19+ Sims 4 Horse Ranch Builds (Chestnut Ridge)

Is your sim household looking to move to Chestnut Ridge?

These sims 4 horse ranch builds will make the perfect homes or community establishment to visit.

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack is the game’s 14th installment of the popular series.

The pack introduces horses to the game and the new world of Chestnut Ridge.

sims 4 horse ranch builds collage

Adding a new companion for your sim household is all good, but their horses will need a place to stay.

Finding the ideal property for your sim family and ranch animals is just the start of this newest horse ranch adventure.

And if you don’t like the EP homes, below you’ll find the newest sims 4 horse ranch builds to hit the community.

Oh and if you need more objects and other cc for your ranch, you can check out our post on Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Builds

Looking through our list of sims 4 ranch houses, you’ll find a home for every size or budget.

There are also a few community lots to place around Chestnut Ridge.

The best part is that, for most builds, all you need are the Base Game and the Horse Ranch EP to work.

So, let’s go check them out. Giddy up!

1. Sims 4 Horse Ranch Builds by PixelooSims

large ranch house lot with guest house

This ranch house was initially made for Brindleton Bay but would be perfect for Chestnut Ridge.

It’s a beautiful three bedrooms and three bathrooms ranch house with a huge backyard.

The backyard has a fenced section for your sims 4 horses to gallop around.

It also has two other buildings, where one building would act as a stable.

The smallest building is currently empty and could serve as a guest house.

It could also be a workshop or where your sims store all their ranch gear and supplies.

Lot size requirement: 64 x 64

2. Sims 4 Chestnut Ridge House by CubzikBuilds

brown stone ranch house

This sims 4 horse ranch house is a small and cozy home that can accommodate a family of four.

It’s a two-bed and one-bath home with a big yard and a barn for your horses.

This ranch house build is beautifully decorated with rustic charm and made without custom content.

The right balance of shrubs and trees on the outside adds to the house’s charm.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

3. Sims 4 Horse Ranch Build by RachelPedd

huge ranch home with stable on front

For larger sims households, the house on this sims 4 ranch build is big enough for families of up to six sims.

This four-bed, three-bath family ranch has two floors with all the bedrooms on the second story.

The main floor is well divided, leaving more than enough room for your sims to grow for years to come.

On the outside, a stable in the front yard can house two horses.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

4. Modest Ranch Build by WandyWard

sims 4 ranch house

This Chestnut Ridge house is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch home ideal for a three-person household.

The interior decoration is well-made and fits in perfectly with the sims 4 horse ranch theme.

Outside, the lot has a good-sized barn for your sim horses at the back.

On its side, the ranch house has a place for a garden, and it also has a cute chicken coop.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

5. Sims 4 Horse Ranch Farmhouse by LolliSimsi

white and brown two story ranch house

This gorgeous home is worth a look if you want sims 4 horse ranch houses with two stories.

Although it’s a one-bedroom, one-bath house, the rooms are big enough to make it a spacious home for a sim couple.

The interior decoration is very modern-looking but also horse ranch-themed.

It’s a high-end ranch house for sims that have contemporary tastes.

The backyard has a sizeable stable to house multiple animals.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

6. Sims 4 Horse Ranch Saloon by Life is Sim

small two-story tavern

This horse ranch build is for a saloon to add to Chestnut Ridge; the community lot has two floors.

You’ll find a bar with a few tables and a washroom on the first floor.

There are more tables on the second story, with a dart board, tv, and couch.

You’ll also find another table on the second floor’s front porch.

Let’s not forget that it’s not a saloon without the classic swinging doors which this fine establishment has.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

7. Tiny Horse Ranch Starter Home by Kelly

old dilapidated ranch house with clutter

This starter ranch house is ideal for a sim family on a very tight budget.

It’s a small ranch-style house needing alo of love, attention, and a fresh coat of paint.

The house fits on a tiny lot and has a small barn and a water tower.

There is a bunch of stuff lying everywhere and dead trees on the land.

Amazingly, this tiny horse ranch build has two bedrooms and one bath.

The second bedroom has an open-concept design because it’s literally missing an outside wall.

Exceptionally, everything looks good, considering its dilapidated state.

A visit to Build Mode will help fix these little details in a flash.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

8. Sims 4 Ranch Cottage Build by PikaSims

yellow ranch house with shutters

For the best result, this build requires the installation of some custom content.

If you have a new sim couple in the area, they’ll enjoy this cute ranch starter house.

This horse ranch cottage has one bedroom and one bath and comes completely unfurnished.

It has one small kitchen, dining, and living room area.

On the outside, there’s an animal pen that would be too small for a horse, but it would be ideal for your mini goats or mini sheep.

It’s also a good house option for The Sims 4: Cottage Living players.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

9. Old Ranch House for Sims 4 by Etozheden

large dark colored ranch house

This ranch lot includes a few sims 4 horse ranch builds.

The builds include a large house, a stable that’s almost as large as the house, and a greenhouse at the back.

The ranch is a two-story four-bed, three-bath family home that comes fully furnished.

There’s one bedroom and bathroom located on the main while the rest is on the upper level.

As for the stable, there’s enough room for a couple of horses, and it’s fenced so they can stretch their legs.

Lot size requirement: 50 x 40

10. Rocailleux Sims 4 Ranch House by Rope’s Workshop

stone horse ranch house with green roof

Chestnut Ridge has plenty of beautiful ranch houses, and this building is no exception.

