21+ Sims 4 Castle Builds: Traditional, Medieval & More

Let your sims live like royalty with their choice of sims 4 castle builds.

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Finding the right home for your sims’ household can be a hassle because there are so many houses to choose from.

Whether your sims outgrew their home or want to upgrade, there are houses for every size and budget.

If your sims already had a large house or mansion, how can you upgrade from that?

Luckily, there are sims 4 castle builds that allow your household to live in their own personal kingdom.

Majestic Sims 4 Castle Builds

From tiny castles to large estates, our list of castle builds includes various options to fit your different household needs.

Some builds will require the new Sims 4: Castle Estate Kit or different packs for all the necessary components.

And once you’ve selected your castles, you can pick our some amazing medieval cc, princess cc and royal cc to properly style your household.

1. Chinook Contemporary Castle by Qubedesign

modern urban castle

If you like castles, contemporary designs, and have a small lot, this build is for you.

This estate is a two-story castle that has four bedrooms and five baths.

The small gray bricks and modern windows used for the exterior steer away from the traditional castle and give it a contemporary twist.

On the front of the property, there’s a small drawbridge that crosses a moat-like pond.

A tiny courtyard-like area is in the center of the lot, where a tall tree is planted.

You get a beautiful terrasse with an infinity pool at the back of the castle.

As for the floor plan, the rooms are well divided in a square-contour pattern due to the open space in the middle.

Lot size requirement: 30 × 20

2. Castle Ivory Rock by VirtualFairytales

large white castle on top of hill

This castle is a large four-story building that comes fully furnished.

On the outside, the castle has beautiful architecture, complete with pointed turrets and gorgeous cathedral windows.

Inside, it looks like a majestic castle, with its ballroom, dining hall, library, and countless other rooms.

The amount of detail put into this castle is beyond amazing; it’s a must-have for any castle lovers.

3. Vampire Gothic Castle by PlumbobKingdom

black gothic castle with spiky domes

If you’re looking for a spooky castle for your occult sims like vampires, this build is definitely worth a look.

The castle’s cathedral windows, numerous spires, gargoyles, and dark-colored exterior contribute to the castle’s grim look.

You’ll also find some dead trees and a cemetery on the lot.

The indoor design is just as gloomy as the outside due to its dark colors, dated furniture, and, of course, its coffin room.

In this castle, there are three levels with a total of four bedrooms and two baths.

Lot size requirement: 40 × 30

4. Charles Medieval Castle by Danuta720

castle with brown roof with bridge

This gorgeous medieval castle has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The three-story estate is fully furnished with brown furniture, curtains, armors, and tapestries.

Every room division is made out of stone walls and floors with brown trims around the windows and doors.

On the outside, a gated stone bridge with a small moat and some greenery adds to the castle’s charm.

The creator owns several packs, so some components may be missing when you import the lot into your game.

Lot size requirement: 50 × 50

5. Duncan Castle Home in Sims 4 by Sharon337

white stone castle

This castle is a two-floor building that has three bedrooms and two baths.

You get all the main rooms on the ground floor, like the kitchen, living area, dining room, family room, and bar room.

On the second level, you’ll find the bedrooms and a study room.

The interior design is mainly made out of stone and dark-stained wooden furniture.

Outside, the castle has cathedral windows and pointed arches, and the property is surrounded by water.

The castle also has a pool in its center courtyard. Also, if you have horses, this estate includes a stable.

Lot size requirement: 50 × 40

6. Windenburg Castle Build by RoundFaceKitty

castle with merlons along its walls

This beautiful estate of three floors has four bedrooms and three baths.

The indoor furniture items are from the green and light pink color palettes.

There are a lot of rooms, like a bar room, laundry room, dedicated art room, and much more.

The rooms on the third level have taller ceilings because they have chandeliers hanging, which are technically located on the “fourth” floor.

Outside, the long multi-platform entryway and the landscaping look amazing.

The castle is mainly surrounded by water and beautifully decorated with rocks, trees, climbing plants, a fountain, and a well.

Lot size requirement: 64 × 64

7. Small Cozy Nettle Lane Estate by Bojana Sims

tiny castle with a small bridge over the pond

This cozy castle estate has two bedrooms and three baths.

