23+ Sims 4 University Mods: A Better Way Of Learning

Make the most of your sims’ best years with the help of Sims 4 University mods.

University is one of the most important parts of people’s lives because it shapes them for the real world.

The virtual world is no different for our sims; they can strive to become a better version of themselves.

Using sims 4 Discover University mods can be beneficial for your sims in numerous ways.

They’ll help expand their horizon and make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

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Sims 4 University Mods

Our curriculum of sims 4 university mods will help improve your young sims’ learning experience.

They’ll provide everything from new degrees, traits, and challenges to fun things like picking their own roommates.

1. University Aspiration Pack by PimpMySims4

aspiration tasks for campus crush

To give your sims some challenges during their semester, add these sims 4 university mods to your game.

These mods will create new aspirations that your sims can complete for rewards.

The university aspiration pack contains seven challenges:

  • Party School
  • Campus Crush
  • Balanced Life
  • Part-Time Student
  • Part-Time Parent
  • Campus Crook

Completing any of these aspirations will award your sims a trait that will grant certain perks.

For example, completing the Campus Crook aspiration will give you the Professional Slacker trait.

With this trait, your sims will not fear being fired or demoted in their career.

2. Faster Term Paper Mod by Ilkavelle

sim in front of presentation board

This university mod changes the speed at which your sims do their academic work.

So, when your sims are writing their term papers or prepping for a presentation, the work will get done twice as fast.

This small mod will help you save time and allow your sims to do other things like part-time work or partying.

3. Jump To University Mod by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

jump to university opportunity

If your sims household has teens that are straight-A students, this sims 4 university mod will help them enroll early.

This mod relies solely on chance.

So, even if your teen sims do great in school, the opportunity may or may not show itself.

The chances are significantly increased if your teen sims have the Genius trait.

When the option pops up, you decide whether or not your sims quit high school and go to university.

If you decline the offer, your sims will continue their high school journey and apply to university later in life.

Accepting the proposal will send an application letter, and your sims will have to wait one day to get a response.

4. University Application Overhaul by A.Deep.Indigo

pie menu of university application process

These sims 4 university mods revamp the process of your sims applying to a university.

Adding a few extra steps to enrolling into an educational institution makes to whole experience more realistic.

You’ll find the new interactions in the University pie menu on a computer.

Your sims can now take a tour of either or both the Britechester and Foxbury schools.

There are a few requirements to fulfill before getting the chance to apply:

  • Starting the application process
  • Getting two letters of recommendation from a teacher and counselor
  • Getting high school transcripts
  • Writing an essay
  • Do interviews
  • Reviewing the application before submission

Only when everything is done can your sims apply to the university.

5. University Life Aspiration Mod by Simularity

university life trait description in cas

This sims 4 university mod gives your sims a list of goals to complete to ultimately win a reward.

The aspiration challenge will take time and follow them throughout their educational journey.

This mod should be used before your sims start the application process.

The challenge begins with your sims applying for a scholarship, enrolling in a university, etc.

You’ll claim your reward only when your sims graduate from university.

The prize is the Fond Memories trait.

This trait will grant different positive moodlets when your sims remember the good times at university.

6. University for Genius Teens by Ilkavelle

sim girl standing next to book sculpture

These two sims 4 university mods allow teen sims to enroll in higher education at a younger age.

The first one requires your teen sims to have the Genius personality trait attributed to them.

So, sims can apply at any time during their high school years and get accepted immediately.

The second mod grants the same privilege to Genius teen sims and grade A students.

Your sims won’t need that specific trait to access these institutions.

Finishing primary school with a grade A or reaching that grade during high school will allow your sims to apply.

7. University Scholarship Programs by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

presentation of sim scholarship

This sims 4 university mod is a nice compliment to the previous one.

If you know The Big Bang Theory, you know that Sheldon Cooper achieved greatness at a young age.

The mod set up three scholarship programs named after the popular sitcom character.

It’ll allow geniuses or grade-A students to be awarded scholarships covering the tuition fees for these young sims.

A third scholarship is awarded to teen sims attending a special evening class.

8. Higher Capacity Roommates Mod by SimmyTime

view sorority homes second story

In the Discover University EP, sims get to choose their living situation.

