25+ Remarkable Sims 4 Reshade Presets

Flip the switch on your gameplay with these amazing and vibrant sims 4 reshade presets.

sims 4 reshade collage

Anyone playing sims 4 for a while tends to look for ways to improve and expand their gameplay experience through custom content to mods.

And what’s better than giving your entire game a facelift, so to speak?

Sims 4 reshade presets have the ability to change up the feel and look of your game.

While some reshades are more suited for screenshots, lighter presets can often be used while playing if your PC is up to the task.

So let’s look at how to get started with Reshade for the sims 4.

And if you are thinking of making the switch to GShades, don’t forgot to check out our post linked at the bottom of this list.

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Where to Get ReShade for Sims 4?

You can find the latest version of the ReShade mod on the following link below.

Since not all sims 4 reshade presets work with the same version of ReShade, check out the version listed by the creator on their preset’s page.

Some creators will link to the specific ReShade version you need to get, while others just list it.

If it’s not linked, a quick Google search should do the trick to find it.

How to Install ReShade for Sims 4?

If you are new to Reshade and using presets, you’ll likely want to get more familiar with the process.

Below is an easy step-by-step tutorial on using ReShade by Harrie.

You’ll also find some of Harrie’s sims 4 ReShade presets featured in our list.

And, of course, don’t forget to read each creator’s instructions for their reshade before you try it out.

Favorite Sims 4 Reshade Presets

I’ve gathered this list of sims 4 Reshades that I enjoyed using for my gameplay.

You may discover a few Reshade presets that you’ll want to apply to your game.

This list contains reshahde presets that will either affect the game’s general look or help to take amazing screenshots.

1. Clear Pop Sims 4 Reshade by amoebae

brightly colored neighbourhood

I love Reshades that affect the overall look of the game’s environment and give it a fresh new look.

If you want to enhance the game’s color palette, this preset is what you need.

This Reshade preset lives up to its name because it makes the colors so vivid and colorful; it makes them pop!

The colors look amazing compared to EA’s color palette; it’s a totally new game.

2. Sims 4 Reshade Preset by Malixa

blonde sim girl pink headphones

If you want to add natural lighting and all that comes with it, try this Reshade preset.

The preset lightens the colors, much like how sunlight affects colors in real life.

Like good lighting, this sims 4 reshade has better shadow effects for a more realistic appearance.

When you add the blurred effect for the background, it highlights your sim for better screenshots.

3. Citrus Drops Reshade Presets for Sims 4 by simdle

sim couple embracing by walking path

These sims 4 Reshade presets add warmer tone of colors to your gameplay.

It does that by increasing the hue toward yellow, mimicking the lighting a sunset would give.

There are two Reshade versions, both of which have the same color tones, but the blurring effect is where they differ.

On version 1, you get a slight background blur, while version 2 is more prominent, which will also slightly blurs your sims.

The creator has included some shaders you will need for these presets.

Make sure to read the details on the page linked below.

4. Eventide Sims 4 Reshade by Palakoslip

before after reshade pictures of windowed house

This preset is much like the previous one in terms of color tone, but it’s different in its own way.

On top of giving a warmer tone to your game’s colors, it also makes the color lighter with reduced shadows.

This will give the surroundings better visibility so that you see more details the shadows would’ve otherwise hidden.

5. Starry Dust Sims 4 Preset by StarrySimsie

sim woman in white dress in flower field

This reshade is a perfect example of balance; a few little tweaks here and there make a world of difference.

You will notice that it lightens the colors and gives the scenery and your sims smoother shadows.

Adding some depth of field, aka blur, blends well with the rest, making this preset a great all-rounder.

6. Ambrosia Preset for Sims 4 by peachyfaerie

birds eye view park in drylands

This reshade is another excellent find that gives the game more vibrant colors.

By increasing the color saturation, everything looks brighter and more vivid.

You won’t want to go back once you compare it to how the game was before this preset and how it becomes afterward.

7. Reshade Preset for Screenshots by ManaWhims

sim woman outdoors during winter season

The Reshade is another perfect example of an all-rounder preset.

You get brighter colors, better-looking shadows, and some depth of field.

You will notice that everything looks more detailed; that’s the magic of sims 4 reshade presets.

This preset makes lovely screenshots, but if the blur is too much for gameplay, toggle it off.

