33+ Best Sims 4 Gallery Poses (Free Downloads)

Do you want to show your Sims to the sim community using different styled poses?

You can by using custom gallery pose packs.

We’ve listed some of the best Sims 4 gallery poses to install and try.

sims 4 gallery poses collage

Are you looking to make the perfect snapshots of your sims?

These Sims 4 custom gallery poses are what is missing for any Simmer who wants to show off their sims to the community.

How to Install Sims 4 Gallery Poses

Here’s a quick recap on how to install gallery poses mods.

  • Find and download your gallery poses on your computer
  • Unzip your compressed file (if applicable)
  • Place the content into your game’s mod folder
  • Restart your game

If you are new to using poses, check out our easy tutorial on How to use poses in Sims 4.

Sims 4 Gallery Poses

Before you get started, you need to know a few things.

There are two types of poses: Primary and Secondary.

Primary poses are for your household. This means that they are for pictures with more than one sim.

Secondary poses are for your individual sims, so they are for snapshots of a single sim.

With that in mind, take note that you can only have one set of poses of each type in your mods folder at a time.

To use different pose packs, you will need to close your game, swap them out, and then restart the game.

1. Sweet Little Psycho Sims 4 Gallery Poses by Loulicorn

girl sim with fingerless glove posing

The Sweet Little Psycho set features six poses showing off your sim’s wacky and rebellious side.

These poses make for great pictures. They are different from typical poses you’d find in the sim galleries.

It sure brings a fun twist to sims 4 gallery poses.

2. Comfortable Gallery Pose Pack by SimplyAnjuta

female posing on her knee

The poses remind me of a casual photoshoot.

These poses are also great for focusing on arm accessories or new facial custom content you want to draw attention to.

3. Sims 4 Men’s MINT Gallery Poses by SakuraLeon

sim guy in hoodie posing in different ways

This set of six poses makes terrific photos for your male sims.

The Mint pose pack portrays your sims in classic men’s model poses.

They all made great pictures, but I have to say poses number 1 and 5 are my favorites.

4. Side By Side Gallery Pose by Chrystin

sims 4 siblings posing

This sister pose is one of my favorites.

The Side by Side set depicts the closeness between siblings, which is always nice to capture in a picture.

If you have sim siblings in your household, then this closeup pose is a must.

5. Siblings Sims 4 Gallery Pose by Loulicorn

female sim annoying another

As much as we love our siblings, sometimes they can annoy the life out of us.

This pose, called Siblings, demonstrates that annoyance down to a T.

6. Sims 4 Yearbook Pose Pack by Katverse

yearbook looking picture of sims

The Yearbook Pose Pack is a fun and original way of presenting your sims to the community.

If you have a household with a group of friends, then you can bring back the school yearbook experience.

7. Fiancé Gallery Poses by Loulicorn

couple in white suit and dress posing

This lovely set of three photo ops for your Sims 4 couple is the perfect way to symbolize their engagement.

The Fiancés pose pack is a romantic way to show off your sims’ love for each other.

It’s also a great way to show off that ring too. 😉

8. Girls Relax Gallery Poses by SakuraLeon

sim teen woman posing five different ways

This is another good set of Sims 4 gallery poses.

The Relax pack gives us six different to fashionably lounge around.

I find that these made very pretty pictures of my female sims.

My personal favorites are numbers 2 and 4. I believe that those gallery poses made them stand out from the rest.

9. Wear It Gallery Poses by SimplyAnjuta

sim woman showing nail in with hand claws

The Wear It collection gives six ways of drawing attention to your sims’ nails.

If you’ve scored a new set of nail cc, then this is a fantastic way of displaying them in your screenshots.

10. Levitation Sims 4 Gallery Poses by Loulicorn

sim doing various mid air poses

Here’s a new and fun way of displaying your sims. With a bunch of mid-air poses.

The Levitation gallery poses illustrate your sims levitating upwards and downwards in six wacky ways.

11. Summer Lovin Gallery Pose by SimplyAnjuta

closeup sim couple with women over guy shoulder

Two sims, one pose. The Summer lovin’ set makes a great picture of your sim couple.

In this picture, the girl leans on her man’s shoulder, making them look warm and adorable.

12. Sims 4 Gallery Pose Pack 01 by Katverse

sim girl with short red hair posing

Another cool set for your female sim is the Gallery Pose Pack 01.

This pose pack includes six snapshots to pick from that’ll exude confidence, attitude, and a hint of mischief to your pictures.

13. Gallery Poses Family With Teens by Loulicorn

family of three with teen

The Family with Teens can be used for a family of 3 or 4, depending on your household.

This would make a great picture displayed in your sim home, which can be done using the Photographic Memory mod.

14. Sims 4 Stance Gallery Poses by SakuraLeon

sim boy and girl in purple sitting poses

This is a nice set of several sitting poses for your young sims.

The Stance pose pack contains eight poses for either boys or girls, but the creator recommends using them, as shown above.

15. Nailed It Gallery Poses by ErenSparkles

four poses of sim showing off nails

The Nailed It collection is a set of four poses for either male or female sims.

This collection of poses is similar in style to the set listed in #9 above.

These great complimentary pose packs add some variety to your close-up poses.

16. Happy Family Gallery Poses by Loulicorn

sim family of 4 and 5 posing

The Happy Family is a cute portrait that works with a family of 4 or 5.

To pull off this pose, your family members need to be in the following order:

  • Adult Female
  • Adult Male
  • Teen
  • Child
  • Optional toddler as the 5th member

17.Female Gallery Poses by SimplyAnjuta

female leaning on her wrist

This set of Sims 4 gallery poses shows different closeup pics of your sim posing with their hands.

