10+ Sims 4 Map Replacements: Eras, Fantasy, HQ & More

Change up your world selection screen with these cool sims 4 map replacements.

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The beauty of the game is that you can customize almost everything.

From your sims and their home to the game’s colors and lighting, there’s almost nothing you can’t change.

You can modify your loading screen but also change the world’s maps.

Changing the maps will only affect their appearances and doesn’t affect the actual worlds themselves.

Once you place the files in your mods folder, you are ready to go.

Keep in mind that you can only have one replacement map per world at a time.

Creative Sims 4 Map Replacements

Our selection of Sims 4 map replacements will change your game’s world maps in many ways.

From more details to setting them in different eras in time, your maps will no longer look the same.

Happy browsing.

1. Willow Creek Medieval Map by MissChipsa

medieval map willow creek

Do you like historical eras like the medieval times?

If so, you can get this map replacement for your Willow Creek.

On the map, you’ll get stone-paved roads, ancient sailing ships, some farms, and more.

Unless you’ve changed the buildings for that era, they will look the same as usual, but on this world map.

If you’re trying to recreate life in the Middle Ages, this mod is a great addition to have when visiting other lots.

2. Sims 4 Enhanced World Maps by SimMattically

quality comparison sims 4 map

These maps override the current world maps and give them a high-quality treatment.

This mod includes all the maps up to Tomarang from the Sims 4: Rent expansion pack.

You’ll find all the same maps but with a sharper image.

3. Dark StrangerVille Fanart Map by DerShayan

dark strangerville map with pink cloud

This map mod requires the Sims 4: StrangerVille game pack to work.

This mod is terrific if you want to give a dark twist to your StrangerVille map.

It brings supernatural vibes with the storm cloud surrounding the secret lab and the eerie building blocks throughout the town.

One thing is for sure: it puts the Strange in StrangeVille.

4. Snowy Newcrest Map Mod by MissChipsa

snowy landscape of newcrest

These sims 4 map replacements are for two different Newcrest worlds with a medieval theme, both with and without snow.

Usually, the map has minimal details with all its vacant lots.

Now, you get beautifully drawn scenery with abundant trees and stone roads, surrounded by houses and farms.

This map really feels like it’s from another time. And if you like winter, you can have the same map, but covered in snow.

5. Oasis Springs Map Override by Menaceman44

map oasis springs with greenry

This map mod is a simple override of the base game’s Oasis Springs.

When comparing the game’s map to the mod’s one, the only difference is that it adds some green color to the landscape.

I find that it better represents the actual in-game landscape.

There’s grass on most of these lots instead of the drylands we see on EA’s map.

6. Pink Maps Override Replacement Mod by BeeLux

pink colored willow creek

If you’re a fan of the color pink, you’ll love these sims 4 map replacements.

All of your favorite worlds will have a cute pink-colored theme.

These overrides change all the game’s worlds up to Widenburg from the Sims 4: Get Together EP.

7. Fantasy Granite Falls Map Replacement by MissChipsa

fantasy world of granite falls

This map mod requires you to have the Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat game pack.

If you find that EA’s Granite Falls looks a bit bare, this map mod will add many details.

The mod will give the map more realistic-looking trees, water banks, and mountainsides.

Let’s not forget the addition of fantasy elements, such as:

  • Dragon Statue
  • Majestic Castle
  • Glowing water pond
  • Spooky tree
  • And more

8. Fanart Map Mods for Sims 4 by DerShayan

sims in front of maps

In this collection, you’ll find 17 fan-made replacement maps for:

  • Base Game (Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest)
  • Granite Falls
  • Magnolia Promenade
  • Windenburg
  • San Myshuno
  • Forgotten Hollow
  • Brindleton Bay
  • Del Sol Valley
  • Selvadorada
  • StrangerVille
  • Sulani
  • Glimmerbrook
  • Britechester
  • Evergreen Harbor
  • Mt. Komorebi

These world maps are beautifully hand-drawn and add more details to the somewhat blank canvases.

If you have any of these worlds, aside from the base game’s ones, they’re definitely worth grabbing.

9. Map Replacements Overhaul by 20th Century Plumbob

collage of sims maps

This collection of map overhauls is among the most popular used by many creators.

These sims 4 map replacements get rid of the classic cartoony look and add a bunch of detailed elements, such as:

  • Trees
  • Terrain
  • Better Lighting
  • And much more

On the creator’s page, all the mods are listed by worlds.

So, grab and install the ones you need based on your expansion and game packs.

10. Historical Map Replacement by MissChipsa

ancient egypt themed oasis springs map

If you want more sims 4 map replacements from a different time period, this one will take you to the Middle Ages.

This map override replaces your game’s Oasis Springs, filling the map with gorgeous elements.

Mountains, stone buildings, temples, rocky roads, and a port will surround the world’s lots.

With the added details, the map looks way better than it was, making you want to travel in between lots more often.

11. Tomarang Map Replacement by 20th Century Plumbob

two map views of tomarang

This For Rent mod is the way to go if you want a more accurate map of the Tomarang world.

This mod replaces the default map in the game with one that is more interesting and detailed.

You’ll get a more realistic map with all the details you see in-game, the builds and greenery, instead of the simplistic and cartoony version.

Sims 4 Map Replacements Recap

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of sims 4 map replacements and picked out a few maps to upgrade your world screen.

Whether you’ve been playing the base game or one of EA’s additional packs, there’s a map replacement waiting to be grabbed.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick because they don’t affect your sims’ worlds.

So, you can get higher quality maps for a sharper picture or a map from a different time. It’s all up to you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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9+ Sims 4 Map Replacements: Eras, Fantasy, HQ & More

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