21+ Sims 4 Realistic Mods: Genetics, School, Banking & More

These sims 4 realistic mods are a must-have for anyone wanting to bring the real deal to the game.

sims 4 realistic mods collage

The Sims 4 game is quite the complete experience offering several packs providing new features each time.

But some aspects or mechanics of the game can seem exaggerated or unnatural.

Creators have made mods that tweak some parts of the game to make it more realistic so that your gameplay is more genuine.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite finds!

Sims 4 Realistic Mods

Our list of realistic mods includes a variety of tweaks that will make your gameplay closer to reality.

You can also check our list of must-have mods when you’re done here.

Now, let’s get a good dose of reality for your sims 4 game.

1. Sim National Bank Mod by SimRealist

sims bank sign

In the game, just like in real life, sims need money to eat and live.

Managing money can be tedious to some, which is why banks exist.

This sims 4 realistic mod adds banking to the game, including useful banking features.

Some of these features include:

  • Opening bank accounts
  • Upgrade accounts for better interest rate
  • Sharing accounts
  • Transfer money between sims
  • Estate management
  • Debit cards
  • And more

This banking system acts the same way we manage our money in daily life, making it a great addition of realism to the game.

2. Map Replacements Overhaul by 20th Century Plumbob

collage of sims 4 world maps

Have you ever noticed the game’s world maps look different from the world it represents?

The maps seem bare and empty and look very unnatural.

These sims 4 realistic mods replace the original maps with one that reflects how each world really looks in-game.

The creator has made map replacements for most of the game’s different worlds.

The maps contain more details and decorations, such as trees, grass, etc.

They’re way better than the originals and much more realistic.

3. Realistic Sunburn Mod by Kuttoe

female sim catching a sunburn

This sims 4 realistic mod requires The Sims 4: Island Living expansion pack.

With the help of this mod, the sun’s UV rays are as dangerous in-game as they are in real life.

If your sims stay in the sun too long, they tan or burn.

With the Island Living EP and without the mod, sims can only get tanned or sunburned when sunbathing only.

When using this realistic mod, your sims can tan or burn simply by staying out too long.

There are some exceptions:

  • Mermaids and sims that have the Island trait tan or burn slower
  • Sims burn faster in scorching weather or desert worlds
  • Occult sims with odd skin colors like green or red won’t get tanned or get burned
  • The same applies to robots as well
  • Slow down a tan or sunburn with the new functional sunscreen

4. Realistic University Application by A.Deep.Indigo

sims 4 university application interactions

This sims 4 realistic mod requires The Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack.

When your young sims want to enroll in university, the process is short and too easy.

For a more lifelike experience, this mod adds a few extra steps to the application process.

At first, before deciding which university to pick, your sims can choose to visit one or two schools.

After starting the university application process, your sims will need to meet specific requirements:

  • Acquire two letters of recommendation from a counselor and teacher
  • Get the transcripts from their high school
  • Write an application essay
  • Schedule an admission interview
  • Review their application before sending it
  • Wait for a response back from the faculty

Sure, it adds more things to do to get accepted, but it adds more realism to The Sims 4 game.

5. Invisible Fence 2.0 Mod by Bakie

split image showing visible and invible fence

This sims 4 realistic mod helps your sims follow predetermined paths.

When there’s a walking path on a property, real people usually take it instead of stepping on the flower bed.

Without the mod, your sims would take the shortest route regardless of where it is to get to the house above.

The fix relies on placing the mod’s small brick wall items along the path while in Build mode.

The brick wall will be invisible when switching to Live mode, and your sims won’t walk through it.

6. Real Genetics Mod for Sims 4 by Vicky Sims

sim family with traits window for toddler

Have you ever had a sim family that expanded, and its newest member doesn’t take after either parent?

With some Genetic-related sims 4 realistic mods, your sim couple can pass on store satisfaction rewards following types of traits:

  • Genetic By Personality
  • Genetic Rewards
  • Inherited Rewards
  • Surprising Rewards

The Genetic By Personality grants a 33.3% chance of passing on one of the parents’ personality traits.

The Genetic Rewards grants a Reward Store equivalent to a parent’s personality trait.

For example, if one of the parents has the Adventurous trait, the sim child will get the Brave reward trait.

As for the Inherited Rewards trait, the parents will pass on one of their reward traits.

Lastly, for the Surprising Rewards trait, there’s a low 4% chance the young sim will get a reward trait, regardless of their parents’ ones.

If you want to push the limits of genetics even further, the creator offers other mods you can add to your game on the download page.

7. Realistic No Empty Venues Mod by Weerbesu

sims in a gym setting with climbing walls

When your sims visit public places, you’ll notice they’re almost empty, with only a few sims there.

Only after you’ve arrived that more sims make their way there.

If your sims arrive late in the evening in a nightclub, it seems unlikely that the place is almost empty.

With the help of sims 4 realistic mods like this one, venues will already have more sims when you get there.

For additional realism, this mod follows the base game’s logic, meaning a nightclub won’t have a ton of sims at 8 am.

