19+ Sims 4 Pajamas CC: Cozy Sleepwear Options

Let your sims slip into bed with comfortable sleepwear with this Sims 4 Pajamas CC collection.

sims 4 pajamas cc collage

When it comes to comfortable clothing options for your sims to wear around the house or bed, what’s comfier than cozy pajamas?

In the real world, some people wear pajamas whenever they are at home, and some even wear pajama bottoms in public (no judgment) 😉 .

Whether your sims prefer long-sleeved and full-length pajama bottoms or a loose nightgown, custom content pieces are available.

Your sims can easily change their sleepwear depending on their mood and the season, so snap up some different styles.

Happy browsing!

Comfy Sims 4 Pajamas CC

Below, we’ve included a mix of sleepwear styles, from two-piece pajamas, cozy knits, bodysuits and nightgowns.

And remember to grab some comfortable slippers to complete this nighttime look.

1. Cherry Daisy Pajama Set by FangChuti

sims modeling patterned pajamas

Who said pajamas have to be plain and simple?

These cherry and daisie pajamas are anything but boring and could pass for a colorful outfit if your sims are brave enough.

The set includes the pajama bottoms, the top, and a colorful cardigan.

You can choose the checkered pants or the solid swatches if you prefer the cardigan to be the focal point.

There are 35 colorful swatches to enjoy.

2. Sunday Sleepwear CC by Nolan-Sims

sim sitting in 2-piece sleewear

I love an excellent rib-knit set to lounge around the house, and this sleepwear set brings comfort to your sim’s sleep time.

This two-piece set includes the cozy knit top and the shorts, which are biker-shorts length.

There are 3 swatches in the Thrifty Finds palette, including some warmer tones.

3. Lovely Ruffle Pajama Set by Rimings

sleepwear with polar bears

Whether you prefer a night dress or classic long-sleeved pajamas, this frilly pajama set has both.

From polar bears, cherries, and furry foxes, there are some fun swatches to choose from, and my favorite is the Sailor Moon-themed design.

4. Full Body Basic Sleepwear CC by McLayneSims

male sims in fullbody sleepwear

We can all do with a classic pair of pajamas for our nighttime routine, and this cozy pair is perfect for your male sims.

There are 25 swatches for all tastes, including solids, some striped options, plaids, a checkered design, Mickey Mouse, stars, and polka dots.

5. Kokoro Bodysuit Nightwear by Saruin

female sims wearing jumpsuit sleepwear

Bodysuits are great nightclothes and perfect for lounging around while reading a good book.

The design on this bodysuit is similar to a camisole paired with boy shorts.

Your sims can sport a solid color, ombré, animal prints, or cute flower designs.

6. India PJ Set for Sims 4 by Solistair

sims wearing two-piece pajamas

These soft cotton blend tops and shorts are staple pajama pieces for those who prefer to sleep in something simple and comfortable.

And, as one simmer commented, this pajama set can also make a great athletic outfit, so they are versatile.

There are 20 solid color options for each custom content piece.

7. Infant & Toddler Banana Pajama Set by Rivalmoonlight

infant and toddlers dressed in banana pajamas

Get your little one bananas for their sleepwear with this banana-themed sims 4 pajamas cc set.

The set includes pajama options for infants and toddlers, including long and short-sleeved onesies for the infants.

Your infants can also wear onesies with pants, and your toddlers can model their new banana tops and pajama pants.

8. Pleasant Dreams PJ Pants by Black Lily

mixed pajama pants

These drawstring pj pants are not too loose and pair great with a cozy sweatshirt, camisole, or casual crop top for warmer weather.

You can choose classic stripes or plaid swatches or decide on fun fruity designs, zebra prints, or polka dots.

9. Sims 4 Pajamas CC Recolors by Merulaverse

female sims in mixed pajamas

This sims 4 pajamas cc recolors set has 20 swatches for both designs.

The first two-piece pajama is a classic design with a long-sleeved top and small button details paired with pj pants.

The second option comes with pajama pants and a short-tied robe with a sleep top peeking through the top.

10. Plaid PJ Bottoms CC by CreamLatteDream

male sims wearing plaid pajama bottoms

If your male sims prefer to sleep in only pajama bottoms, these plaid pj bottoms are ideal.