8. Reshade Preset for The Sims 4 by Milkee’s CC

blonde sim in front building by flowers

I absolutely adore this sims 4 reshade preset because of how well it makes the colors appear on the screen.

Everything looks so much clearer and more defined.

It’s the similar to getting the game a free HQ treatment but by using Reshade.

When looking for the file’s link on the creator’s page, it’s not noticeable initially, but you need to click on “dl” at the bottom.

9. Sunset Skies Sims 4 Reshades by Qwerty

before after reshade pictures neighbourhood

With this Reshade file, you get two presets for the price of one.

You get brighter colors overall, making the player’s gameplay experience more appealing.

Version 1 plays a bit with the shadows effect, which looks better for screenshots rather than gameplay.

Version 2 doesn’t have those enhanced shadows, making the game look more natural, which is why it’s better for gameplay.

10. Minty Sims 4 Reshade Preset by Draeyad

green-haired sim with glasses and nose ring

This Reshade pack keeps the original brightness of the game and adds more vibrancy and better shadows to the mix.

So keeping the game’s original color tone while elevating the rest shows just how good the game can be using today’s visuals.

You will notice a subtle DOF blur, which is the right amount without going overboard.

11. Strawberry Sugar Reshade by Lady Simmer

sims girl overlooking pier

If you’re seeing red, your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you; it’s because of this Reshade preset.

This preset gives some elements of the game a reddish tint.

This preset makes it look like a late afternoon, which creates the perfect scenery for good in-game screenshots.

12. Drift Reshade Preset Mod by amoebae

misty mountain region during at nighttime

This sims 4 preset for Reshades is one of my favorites because the results are remarkable.

I love the added fog effect, which makes stunning nighttime shots and even early morning ones.

This preset was primarily made for scenery pictures, which is so true.

My morning shots look so good, but nighttime photos using the night-use bloom shaders are where this preset shines.

There is so much happening in the background regarding Reshade calculation and processing; reading the download instructions is always a must.

The creator says performance may take a hit, but it ran smoothly on my machine and hopefully on yours as well.

13. Reshade Preset for Sims 4 by TheBlondeSimmer

sims woman standing in walk path

This Reshade is the latest we’ve tried and is a great addition to this list.

This preset highlights your sim in a bright, crisp, and beautifully colored way.

The creator recommends you grab her shaders and textures linked on the preset’s page.

As a side note, this Reshade can also be used as a sims 4 GShade, if you ever decide to make the move.

If you are interested in GShades, check out our article’s link at the bottom of this page.

14. Slip Shady Sims 4 Preset by Palakoslip

befor after picture reshade of sim in living area

I love how everything looks with this Reshade preset.

You get the perfect combo of better lighting, which makes the colors look warmer and lighter.

The added shadows and blurred-out depth of field are spot on, with the right amount without overdoing it.

All in all, this sims 4 Reshade preset makes the game’s graphics look much better.

15. Vintage Palms Sims 4 Reshades Preset by Harrie

view of sims 4 jungle reshade split screen

You’ll want to use this preset for some added realism to your sims’ environment.

This preset of Reshades lightens the game’s colors by giving them a more natural tone.

It also makes the game look softer and appear less saturated.

The colors look much more realistic, like a bright and sunny day.

It’s undoubtedly a big improvement over the original game’s darker color palette.

16. October Mist Sims 4 Reshade by simdle

reshade split screen sims woman outdoor evening

This preset of Reshades is quite interesting, and the results are even more so.

It brings much-needed brightness and shadows for a more realistic feel.

While at the same time, it dims down the color hues for darker tones of color.

That DOF effect is always a nice touch to complete the revamp.

To sum up, this reshade brightens stuff all around while deepening other colors, much like the fall season.

17. Lunar Sims 4 Reshade Preset by simancholy

collage before after pictures sims 4 reshade

This preset does wonders for taking screenshots.

For starters, the brightness is reduced, making the colors look a bit shady but warmer and softer at the same time.

We get better-looking shadows for that realistic touch, which works beautifully.

You also get the option for two levels of depth of field.

One version makes the background a bit fuzzy, while the other is more pronounced.

The first is better suited for gameplay, while the second is more for screenshot purposes.

I like that the creator has included in the file an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to install Reshades.