8. The Roommates Mod by LittleMsSam

two sims sitting on couch playing video games

If you want to add a roommate experience to your gameplay, this mod will help you add one to your household.

With a computer or phone, your sims can contact a Roommate service to welcome a new sim to their home.

The number of roommates you can add goes up to 20, and if you want, you can also add families and not simply individual sims.

Much like in real life, roommates will pay rent and have their own stuff to do, like going to school or work.

But, at the end of each day, they won’t come back until your sims call them to return home.

A way around this is to assign the Roommate Lot trait to your home; that way, your sim’s roommates will return by themselves.

Many more features are included with these sims 4 realistic mods, like added interactions and a dedicated pie menu.

9. Wonderful Whims Mod by TURBODRIVER

list of wonderful whims

Having the Wonderful Whims mod installed adds several real-life aspects to the game:

  • Attractiveness, to define your sims’ taste towards other sims
  • Relationships, to set some rules like allowing open relationships
  • Impressions, to determine how your sims will act with others
  • Menstrual Cycles, to add the joys of that time of the month to your female sims
  • Birth Control, to bring protection to your sims’ woohoo-ing to prevent unexpected pregnancy
  • Woohoo, to add the risk of pregnancy when doing the deed
  • And many more

10. Sims 4 Elementary School Mod by Zerbu

sim kids in classroom

This sims 4 realistic mod requires The Sims 4: High School Years expansion pack.

This school mod uses some aspects of the EP to allow younger sims to attend Elementary School.

Getting the mod to work requires building a School in your area.

Then, you’ll also need to assign the School Lot type on the land it’s built on.

You must install the Venue Changes mod linked on the download page to set that lot type.

Only then can the sim children attend school.

While in school, kids have a different class each day of the week, which some they’ll find fun and other’s boring.

11. All The Romance Mod by KatieMods

two sims kissing

When in pursuit of romance, some of the game’s romance interactions are repetitive and very limited.

These sims 4 realistic mods add a lot of options for interacting with that special someone.

The Romantic pie menu covers every relationship stage, from pick-up lines to getting to know your sims, discussing the relationship, and setting milestones.

But, just like in real life, it also covers the arguing and possible break up.

Some of these interactions may not be available, depending on the relationship level and status between the two sims.

For this mod to work, you’ll need to download additional sims 4 realistic mods provided on the creator’s page.

12. Real Meaningful Stories Mod by Roburky

sim meaningly stories menu

This mod will add more realism to your sims’ daily lives with everyday situations people can relate to, and your sims will behave in similar ways.

It’s a redesign of the game’s moodlet and emotion system.

Sims will behave more naturally when faced with certain situations.

So, when sims go through a breakup, they will be depressed, and it will take time to bounce back to normal.

Without using the mod, sims would be sad for a moment and then forget and move on to a different aspect of their lives.

Getting out of tricky situations will require more effort and sometimes support from other sims.

Overall, this realistic mod is a great way to make your sims look and feel more like real people.

13. Relationship and Pregnancy Overhaul by Lumpinou

list of mods for pregnancy and relationship

This collection of sims 4 realistic mods offers a variety of tweaks to make your sims’ lives more relatable to humans.

Install one or many of the 17 mods included in this pack, but in any case, you must install the Core Library for them to work.

These mods will change many aspects of the game related to pregnancy and romance.

For pregnancy-related mods, you can tweak your sims fertility rate, give your pregnant sims some cravings or mood swings, and many more.

There are many options for relationship mods, like giving your sims a break from each other or providing a fun dating app for your single sims.

14. Towel After Shower Mod by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

female sim in a towel

If one aspect of the game requires more realism, it has to be when a sim takes a shower or bath.

In the game, when your sims finish taking their shower, they swiftly dress up the second they walk out of it.

This mod makes your sims wear a towel, which is more realistic than suddenly being fully clothed.

Your sims will only change into their clothes in front of a mirror or a dresser, which is usually what real people would do.

Depending on the time of day, if your sims take their shower a night, they’ll change into their sleepwear instead of their daytime clothes.

15. Real Wedding Planning Experience by Caradriel

newly wed sim kissing

This realistic gameplay mod revamps the game’s mechanics when it comes time for two sims to tie the knot.

Now, after getting engaged, there are a whole lot of things to do before the big day.

In the My Wedding pie menu, you’ll see three tasks that will need your attention:

  • Legal Documents
  • Wedding Socials
  • Wedding Planner

In Legal Documents, your sims can look up marriage contracts or prenups.

The Wedding Socials are all about talking about the wedding with other sims, like asking for advice or informing them of the wedding date.

For obvious reasons, the best part is the actual planning of the wedding.

Your sims will book a venue, a music band, catering, send invites, etc.

The beauty of these sims 4 realistic mods is that it doesn’t stop on the wedding day.

It also lets your sims get their marriage certificates and plan their honeymoon trip.

With this mod, you get the whole experience which is loads of fun through to the very end.

