25+ Sims 4 Beach Houses: A Tropical Paradise

Check out these sims 4 beach houses for the perfect tropical retreat.

Are your sims looking for a new summer home?

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At some point in life, people think about leaving the suburbs and the city to live somewhere remote or with hotter temperatures.

Just like in the real world, your sims may also want to live in their own tropical paradise.

In the Island Living expansion pack, you can move your household to somewhere where the weather is sunny and hot.

But the choice of homes in the world of Sulani is limited to five inhabited homes and two empty lots.

If none of these places inspire you as your sims’ next home, custom beach houses are available that better match what you’re looking for.

Paradisiacal Sims 4 Beach Houses

With this list, you’ll find your sims’ next vacation home in no time.

There’s a beach home for every household size, budget, and taste. It’s just a matter of narrowing it down to one.

1. Beachfront House for Sims 4 by PlumbobKingdom

seaside two building home

This lovely beach house is a two-story home that comes fully furnished with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The home was built on piers and divided into two buildings, half on land and half on the water, joined by a glass hallway.

The included rattan furniture adds to the tropical feel of the home.

Let’s not forget the epic glass-floored patio deck, where your sims can relax on the water.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

2. Aquarium Rental Home by SIMSBYLINEA

secluded beach side home

This beach house is a two-story home with one bedroom and two bathrooms, the bedrooms being on the second floor.

The house features an extended, rounded patio that leads into the water.

A full-height aquarium is behind the dining room area leading to the upstairs bedroom.

The home comes fully furnished with contemporary-style furniture.

All the required custom content pieces are linked on the Recommended tab on the download page below.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

3. Nassau Bay Beach House by Xogerardine

beachside house on piers

This small beach home is another fully furnished two-story building.

The property has one bedroom and one bathroom, both located on the second floor.

The house is surrounded by a porch that leads to a lovely patio area at the back.

This simple design has the feel of a traditional home with beachfront touches and is ideal for a small household of one or two.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

4. Valtameri Modern Beach Home by Philo

modern house by water

This large, exquisite house is a two-story home with four bedrooms and three baths.

This contemporary-style home with full-height windows is the ideal size for a household of five or six.

If you want a fully furnished house, grab the recommended cc; otherwise, a couple of rooms will be empty.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

5. Cozy Beach House for Sims 4 by Flubs79

brown beach side house with large patio

This beach home serves up Mediterranean feels with its tiled roof and patios, French shutters, pergolas, and climbing wall plants.

The property is a one-bedroom, two-bath house that comes fully furnished throughout its two stories.

The creator has many of the game’s packs, so you may be missing a few items based on the ones you don’t have.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

6. Small Summer Beach Cottage by Lhonna

blue house by beach

This lovely cottage is a furnished two-story home with one bedroom and two baths.

The blue beach house has two ground-floor terraces and a balcony on the second floor.

I especially love the stone detailing on the fireplace (both indoors and outdoors).

The house is surrounded by plenty of trees and plants, boosting its curb appeal.

The home’s interior has cottage-style decor and furniture pieces.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

7. Paradisiac Beach Mansion by PlumbobKingdom

large beachside mansion with pool

This majestic beach mansion looks like a fancy beach resort but is spaciously spread across two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Inside, the home has an almost retro feel with its furniture pieces and appliances.

In the outdoors, there’s a vast wooden deck with a swimming pool in the middle and plant boxes containing palm trees.

If your sims have deep pockets, then this summer beach home is perfect for them.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

8. Sulani Seaweed Beach House by SimZmora

modern white tropical house

This small, modern-looking beach home has one bedroom and one bathroom and is decorated with an under-the-sea theme.

If your sims love sea life, the indoor decoration is filled with shells, starfish, and coral-shaped items.

The creator uses multiple packs for this build which you will find listed in the Notes tab.

You will also want to grab the required CC items linked on the Recommended tab on TSR.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

9. Imah Steria Beachfront House by Sedricia

large brown tropical home on piers

This large and beautiful resort-like house has one bedroom and two bathrooms.

The house is built on piers, and its deck extends to the water. It has plenty of full-height and shutter-style windows.

The home is decorated with gorgeous contemporary furniture and has an outdoor bar on the second floor.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

10. Secret Holiday Escape Plot by Moniamay72

small beachside home with gazebo

For the perfect beach summer home, your sims can get this tiny house.

It has one bedroom and one bath and is the ideal size for a sim couple.

The tiny brick house has shutter windows and a cute outdoor bar under a gazebo with beautiful nighttime lighting items.

Don’t forget to grab the recommended custom content linked on the creator’s page.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

11. Mediterranean Beach House by Symphony Sims

modern white house with pergolas

This sims 4 beach build was inspired by Greek architecture; it has two bedrooms and three baths.

The house’s exterior is just as pretty as its interior, with the white walls, pergolas, patio sets, and swimming pool.

The interior is chic, with lovely furniture in beige and brown color palettes and wooden touches.

Lot size requirement: 50 x 40

12. Wild Tamarind Rental Home by Xogerardine

small colorful beachside homes

This lot is an interesting concept; it includes four colored houses, each with a specific room.

One building has a dining room and kitchen, while another has a living area instead.

The last two buildings each have a bedroom and a bathroom.

So, when you combine all four tiny houses, they make a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

13. Base Game Beach House Build by Pralinesims

bright white house on piers

This sims 4 beach house is a fully furnished one-story, one-bedroom, one-bath home.

