27+ Striking Sims 4 Eyes CC: Default, Non-Default Eyes, & More

With these sims 4 eyes cc, your sims will get a new sparkle in their eyes!

From your sim’s hair to their skin tone, details matter, and eyes play just as an essential role in how your sims turn out.

From the choice of eye color to the level of light reflection, these details can brighten up the most basic sim’s face.

We’ve put together a great collection of sims 4 eyes cc.

You’ll find a mix of default and nondefault options; there is something for everyone.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our lists of Sims 4 Heterochromia cc, Eyebrows, and Eyelashes linked at the bottom of this post.

sims 4 eyes cc collage

Mesmerizing Sims 4 Eyes CC

From natural eye colors to vivid creative options, we’ve assembled a collection of the best sims 4 eyes cc for you to enjoy.

1. Sims 4 Eyes CC by Anonimux Simmer

set various colored eyes for sims 4

This gorgeous set of sims 4 eyes cc offers 15 swatches for both men and women of all ages.

These realistic eyes are base game and HQ mod compatible for even greater-looking eyes.

These eyes have some lovely reflective areas.

2. Comet Sims 4 Eyes by TwistedCat

sim woman with comet-like reflection in eyes

These comet eyes have all the sparkles your sims will need.

This custom content will get you 20 color swatches, which are maxis-match-friendly and can be applied to any sims.

You can opt for the default, non-default, or contacts (face paint) cc files.

3. Reflective Lenses for Sims 4 Eyes by Parise

reflective eyes for sims 4

This lovely set of sims 4 eyes cc contains 42 colors, made for males and females of all ages.

These eyes are so pretty that they give off a subtle reflection, making them look like shiny glass.

4. Sims 4 Demon Eyes CC by Pralinesims

supernatural looking eyes for sims 4

Now, this is a very cool and unique set. These sims 4 eyes help turn your sims into demonic or supernatural beings.

It’s great for a Halloween costume or a full-on goth look.

And you can also get creative with your vampires and werewolves sims.

You can apply the color to just one eye, like with heterochromia.

You can choose from a whopping 50 color swatches. You can find this option under facepaint or EA eye colors.

5. Sims 4 Aqua Trigger Eyes by Miss Ruby Bird

purple-eyed blue-skinned sim woman

This pack is a lovely set of 18 swatches with pastel colors and jewel tones, which look fantastic.

It works and fits in just right with other maxis match custom content.

6. Melonios Set of Sims 4 Eyes CC by MahoCreations

different colors of reflective eyes for sims 4

I love this set, especially for toddlers. The reflectiveness in those eyes makes toddlers look sooo cute.

You can choose from a selection of 23 eye colors to be applied to any of your sims.

This set is also base game friendly.

7. Sims 4 Deep Color N13 Eyes by Anonimux Simmer

dark-colored set sims 4 eyes

This set of 12 swatches is perfect if you prefer deep eye colors.

While the browns are beautiful, the deep greens, turquoise, and blues are my favorites.

Available for both males and females sims of all ages.

8. Default & Non Default Eyes Set by Plumbhead

picture 3 sims posing

There are 18 color swatches in this sims 4 eyes cc pack.

In the compressed zip file, you’ll have four file options. You can opt for default eyes or non-default.

You can also choose the Face Paint or Heterochromia files to mix and match different eye colors.

9. Maya Sims 4 Eyes Set by MSQSIMS

redhead sims woman with orange eyes

This set of sims 4 maxis match eyes offers 30 different colors to pick from for your sims.

You can choose your favorite color from the face paint section of the makeup category.

I particularly like the double white dots of light, which give these beautiful eyes a unique touch.

10. Cartoon Style Eye Colors by Northern Siberia Winds

6 solid color eye colors

Get these cartoon-inspired eye colors in 40 shades.

They are simple yet beautifully natural-looking eyes with a top reflective shine.

Available for all genders and ages in default or non-default.

11. Sims 4 Eye Contacts CC by PoyoPoyo

sims 4 light female eye colors

These are some of my absolute favorite eye colors.

The choices of colors that you get from this set are fantastic, especially if you are searching for soft blues and greens.

These eyes brighten up the face with a ton of shine.

12. Sims 4 Contacts for Eyes by AleNikSimmer

beautiful sims woman with brown eyes

This pack of sims 4 maxis match eyes can be accessed as face paint category.

This collection can be used on any of your sims, and you can choose from 19 swatches.

The light reflection in these eyes is made of two white spots on the iris, which looks very natural and realistic.

You will also notice a lot of detailed lines inside the irises.

13. Bright Dazzle Sims 4 Eyes by Eva Zetta

black-haired sim woman with purple eyes

This beautiful set of sims 4 eyes offers 27 colors for your teen+ sims.

The light reflection in them is just perfect.

I love the purple color used in the picture above; it came in handy when creating my Yennefer-inspired sim.

14. Funky Sims 4 Eyes CC by MahoCreations

rainbow pearled colored eyes for sims 4

These colors are mesmerizing and quite different from your typical monochrome eye color.

There are nine color combos, each giving them a pearly-looking two-toned look.

You can apply them to any of your sims, regardless of gender or age.

These sims 4 eyes give off sunset vibes.

15. Non-Default Sims 4 Eyes by vesim

pink haired sim girl with blue eyes

This pack is another great set that features 17 different color swatches.

These eyes work for both men and women and for all ages except toddlers.

The choices of colors that you get from this set are excellent; I haven’t come across that many pink options.