Plaid is a classic for pajamas, and this set comes with 28 swatches to find the perfect color combo.

11. Peach Pocket Pajama & Hat by Rimings

female sims in pajamas with peaches

This adorable sims 4 pajama cc looks like the coziest and softest sleepwear for your sims.

These pajamas look like stretchy cardigans and sweatpants and have some sweet peach details on the cardigan pockets.

You can also complete this outfit with a Christmas-like hat with a pompom.

12. CxS Love Myself Sleepwear Set by Caio X Serenity

female sims modeling sleepwear and lingerie

If your sims like variety and switching up their sleepwear, this sims 4 pajamas cc collection comes with 7 pieces to change things up.

The set includes the following sleepwear;

  • Long sleeve jumpsuit
  • A short & long sleeve pajama tops
  • Shorts & pajama pants
  • Silky robe & lace nightie
  • A heart choker necklace

13. Slumber Party Pajamas Pack by Marsmerizingsims

sims dressed in mixed sleepwear

Do your sims love slumber parties?

This sims 4 pajama cc set comes with 8 pieces to dress your sims for their upcoming sleepover.

The pack includes adult and kids bunny sweaters with floppy ears and hoodies with dinosaur spikes down the hat and back.

You will also find pajama trousers and adorable bunny slippers.

14. Mom & Infant Pajamas by Boschiana CC

female sims and infant in sleepwear

Let mommy and baby be a matching pair with this set of pajamas for your female sims and infants.

The pajama set has a long-sleeve top and bottom adorned with a sweet design: rainbowsice creamlemonscats, or grapes.

There are 10 swatches in total.

15. Dreamy Duo Pajama Set by CreamLatteDream

sims wearing pajamas with clouds

These pajama sets are on the busier side and come in a mix of creative swatches.

Your sims can dress up in a cloudy dream, dinosaurs, heart designs, sheep, or ducks, and there are some abstract options, too.

Mix and match the tops and bottoms if you feel extra creative.

16. Kalsie Sleepwear Sweater CC by Dissia

sims wearing striped sleepwear sweaters

This long-sleeved striped pajama sweater looks soft and cozy, perfect for a night’s sleep.

There are 13 light pastel swatches, and you can find the matching pajama shorts here to complete the outfit.

17. Fruit Pajamas Set by CreamLatteDream

sims modeling fruit design pajamas

Get your fruit on with this adorable set of fruity pajamas.

I love coconuts and watermelon, so I was happy to see both fruits included as swatches.

The female pajama tops are tied at the front, making them slightly cropped, and the male version is a regular round-neck shirt.

18. Vintage Dreams Nightgowns by Madlen

female, toddler and child in vintage nightgowns

I love vintage pieces in real life, and this frilly nightgown for my sims is definitely a new favorite.

The nightgown comes with mid-length puff sleeves and a bid-like collar with embroidery, which is also on the hem.

This design is available for adults, children, and toddlers and comes with 6 solid swatches (3 light, 3 dark).

19. Summer Sims 4 Pajamas CC by Rimings

female sims wearing summer sleepwear

Who doesn’t love teddy bears and frilly details?

This sims 4 pajama cc set comes with 2 sleepwear options for the summer months.

The first design comes with knee-length capri pants and a top with cute frilly details and is covered in sweet teddy bears.

The second pair of pajamas are a checkered, frilly camisole and shorts.

Both pajamas come with a matching ribbon hairband and a variety of swatches.

20. Female Swan PJ Set by Busra-TR

female sim wearing a swan design pajamas

This swan pajama set is absolutely adorable; plus, the swans appear royal, too 😉 .

The set includes a spaghetti strap camisole and a long pair of pajama bottoms.

There are 10 swatches available, and the links for both the top and bottoms are on the Tumblr page linked below.

Sims 4 Pajamas CC Recap

After a long, busy day, your sims’ can finally relax before bed in any of these sims 4 pajamas cc sets.

We hope you found some new favorites; I can’t wait to try those coconut and teddy bear pajamas.

You can never have enough cozy options, so the more choices, the better.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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