The maximum number of roommates by default is 10, among several other university housing restrictions.

The mod doubles that number to 20 based on the number of beds available.

There are four sims 4 university mods, and you only get to install one:

  • Higher roommate capacity (HRC)
  • HRC while preventing sims from decorating their rooms without consent
  • HRC and prevents sims from tagging along as you go to community lots
  • An all-in-one solution containing the previous perks

9. Choose Your Roommate by LittleMsSam

sim waving at others in living room

Increasing the number of roommates is all fun and games.

Although, deciding who gets to live with your sims would be even better.

The solution is this handy mod that’ll let you hand-pick your favorite sims.

Now, your sims can share a room with their bestie, a friend, or that sim that lives around the block.

The only restriction is that you can’t pick any of your other households’ sims.

Check out the download page’s step-by-step guide to learn more about how the mod works.

10. Sims 4 School Newspaper Activity by Ilkavelle

office with sims at computer desks

This mod allows your sims to add an extracurricular activity to their schedules.

This mod works for child sims, teens, and university students.

Your university students can pick between being a school photographer or a journalist.

There are different levels to these activities; each level has its own goals to achieve in order to level up to the next.

When your sims reach the top level, they can start an internship and earn a few simoleons.

The sims 4 university mod is base game friendly, so you don’t need the expansion pack to use it.

11. University Traits Pack by PimpMySims4

collage sims 4 university traits

These sims 4 university mods will get you additional traits to assign to your sims.

There are a total of five university-related traits to pick from:

  • Coffee Addict
  • Sorority Girl
  • Frat Boy
  • Cognitive Impaired
  • Studious

Each one of these traits comes with its own perks, like the Studious trait will learn some skills faster than normal.

Note that the Sorority Girl or Frat Boy traits are not gender-restricted, so either gender can have them.

12. Sims 4 Custom Degrees by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

big golden book sculpture

When the time comes for your sims to pick their degree, they have to choose between 13 of them.

With the help of this sims 4 university mod, your sims can get an extra 15 custom degrees to consider.

Among these degrees, your sims can now choose to major in:

  • Archaeology
  • Health
  • Social Justice
  • Criminology
  • And many more

Make sure to read the mods’ description because there are several university mod files to install.

You can use either EA’s standard settings or the creator’s for the Majors and Course Data aspects.

As an added challenge, the creator also offers an optional mod.

The Required Degree for Promotion mod is self-explanatory and adds realism to your sims’ career.

13. University Electives Mod for Sims 4 by Andirz

two sims studying at dining room table

This university mod adds up to 33 new elective classes that your sims can enroll in at any of the two universities.

The new content depends on which expansion packs or stuff packs are installed on your device.

Having the Sims 4: Snowy Escape EP installed will unlock an optional class that will develop your sims’ Skiing skill.

This electives mod is also compatible with popular mods like the Custom Degrees mod.

Taking these custom elective courses counts as credit and helps your sims earn their degree.

It’s an excellent way for your sims’ to add new skills to their portfolio.

14. University Homework Mod by Simularity

girl sim writing in notebook

In the Sims 4 game, based on your sims’ persona, they usually leave stuff lying around like food, dishes, and books.

This tuning mod tweaks the game so your sim students automatically put their books away.

So each time they finish working, they’ll put their homework back in inventory.

This way, there’s no risk of them losing their homework or having messy books lying everywhere.

15. University Level Jump Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

sims in courtyard with lawyer job description

Usually, when pursuing a career, your sims start at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

These starter jobs get your sims a minimum wage and take some time and effort to move up that ladder.

With this sims 4 university mod, your sims with degrees can skip ahead and obtain higher-ranking careers.

16. Sims 4 University Rejection Letter by Ilkavelle

sims universities with big rejection sign

In the Discover University EP, when sims apply to a university, they always get accepted regardless of their grades.

Although they might not get the distinguished degree acceptance they wanted, they still get in regardless.

For a touch of realism, this university mod will allow sims to be rejected by an institution.

Based on your sims’ traits or grades, they significantly influence whether your sims get accepted or not.

