55+ Beautiful Sims 4 Wedding CC (& Wedding Mods)

Are your sims heading to the altar?

Grab the best sims 4 wedding cc to turn your sims dream wedding day into reality!

sims 4 wedding cc collage

Weddings are always special events, and your sims couples are no exception.

With this collection of sims 4 wedding cc, and mods, you can pick the perfect dress, shoes, and wedding décor to create the most magical and flawless event.

Oh, and for more wedding inspiration, remember to check out our makeup cc and hair cc posts linked at the bottom of this article.

Let’s get shopping!

Sims 4 Wedding CC

From wedding dresses, men’s tuxes, wedding poses, and venues, you’ll find a nice mix of sims 4 wedding cc and mods.

1. Elaine Dress Sims 4 Wedding CC by Madlen

form fitting mermaid tail dress

This strapless and figure-hugging wedding dress is beautiful.

With its ruffled mermaid tail, your sim bride will be the talk of the wedding season.

And this stunning piece can also be worn to a black tie event in one of the other color swatches.

2. Birdcage Wedding Veil by Kiara Zurk

bride wearing blusher veil

Wedding veils remain an optional bridal accessory on that special day, but birdcage veils always add a special touch of class.

This satin-trimmed veil hits just below the nose and comes in 15 swatches in case your bride is looking for a statement piece.

You’ll find this wedding veil in the hats category, and it can also be used with the hat slider linked on the page.

3. Sims 4 Pearl Wedding Shoes CC by Jius-sims

pearl embellished wedding heels

Who doesn’t love a strappy pair of peep-toe shoes?

These embellished pearl white satin heels are perfect for your sims wedding day.

These beauties are available for teens and up.

4. Eva Bridal Hair & Flower Crown by Miiko

bridesmaids hair and flower crowns

This two-piece sims 4 wedding cc gives your bridesmaids a lovely hairstyle and flower garland.

The hair cc is a parted ponytail with braids down each side, available in 24 swatches.

You can also grab the bonus file, which includes 15 extra colors.

The flower crown comes in 9 beautiful color combos and can be found in the hats section.

5. Sophia Dress and Skirt Train by Atelier Lena

elegant full length satin wedding gown

Nothing speaks elegance more than this fit and flare style wedding dress.

This sophisticated dress comes with an attached skirt to add some extra volume.

It’s the perfect wedding dress to wear to the ceremony and then remove the skirt to party the night away.

The skirt piece can be found in the tights category.

6. Sims 4 Boho Wedding Set by Syboulette

sims 4 boho wedding set

This wedding set has everything you need for the perfect boho-theme wedding.

Wicker, rattan, and natural colors are the inspiration behind most pieces.

There are 37 base game-compatible pieces in this set, including;

  • A dining table
  • Tableware
  • Dry flower bouquets
  • Wedding cake
  • Rattan skylights

The cake box can be functional if you grab the SYB Eats Mod.

The wedding cake can go from decorative to edible too.

You can check out part 2, linked here, if you want even more pieces.

All items in the second part are also BGC, but some can be functional with Wedding Stories or Get Together.

7. Sims 4 Wedding Makeup Kit by TwistedCat

rosy wedding makeup cc

This wedding makeup set is beautiful yet not over the top.

Your sims brides will get matte lipstick and a lightly smokey eyeshadow with a pop of highlighter in the inner eye corners and center eyelids.

The lipstick comes in 18 swatches, while the eyeshadow has 16 color options.

8. Sims 4 Wedding Portraits by Paris Simmer

sweet wedding embrace

Nothing captures sims 4 weddings more than some beautiful wedding portraits.

In this pose pack, you’ll get 6 couple poses perfect for that special day.

And don’t forget to grab the lovely wedding bouquet of peony flowers for your bride, also linked on the custom content page.

9. Sims 4 Wedding Set by Ravasheen

modern sweetheart table

If your sims are more into a modern wedding theme, this is the great set of sims 4 wedding cc for them.