The building comes fully furnished and is very well decorated with traditional pieces.

The interior walls come with dark brown wood paneling on the bottom half, which is the same color as the flooring.

The white and grey vertical-lined wallpaper makes everything pop with its contrast.

The land has its charm with its small bridge over the water stream and the trees, which include a beautiful weeping tree.

Lot size requirement: 40 × 30

8. My Castle My Kingdom by SimZmora

octagon shaped gray castle

This sims 4 castle build has walls and floors made entirely of stone.

A large walkway leads to the castle’s entrance, while a watery moat surrounds the estate.

The roundish-shaped building is a four-bedroom, two-bath home that can easily fit a family of five.

The interior design and furniture are both traditional in style and elegant, which is fit for a king or queen.

Lot size requirement: 50 × 40

9. Small Greycourt Castle Build by Qubedesign

castle with tinted glass windows

If you can only afford a small amount of land, this modest castle is your solution.

The castle has two bedrooms and one bathroom, perfect for a small household.

The estate’s main floor has a kitchen, dining room, living area, and access to a basement.

On the second level, you’ll find the bedrooms and the bathroom, and there’s a patio set on the roof above.

Outside, there’s a small courtyard with a pool and a separate building in the shape of a castle tower.

Lot size requirement: 15 × 20

10. Windenburg Castle Build by The September Sim

large white squared castle

For a grand, majestic castle, this one is built for a larger household, with its six bedrooms and eight baths.

On the front, a stone walkway leads to the estate, with gargoyles on each side.

The estate is square-shaped with a large central courtyard and fountain.

There are three floors of living spaces, with a walkable roof area on the fourth floor.

The castle has so many extra rooms to offer, like:

  • Study
  • Library
  • Breakfast Room
  • Drawing Room
  • Game Room
  • Great Hall
  • Music Room
  • And many more

Lot size requirement: 64 × 64

11. De la Montiere Medieval Castle by Kikoi Builds

castle with small towers

This castle is a two-story building with a roof area and a basement level.

This home is big enough for an average family of four or five, with three beds and three baths.

The interior has a medieval look with its stone floor and walls, and the included furniture will have a classical feel.

On the outside, a beautiful terrasse is incorporated into the building for a nice outdoor family BBQ.

The castle will have an aged look because of the climbing plants and weeds growing on the building.

Lot size requirement: 40 × 30

12. Gothic Castle for Sims 4 by VirtualFairytales

dark gothic style castle

Are you looking for a big castle for your sim household? If so, this vast property is what you want.

This gothic castle is five stories and contains 10 bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The interior looks just as dark as the outside with its dark brown-colored furniture, walls, and flooring.

The castle has so much to offer, with so many rooms that you could house a large household or two.

This Gothic building would be the perfect home for occult sims like vampires or spellcasters.

Lot size requirement: 64 × 64

13. Cinderella Castle by PlumbobKingdom

disney cinderella looking castle

If you like Disney, you’ll want your sims to live in the famous Cinderella castle.

Visually, the castle looks like the one found at Disney World and looks as enchanting as you would expect.

The building is surrounded by an outer wall decorated with beautiful blue turrets around the property.

The three-level castle comes fully furnished and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The rooms are decorated in a traditional style, using shades of pink and white for the furniture and fabric.

Lot size requirement: 50 × 40

14. Modest Castle Home by RachelPedd

castle surrounded with bushes and trees

This lovely castle is a two-bed and two-bath estate big enough to house a small household and is under mid-renovation.

This building has three levels, whereas the main floor has all the living areas but no bathroom.

Each upper floor contains a bedroom with its own bathroom and no wall division between the staircase and the bedroom.

There’s a balcony area for each of the two bedrooms.

Lot size requirement: 40 × 30

15. Sims 4 Starter Castle Estate by Sharon337

small castle with tinted windows and bench

This small castle would make a great starter home for your sims.

The building is a one-floor unit, but there is a small room in the castle’s tower.

This modest home is a beautiful one-bed and one-bath castle with stone walls and flooring.

The rooms are decent in size and are well decorated.

Lot size requirement: 20 × 15

16. Traditional Castle Build by Simsbylinea

brown castle surrounded by trees

This large property contains multiple buildings, including a two-story castle, and they’re surrounded by water.

