33+ Sims 4 Nose Presets: Thin, Wide & Crooked Noses

We’ve compiled a great list of Sims 4 Nose Presets to customize your sims looks to perfection!

sims 4 nose presets collage

This might sound weird, but I love a good nose.

Noses sit smack in the middle of the face, so of course, they hugely impact the final look of a person or, in this case, your sims.

With so many great sims 4 nose presets to find online, we made it easy and put together this great collection of nuzzle-worthy noses. 😉

You can also check out our collection of sims 4 presets, which includes more presets for your sims nose, chin, jaw, lips, eyes, and more.

Sims 4 Nose Presets

Below, you’ll find a good mix of nose mods, from narrow nose bridges to crooked, broken noses and packs too.

1. Female Nose Presets by Northern Siberia Winds

female sims with small delicate nose

In this custom content pack, you’ll find one nose mask and female nose presets.

The nose mods are available for all ages and feature average-sized noses with a straight nose bridge.

The nose presets differ mainly in the nose tips and nostril width.

2. Sims 4 Unisex Nose Presets by Meeshi

collage of 3 sims 4 nose presets

This pack of nose mods includes 3 presets for both males and females for toddlers to elders.

These nose presets focus more on wider nasal bridges, and preset #2 has wide and flaring nostrils.

3. Sims 4 N1 Nose Preset by Seleng

female sims 4 nose preset

This is one of my favorite nose presets; this nose mod works for your male and female sims aged from teen to elder.

It’s a simple nose that narrows around the middle of the nasal bridge and then slightly flares for the nostrils.

The nose tip is also more pronounced and rounded.

4. Nose Preset Pack #28-38 by Simbience

female nose preset pack

Who doesn’t love a multi-pack?

This collection of 10 sims 4 nose presets contains a nice mix of nose sizes.

This is a well-rounded pack from narrow to wide nose bridges, small pointed nose tips to wide nostrils.

You have 8 male and female nose presets available for teens to elders and two for males only.

5. Nose CC Mods by Northern Siberia Winds

black female sim with fine delicate nose

This gloss collection includes nose presets, a nose mask, blush, highlighter, dimples, and lips.

You get 10 different nose presets for female teens and elders.

These presets are focused on delivering smaller noses with narrow nasal bridges and varying sizes of nostrils.

6. Male Sims 4 Nose Presets by LutessaSims

male nose close ups and profile

With this multi-piece set, you get 3 nose mods, all medium-sized straight noses that vary in width.

The nose tips go from small, medium, and large.

There is also a change in the size of the columella (the area that separates the nostrils).

7. Sims 4 Nose Presets for Females by Kashisun

3 female nose presets on sim models

This set of cc contains 3 nose mods for your female sims aged teens to elders.

All 3 noses are quite unique; the first preset has a narrow nasal bridge that significantly widens towards the tip.

The second nose preset has a bumpy profile, and the tip and larger nostrils create a reverse triangular shape.

The 3rd nose is similar to the second, except it’s less bumpy, and the nostrils are smaller and less flared.

8. N5 Pointed Nose Preset by Valuka

redhead female sim with pointed nose

When viewed on its profile, this nose preset has a sloped angle, which ends with a small pointed tip.

The nose reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s nose in that its main focal point is its nose tip.

9. Broken Nose Preset by Ice-creamforbreakfast

male sim with crooked nose

This male nose preset is larger in size and has quite the broken profile look.

While the nasal bridge is not that wide for most of its length, it widens towards to bottom and has a wide tip and nostrils to match.

10. Sims 4 Angular Nose Mod by Seleng

male sims modeling an ethnic nose preset

This nose preset reminds me of every male nose on my dad’s side; each of my uncles has this type of nose.

The nose has a bump when viewed in the profile; the front has a flatter nose bridge and long, flared nostrils.

11. Hurricane Nose Presets CC by Peachyfaerie

close up of 4 sims 4 nose presets

A pack of 4 nose mods awaits in this small collection of custom content.

Each nose is of medium build, the main difference being the width of the nasal bridge and the size and roundness of the nose tip.