Hands by SimpleAnjuta offers six poses that depict simplicity at its best.

18. Sims 4 Baddie Poses by Chrystin

closeup view of female sim posing

I love the Baddie Poses set. This brings your sims to a new level of beauty and sexiness in these six different ways.

Fun fact. This is the first set of Sims 4 gallery poses for creator Chrystin.

She was off to a good start, I must say. Kudos!

19. Heart 2 Heart Gallery Pose by SimplyAnjuta

sims friends making heart shaped hands

This set is a great way of showing off your sims friendships with the Heart 2 Heart pose.

This closeup pose of friends making a heart with their hands is something many of us have done.

Although originally intended for females, you can mix things up with different combos.

20. Sims 4 Playful Poses by Chrystin

closeup view of six sim females

This Playful Poses pack by Chrystin showcases your sims being flirtatious and playful.

In this set of six poses, you get a mix of casual, fun, flirty, and candid shots.

21. Grimaces Sims 4 Gallery Poses by Loulicorn

silly poses with pink haired sim girl

This is a fun set of sims 4 gallery poses. It’s called Grimaces, which perfectly represents the kind of poses you’ll get out of this pose set.

If you want your sims to goof around and be plain silly, this pose pack is for you.

22. Candy Gallery Poses by SakuraLeon

collage of 6 female gallery poses

This is a lovely set of six closeup poses for your female sims.

The Candy collection has beautiful shots to make your sims look stunning.

To display correctly, be sure to install the No Mirroring Mod provided on the link below.

23. Sims 4 Portrait Poses by Katverse

female sims in white posing

These eight single poses, included in the Portrait Poses pack, are just fabulous.

They make your sim look so pretty and natural, especially with these smiling snapshots.

On top of that, they can also be used as in-game poses.

24. Hanging Out Gallery Pose Pack by SimplyAnjuta

female sim with beenie hat and jeans posing

This is a cute set of poses for the TS4 gallery.

The Hanging Out pack includes six poses of your female sims chilling on the floor.

This could make for some nice photos if you upload them to Canva and add a background, such as grass, to lay on top.

25. Bad Guy Gallery Poses by Loulicorn

sim tough guy posing six ways

If one of your sims looks like a tough guy, perhaps with a rugged face or a real badass, this set is for you.

The Bad Guy set contains six poses that will give your sims a more dangerous look.

Even if your sims are a big softy, it’s fun to see what they would look like as their counterpart.

26. The Sparkle Gallery Poses by ErenSparkles

closeup of sim male posing six different ways

The Sparkle pose pack features six gallery closeup shots that show off your sim’s pearly whites.

This is great for closeup poses of your male sims.

The pictures I took, with these smiling poses, made my sim look quite charming.

27. Sims 4 BFF Gallery Pose by Chrystin

two sims friends upside down of each other

The BFF pose is a superb way of taking a picture of two sim besties or even siblings, which is how I used it.

This pose will turn heads. 😆

28. Bella Sims 4 Gallery Poses by SakuraLeon

casual everyday female poses

The Bella pose set offers six different ways of posing while sitting.

I adore this set. They made beautiful pictures, making my sims look so natural, too.

29. Sweet Couple Gallery Pose by Loulicorn

sim couple embracing

The Sweet Couple pose only includes this one pose.

It displays the loving embrace between two sims.

It’s a simple and effective way of showing off your two lovebirds to the sims community.

To pull off this pose, while in CAS, you would need your sims to be in the correct order: male, followed by a female sim.

30. Pride & Prejudice Gallery Pose by SimplyAnjuta

sim reenactment of pride and prejudice scene

Jenny loves this movie; she plays it constantly on the TV in the background while working on We Want Mods.

It’s no surprise that this pose is one of our favorite Sims 4 gallery poses.

This Pride and Prejudice pose perfectly recreates the movie’s cover art.

You just need to style your sims like Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennet to recreate the movie’s romantic feel.

31. Sims 4 Portrait Poses Part 2 by Katverse

beautiful black haired sim woman in red dress posing

The Portrait Poses Part 2 set contains five poses that portray your sims in a flirty way with a hint of casual mischief.

32. Paws for Thought Gallery Poses by SakuraLeon

collage sim cats and dogs poses

This career mod requires the Cats & Dogs expansion pack to work.

If you’re looking for gallery poses for your sim pets, this pose pack has 30 of them.

These poses will help take cute pics of your sim furry friends.

In this pack, you’ll find poses for your different types of pets, such as:

  • Eight poses for cats
  • Four for kittens
  • Seven for dogs
  • Four for puppies
  • Seven for smaller dogs

For these poses to work correctly, make sure to grab and install the Broken Pets Fixed mod linked on the pose’s page.

33. What A Cutie Gallery Pose Pack by Curlyangel75

collage closeup shots of female sim

To take cute pictures of your sims, this pack contains six gallery poses that showcase your sim in adorable ways.

These poses make beautiful photos of your sims resting their head, leaning in their hands, hand under the chin, and three others.

34. Gallery Poses for Horses by Coyoteeth

three horses posing for gallery

This career mod requires the Horse Ranch expansion pack to work.

Are you looking for some sims 4 gallery poses for your sim horses?

EA’s way of showing your horse in Gallery doesn’t do them justice; you don’t get to see all their majestic body.

This pose pack includes three side-view poses so that you can gaze at your equine animals from their best angle.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Gallery Poses

Gallery poses are a great way to focus on solo closeups or pictures with your favorite household members.

Also, if you come across any other Gallery poses for me to check out, feel free to send us a link in the comments below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

sims 4 gallery poses Pinterest pin

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