I love the different shades of pink, and the lighter rainbow option is great.

16. Faded Eyes CC for Sims 4 by TwistedCat

blue eyed sim brunette girl

This set of sims 4 eyes cc comes in 18 colors, is made for everybody in your household and is base game compatible.

As stated in the name, the eyes look faded, so you can’t notice the outline of the iris.

They almost give off watery soft eyes with unshed tears.

You can add them as contacts, which can be accessed in the Face Paint category.

Otherwise, you can add them as either default or non-default based on your chosen cc file.

17. N17 Sims 4 Eyes CC by Valuka

sims 4 multi color eyes

Some people have the most amazing eyes with rays of different colors.

This set of 50 eye swatches comes with some lovely eye color options.

And the solid color swatches are just as nice and beautifully detailed.

18. Mythical Default Eyes Collection by SireeSims

blue-haired and blue-eyed sim woman

This collection has a great variety of swatches containing 36 colors.

The irises are large and reflective, almost like marbles, but they fit quite nicely with the game’s aesthetics.

19. Aeslin Set for Sims 4 Eyes by Eva Zetta

sims 4 eyes in different tints of five colors

This collection is easily one of my favorites for sims 4 eyes.

The extra white shading on the lower irises makes them stand out even more.

In this pack, you get six variations of the five main colors:

  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Blueish green
  • Green
  • Brown

These make for more natural-looking eyes, color-wise.

20. Rainbow Sims 4 Eyes CC by Breadsticcisworried

sims 4 eyes in various colors of rainbow

While not subtle, sometimes you need a pop of color to complete a unique look.

This CC eye pack offers 16 colors of the rainbow, from red to blue.

21. Maxis Match Ella Eyes Collection by MSQSIMS

sim man with brown eyes

This collection of sims 4 maxis match eyes comes in 18 colors.

This set is for both genders, so your sim girl can look just as good as the male above.

I love the light reflection in those eyes. These little details make excellent custom content eyes.

22. Dainty Set of Sims 4 Eyes by MahoCreations

sim girl with large green eyes

Another great find by creator MahoCreations is this set of 22 swatches for sims 4 eyes.

You can put these beautiful eyes on any of your sims, and despite their high-quality look, they are base game compatible.

23. Love-Shaped Eyes for Sims 4 by EvilQuinzel

eyes with love-shaped pupil

This cute set stands out from the rest with its heart-shaped pupil.

You can choose from an array of 20 colors.

Your sims don’t have to be in love to wear these cutesy contact lenses.

Accessible through the Face Paint category for men and women aged teens and up.

24. Futuristic Sims 4 Eyes CC by Anonimux Simmer

cyborg-looking sims 4 eyes

I really like this set of sims 4 eyes. They give off a futuristic, cyborg-looking vibe to your sims.

These custom eyes are offered in 15 colors for men and women of all ages.

They are also both base game and HQ compatible.

25. Lora Non Default Maxis Match Eyes by MSQSIMS

set various colored reflective eyes for sims 4

This set of sims 4 maxis match eyes offers a similar light reflection as the Ella collection, listed as #19, from the same creator.

The main difference between the two is that the lower white spot on the pupil is smaller in this set, and a thin white line does not contour it.

26. New Elche Set of Sims 4 Eyes by Solistair

sim women with brown and blue eyes posing

The original Elche eye set used to offer various eye colors under Face Paint.

Depending on which file you’ve picked, they can now be added as either default or non-default.

They offer a selection of 24 eye colors that vary from blue, brown, and green colors.

27. Carim Collection of Sims 4 Eyes by MahoCreations

blonde sim woman with light brown eyes

This base game-compatible collection of sims 4 eye cc offers a nice selection of 16 colors for men and women of all ages.

The light reflection in those eyes is so realistic and has a similar pattern to the comet eyes found in #2.

Although they are similar, this set looks even more natural.

28. Aqua Trigger Eyes for Pets by Miss Ruby Bird

sims 4 eye colors for pets

It’s great to have a lot of options for your human sims, but what about your pets?

Your pets can also benefit from a nice array of eye color choices.

This custom content does just that and brings 36 swatches for your sims 4 pets.

They can be added as either EA default or non-default and can be applied to both cats and dogs.

This cc requires the Sims 4 Cat & Dogs Expansion Pack.

29. Limbus Eyes Replacements by VYXATED

male sims with replacement eyes

This set will change the appearance of your sims’ eyes, sclera, and depth to make them look more realistic.

The eyes are available in 36 combined colors of default and non-default swatches, with an additional black color.

As for the white part of the eye, you can choose between 20 swatches available with various pupil and sclera combinations.

The eye depth makes the eyeball look 3D by adding shadows on each side, and they’re available in two opacities.

These eye changes can be applied to any sim, regardless of gender or age, except for eye depth, which cannot be used on infants.

30. Softer Eyes N18 Set by PoyoPoyo

female sim with large, beautiful eyes

This eye set will give your sims softer eye colors from  42 swatches, including sectoral heterochromia with two-tone eyes.

You can also give your sims complete heterochromia eyes by making one of them a different color.

The second colored eye can be applied through the Skin Details category.

The eyes are available for Patreon early access and will be available on June 29th for public release.

Final Thoughts On Sims 4 Eyes CC

We hope you found some sims 4 eyes cc in the list that caught your attention.

Eyes mods can really add to your sims appearance. You can tell a lot about a person through their eyes.

So grab a bunch of files and discover which eye cc gives your sims the best look.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and pin this collection for later!

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