12. Sims 4 Crooked Nose Mod by Artichuckles

female sim with crooked nose

While this nose preset is described as crooked and bumpy, it leans more on the bumpy side.

This nose mod doesn’t angle the nose left or right; there are more sharp nose-like curvatures and bumps down the nose bridge.

Your female sims will also have long nostrils.

13. Male Nose Presets by Kashisun

3 male nose presets on sim models

This pack of nose presets is for the male sims in your life.

The first nose mod has a more narrow nose bridge throughout, with a small slope on the nose tip.

The second nose is wider throughout with larger, more open nostrils.

For the third nose preset, your sims will have a more narrow nose, which has a pretty deep slope and rounded nose tip.

14. Female Nose Preset for Sims 4 by Lamatisse

cropped image of female sim with rounded nose

Your female sims can enjoy this one-piece cute nose preset from children to elders.

The nose has a medium build, gaining more width towards a larger rounded tip which is the most significant portion of this nose preset.

The nose finishes off with small rounded nostrils angled downwards.

15. Female TS4 Nose Presets by Northern Siberia Winds

Asian sim modeling a thin and pointy nose

You get a whole cc pack with this From West to East Collection.

You’ll find nose presets, a nose mask, eyelids, and eyes.

The nose mods are more slender, with most differences appearing in the nostril sizes and angles.

16. Sims 4 Male Nose Preset by MagicHand

male sim with rounded nose tip

This male nose preset gives your sims a small and narrow nose.

The nasal bridge is extremely narrow, ending with a small round tip and small nostrils on the side.

This nose mod looks best on sims with smaller features.

17. Maxis Match Nose Presets by Loulicorn

female nose profiles

You get six female sims 4 nose presets in this cc pack.

Each nose mod has a flattish nasal bridge varying in width.

The other differences come in the shapes and width of the nose tip and nostrils.

18. Sims 4 Male Nose Mod by Seleng

male sim with square tip nose

This male nose preset resembles the nose at #10 when it comes to the tip and nostrils.

The difference with this preset is the width and flatness of the nasal bridge.

There is also no bump on the profile, just a smooth, gentle slope.

19. Expanded Nose Sliders by Ice-creamforbreakfast

two sim women displaying nose sliders

I decided to throw in a nose slider in this collection of sims 4 nose presets.

While a ton of sliders exist, this particular one allows you to modify the angle size of your sims nostrils.

You can also adjust the alar sidewall of the nose, essentially the rounded external line of the nostril.

20. Edith Sims 4 Nose Preset by MagicHand

black female sims modeling a nose preset

When testing out this nose mod, it had a somewhat triangular shape.

The nose bridge begins to flare about a third of the way down and ends with an angular tip.

The nostrils are pretty long and flared, but this is most visible when viewing your sim’s profile.

21. TS4 Female Nose Preset by Simzbee

female sims with wider nose

This nose mod reminds me of a trident with its flared open nostrils and nose tip.

This smaller nose preset is available for teens, young adults to elders.

22. Male Sims 4 Nose CC by Coffeemoon

male sim with wider nostrils

This nose preset gives your male sims a very smooth finish.

The nose bridge is small and narrow, with a gentle slope on the profile.

The nose slightly widens for the nostrils.

This nose is very simple, without any standout focal point.

23. Nose Preset Mods by Obscurus-sims

4 diverse women modeling different shape noses

Grab your pack of nose presets, a nose mark, and a nose mask overlay, available for all genders and ages.

There are 4 nose mods included: a very straight-down, standard nose.

The second nose has a more narrow nasal bridge that widens towards the bottom.

Your third option is a nose mod with a slightly larger bridge but a smaller nose tip.

And finally, you can pick a longer nose with a rounded tip and tiny nostrils.

24. Female Nose Presets 05-07 by LutessaSims

3 image collage of female sim with squared noses

These female presets all have a more squarish shape to them.

The noses are all similar, their differences being in the width of the nose bridge and the front of the nose.

The columella is also quite wide on all 3 nose mods, which we don’t see too often in presets.

25. Tilted Nose Preset by Ice-creamforbreakfast

male sim with crooked nose

Have your sims been in a street fight or fallen down a flight of stairs?

