more petite body frame for your sim men; this male preset might be for you.

Compared to the EA default frame, this one is smaller overall.

You can use this preset on sims aged teen+.

3. Athletic Sims 4 Body Mod by LutessaSims

athletic female body preset

Searching for a more athletic build for your sim? If so, then check out this sims 4 body preset.

This athletic body preset is ideal for your gym-obsessed female sims.

You sims women can now have a muscular, toned body with a nice set of abs.

You can assign this preset on sims aged teens and more.

4. Sims 4 Body CC by Afrosimtric Sims

afro-haired pear-shaped woman

This female body preset is all about curves.

You can expect your sims to show off flared, rounded hips and thick full thighs.

This body preset can be used on young adults to elders.

You can also use this preset on your vampires, aliens, and spellcasters.

5. Gina Sims 4 Body Preset by Arenetta

women in white bikini bottom with white top

The hourglass figure is the easiest way to describe this sims 4 body preset.

The angles on the waist area are sharp, giving a prominent hourglass-style torso.

Plus, your sims will also gain a booty with some extra volume.

6. Female Sims 4 Body Presets by obscurus-sims

two elven women

This collection contains 5 female body presets available for teens to elders.

Your vampires, witches, mermaids, and alien sims can also enjoy these presets.

These body mods offer a variety of waist sizes and thigh thicknesses.

One of the preset has quite broad shoulders, while another has a voluptuous bosom and butt.

7. Summer Body Presets for Sims 4 by Sunflower Petals

teens in bathing suits

This set of sims 4 body preset includes three body types for male sims.

First, there is the skinniest body of the lot, with long, thin arms, a long torso, and legs.

The second option has the same look as the previous one but has a larger torso and slightly bigger thighs.

The third male preset has a larger frame than the previous two.

This frame looks more like an average-weighted man.

8. Sims 4 Voluptuous Body Mod by REDHEAD SIMS

woman with pear shaped body preset

This pear-shaped body preset is curvaceous and full-figured.

Your female sims will have a generous bust, thighs, and booty.

Rounded, wide-set hips follow a smooth stomach.

9. Female Sims 4 Body Presets by euno sims

lineup five women in bathing suit

This set of sims 4 body presets changes the standard EA frame by adding additional curves and definitions.

You can choose between a more cinched waist or a straight, uncurved torso.

There is also a variety of hip sizes and thigh thicknesses.

10. Sims 4 Female Body Preset by Mystelise

redhead woman with floral underwear

This female body preset celebrates your sims with a “little extra thickness“.

When using this body mod, your sims will have subtle hip dips, a soft belly, and thicker thighs.

You can use this sims 4 body preset on young adults and more.

11. Serena Sims 4 Body Preset by Miiko

long blonde-haired woman in white body suit

If you’re looking for a frame with long legs, this body preset may be for you.

This mod features a more arched back than EA’s default frame.

Your sim will also get more rounded hips and a shorter torso.

12. Sims 4 Pear Body Mod by Simandy

women in black romper

If you want a more pear-shaped silhouette for your sims, then this set is pear-fect.

This preset features bigger hips with a smaller torso, giving it the previously mentioned pear shape.

This creator focused on giving our pear queens larger thighs, a natural belly, and some booty.

13. Sims 4 Munchkin Body Preset by moony-bonbon

girl child in pink swimsuit

This sims 4 body preset is similar to the male one listed at #3.

This is the female equivalent of a smaller, thinner body frame for your sim women.

You can use this preset on sims aged teen+.

14. Sims 4 Soft Body Preset by Loulicorn

collage rectangle-shaped woman

This soft body preset gives your female sims a softer bosom that angles more to the sides.

The hips are also naturally flared, giving your sims a more visible thigh gap.

15. Sims 4 Male Athletic Body Preset by LutessaSims

fit male body preset

Need an athletic body for your male sim? You can stop searching because this preset is a great option.

This body preset is the equivalent of the women’s athletic frame, listed at #4.