These instructions make things easy when first starting the Reshade journey.

18. Sims 4 Preset for Reshade by amoebae

outdoor picnic spot under shadows

If you love The Sims 4: Cottage Living expansion pack, you will love this Reshade preset.

You can see it as an upgraded version of the Henford-on-Bagley world.

The preset replicates the appearance of that enchanting world but also fixes some lighting issues that people complained about.

It tones down the vibrancy of the colors to make them appear more natural while keeping them beautiful and bright.

This Reshade preset is definitely worth a try.

19. Fade Away Reshade for Sims 4 by Palakoslip

before after reshade pictures of white house

These Reshades will lighten colors, much like how a sunny day would affect surfaces, giving them a more natural appearance.

It will make shadows seem less dark while adding some in places where they were lacking, making textures look less bland.

This Reshade is a fine example of a job well done.

20. The Sims 4 Reshade Preset by peachyfaerie

tattooed redhead sim woman posing

If you want to give your game a wow factor, this Reshade pack will do just that and then some.

It will bring more life to your gameplay with bright colors by enhancing the hues of each color.

This preset looks vibrant when compared to the original game’s color tones.

Ideally created for CAS, this preset can also be used in-game.

21. Hunny Bee 2.0 Reshade by cherry cheeks

young sim girl indoors with coat and hat

This lovely preset gives a warmer tone to colors and gives objects a certain haziness and glow.

It makes incredible screenshots, especially outdoors, where the scenery will look mesmerizing.

As a side note, according to the creator, this Reshade could most likely work as a GShade preset.

Also, grab and install the creator’s recommended shaders to best replicate the results.

22. Reshade Preset for Sims 4 by Miiko

sim woman blurry background outdoors sunset

This reshade preset will give your game’s content a softer, smoother, and warmer color saturation with the perfect touch of sharpness.

Let us talk about that stunning DOF effect and how it makes objects appear as if they are glowing.

This reshade mod helps to make breathtaking in-game pictures.

23. Moods Sims 4 Reshade Presets by amoebae

mountain region in different shade colors

The Moods collection of presets is intended for screenshot purposes based on the player’s mood in color.

With this Reshade, you can set the stage with the color tone of your choosing among 30 different colors.

Whether you want your sim and the world to appear in black and white, red, or even purple, you can.

Every little setting is perfectly tuned to create the best possible pictures for you.

24. Nostalgia Sims 4 Reshade by Palakoslip

before after reshade pictures of modern house

For a softer and warmer tone of color backed by a gorgeous blurred-out background, this preset easily does the job.

The added shadow effect helps to highlight certain details in objects that raise the bar even more.

This sims 4 Reshade is easily one of my faves, and I still use it in my gameplay to this day.

25. Daisies Reshade Preset for Sims 4 by breezytrait

blonde sim woman in blurry field

With the blurred backdrop, heightened brightness, and shadows, this reshade mod has all the right stuff.

When all of these elements are combined, you have the recipe for a nice setup for taking great shots of your sims.

You can also use this preset for gameplay, but be wary of older computers, as it may take a toll if you have a slower PC.

26. Livid Sims 4 Reshade Preset by Charly Pancakes

blurry scenery river rapids

All the little tweaks applied by this preset do wonders and provide more realistic visuals to your game’s world.

It reduces some unnecessary tints but just enough to keep things colorful and well-saturated.

This sims 4 Reshade is ideal for taking screenshots of the landscape, and it amazes me how good my pictures came out.

27. Lightbrigade Sims 4 Reshade by Harrie

view of sims 4 flower garden reshade split screen

If you want to keep things simple and are looking for a Reshade preset that’ll brighten your gameplay, this is the one.

This Reshade mod file will make everything seem livelier with brighter and more flashy colors without being excessive.

The improved colors produced by this preset completely change the game’s vibe, and it’s a must-have for any player.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Reshade Presets

Sims 4 reshade presets are all you need to enhance your visual gaming experience.

With the right preset, you can take epic pics of your sims or their surroundings based on the Reshades you chose.

Let’s not forget gameplay; with Reshades, you can unlock the game’s potential with better-looking visuals.

It’s important to test them out and have fun with them.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us a few comments below or tag us on Tumblr.

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25+ Remarkable Sims 4 Reshade Presets

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