You can decorate the wedding venue with beautiful backdrops, dangling lights (diamond or fairy), and a rug made of flowers.

You’ll also find functional wedding placemats and a table runner made of flowers.

10. Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC by Zeussim

two brides and bridemaids

This set of wedding cc includes 12 items to style the members of your wedding party.

There is a long-sleeved wedding dress with a plunging V-neck and a more simple, modest wedding dress.

You’ll also find more clothing, earrings, nails, a ring, and a veil.

11. Sims 4 Wedding Shoes CC by Atelier Lena

wedding shoes with crystals

These gorgeous silk wedding shoes give me Manolo Blahnik’s vibes with their embellished stones.

There are 24 swatches of heels to find your favorite color.

You can also grab the heel deco and present boxes.

12. Gabriella Sims 4 Wedding CC by KM Creations

sims 4 laced form fitting wedding dress

This stunning wedding dress has to be my favorite; it’s so beautiful.

While the fit and flare style with the low back is lovely, the gorgeous lace detailing makes the dress magical.

This beauty is available in 10 different color swatches.

Please note that the download of this dress is on SimsDom, which was the only source unless you are a Patreon member of this creator.

13. Pearl Wedding Necklace by Glitterberry Sims

pearl and diamond wedding necklace

What would complement the pearl-themed shoes at #3 better than this peal wedding necklace to complete the look?

This necklace is a simple yet classic design; a single pearl in a diamond enclosure and diamond collar.

14. Sims 4 Wedding CC Dresses by Zeussim

sims brides wearing two tone dress and white dress

This sims 4 wedding cc set includes a classic strapless wedding dress and a fun ombre dress with a sparkly tail.

Both dresses come in 23 swatches, and you can also find some short-medium veils under the hats category, which come in 18 colors.

15. Bridal Party Pose Pack by Lilalmondsim

bridal party pose pack

Bridesmaids are an important part of a wedding, so it’s no surprise that your sims couple will want to snap pictures of their friends.

In this bridal pose pack, you get 5 couple poses and 5 poses of the bridesmaids and the bride.

16. Rustic Wedding Barn Venue by Mini Simmer

outdoor rustic barn wedding venue

Couples often prefer modern or rustic wedding venues; I love the outdoor rustic romance barn theme.

This rustic wedding venue is fantastic; it’s an entire compound.

A lake surrounds the lovely barn, and the outdoor dining area sits on the manicured lawn.

There are many areas for your sims to discover on their wedding day.

17. Sims 4 Wedding CC Tuxedo by Atelier Lena

sims 4 men's tuxedo

Your male sims deserve to look just as stylish as the bride, and this classic tuxedo will do just the trick.

This tuxedo, with its notch lapel, satin shirt, and bowtie, will make your sims look dapper.

18. Sweetheart Wedding Dress Set by Miiko

wedding gown and bridesmaid dress

This sims 4 wedding cc set comes with 2 stunning dresses.

You get the full-length wedding dress with short puffed sleeves and a lace top.

The second dress is a shorter version perfect for flower girls or bridesmaids.

Both dresses are available in 15 color swatches.

19. Sims 4 Wedding Hair CC by Enriques4

long flowing wedding hairstyle

While an updo can be pretty, depending on the wedding dress, flowing locks add a beautiful touch.

Your female sim will have parted hair with gorgeous twisted locks cascading over her shoulder.

This hair cc is available in 24 swatches for teens to elders.

20. Sims 4 Romantic Engagement by Soloriya

couple engagement dinner setting

There can be no sims 4 weddings without an engagement.

Have your sim create the proposal with this Will you marry me set.

There are 7 romantic theme items to set the tone on that romantic day;

  • Heart-shaped egg-in-a-hole toast
  • Heart-shaped pizza
  • The engagement ring and more

21. Sims 4 Satin Wedding Dress CC by Jius-sims

female sim wearing wedding dress with laced arms

This strapless satin wedding dress comes with a thigh-high slit.

Your sims can wear this dress four different ways.

Your bride can opt for the simple strapless version or with a turtleneck mesh top underneath, available in 3 designs.

