27+ Sims 4 Plant CC: Potted, Hanging, Ivy & More

Use our collection of sims 4 plant cc to add some greenery to your sims’ interior design.

sims 4 plants cc collage

When decorating our sims’ home, we select stylish furniture and apply the finishing touches with little trinkets and accessories.

But one area of decor that is frequently overlooked is plants.

Plants bring life into your sims’ home and even add curb appeal to the house’s landscape.

Sometimes, these plants bring contrast to rooms that lack colors and make them pop.

The best thing about sims 4 plant cc is that it comes in various plant species and sizes, blending easily into your sims’ home decor.

Decorative Sims 4 Plants CC

Various plant-themed interior and outdoor décor items are included in the list below for your sims’ homes.

The plants will come potted to place around their home or come loose to be planted on your sims’ land.

It’s time to get your green thumb and grab some plants.

Plus, you can pair your new plants with our collection of Sims 4 Garden CC to create the perfect home for your sims.

1. Natural Plants Pack III by SIMcredible

variety different plants and containers

This collection of sims 4 plants cc has a good variety that comes in different shapes and sizes.

There are 12 plants to pick from, which are:

  • Fern Plant
  • Single Leaf Plant
  • Dried Pampas Grass
  • Hanging String Plant
  • Large Floor Tropical Planter
  • Large Floor Aloe Planter
  • Small and Medium Wall Terrarium
  • And more

The terrariums stand out to me because they are original, look great, and will brighten up any wall.

2. Urban Jungle Plants by The Kalino

few hanging or floor plants

This set offers different plant species, mainly placed in hanging pots, which are a great idea because they don’t take up any shelf space.

Among the types of plants, you get some classic household plants like ferns, spider plants, ivy, and other interesting-looking plants.

3. Medium Green Plant for Sims 4 by Syboubou

medium sized plant in large raised pot

This medium-sized plant is ideal if you’re looking for a plant big enough to occupy some floor space.

The medium size hits the sweet spot between a tall, large plant that takes up too much room and a smaller one that doesn’t add enough greenary.

The 4-legged pot is available in other colors to match your sims’ home better.

4. Planter’s Amalgam of Betrayal by Sixam

three plants on floor by window

This small set is for four kinds of plants that come in different sizes.

You get a large monstera plant that comes with a four-legged pot stand.

There’s also a medium-sized tropical plant that has its own pot stand.

For smaller plant options, there’s a snake plant in an octagon pot or a small plant in a wooden toolbox container.

5. Pair O’ Normal Plants by Awingedllama

small plants around the kitchen

This set has a few options if you are more into hanging or trailing plants.

These lovely plants are small and can easily be placed around the house.

This set has short and medium-length hanging plants, ivies, and a trailing Bohemian plant.

6. Harvestable Lime Tree by Balkanika

lime plant

This lime tree is for you if you want a plant that provides your sims with fruit they can collect.

This sims 4 plant cc is for a functional Lime Tree plant that you can water and harvest its fruit.

You can harvest the lime plant daily, giving you eight limes at a time, but make sure you water it first.

The limes collected can be eaten and used as a cooking ingredient.

The item is meant to be placed indoors, so the kitchen is the perfect area for convenience.

7. Sims 4 Emblema Planter Items by SIMcredible

plant strips in long planter

For a modern-style plant, this custom content is for a long planter box with grass.

You can choose between four color boxes, but the grass color remains the same.

This planter will look its best when placed on a long shelf or table as a centerpiece.

While there’s nothing special about indoor grass, it looks great in a modern-style home.

8. Nelle Mango Plant by Nynaeve Design

mango plant with vase options

This beautiful mango plant comes in two versions, and you can use it with or without a pot.

This larger plant will take up some space in your sim’s home, but it will look good in any room that needs a touch of green.

There are ten swatches to change the plant’s leaf color, going from the classic green to a pretty purple.

