35+ Sims 4 Loading Screens: Enjoy The Wait

Are you looking to change up the game’s loading screen with something new?

You can quickly freshen up your game with custom loading screens.

With all the mods and custom content available, you can easily modify many aspects of the game.

You can upgrade some of the in-game’s functionalities and visuals to improve your gaming experience further.

But what if you want to change other stuff, like the game’s plain loading screen?

Luckily, there are mods for that too. Let’s take a look!

sims 4 loading screens collage

Selection of Sims 4 Loading Screens

I’ve put together a list of beautiful landscapes and designs that can be used to replace the game’s regular blue screen.

Installing one of these loading screens allows you to enjoy a nice change of scenery while waiting to play.

Make sure you only have one file in your mods folder at a time.

1. Cloudy 2 Loading Screens by StarrySimsie

view of street with trees and plumbob

This set has seven options to replace the blue screen with beautiful scenic pictures.

These images are anime-inspired and include the following:

  • The small town road pictured above
  • A couple of forest images full of greenery
  • A couple of valley pictures with a nice blue sky
  • Two moonlight sky picture options

If you’re into anime, you’ll enjoy the art style of these sims 4 loading screens.

2. Mountain Screen Background by Cassie1900

mystical landscape with mountain view

This beautiful mod brings a colorful valley showing a mountain on the horizon.

You’ll love the vivid colors of the blues and pinks while having a balance of pastel colors at the back.

It’s one of my favorite loading screens; it just seems to brighten up the screen.

3. Winter In Glimmerbrook Loading Screens by CloverCollector

snowy white landscape with bridge

If you want to set a more seasonal picture, you can pick this loading screen mod for the winter season.

There are six winter wonderland pictures that you can choose from.

The images are set in the woods on a snowy day. Each winter option is beautiful, bright, and white.

They’re a go-to for anyone who loves the winter season.

4. Keeper Cottage Loading Screen by Ghostly

green house surrounded by nature

For a stunning picture of a small remote house in the woods, this Henford-on-Bagley-style loading screen is for you.

The variety of greens in this picture goes well with the spinning Plumbob in the middle.

If your sims have adopted a cottage living lifestyle, or you enjoy Elven sims, this loading screen will fit right in.

5. Abstract Load Screen by Ceceswepe

loading screen with colored wavy lines

This mod is a vibrant step up from EA’s standard option, providing an interesting abstract-looking screen.

The colorful blue and pink wavy line pattern reminds me of the popular 70s retro swirl twirl spiral designs.

6. Loading Screens for Sims 4 by Lin’ & Sims

girl in flower field at sunrise

This set has four background options for your next loading screen.

You get to choose between:

  • Sunrise in a flower field
  • Dark starlight sky in the tropics
  • Woods during the fall season
  • Cloudy nights sky

Pick the screen that fits you the most.

7. Abstract Art Loading Screens by StarrySimsie

collage abstract pastel backgrounds

This collection of loading screens is split into 3 different groups;

  • Hand-Drawn Abstract Screens
  • In-Game Landscapes
  • Hand-Drawn Colour Waves

I especially love the abstract options with their shapes, lines, and leaf blends.

The link below leads to the abstract loading screens, but the other two parts of the set are linked on the same page.

8. Pink Loading Background by Pikasims

collage pink backgrounds and yellow plumbobs

If you are a fan of the color pink, this set of four tones is for you.

Pick between bubblegum, blush, strawberry ice cream, or salmon pink colors.

They are basic solid color loading screens, but they can still be a refreshing change.

9. In The Garden Loading Screens by CloverCollector

collage remote house with pond

Are you looking for sims 4 loading screens that blend well with your sims cottage lifestyle?

This set of four cottage-inspired pictures will do the job nicely.

The warm tones of color and the blurred-out background make great pictures to look at while you wait.

10. Anime Art Loading Screen by Cassie1900

swing on a big green tree

Another beautiful picture is this lovely green tree loading screen.

The swing in the tree overlooking the sea is simple at its best.

With its bright colors, it’ll surely brighten up your day while waiting to play your game.

11. Tropical Loading Screens by Katverse

collage tropical landscapes

This loading screen collection has seven pictures inspired by the Sulani world from the Island Living EP.