22. My Wedding Collection by AngelHoliday17

two bridal couples posing

This wedding set has everything you need to dress your bride and groom in formal clothes.

There are two wedding dress options; a strapless and a short-sleeved version.

For your male sims, you can opt for a more casual look; a shirt with a vest and pants or a formal tuxedo.

23. Romantic Sims 4 Wedding CC Pack by Syboulette

sims 4 wedding cc set

This romantic wedding set includes 27 items that can be used to decorate your sims special day and other events.

What’s more, all items are all base game compatible. You’ll find a mix of things, including;

  • Tree of love
  • Cake toppers
  • Tables
  • Folding chairs
  • An old piano

24. Wedding Portrait Poses by LutessaSims

wedding portrait pose collage

This wedding portrait pose pack comes with 6 different poses for the happy couple.

Show off your couple’s amazing outfits in these casually sweet poses.

You can also use these poses for your sims high-school graduation too.

25. Spring Wedding CC Set by Ice-creamforbreakfast

sims 4 bride and bridesmaids

This wedding cc set is all about sophisticated spring wear.

Your bride can opt for the strapless wedding dress with a mermaid tail.

Complete her look with the perfect updo and veil.

Your bridesmaids can be comfortable yet stylish in a spring-ready jumpsuit with 40 swatches and 5 fun patterns.

Not to leave out the bride’s mother, the Doris dress is the perfect calf-length dress; it gives me 60s vibes.

26. Sparkly Sims 4 Bridemaid Shoes by Madlen

diamond embellished heels

While your sims brides can totally wear these sparkly heels, they are perfect for a bridal party wearing shorter dresses.

These pointed-toe stiletto heels are all covered in shiny embellished stones and come in 7 fabulous colors to match almost every outfit.

27. Sims 4 Wedding CC Dresses by Zeussim

3 brides bearing different styles dresses

This set of wedding dresses comes in 3 different styles.

Your sim bride can opt for a spaghetti strap dress with a bustier style top and loose bottom.

The second dress is strapless and figure-hugging with a mermaid tail.

The final dress has a deep plunging necklace, one-inch straps, and a medium-tight fit.

All three dresses are available in 8 swatches.

28. Provence Wedding Dress Set by Miiko

off shoulder wedding dress modeled in 3 colors

This romantic wedding gown collection comes with 3 delicate off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

Each gown has the same off-the-shoulder straps and bust area, but the skirt portion of the dresses varies.

The dresses have a different level of crinoline puffiness and lace or sparkly embellishments.

You’ll also find a loose hairstyle with angled bangs.

29. Sims 4 Men’s Wedding Suit by Darte77

men's wedding suit in both black and white

This men’s wedding custom content set gives you a couple of suit options for your sim’s wedding day.

You’ll find an open suit that comes in two versions (with or without a boutonnière).

The open suit option comes in 14 swatches.

Your male sims can also choose a more slim-fit suit jacket and trousers, which comes in 14 and 11 swatches, respectively.

30. Cathedral Wedding Veil CC by Atelier Lena

long cathedral laced veil

There’s nothing like a full-length satin edge cathedral veil to elevate a wedding dress.

This beautiful and elegant cathedral veil perfectly complements the dress listed in #5.

31. Sims 4 Mermaid Wedding Dress by oydis

two brides in mermaid tail wedding gowns

This form-fitting mermaid tail dress can be worn by your sims bride or to a black-tie event.

The dress comes in 21 colors and 4 flavors;

  • Plain
  • Lace
  • Embroidery
  • Pearls

The embroidery version in the image above has to be my favorite dress flavor.

32. Sims 4 Wedding Veils CC by MelonSloth

bride wearing medium length wedding veil

Because you can never have enough options, we’ve included this set of 3 wedding veils.

You’ll find a shoulder-length, waist-length, and cathedral veil.

And remember to download the necessary mesh too.

33. Laced Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC by SLYD

laced wedding down

This dress is another one of my favorite custom-content wedding cc pieces.