The house is set on dry land and high piers, and its interior is decorated in a Nautica style with white and blue swatches.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

14. Seaside Retreat Beach Home by PlumbobKingdom

beach side home on piers

This magnificent beach home is a three-bed and two-bath house built on piers in the water.

The large outdoor deck has a pool, an integrated seating area, and a glass-floored deck. And the fantastic second-story slide that leads into the water looks so fun.

The interior has wood-paneled walls and wood-colored furniture. The furniture and color palette used give off a 70s vibe to this beach home.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

15. Sulani Beach House by Sharon337

pier house on blue water beach

If you’re looking for beach houses for big households, this one can accommodate a family of six or seven sims.

This lovely two-story family beach house is a large four-bedroom, three-bathroom home.

The on-water home has all the main areas and the master bedroom is the “ground” floor, while the remaining bedrooms are on the second floor.

Outside, a large deck surrounds most of the house and goes down one level to the water line where your sims can enjoy their summer lounge chairs.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

16. Maurea Beachfront Build for Sims 4 by Mini Simmer

cozy two building home by beach

This cozy little beach house is a one-bed, one-bath home separated into two buildings.

In the side building, you get the bedroom, which has a room on the second floor that could be modified into another bedroom.

In the house, you get all the main rooms and a bathroom. Outside, there’s a deck that extends to the water with a round-shaped patio.

The house is also surrounded by lush plants, which help bring some contrast and extra color to the building.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

17. SeaCoast Beach House by SimZmora

sea coast home with boat dock

This charming, fully furnished beach house has two floors, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

The interior design combines Nautica and under-the-sea styles, making it a classic beachfront gateway.

The beach home has a large deck outside where your sims can sit back and enjoy the waves.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

18. Ocean Breeze Seaside Home by MychQQQ

tropical house surrounded by palm trees

If you want a sims 4 beach house for smaller households, this cozy one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit will do the trick.

The interior design is focused on coastal furniture, which looks great with its baby blue color palette.

The outside has a large deck that includes a jacuzzi tub.

Lot size requirement: 50 x 50

19. Sims 4 Tiny Topical Home by RachelPedd

small house with greenhouse by beach

This tiny little beach house has two buildings: the main house and a small greenhouse.

The main house is a one-story home with one bedroom and one bathroom.

The living space is very limited, so the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all combined in a tiny room.

As for the greenhouse, it is purely decorative, but it brings alot of charm to the lot.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

20. Marelina Sims 4 Beach House by Marychabb

white house with palm trees

This Mediterranean-looking two-story house has two bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The interior decoration has a luxurious feel, with the contemporary-styled furniture and the white and brown color palettes.

The outside looks like a fancy resort, with its inviting deck, patio set, and lounge chairs.

So, if your sims want a beautiful, modern summer house, this one is the way to go.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 30

21. Beach Apartment Building by PlumbobKingdom

apartment building by beach

If you’re looking for a sims 4 beach house that can accommodate multiple households, this one is for you.

This three-story house is split into two side-by-side apartments. The first unit has two stories, while the second has three.

The first unit has one bedroom and one bath, while the other has three bedrooms and one bath.

Both places come fully furnished with wood-colored furnishing and half-wall panels.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

22. Ellesmer Beach Property by Xogerardine

blue tropical house surrounded by plants

This cozy little beach house is a one-bedroom and two-bath home perfect for a sim couple.

It’s a cute little beach house I’d love to go away to on the weekends and enjoy a swim.

The interior design pops with its light wood color, blue tiling, and curtains. The home also includes contemporary furniture.

The outside is beautifully decorated with plants and flowers and a cute firepit at the back.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

23. Naxos Beach House for Sims 4 by Evi

greek architectural home by water

If you love Greek architecture, you’ll love this cute two-bedroom, one-bathroom home.

The building has the classic white walls, verandas, and classic blue dome rooftops, with a deck that extends to the water.

This sims 4 beach house has two floors, one bedroom, and two bathrooms and comes fully decorated with contemporary and cottage-style furniture.

Lot size requirement: 50 x 50

24. Sandy Lighthouse Beach Build by SimZmora

lighthouse house by water

This build is an interesting concept that converts an old lighthouse into a beach home.

The home has two floors, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The interior decor is a mix of tropical and contemporary.

The lighthouse part of the house has four floors; the first part is used as a garden area, while the other three are used as painting studios.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

25. Sulani Beach Houses by TheLazyKiwiYT

tropical large brown home on piers

This beach house has two buildings: the main house and a smaller unit.

The smaller unit has one bedroom and one bath, and the main house has two floors with three bedrooms and two baths.

The interior design has a tropical vibe, with rattan furniture, tropical art, and wallpaper, which works perfectly.

At the back of the beach house, there’s an extended deck with a dining area under a gazebo and a lounge area where your sims can relax.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

26. Sapphire Shores Villa by Dvrthmol

large two building beach side villa

You may be missing items if you don’t have the Snowy EscapeIsland Living, and My Wedding Stories packs.

This beach house is a four-bedroom, three-bath divided into two round-shaped buildings.

The bigger building has two floors, and a living and dining area is on the second floor.

Lot size requirement: 50 x 50

Sims 4 Beach Houses: Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve liked our list of beach houses and saved a few in your collection.

This list has many great-looking beach homes, whether you want something modern, Mediterranean, or with a classic tropical vibe.

Since these beach builds mostly come all furnished, the hardest part is picking the right house for your sim’s household.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to please share this pin and save it for later!

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