It’s a single-story two-bed, one-bath home perfect for a small sim household of three.

Outside, there’s a decent-sized stable with a horse care section for your animal.

And, for a nice BBQ, your sims can enjoy a meal on a stone-tiled patio floor and outdoor kitchen.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

11. Sims 4 Ranch Barn House by Peacemaker_IC

small red barn rental house

This build is a clever concept for sims 4 horse ranch houses; it converts a barn into a ranch house.

The barn house home features two bedrooms and two baths.

Both bedrooms and a bath are located on the second floor.

The main floor has an open-concept design with a kitchen, dining, living areas, and a second bath.

On the outside, the ranch home features a cute pergola on the right side of the house.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

12. Horse Ranch Restaurant by LolliSimsi

cozy ranch house with garden

Are you browsing for sims 4 horse ranch houses for your community lots?

This building is a charming restaurant and winery that would fit in nicely in Chestnut Ridge.

There are two buildings located on this horse ranch lot.

The first one is the restaurant, and the second house is your sims’ residential home.

The restaurant has a lovely terrace with some tables for the guests.

On the inside, there are a couple more tables in the dining area.

There’s also an entertainment room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

As for the home, it’s a cozy one-bedroom, one-bath ranch house.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

13. Old Lil’ Ranch Builds by LovelyBuilds

white fenced ranch house lot with barn

For the best result, this build requires the installation of some custom content.

Thehorse ranch buil is everything your sims would need in a ranch.

It has a large and fully decorated two-story barn that can have up to three horses.

You’ll find an animal pen in a small building with a chicken coop inside between the barn and the house.

As for the house itself, it’s an adorable home with two floors and a beautiful, light-colored cottagecore interior design.

It has three bedrooms and one bath, which can suit any household with up to four sims.

If you’re interested, the creator has included all the custom content used in this horse ranch build.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

14. Sims 4 Horse Ranch House by JuliaFilms

white two story ranch house

If you’re looking for sims 4 horse ranch builds that would fit on a small lot, this house is definitely worth considering.

It’s a gorgeously decorated three-bed, two-bath ranch build with a spacious suite on the second floor.

As for your horse’s living situation, there’s a small stable attached to the side of the house.

This house manages to have everything in a small square footage of land without sacrificing comfort or space.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

15. Palomino Ranch Build in Sims 4 by RCSimblr

sims 4 horse ranch house with green hedge

This build uses items from different expansion packs.

This home should make the list when browsing for larger sims 4 horse ranch builds.

It’s a three-bedroom, two-bath home, but you could easily convert one spare room into an extra bedroom if you have a big household.

All the areas in this house are spacious, and we can say the same for the horses’ fantastic training ground at the back.

The stable can shelter up to three horses, and is attached to the training ground.

Lot size requirement: 50 x 50

16. Small Ranch House by RachelPedd

sims 4 ranch house with horse and stable

When moving to Chesnut Ridge, your sims would love to live in this small but gorgeous home.

The sims 4 ranch house is ideal for a sim couple with it’s one bedroom and one bath.

As for the interior design, it’s beautifully decorated with a country-living style.

Just outside to the right, there’s a cute little stable that’s perfect in size for your even cuter horse.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

17. Sims 4 Ranch Farmhouse by LolliSimsi

cozy two story ranch house

In this adorable ranch farmhouse, there are two bedrooms and one bath.

The interior walls and furniture are mostly dark colored, while the flooring is light.

There’s a greenhouse attached to the back of the house, and outside next to it, there’s a larger fenced in courtyard.

You’ll find a large stable almost as large as the house at the back of the lot.

The roomy stable can hold two horses, each with their own stall.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

18. Biscuit’s Bastion Ranch House Build by Peacemaker_IC

large modern ranch house

This ranch house build is a beautiful and contemporary home for Chestnut Ridge.

The large sims 4 horse ranch house has three bedrooms and three baths.

All bedrooms are located on the second floor, which leaves the main floor with larger living spaces.

On the front side of the house, there’s a three-part stable for your splendid horses.

The house’s front facade looks fantastic with its beams and large windows.

A definite win for curb appeal.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

19. Restaurant Build for Sims 4 Horse Ranch by Rheya28

large modern ranch-style restaurant

You can add this ranch-style restaurant on another community lot.

The large dining area has several tables with chairs upholstered in cowhide or, rather, cowplant hide 😉 .

The dark-colored stone walls and wooden beams look add a great rustic ranch charm.

There’s a gorgeous bar outside on the terrace, and not far from that is a beautiful fire pit with cut logs as seats.

The restrooms are on the second floor, above the horse ranch restaurant’s modern kitchen.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

20. Sims 4 Horse Riding School by Peacemaker_IC

white colored equestrian training ground

You can add this cute horse riding school build to Chestnut Ridge for your little sims.

The building in this community lot has two floors with a classroom on the second story.

On the outside are three enclosures for horses and a training ground to teach your young sims to ride.

For more sims 4 horse ranch houses, there’s a lot more on the creator’s page.

So, be sure to check them out.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Builds: Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our list of sims 4 horse builds and that you’ve found your sims next potential home.

Whether they move to a cheap house in need of repairs or have the budget for a huge ranch lot, it doesn’t matter.

Regardless of your household’s budget, your sims will love living in Chestnut Ridge with their new animal companions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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19+ Sims 4 Horse Ranch Builds (Chestnut Ridge)

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