This stunning dress comes with full-length laced sleeves, a silk medium-volume skirt, and a stylish golden-leaf metal belt.

34. Sims 4 Wedding Buffet by Ravasheen

reception buffet cc

Weddings and food are synonymous, or at least in my book, they are.

These buffet inserts can be set up on any wedding venue countertop.

You can opt for the single or double insert types and serve your guests between;

  • Appetizers
  • Dinner
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • vegetarian
  • Dessert and more

35. I Do Wedding Pose Pack by SimmErika

couple posing for wedding posepack

This pack is the ultimate collection of sims 4 wedding poses.

There is a huge collection of available wedding poses, including the ceremony, the happy couple together, the groom, the bride, and more.

There are 103 individual poses, so you will definitely find something interesting.

36. Sleek Sims 4 Wedding Dress by Madlen

spaghetti strap satin wedding dress

This sleek and elegant wedding dress is ideal for the bride looking to shine but without all the fuss.

This silk-looking dress comes with spaghetti straps, a touch of cleavage, and a loose yet form-fitting skirt.

37. Sims 4 Wedding Arches by Ravasheen

outdoor wedding setup with arch

If your sims have an outdoor wedding ceremony, they will need this set of 7 arches.

Browse through the color and design options to build the outdoor ceremony of your dreams.

38. Winter Wonder Wedding CC Set by Zeussim

sims 4 bride wearing winter wedding dress

Have your sims opted for a wedding during the winter season?

This four-piece wedding cc set includes a wedding gown, a veil, shoes, and a shoulder stole/shrug.

You’ll find the stole in the bracelet category and the veil under hats.

39. Boho Wedding Venue by Syboulette

boho wedding set

Still, looking for the perfect wedding venue?

Enjoy this stunning boho wedding venue with a functional kitchen, a bridal suite, a dance floor, a ceremony area, and more.

40. Divine Wedding Dress Set by Madlen

three brides in mermaid style dresses

If you’re a fan of mermaid tail wedding dresses, this cc set is definitely intended for you.

These gorgeous figure-hugging wedding dresses come in 3 designs so you can find the perfect fit for your bride.

The first dress has beautiful leaf-shaped lace details on the chest area, sleeves, and parts of the back.

The second and third dresses have the same design, except one version has a puff and flounce sleeve concept.

Since these come in 8 swatches, they are not limited to only bridal events.

41. Love That Journey For Us by Jolibean X AnotherPlumbob

bride dressed in a layered wedding dress

I’ve always been a fan of packs that let me assemble a stylish head-to-toe look with one easy zip file.

The layered high-low wedding dress design is cute and flirty, especially when paired with the bow-detail veil.

Finish off the look with sparkly floral jewelry and strappy heels (with or without pearl details).

42. Divine Veil Set by Madlen

female sims modeling the front and back of veils

This veil set comes with two designs in different lengths, allowing your sims to wear their hair down or in a beautiful updo hairstyle.

Each veil has pearl details and a fine satin finish along the edges.

You can choose between each veil’s S or L sizes to find the perfect fit for your sim’s hairdo.

43. Waistcoat Suit Full Set by Atelier Lena

male waistcost suit

This waistcoat suit set is ideal for spring or summer weddings when it can be a little too hot for a suit jacket.

You can go for the entire look or choose which of the pieces you need, including some great necktie swatches. 

44. Bridal 48 Wedding Dress by Mable Store

female sim in a figure hugging wedding dress

This bridal gown is one of my new favorites; it looks incredible and will give your Sims curves for days. 

The dress blends different fabrics, from the embellishments on the bust to the satin down the front and the textured skirt. 

45. Pearl Back Hair Piece by Atelier Lena

sim modeling a veil with pearl details

Add pearly details to complete your bride’s outfit on their special day.

The pearls will be mainly in the center of your sims’ head with a couple of pearls on the side. 

These peals will greatly compliment veils, depending on the chosen style. 