Your sims have better chances of being accepted if they have traits like Genius or Overachiever.

On the other hand, sims with a trait like Lazy will have a better chance of rejection.

But don’t worry; rejected sims can still reapply after a certain amount of time.

17. University Costs More by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

stack of money leading to diploma

These sims 4 university mods tweak the prices for main and elective courses.

They both come in separate files, so you can install one or the two files if you want.

Note: In any case, make sure to grab the Fix file as well.

Before, every class would cost 240 simoleons.

The prices have now been hiked and are now in the four digits for more realistic pricing.

The fee for each class will vary; for example, cooking classes will cost more than artistic courses.

18. Roommate Chores for Sims 4 by LittleMsSam

chores banner with sim and task board

Are your sims tired of having messy roommates?

With the help of this mod, you can make a cleaning schedule and post it on a board.

You can assign which sims do cleaning and which day and time they do it.

This sims 4 university mod can also be used on children through The Sims 4: Parenthood game pack.

If the pack is installed, you can post the schedule on the Parenthood Bulletin Board through an added function.

Otherwise, you can post it on the university’s board.

19. No Homework Mod for Sims 4 by Nova JY

three books aligned on table

No one likes to study all day and then come home to a pile of homework.

The No Homework To Do mod will automatically check off that task from your sims To-Do list.

There are two versions of sims 4 university mods.

You decide if you want the mod to apply exclusively to university or be included in the base game.

That second option will allow kids that attend school to benefit from a homework-free life.

20. Extended University Study Time by Somik & Severinka

collage academic sim classes

Does your sims’ daytime work schedule affect their studies?

The game is set to have your sims go to university on weekdays starting at 8:00 AM.

This mod shifts the scheduled class start time to 6:30 PM on weekdays and 1:00 PM on weekends.

As a result, your sims can benefit from a more flexible schedule to accommodate a job too.

21. Sims 4 Shorter University by Peridot Sims

sim working at computer desk

Check out these sims 4 university mods if you want your sims to graduate quickly or earn multiple degrees.

Pick and install one of four files to decide how many credits are required to graduate.

Usually, it takes 12 credits to earn a degree, but with this mod, you get to choose between 4, 6, 8, or 10 credits.

It’s a great way to save time if you’re not planning on spending too much time at university.

22. Required Degree for Promotions by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

sims 4 technician career progress

When pursuing a career, people move up in the business world by getting promoted by putting in the hard work.

Eventually, they may reach an impasse because they need a degree in higher education.

With this sims 4 university mod, sims that progress through their career path will eventually get roadblocked.

Sims must now complete an extra task and get the appropriate degree to get promoted.

This mod adds more challenge to the game and a dose of realism for our sims.

23. Early Re-Application to University by Ilkavelle

pie menu for university interactions

This university mod is for sims that didn’t get the degree they wanted or got rejected using the mod listed in #16.

The standard waiting time is 7 days before your sims can reapply.

This mod removes the waiting time so they can reapply when they get their rejection letter.

If you rely on chance instead of skills or grades, try your luck again and save some time with this helpful mod.

24. Faster Run To Class in Sims 4 by LittleMsSam

random small mod banner with sim and lightbulb

Do your sims take forever to get to a class and sometimes arrive late?

With the help of this mod, it gives your sims a little boost to get their caboose into class faster.

You’ll see on the download page that this mod is bundled with many other mods.

There are a few sims 4 university mods, but look for the file named:


25. SimU Online Degrees by Midnitetech

list of simU online perks for sims

If your sims want a university degree without setting foot inside the building, they can acquire it online.

Your sims will do their online registration and have access to various perks, such as:

  • Custom buffs
  • Career boosts
  • Access to study groups
  • Unlimited online study time
  • Access to a student chatroom
  • And more

The chatroom is also available to students registered with UBrite or Foxbury University.

The study groups help boost your sims’ degree progress and social skills while making friends in the process.

University Mods: Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found a few sims 4 university mods that have sparked your interest.

Not only can they help make quick work of your sims’ academic tasks, but they also make some parts more realistic.

The Discover University expansion pack is fun to play as it is.

Adding mods to the game only gives it extra credit. Pun intended.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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