Most of the buildings in this lot are made of brown-colored stones and rooftops.

The separate buildings each have a specific purpose, such as;

  • The kitchen
  • Chapel
  • Gardener’s hut
  • Storage
  • Tavern
  • Treasury

The main castle has a large entrance with a staircase, a great hall, a kitchen, six bedrooms, and four bathrooms.

The castle is unfurnished, so you can decorate it to your heart’s delight.

Lot size requirement: 64 × 64

17. Small Gothic Castle Build by Gryphi

tony castle with separate building

This tiny build will fit the bill if you’re looking for smaller sims 4 castles.

The castle is small, having only one bed and one bath, which makes a good-sized starter home.

The estate is well-furnished and decorated, which brings a rustic vibe to the property.

On the ground floor, you’ll find one small central room with both the kitchen and living room but no dining area.

Going up to the second floor from the outdoor staircase, you’ll find a bedroom with a balcony.

You’ll find the bathroom in a separate building next to the castle.

Lot size requirement: 30 × 20

18. Sims 4 Castle Lore by Qubedesign

castle with green roof and moat

This castle build is for your average household, with its four beds and three baths.

There are three unfurnished floors that you can decorate as you please.

You’ll find a greenhouse on the second floor and a lovely terrace on the top.

The property is surrounded by water, with a drawbridge leading to the entrance and a tiny courtyard in the middle.

The climbing plants are a beautiful touch while also aging the castle and adding to its charm.

Lot size requirement: 40 × 40

19. Small Castle Estate Kit by Bojana Sims

small brown castle with pond

This estate is a magnificent castle that contains two beds and three baths.

The modest home has three floors, which are made of stone, and the same applies to its walls.

The interior looks chic and contemporary, with beige stone walls, brown furniture, green accents, and plants.

The bedrooms are on the second floor, and there’s an art room on the third.

As for the outside, you’ll find a large pond to the left, and on the right, you have a lovely terrasse with a gazebo and fountain.

Lot size requirement: 40 × 30

20. Saltburn Castle for Sims 4 by RusticSims

large castle with climbing vegetation

This sims 4 castle build is enormous, with 11 bedrooms and six bathrooms across four levels.

Inside the property, there’s tiling, hardwood, and carpet throughout the rooms, and the walls have colorful wallpaper and wood paneling.

In this castle build, the creator uses a lot of cathedral-style windows, which look incredible throughout the estate.

The building comes fully furnished, which is a good thing because it would take forever to furnish due to its size.

The castle is so big, with a great number of rooms, it would be hard not to get lost.

Lot size requirement: 64 × 64

21. Windenburg Castle Estate by Kikoi Builds

large castle during nighttime

This large property is for a four-level castle that comes unfurnished.

The empty castle shell offers many room options, so they can be divided as you like, including the bedrooms and baths.

The building is surrounded by a stone wall along the back with a gate leading outside.

Your sims can access the back gate through a passageway in the middle of the castle.

On the lot, there’s a stable for your horses and a pond with a small bridge that takes you to a seating and picnic area.

Lot size requirement: 64 × 64

22. Sims 4 Castle Shell Build by Bozena

small castle tower

This modest castle home would be ideal for a small household of four with its three bedrooms and two baths.

The four-story property comes unfurnished, so that you can decorate it to your liking.

On the first floor, you get all the main areas, such as the entrance, living, dining, kitchen, and bathroom.

The second floor has a bedroom and another small living space with access to a balcony.

Going up the stairs to the third floor, you get another bedroom, a bath, and an additional balcony area.

In the previous bedroom, you’ll find a ladder leading to the fourth floor, which leads to a third octagon-shaped bedroom.

The creator owns several packs, so some components may be missing when you import the lot into your game.

Lot size requirement: 30 × 20

Sims 4 Castle Builds Recap

We hope you’ve come across a few sims 4 castle builds that could be your household’s new potential home.

The choice relies on several factors, including your sims’ budget and lot size.

Your sims can get a decent castle at a reasonable price that easily fits into a modest lot size.

But, if simoleon is no issue, your sims family can get the biggest lot available and live like kings and queens.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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