Bring the tropics to you with one of these splendid in-game-like pictures of the beach, island, lush greenery, waterfalls, or volcano.

If you like the beach umbrella or ball found on the beach screen, the cc file is included on the download page.

12. Rustic Flowers Loading Screen Set by Lady Simmer

flower bucket and lantern with blurry background

Enjoy one of these five flowery pictures as your next loading screen.

This set focuses on a close-up view of the flowers, with some images having a blurred background.

The unique outline of the flowers adds a nice touch to them.

13. Beach Town Loading Background by Ghostly

view buildings by beach

This tropical theme loading screen reminds me of the colorful properties in Nassau, Bahamas.

With the beautiful blue ocean in the background, it’s easy to get swept away (pun intended).

So why not set sail for the tropics while you wait for TS4 to load?

14. Sylvan Glade Loading Screens by CloverCollector

collage sylvan glade landscape photos

Have you unlocked the Sylvan Glade sims 4 location?

If so, you know how pretty this secret location is.

With this custom loading screen mod, you can choose among four pictures of the Sylvan Glade area featuring its distinctive pink-purple trees.

15. Dark Academia Load Screen Mods by StarrySimsie

collage dark forests, library and city street

Check out this Dark Academia-inspired loading screens collection for your Sims 4 game.

Each of these loading backgrounds has dark or sepia colors tones to them.

There are a few nighttime pictures that are lovely to look at.

16. Garden Loading Screen Background by Cassie1900

windy field with greenery and trees

This loading screen is a hand-drawn picture of a windy field with leaves and grass swooshing away.

It has an anime look and feel to it, making this loading screen a great option for anime fans.

17. Street Racing Loading Screens by PryttyPryncess

sporty car in urban city at night

If you like dark city nights, street racing, or fast cars, you’ll enjoy these two custom loading screens.

The first background features a Porsche in a dark city area.

As for the second, it has a cartoony look of drift racing featuring Homer and the Simpson kids.

Being a fan of The Simpsons, this last one is too funny and hard to pass up.

18. Port Town Load Screens by Krysfatale

aerial view of city by water

This set has three pictures offering a bird-eye view of a small port town.

This loading screen mod will also affect the Plumbob design on two of the screen images.

This plumbob change-up makes these loading screens stand out even more.

19. Winter Landscape Loading Screen by Leandraxe

snowy forest landscape during sunset

This loading screen is very cartoony and reminds me of some beloved Disney movies.

It’s a beautiful sunset wintery landscape.

Depending on how you look at it, it almost looks like melting snow, making it an excellent spring-season loading screen.

20. Galaxy Pack Loading Screens by Ceceswepe

loading screen of galaxy

A long time ago, this set of four amazing galaxy backgrounds was in a loading screen far, far away.

These sims 4 loading screens are of starlight galaxies with vivid colors and stars.

These backgrounds are a good choice for any astronomy or sci-fi fans.

21. Loading Screens for Cottage-Living by CloverCollector

collage cottage backgrounds

This mega collection of sims 4 loading screens has everything you need for Cottage-Living inspired screens.

You get an astounding 102 picture options to pick and choose from.

The loading screens are subdivided into three neighborhoods from the Henford-on-Bagley world.

With so many options, the creator has kindly provided a link to preview each image.

22. Pastel Clouds Loading Screen by Plumbaleena

pastel blue and pink sky loading screen

This custom loading screen mod is a great option for a beautiful pastel-colored cloudy sky.

This simple loading screen lets the mix of colors be the entire focus.

23. Moonwood Mill Mountain Loading Screen by Ghostly

view foggy mountainside forest

Does your sim household enjoy the outdoors?

If so, why not replace the game’s default loading screen with this nature-inspired one?

The rocky landscape, trees, and foggy background paint a pretty picture.

This load screen mod is also an excellent option when playing The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat game pack.

24. Henford-on-Bagley Load Screens by Katverse

collage henford bagley landscapes

Do you like the gorgeous landscape of Henford-on-Bagley?

The 12 cottage-inspired loading screens in this pack offer a great variety of pictures.

From large fields with cute cottage houses to a crumbling fortress at night, the hard part is choosing only one.