16. Realistic Mod for Real Estate by SimRealist

real estate sign with sims house in background

Buying a house in the game is quick and easy and can be done through the world map.

With the help of sims 4 realistic mods, buying and selling real estate becomes a bigger deal with its own gameplay mechanic.

The mod will also allow your sims to buy and sell multiple properties, not just for their home but also for investment purposes.

You’ll get a new app on your sims’ phone where you can :

  • Hire a real estate agent
  • Manage your sims’ properties
  • Appraise a home lot
  • Check out the value of appraised homes

Once you’ve hired an agent, you can check out houses and request an appraisal.

After finding a house your sims like, you’ll go through the closing process to purchase the property.

Purchasing a property will allow you to either move into it or set it up as a rental.

The whole process of getting a house got a lot more realistic, complete, and way more fun than it was.

For the mod to work, you’ll need to install the SNBank Bills mod, which is linked on the download page.

17. Spend Weekend With Mod by LittleMsSam

list of sims that can pick up sim kid

Does your sim household need a break from children and want to send them away for the weekend to enjoy some R&R?

With this sims 4 realistic mod, you can send any of your sims away for a certain amount of time—even pets.

This mod would allow sim kids or teens to spend time at their grandparents’ place or a friend’s house.

You’ll use the Spend Weekend With option on your sims phone to send the kids away and bring them back.

While away, your sims’ needs will be cared for, and they may even learn a skill or two.

18. Realistic Friendship Mod by KatieMods

two sims laughing

This mod adds 47 interactions to your sims when chatting with someone.

From the Chat pie menu, four groups divide these interactions:

  • Emotional Support
  • Compliments
  • Chat
  • Vent

Your sims can only get Emotional Support from others when they’re afflicted with a negative moodlet from the base game.

If your sims need to let the steam out, they can choose to Vent with other sims about different topics.

Unlike the Emotional Support interaction, there are no requirements for venting.

Your sims can Chat with others about one of the 21 newly added topics made available to your sims.

The Compliments interaction will grant a moodlet for the sims receiving the compliment.

Using these types of interactions will grant buff and moodlets to sims.

For this mod to work, you’ll need to download additional sims 4 realistic mods provided on the creator’s page.

19. Emotional Socials Mod by Helaene

two sims looking awkward

These sims 4 realistic mods add over 60 social interactions to your sims’ pie menu.

15 categories divide these interactions, which are:

  • Angry
  • Bored
  • Confident
  • Dazed
  • Embarrassed
  • Energetic
  • Flirty
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Inspired
  • Playful
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Stressed
  • Uncomfortable

Each interaction may grant certain buffs or increase skill levels.

Some interactions may require a specific skill level, like Discuss New Recipe Idea would need a Cooking skill of 4.

These flavors can also impact relationship levels positively or negatively.

For example, Discuss Potential New Hobbies will increase your sims’ Friendship bar, but Blame for Problems will do the opposite.

These mods are well-balanced and reflect how people would really feel in everyday life, which adds realism to our gameplay.

20. Realistic Height Mod by Luumia

side by side female sim different height

Depending on their life stage, you may have noticed that sims are usually the same height.

Things could be more realistic, and this mod addresses the height issue.

This sims 4 realistic mod will provide a slider to change your sims’ height.

To change the height, click and hold your mouse cursor in the neck area while in CAS and front view.

While still holding it, you can drag the cursor up or down depending on the desired height.

There are also predefined height settings so that you can choose your sims’ height between:

  • Short
  • Medium Short
  • Medium Tall
  • Tall

21. Mortem for the Sims 4 by SimRealist

female sim on floor with inspector taking notes

In the game, when sims die, they get a visit from the Grim Reaper, and then an urn or gravestone replaces their bodies.

The whole thing is quirky, quick, and unnatural.

This sims 4 realistic mod adds several tasks to pay our respects to the deceased properly and decently.

Following a death, here’s what needs to get done:

  • A sim needs to call in and report the death
  • The body will need to be examined by a medical professional
  • If they wish to, sims will need to plan for funeral arrangements
  • Other sims will stop by and give their condolences
  • If selected, the deceased will have a memorial service
  • The late sim will then be either cremated or buried

Honestly, this process is much more realistic.

No more second wind; death becomes final, and your sim can be properly laid to rest.

22. Let’s Get Fit Mod Pack by Cepzid Creation

two sims working out in gym

If you want to set up a home gym or start one as a new business, this mod is for you.

The mod adds some furniture and functional gym equipment items, like:

  • Barbells
  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbbells
  • Workout bench
  • Stationary bikes
  • Exerto punching bag
  • And much more

Each functional gym equipment comes with its own animation.

Sims 4 Realistic Mods: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by going through this list, you have found a few realistic mods to add to your mods folder.

These mods are a great way to make the game closer to reality than it was before.

Some make the most sense, like playing with genetics to make a sim couple’s baby have similar traits.

Other mods, like wedding or funeral planning, require more tasks to accomplish, which reflects the actual work behind those events.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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