46. Midnight Scent CC Collection by Belaloallure

3 different sleeveless wedding dresses

I can’t quite believe the creator claims wedding dresses are not their strongest forte because this collection is absolutely stunning.

This set of dresses delivers three beautiful looks; each will turn heads during your sims’ wedding day.

I picture my bride in either the mermaid tail corseted dress or the low-back, lace bodice dress for the ceremony.

Are you looking for something less formal? Why not style your bride in the mini lace wedding dress?

Complete the look with a lace-like pattern headpiece.  

47. Sparkle Wedding Nails by Atelier Lena

bridal rhinestone embelished nails

A wedding day look is not complete without all the finishing touches for the bride, including her hair, shoes, and, of course, nails.

These nails will add the right amount of glam and rhinestones for a perfect bridal look. 

48. Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses by Lazy_Eyelids

two female sims dressed in sleek wedding dresses

There’s something about wedding dresses with sleeves that add a little mystery to a wedding dress look.

Whether you prefer an A-line style gown or a bodice fit, you have two sparkly dress options. 

49. Poppy Wedding Dress Set by Zeussim

five female in different color and design gowns

This dress set is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, especially the flower dress design.

The set includes dresses for both female and masculine frames and a jumpsuit for the latter. 

The dress with the floral bodice is definitely unique, but if you prefer, you can add a lace bralette to change up the look. 

50. Oihana Floral Wedding Dress by Laupipi

female sims wearing strapless dresses with flower details

With its small floral details throughout, this strapless wedding dress is another excellent option for the warmer seasons.

The dress will look amazing with an updo hairstyle; it fits like a glove and comes in four swatches. 

51. Wedding Dress Collection by Blue Craving

five brides in different dress designs

As I repeatedly say, I love options, and this collection comes with 5 different wedding dress designs.

Your bride can opt for a daring look with the semi-sheer lace gown. 

Perhaps a strapless bodice, a dress with spaghetti straps or sleeves is more the look they want.

52. Dana Flower Heels Set by Atelier Lena

wedding shoes with front flower on display

While these shoes have a floral decor at the top, they still remind me of the classic satin Manolo Blahnik buckle pumps.

High-heeled satin pumps are a beautiful shoe option for weddings and can easily be worn with dresses of different lengths. 

53. Summer Wedding Dress Collection by Aeyliia

five female sims in wedding dresses

With summer in full bloom, this wedding dress collection offers five beautiful gowns for a summer ceremony.

The dresses differ in styles, including A-line, ball gown, and mermaid-tails.

The sleeve designs include;

  • Cap sleeves
  • Long billow sleeves
  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Sleeveless-halter neck

54. Alsine Bohemian Wedding Dress by DanSimsFantasy

sims wearing a bohemian style wedding dress

This wedding dress is ideal for any of your Sims who love a bohemian clothing style.

The dress comes with a high-low style at the front, while the back shows off a stunning long wedding train.

55. Skin Tight Bridal Dress 09 by Mably Store

female sim wearing a glistening skin tight wedding dress

When it comes to figure-hugging wedding dresses, Mably Store is your go-to for high-quality, skin-tight designs.

This glistening wedding dress will be the talk of the reception, with its sparkle and peek-a-boo design.

56. Dorothy Dia Dress CC by Atelier Lena

This halter-neck dress design is the perfect balance between elegant and sexy.

Your wedding dress will hug your sim’s figure in all the right places, and the mermaid tail adds beautiful volume to the dress.

57. Alheli Ethereal Bridal Dress by DanSimsFantasy

sim wearing a off the sleeve wedding dress

When I look at this wedding dress, I picture it in a forest wedding venue; it has a fairy, almost ethereal look.

The sleeves fall just off the shoulder, the dress cinches at the waist, and then gains a little volume towards the bottom.

Final Thoughts On Sims 4 Wedding CC

We hope you found some beautiful sims 4 wedding cc to create a magical wedding day.

Custom content and mods really go a long way in adding to the sims 4.

Have your sims try different gowns and suits until they find the perfect fit.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and pin this collection for later!

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