13+ Stunning Sims 4 Heterochromia CC

With this collection of sims 4 heterochromia cc, your sims eyes will have twice the sparkle.

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Have you ever met someone with heterochromia?

You will have noticed that their irises have different eye colors (the colored part of the eyes).

And while most sims 4 heterochromia cc gives your sims competently different colored irises, there are actually 3 types of heterochromia;

  • Complete heterochromia
  • Central heterochromia
  • Sectoral heterochromia

And #15 in that post has some beautiful multi-colored sectoral heterochromia options.

If you need more eye options, we have our Sims 4 Eyes CC post for even more custom content ideas.

Sims 4 Heterochromia CC

We have compiled this list of our favorite sims 4 heterochromia cc.

Some are very maxis match-looking, while others look more realistic. They’re all free to use and base game compatible.

1. Whisper Eyes Heterochromia CC by Dangerouslyfreejellyfish

black haired woman with heterochromia eyes

This updated version of maxis match heterochromia cc offers 23 natural-looking eye colors.

You can set a different eye color on any sims regardless of age or gender.

You can find this mod pack under Skin Details in the Face category.

2. Bold Eyes Heterochromia CC by Pralinesims

sims with heterochromia eyes and color options

This gorgeous set of heterochromia eyes comes in 75 color variations.

You get 30 color variations for eyes with a white sclera and another 30 for eyes with a black sclera in one eye.

The remaining 15 colors are for eyes, with black eyeballs in both.

You can find this mod under Face Paint in the Makeup category.

3. Natural Heterochromia Eyes by BAkalia

black woman with heterochromia eyes color options

I love this sims 4 heterochromia cc pack because the eyes are so realistic with the amount of detail in the iris.

There are 20 colors in all, and any sim in your household can use this mod.

You can find this mod under Face Paint in the Makeup category.

4. Butterfly Effect Eyes by Pralinesims

sim man with heterochromia white eye

This set is a collection of realistic-looking eyes cc but also comes with a heterochromia option.

You can choose among 30 colors to apply to your sim’s right eye.

You can use this heterochromia mod for sims of both genders with ages teen and up.

You can locate this custom content under Face Paint in the Makeup category.

Pralinesims also included bonus eyelashes; you can assign a different hair color for one of your sims’ eyelashes.

That way, you can have a different color for the eye and lash at the same time.

5. Sims 4 Heterochromia Eyes CC by Larularo

three sims with heterochromia eyes

This set is another great option to add heterochromia eyes to your sims.

It’s available in 18 default colors, and you can find the sims 4 heterochromia cc in the Skin Detail category.

If you need access to other skin details and have The Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack, you can choose that file instead.

If you have the expansion pack, you’ll find the heterochromia under the Occult Cheek Scars category.

6. Heterochromia Beetle Eyes 2 by SQUEA

collage kids with heterochromia eyes

This eye collection adds the heterochromia option for your sims.

You get 18 EA default colors with the main heterochromia file.

By grabbing the addon file, it adds 54 color swatches to the lot.

You will need the main file installed if you want to use the additional colors.

7. Heterochromia CC for Pets by Pralinesims

collage pets with different eye color options

If you own The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack, you can use this set to give your pets different eye colors and designs.

This collection contains four files; two files of defaults and non-defaults for cats and two others for dogs.

There are 54 colors, and they all come with the heterochromia option.

8. Heterochromia Eyes for Toddlers by Nords

toddler with heterochromia eyes with color options

This pack is a lovely set of custom content to add heterochromia eyes to your toddler sims.

The eyes come in 18 EA default colors as well as 12 non-default colors.

If you want to use this cc for sims aged teens and up, there’s a cc file for that too.

9. Heterochromia Maxis Match Eyes by Pralinesims

blonde man with piercing having heterochromia eyes

This set of sims 4 heterochromia cc has all the age groups covered in three different files.

There’s one for toddlers, one for children, and another for the rest of your sims household.

You get 18 default colors that make beautiful eyes, with a light-colored halo around the pupil resembling the central heterochromia eye type.

10. Realistic Heterochromia Eyes by Dangerouslyfreejellyfish

sim child with realistic heterochromia eyes

This heterochromia mod gives your sim’s right eye a very realistic appearance.

It comes in 25 gorgeous colors and can be used on toddlers and up.

If you were to use this cc, I recommend using them with the original eyes linked on the mod’s page.

Otherwise, it may look odd since you’ll have two different styles of eyes.

11. Impact Heterochromia Eyes by Ratboysims

black woman with heterochromia eyes

If you’re looking for a great set of eyes that’s not too realistic and still has a base game feel, then this cc is for you.

This custom content is a good balance between HQ and maxis match and comes in 20 color swatches.

This mod was intended as eyes cc, but the creator has included the heterochromia option.

You can find the heterochromia overlays under the FacePaint category.

12. Heterochromia Non-Default CC by Pralinesims

sims woman with realistic heterochromia eyes

This pack of eyes cc looks so good, with the light reflection that seems to be coming from a ring light.

The creator has included the matching heterochromia eye, that’s listed under Face Paint.

You get a great selection of colors, with 40 of them, and it can be used on any sim, ages toddlers and up.

13. Heterochromia Mod for Sims 4 by Simandy

collage sims reflective heterochromia eyes

I like this cc as it can be used on various species, like humans, pets, aliens, and more.

You can just use the sims 4 heterochromia cc on its own, but I suggest grabbing the matching species’ eye cc.

There are 69 colors, and you can access the custom content from the Skin Detail category.

14. Demonic Heterochromia Eyes by Pralinesims

collage demonic heterochromia eyes

If you’re looking for something more noticeable and cool-looking, you should try this cc.

You can give your sims a supernatural-looking set of eyes and add heterochromia.

What’s great about this pack is that you can change the left or right eye instead of the usual sim’s right eye.

You can also mix and match designs, so you don’t need to have the same style.

Sims 4 Heterochromia CC Recap

Heterochromia eyes can add such a special look to your sims.

With these sims 4 heterochromia cc, your sims can own this unique trait and stand out in a crowd.

Hopefully, you have found a few new eyes for your custom content folder.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and pin this collection for later!

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13+ Stunning Sims 4 Heterochromia CC

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