25. Landscape Loading Screens by PryttyPryncess

flower field with water

This collection of sims 4 loading screens focuses on beautiful landscapes with a hand-drawn effect to them.

Whether you enjoy a flowery field with mountains in the background or lakeside scenery, there are 4 aesthetic loading screens to enjoy.

26. Tomarang Loading Screen Set by Glowytrait

four Tomarang loading screens

Snap up this beautiful set of Tomarang-themed loading screens to enhance your game’s waiting time.

If you enjoy the stunning scenery in the new expansion pack, these loading screens will definitely be some of your new favorites.

These screens are a keeper with their stunning blue waters, vivid plant life, and Southeast Asian elements.

27. For Rent Loading Screens Set by Krysfatale

four Tomarang city and waterside loading screens

Do you want more Tomarang loading screen options?

With this mod, you can select from four more beautiful Tomarang loading screens, including:

  • A view of the town throughout the day
  • A view of Tomarang from the waterside
  • Two images of the town taken at night

28. Horse Ranch Loading Screens by Krysfatale

collage of 3 horse ranch themed screens

If you’ve enjoy the Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack, these loading screens are for you.

This set includes three backgrounds of the deserty world of Chestnut Ridge.

You can choose between a beautiful landscape view or a few in-town ones. All three designs come in warm color tones.

29. Oasis Springs Load Screens by Coco

road leading to tropical river

This set includes three loading pictures that feature the base game world of Oasis Springs.

You get beautiful shots of the western desert landscape and some greens with a blurred background and the foreground in focus.

If you want the pictured silver-colored plumbob, grab Pinkishwrld’s override, linked on the creator’s page.

30. Summer Loading Screens by StarrySimsie X Lemontrait

collage summery pastel loading screens

This collab collection includes 10 summer-themed loading backgrounds.

In this set, you get vibrant drawings of things like:

  • Lemons
  • The sun
  • Poolside
  • Koi fishes
  • Floral designs
  • Picnic tablecloth patterns

So, if you’re getting ready for summer, grab one of these backgrounds to bring some summertime warmth while you wait.

31. Henford-on-Bagley Loading Mods by Lunamothsims

collage henford on bagley load screens

I love the gorgeous green riverside scenery from the Sims 4: Cottage Living EP.

In this set, you get six loading screens of the rich natural landscape of Henford-on-Bagley.

The backgrounds are so beautiful that it’ll be hard to pick one.

32. Enchanted Forest Loading Screens by Plumlace

forest with giant mushrooms

If you love pink, like me, this set of enchanted forests is for you.

There are three backgrounds: one mushroom forest and two pink-leaved tree forests.

The pink-colored plumbob blends well with the color theme.

33. The Fall Season for Sims 4 by Anna

collage of 4 fall themed loading screens

This set of load screens features the world of Brindleton Bay from Sims 4: Cats & Dogs EP.

There are four landscape pictures set during the Fall season. So, if you like nature and enjoy fall colors, grab this set.

34.  LoFi Load Screen Mod Collection by SubieSims

drawing of indoor japanese homes

This set of loading backgrounds has five drawing pictures of a Japanese home.

These beautiful pictures show the inside of the home with natural lighting in great detail.

The sunset view of Mount Fuji in some of the screens is simply gorgeous with the warm pink color.

To change the plumbob color, use the override mod from creator Pinkishwrld, linked on the download page.

35. Autumn Loading Screens by Marilynjeansims

collage fall themed loading screens

For those who enjoy the Fall season, this set has four warm and colorful loading screens.

The backgrounds are anime-style of indoor and outdoor shots of a sunny autumn day in pretty shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown.

Keeping the green plumbob gives a good contrast and stands out more.

36. Willow Creek Loading Mods by Coco

water stream with stone bridge

This set of three loading screens represents the base game world of Willow Creek.

The stunning pictures are taken by the water, with the frontmost objects in focus while the rest is blurred out.

You can take these kinds of in-game pictures using reshade presets.

Sims 4 Loading Screens: Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed going through this listicle and found a few options for your next loading screen.

You can’t go wrong by switching to a colorful landscape or keeping it simple by changing the color palette.

In any case, it gives you more freedom to customize the game to your liking.

Plus, the best part of using sims 4 loading screens is that you can easily swap out one for another.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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