The set also includes a ribbed pot that’s available in 15 swatches.

9. Sims 4 Lucky Bamboo Plant by Lapanemona

small bamboo plant

The little item is a gorgeously styled bamboo plant in a charming square pot.

Since bamboo most commonly grows in Southeast Asia, this plant would be an ideal decor piece inside your new Tomarang builds.

You can get the item in one of four colors.

10. Snugnook Plant CC by ArwenKaboom

wall mounted plant

If you’re looking for a plant that looks different from the classic pot or vase, this wall mount is just the thing.

You get a hexagon-shaped box in which a hanging plant drops like water pouring out of a glass.

Since you can place the plant anywhere on the wall, it’ll easily fit wherever you want in your sims’ home.

11. Makena Sims 4 Palm Plants by Soloriya

palm plants in different colored pots

This set is for a palm tree plant that’s small enough to be placed indoors.

There are six choices of colors for the plant’s pot.

If your sims live in a tropical setting like Sulani, it’s like bringing the outside trees indoors.

Otherwise, you can introduce a tropical flare into your sims’ home.

12. Cowplant Duo for Sims 4 by Zx_Ta

two cowplants in small pot

If you like having cowplants but they are too big to bring indoors, this smaller version is what you need.

This sims 4 plant cc is for two potted mini cowplants, available in three colors.

The plant is harmless, purely decorative, and utterly adorable, unlike the regular-sized cowplant.

13. Keep Life Simple Outdoor Grass by SIMcredible

grass in large planter

This plant cc is similar to the one listed at #7 but is more prominent in size.

Like the smaller version, these large planter boxes contain grass but are available in three colors.

These large items are meant to be placed on the floor, inside or out.

If your sims have a property that doesn’t have a lawn, this decoration can be a viable replacement.

14. Calathea Orbifolia Plant CC by The Kalino

large leafed plant in raised pot

This large plant is ideal for any contemporary home.

The plant has big leaves and is placed inside a four-legged metal pot, available in multiple colors.

If you have room for a large plant, this would go well in an office, a living room, or any other large space.

15. Vinea Ivy Plant CC for Sims 4 by Syboubou

climbing plants on house

Do you want to decorate the outside of your sims’ home with climbing plants?

If so, these plants will give the building a classic, aged look, adding charm to your sims’ home.

This set has plenty of large wall pieces to help cover up any of the house’s outside walls.

There are corner pieces, plants for around the windows, and other cluster pieces to fill some empty spaces.

16. Clary Dracaena Plant by Nynaeve Design

collage plant and pot options

If you like Dracaena plants, this set is offered in two styles and sizes in eight colors.

The large, beautiful plant would go well in any home, especially contemporary ones.

You can also get plant pots in two styles and 20 colors.

17. Fancy Pots Fancy Plants! by Sixam

different plants in long white pot

This small collection contains five plant varieties for different home decor styles for your sims.

In this set, you get plants that are either:

  • Dry
  • Big-leaved
  • Colored
  • Or Flowery

Every plant has a matching white ribbed vase in the proper size.

18. Plain Plants & Tiled Decors by Aira

different sized plants

This set of four decorative plants has the perfect-sized item for your sims’ home.

There’s a big potted plant, a medium-sized snake plant, and a small potted plant with flowers.

If you want something smaller, you can opt for the tiny plant inside a tiled container.

Each of these plant cc has three color swatches.

19. Superpowered Calla Lilies by Oydis

lillies near tiny water pond

Calla lilies are such beautiful flowers, and they are now available as a cluster or in a vase.

You can use the Lilly cluster outside in your sims’ flower bed or by a pond.

But you can also bring this sims 4 plant cc inside to decorate your sims’ home.

What’s more, these beauties will also double as functional lamps, lighting up your sim’s garden or home.

These flowers come in 10 beautiful colors, and the vase comes in two swatches.

