23+ Sims 4 Rugs CC: Carpets, Runners & Fluffy Rugs

Elevate your sims’ interior design with some beautiful sims 4 rugs cc.

sims 4 rugs cc collage

Decorating your sims’ home can be so much fun, but it can also be a chore, depending on how big the house is.

After adding the room’s furniture, you still need to fill the rest of the space with other decorative items.

Rugs and carpets are sometimes overlooked in d├ęcor, yet they make a world of difference.

Using some custom content rugs will let you add that important piece to help tie the room together.

Depending on the size of your room, you can go big or small, but you can’t go wrong by adding a fluffy rug.

Cozy Sims 4 Rugs CC

We’ve compiled a collection of rugs and carpets that will hopefully match your sims’ home decor.

1. Recreation Room Rugs by Simmillercc

car road carpet in kids room

If you want fun rugs to place in your sim kids’ room, this set has got what you’re looking for.

There are seven playful designs, such as:

  • Educational rugs to learn numbers
  • Two hopscotch designs
  • Four designs for road playmats

Every design comes in two swatches except the numbered one, which has five.

2. Ruffle Square Rug by Pixelunivairse

living room with beige rug

This cc is for a cute 3 x 3 rug with a delicate ruffle trim.

The rug is available in 55 swatches, making it easy to find the perfect shade for any room of your sims’ home.

The swatches’ colors and designs will vary, but the ruffle will remain the same in white.

3. Fabulous Flower Rug CC by Syboubou

colored flower rug

This sims 4 rug cc contains 12 swatches of different floral designs.

Whether you like brighter designs or something a bit more traditional, there’s a swatch that’ll match your taste.

These 3 x 2 rugs look particularly good in a bedroom or a small den.

4. Elegant Rug Collection by Pralinesims

collage of elegant living room rugs

This traditional and elegant rug cc comes in five swatches.

You get stylized patterned 3 x 4 rugs that are big enough to be used as an area rug.

Each carpet design has its own file, so you can download and install the rug you want.

These sims 4 rugs cc are ideal for bigger rooms like living and dining areas.

5. Color Me Rugs Series by Simsationaldesigns

living room with large patterned white rug

This collection of rugs cc has a lot of colors and design options available; the rugs are divided into individual files per color palette.

Each palette has 20 unique designs, including lines, leaves, flowers, shapes, and other cool-looking patterns.

These modern rugs measure 3 x 4 and will look great in any contemporary home.

6. Tumbling Toddlers Round Rugs by Simmillercc

set of round rugs for toddlers

If you’re looking for ways to decorate your sim toddlers’ room, these cute round rugs can help.

These rugs are 3 x 3 in size and come in 15 adorable designs for toddlers, primarily animals like lions and bears.

So, if your sim toddler’s room is animal-themed, this cc will be the ideal design choice.

If you’re interested, there’s an infant version available with a Baby’s First Rug function.

7. Grayscale Modern Carpets by TaTschu

eight designs for modern carpet

This set of sims 4 carpet cc is for eight swatches of contemporary designs.

The carpet designs are offered in different shades of grey, which is a great neutral color for most rooms.

So, if your sims have a modern home, this carpet would look great for a family room, bedroom, or office.

8. Antique Tapestry Rugs Recolor by Andibuilds

antique living room with tapestry rug

This custom content is a recolor of the Afghan Rugs from creator Sooky88.

These tapestry rugs come in two shapes: rectangular or square; the rectangular rug is 4 x 6 in size, while the square one is 6 x 6.

Because these rugs are pretty big, they’re best used in larger rooms.

The recolors come with 8 swatches for the square shape rug and 9 for the rectangular design.

The original meshes are included in the zip file.

9. Sims 4 Round Rug CC by EM_simblr

several round cactus themed rugs

These cactus-themed rugs look so cute, and they would be perfect for barren locations like Oasis Springs or Chestnut Ridge.

The rugs are 2 x 2 items and come in eight design swatches.

You can place the cc around the house, such as in your little sims’ bedroom, playroom, and even the bathroom.

10. McGee&Co Rugs Collection by Sims4Luxury

collection rugs layered around

This beautiful collection contains various-sized rugs that can be placed around your sims’ home.

These sims 4 rugs cc come in eight files, one for each design.

The swatch defines the size of the rugs, each with between one and three sizes per design.

All the swathes are in the beige family, which look great because the shade easily fits in with most decor.

11. Authentic Persian Rugs CC by Simmillercc

set of three persian styled rugs

If you love the beauty of Persian rugs, this cc will allow you to add them to your sims’ home.

The intricately designed 3 x 4 rug is available in three models.

Each model has its own set of colorful swatches to better match any decor.

Persian rugs are known to be expensive, which has translated to the sims 4 game, as they come with a hefty price tag of 20,000 Simoleons.

12. Accolade Carpet Set for Sims 4 by MyxDollYT

red carpet living room

Are you looking to cover your sims’ flooring with a soft, textured shag carpet?

The carpet floor tile comes in 35 solid color options.