This nose preset lets you angle your sims nose significantly left or right, giving the appearance of a broken nose.

This nose preset is available for ages and genders.

26. Valentino Nose Preset Mod by Golyhawhaw

sim man with eyebrow scar

If you’re looking for sims 4 nose presets for your male sims, you’ll find this particular one looks good on any sims.

This preset will give your sims a nose with an enlarged, rounder tip, and with the combined higher nostrils, this makes the septum hang a bit lower.

Overall, the nose preset makes the whole thing look good.

27. More Noses Presets Pack by Meeshi

collage three noses on black sim

If you’re looking for sims 4 nose presets that can be used for both genders, this pack is for you.

In this set, there are three presets for noses with wider nostrils.

The first nose preset has a curved bridge that ends with a cute tip.

The last two presets have a nose dip and create a triangular shape on your sims’ face.

Where these two noses differ, one set of nostrils is more apparent than the other.

28. Nose Shape Presets for Sims 4 by Northern Siberia Winds

collage four noses on white sim

This set has four nose presets for your male sims, ages teens and up.

The first and last noses are the same, small and narrow, except the first one has smaller nostrils.

The second nose is similar to the first but has a noticeably wider, rounder bridge, like a broken nose look.

As for the third nose preset, it’s a wider version of the first nose but with a rounded bridge causing a dip.

These noses are also compatible for your occult sims.

29. Female Nose Presets Mod Pack by LutessaSims

collage side and front view of female noses

This nose pack has four presets for your female sims, and although they look similar, they each have their own style.

The first nose preset has just the right balance size-wise, with a bit of length to it.

As for the second preset, the nostrils are rounder, making the nose seem a bit bigger.

The third nose is more angled upward, which causes a cute nose dip on top.

When looking at its side, the last one seems longer because it’s straight and not angled like the others.

You can use these noses on child sims and up, except for the N10 preset, which can be used on Toddlers as well.

30. Presets for Female Sims Noses by PoyoPoyo

collage noses on female sim

This cute little collection of sims 4 nose presets includes six styles for your female sims.

In these nose mods, the only aspect changed is the lower part of your sims’ nose.

The creator made different combinations, playing with the nostrils’ size and the septum.

31. Babydoll Nose Preset Mod by Meeshi

pictures of sim nose, eye, and lips

The nose preset provided in this set is the perfect nose for your sims.

It’s small-sized, with tiny nostrils, a straight bridge, and a cute rounded tip.

This nose is compatible with both frames and can be used on toddlers and up.

32. Nose Presets for Male Sims by MMSIMS

side view of two sim men

If you’re looking for small noses for your male sims, this pack has two good options.

For both nose presets, your sims get a narrow bridge, providing a small-looking factor.

When looking at the noses’ side profiles, the second preset has a sharper look at the tip than the first, which is rounder.

Because of this, the nostrils appear slightly higher, making them a bit more noticeable from the front.

33. Don’t Be Nosey Preset Pack by Viagosims

collage side and front view of male noses

This pack has five new nose presets for sims of both frames, ages teens and up.

Each of these noses has its own unique look.

The Mabel preset has a narrow bridge with higher nostrils, making them more apparent from the front. It has a rounder tip and a nose dip.

The Evan preset has a straighter bridge than the Mabel one, which results in no dip, and the nostrils are less noticeable.

When compared to the Evan preset, the Athena nose is slightly wider and also shows signs of a little dip.

Again, compared with the Evan preset, the Dionysus nose preset has wider nostrils, and the nose is rounder when looking at its side.

As for the Emilia nose preset, compared to the Dionysus, its nostrils are bigger, and the bridge is a bit crooked at the top.

34. Maxis Match Nose Masks by Sims3melancholic

collage of six male faces with nose masks

With this set, you get six new maxis match nose masks for your male sims, in five colors each.

These nose masks can change the nose’s tip’s appearance, the nose bridge’s width, and more.

This set is currently available for Patreon early access.

Sims 4 Nose Mods: Recap

With so many amazing creators, tracking everything that’s created can be hard.

Hopefully, with this list, you will have found some new favorite sims 4 nose presets to replenish your cc folder.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and pin this collection for later!

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