With this mod, your male sims will look ready to conquer any race with broad shoulders, great musculature, and nice chiseled abs.

You can assign this preset on sims aged teens and more.

16. Sims 4 Curvy Body Preset by Arenetta

woman with cellulite in underwear

Creating a sim with a generous bosom, flared hips, full thighs, and a wider rounded bum, you’ve found the perfect body preset!

Unfortunately, the skin overlay that provided the specific skin details in the picture above is no longer available, but you can still use the body mod.

There are also various sliders linked on the preset’s page that the creator recommends.

17. Miami Body Preset for Sims 4 by trapbabe

woman in white bikini

Need a body preset focused on firm breasts, a cinched waist, rounded flared hips, and booty for days? You got it!

The main focal points of this body mod are the voluptuous bum and prominent hips.

This preset is available for young adults to elders. You can also check out the recommended sliders on the link below.

18. Sims 4 Model Body Presets by obscurus-sims

two women with red eyes

In this 5-piece body preset collection, you get body presets focusing more on lean and long modelesque body shapes.

Except for one fuller body preset, the remaining four body mods are giving me Kendall Jenner vibes, especially the one labeled #11 in CAS.

19. Sims 4 Body Presets Pack by Zerbu

multiple sims 4 body presets for women in cas
Credits: Hairstyle: Paris Hair by greenllamas, Mods: More Columns in CAS by weerbesu, CAS Background: White Loft CAS background by Katverse

With a mix pack of 100+ presets, this collection is sure to please most simmers.

I always love a one-stop shop; you get plenty of preset body options for your male and female sims.

20. Sims 4 Female Body Mod by Afrosimtric Sims

pear shaped short haired woman

There are quite a few similarities between this body preset and #5 above, designed by the same creator.

Your female sims will have slightly less flared rounded hips and thighs.

This body preset can also be used for young adults to elders and on various occult sims.

21. Sims 4 Male Body Preset by Goblin-Sim

two men in underwear

This male body preset gives your sims a medium frame in terms of both height and build.

There is a slight curve to the waist, a little belly, and a more flattish bum.

22. Sims 4 Sophie Body Preset by Miiko

two athletic women in rompers

This sims 4 body preset focuses on sims who enjoy extensive training.

The creator wanted to attempt a body mod with more muscle definition and “realistic shapes“.

Teens and up can use this female body preset.

23. Sims 4 CAS Body Preset by SSNL

man with belly fat in underwear

If you spend time on social media, you’ve probably noticed how dad bods have become the new six-pack.

The average man tends to hold some extra love in the stomach region; this realistic body mod gives your male sims a little extra thickness.

24. Sims 4 Faerie Body Mod by moony-bonbon

faerie girl in pink in small pink outfit

The faerie body preset is quite similar to the munchkin preset, listed at #13.

They have the same small size, but this body cc has slightly bigger thighs and higher hips, which results in longer legs.

Sadly, the faerie wings are not included.

25. Preset for Athletic Body by Golyhawhaw

collage athletic man in different outfits

If you want your male sims to look like they could win Mister Universe, this athletic preset is for you.

The preset adjusts several parts of the body, such as:

  • Enhanced Shoulders
  • Defined Arms
  • V Taper Shape
  • Thicker Wrists
  • Adjusted Thighs
  • Defined Calves

You can choose one of two versions for your sims’ back: a normal-sized or an oversized one.

If you’re having difficulty using this preset with others, you can use the included preset remover to cancel the effects.

26. Desiderata Body Preset Mods by Simygdala

slim sim girl in light bikini

Are you looking for a lean figure for your female sims?

This body preset gives your sims small arms, thin legs, and a small chest to complete the tall and lean physique.

It’s base game-compatible and usable on sims aged teens and up.

27. Sims 4 Body Shape Presets by Loulicorn

sim girl in different shaped bodies

In this collection, you get a selection of various body shapes for your female sims.