This sims 4 carpet cc will look amazing in any room of your sims’ house, especially in bedrooms or the family room.

You’ll find the cc under Floor by Tile and then the Carpet option.

13. Clementine Hallway Rug CC by Syboubou

entrance hallway of sim house

This cc set contains plenty of items to furnish your sims’ entryway, including a nice rug piece.

The rug is 2 x 3 in size and will fit in easily with its five color swatches.

The style looks very contemporary with its straight triangle mosaic pattern.

14. Woven Style Carpet by Rebouks

wicker chair on woven carpet

If you like woven-style carpet, you can fill one of your sims’ rooms with one of the 12 shades of beige.

With its simple texture and neutral colors, this carpet is the perfect base to design any room.

15. Color Me Black Rug by Peacemaker-ic

living room with black and white lined rug

For modern black and white-colored rugs, this gorgeous set comes in 16 monochrome designs.

You can pick from designs like:

  • Moroccan Tile
  • Cursive writing
  • Wavy lines
  • Diagonal lines
  • Zebra skin pattern
  • And much more

Depending on how the room is decorated, these 3 x 4 rug items can bring a nice contrast and make it pop.

16. Totally Tykes Rugs by Simmillercc

animal themed rugs for kids

These animal-themed rugs provide adorable options for your sim kids’ room.

There are 19 fun designs, each with two color swatches.

Whether you pick the adorable cow above, a unicorn, panda, or bunny, these 2 x 3 rugs will make a fine addition to your little one’s room.

17. Colorful Rugs Sims 4 CC by Pixelunivairse

zig zag lined rug underneath dresser

This Jemma design gives you a normal-sized rug with 60 design swatches.

The design choices are pretty simple, you get:

  • Lines
  • Mosaic
  • Solid colors
  • Various floral patterns
  • Fruits like pears, watermelons, oranges, etc
  • And much more

18. Interior Rug Designs by Scodee Yodee

long hallway rug

The rugs include an area and a runner; the area rugs are 2 x 3 in size and come in 30 swatches.

As for the runner rugs, they are 1 x 3 and come in 15 swatches.

So, if your sims have a smaller home, these small-sized items are perfect for their living space.

19. Flokati Collection for Sims 4 by Pralinesims

collage fluffy squared rugs

Nothing is cozier than long, shaggy carpets.

This sims 4 fluffy rug cc will get you 32 swatches of soft, fluffy goodness.

These area rugs are 4 x 4 in size, and they would go well in your sims’ living room or bedrooms.

20. Royal Sinner Carpet CC by Dark Diamond Sims

royal cross patterned blue carpet

This sims 4 carpet cc has an interesting cross design to it.

The velvety-looking carpet looks like what you would expect in a royal home, especially with the royal cross pattern.

You can pick from eight beautiful, colorful swatches that will repeat the room’s cross pattern throughout the space.

This carpet would look great in an occult-themed home like your sim vampires.

21. Marjolaine Rug Collection by Syboubou

set three boho styled rugs

This cc is for a normal-sized rug that comes in six beautiful designs, each with its own natural color tone.

With their exciting patterns, these boho rugs will look great in any bohemian-inspired home.

22. Incredible Infants Rug CC by Simmillercc

set of infant rugs

For more round-shaped rug ideas, this set has eight styles to choose from.

There are four designs, which come in two colors.

In this pack, you get cute pastel-colored patterns, such as:

  • Rainbows
  • Baby elephant
  • Hot air balloons
  • Polka dots

The creator has also included a link for a matching set of round blankets for infant sims.

23. Sims 4 Fuzzy Loft Rug by Amoebae

fuzzy loft rug in living room

You’ll need the Sims 4: Industrial Loft Kit to use this custom content.

If you want another comfy fuzzy rug for your sims’ place, this cc is for you.

You can grab any of the two files available, each having its own color palette.

The Dream Pop version has 32 swatches, while the Image Spectra has 48 of them.

Your fuzzy area rug will look good in whichever color you pick.

24. Bathroom Mats CC by Annett85

assortment of bathroom mats

This collection of bathroom mats is the perfect addition to your sims’ bathroom.

There are 26 swatches, which include designs like flower patterns, lines, text, and more.

Some floral-designed rugs have fun, irregular shapes instead of the usual rectangular ones.

25. Wendy Morrison Rugs by Ice-creamforbreakfast

living room with large green rug with swans

Add a handcrafted luxury custom rug to your sim’s home with this Wendy Morrison-inspired set.

The 4×3 rugs come in 25 swatches, including beautiful dragons, birds, florals, and even a sunburst design.

Sims 4 Rugs CC Recap

We hope that these sims 4 rugs cc have helped you find the missing deco pieces to your sims’ rooms.

Adding something as simple as a carpet or a rug can help improve a room’s appearance and create a sense of comfort.

You can’t go wrong with an area rug for the living room or a small round one to match your toddler’s room decor.

Plus, there are so many swatches to pick from, like floral designs, wavy lines, or simple solid colors.

Finding custom rugs easy, but picking the perfect swatch for each room takes a touch of interior design.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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