20. Agreste Plants and Pots by SIMcredible

assortment outdoor plants in clay pots

The Agreste plant set gives you 10 objects, each with its own swatch selection.

The types of plants included come from dry, desert-like climates.

In this collection, you get:

  • Aloe
  • Hostas
  • Cactuses
  • Desert Plant
  • Dragon Tree
  • Spider plants
  • Tropical plants
  • Some planters and vases

These plants would make great decorations for worlds like Oasis SpringsChestnut Ridge, and other hot-weathered locations.

21. Potted Pleasures Plant Set by Nolan-Sims

three kinds plants in pots

This small collection has three varieties of plants, each with two versions of planter.

In this set, you get a regular small-leafed plant, a cactus, and a snake plant.

The different versions affect the plant’s planter.

In the first version, the planter has a shorter round-shaped pot; in the second, it’s a longer cylindrical shape.

22. Christmas Poinsettia Plant by Jaru Sims

christmas plant

Are you looking for the perfect centerpiece for your sims’ holiday centerpiece?

If so, you want to get the traditional Poinsettia plant.

The hue of the plant will coordinate nicely with other red Christmas decorations, such as a tablecloth.

The plant would go well on a table but also on a countertop or even on a piece of furniture.

23. Zoey Senecio Plant by Nynaeve Design

small plant in glass globe

This sims 4 plant cc is such a beautiful decoration piece.

The plant is a mix of the appearance of a flower with thick leaves, like a cactus.

In this set, you get the plant, the glass terrarium only, or both; the plant is offered in 10 colors, while the terrarium has four.

Due to its small size, it can easily be placed on a shelf or a desk.

24. Sims 4 Modern Bonsai Plants by Lapanemona

bonsai trees in modern pots

Bonsai plants have roots in both Chinese and Japanese culture and add so much charm to a home.

The small plant has a modern twist with its small geometric planter.

There are six color swatches to pick from, and it would look good in any home.

25. Harvestable Red Chili Plant by Balkanika

red chilli plant

This sims 4 plant cc is similar to the #6 item, but this time, it’s for a red pepper plant.

Like the lime tree, you can harvest this plant daily, giving you eight peppers.

This plant must also be watered daily to provide you with the goods.

You can use the veggies in a recipe, or your sims can eat them raw.

26. Agreste Potted Aloe by SIMcredible

three aloe plants

Are you looking for an aloe plant or simply a large plant? If so, this plant cc is both.

The item is available in 14 swatches, which are a mix of different plant and planter color combos.

Due to its nature, the plant would thrive in a desert world, yet it will look excellent in any setting.

27. Astrid Snake Plant CC by Syboubou

snake plant in white pot

If you want more medium-sized greenery options, this custom content is for a snake plant.

Snake plants are definitely on the unique side, and this version comes in a small planter that has 15 swatches.

Because the shrub is also narrow, it can easily squeeze into a spot in virtually any room.

28. Sims 4 Potted Plants CC by Sixam

plants in thick gray pots

This set is for four plant styles in a thick planter on a stand.

The plants are mostly medium-sized, except for a short, roundish one.

Each plant has the same pigmented black colored pot but with a selection of 10 colors for the three-legged base.

29. Rooting For You Plant Set by Ravasheen

variety plants and pots

If you want different plants in some original-looking planters, look no further.

This set has 20 plants that are placed in cute containers, such as:

  • Teacup
  • Mason Jar
  • Pegboard
  • Small dinosaurs
  • Geometrical shapes
  • And more

You can place these plants and change their size using the [ and ] keys.

Sims 4 Plant CC Recap

We hope you’ve saved a few plant custom content pieces to add to your sims’ home decoration.

Whether you need an outdoor plant for your garden or a large plant to fill a corner of a room, many options are available.

Also, if your sims are limited in floor or shelf space, there are always hanging or even wall-mounted options.

A sure thing is that your sims’ home will look much nicer with some gorgeous greenery.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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