There are four sims 4 body presets covering a few of the basics with:

  • Rectangle shape (H)
  • Hourglass figure (X)
  • Inverted Triangle form (V)
  • Pear shape (A)

28. Cardi B Inspired Body Preset by Angel’s Body Presets

voluptuous sim woman in white dress

If you like rapper Cardi B or how she looks, this preset was made with her in mind.

This preset will give your sims women a voluptuous and curvy figure with a tiny waistline.

29. Sabrina Female Body Preset by Simygdala

pink haired sim in pink underwear

This female body preset is for an hourglass-shaped figure.

Your sims will look fabulous with the broader chest and hip areas and a smaller waist.

The small limbs blend well with the rest of the evenly-proportioned body.

30. Sweet Bod Preset for Sims 4 by Simulation Cowboy

two apple shape bodies in pink bikini

This preset will give female sims a rounder apple-shaped figure.

They’ll get larger thighs and a slightly rounded belly as well. Your sims will also have a smaller chest and higher-up chest.

Overall, it portrays a commonly seen and realistic-looking body.

31. Kim Kardashian Inspired Body Mod by Angel’s Body Presets

hourglass shaped woman in brown bikini

Do you want your female sims to have the perfect hourglass shape of Kim Kardashian?

The famous reality show star inspired this preset, and now your sims can have the same shape as her.

32. Renaissance Body Preset Collection by Hi-Land

black sim in white top

This collection of body presets offers eight options for both genders, with four each.

For female sims, you get a selection of different sizes of pear-shaped bodies.

As for the men, you get a variety of muscular and athletic shapes.

You can pick the preset you want by grabbing it individually or taking the whole set with the included all-in-one file.

33. Female Body Preset for Sims 4 by TERESAFT

collage white colored mannequin

If you want your sims to have a petite rectangular-shaped figure, this body preset is for you.

Your sims will have features like:

  • Long legs
  • Small hips
  • Heart-shaped butt
  • Small cone-shaped breasts
  • And a hip dip

Overall, it’s a good combination for your average small-framed female sim.

34. Rose Sims 4 Body Presets by PinkishWrld

different color tone pear shaped figures

If you’re looking for beautiful pear-shaped bodies for your female sims, this small preset collection is definitely worth a look.

The beautiful curves provided by these four presets all have generous hips with different butt shapes and waist heights.

Try them out and see which one fits your sims best.

35. Male Body Preset Mod for Sims 4 by Valuka 

collage muscular sim in white shorts

For more male body preset options, this mod will create a beautiful athletic body for sims that are aged teens and up.

The sims 4 body preset is very well-defined and realistic-looking; it features broad shoulders and chest and male hip dimples.

So, if you want an athletic body for your sim men, this one is for you.

36. Body Preset Mod for Female Sims by TERESAFT

three brown colored mannequin

This body preset is for a slender figure for your female sims.

In this mod, you get:

  • Slim Diamond shape
  • Small waist
  • High hips with a dip
  • Small butt
  • And long legs

With this body, your sims will be gorgeous in A-line, belted, and even beautiful flared dresses.

37. Eloise, Rhea & Poppy Body Presets by Miiko

female sims in mauve onesies

These presets will shape your female sims in one of three sizes.

The Rhea model is the smallest of the three, with which your sims will have a small chest, stomach, buttocks, and thighs.

The Poppy preset has slightly bigger features than the Rhea one, although the chest area is relatively unchanged.

The Eloise body features a more curvy pear-shaped than the last two, with wider hips and thighs.

38. Papaya Body Preset 2.0 by Thatsims4hore

female sim in underwear and long sleeves

The body preset mod will give your female sims a cute hourglass-shaped frame.

This preset is an updated version of one of the creator’s body mods with the same name.

In this version, your sims will have rounder thighs and buttocks, slightly lowered breasts, and broader shoulders.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Body Presets

We hope you found some sims 4 body presets in the list that caught your attention.

Our world contains unlimited, beautiful, diverse body types; our sims should be no different.

Find the perfect body mod to build your newest household from the legs up.

Feel free to leave us a comment below or on Tumblr if you have any suggestions or questions.

And remember to share and pin this collection for later!

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