29+ Sims 4 Teen Mods: Acne, Dance Club & More

Unlock your sim’s potential with these sims 4 teen mods.

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When it comes to your sims teenage years, it’s the time to shape and define them into the best future adults they can be.

Your teens will learn to socialize, make friends, find love, and get proper schooling.

But with the help of these sims 4 teen mods, your sims will become even more relatable to everyday real-life teenagers.

Plus, it’s always fun to try out new mods.

Youthful Sims 4 Teen Mods

Our list of sims 4 teen mods provides everything from school-related events to new interactions, traits, and aspirations.

Now, let’s get the most out of your teenage sims and get browsing.

1. Yearbook Club Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

career description for yearbook club

This mod requires either the Sims 4: Get Famous or Seasons expansion pack.

If you’re looking for extracurriculars for your teen sims, why not sign them up for the yearbook club?

This sims 4 teenage mod will allow your teen to participate in the yearbook committee.

Your sims will start as a photography editor, then move up in the committee, eventually becoming a yearbook advisor.

Your sims must reach Level 3 in Photography and Writing during this activity.

2. Teen Summer Camp Mods by A.Deep.Indigo

kids backyard party at night

This mod requires the Sims 4: Seasons EP.

Adding this mod to your game will allow your sims to enroll their kids or teens in various camps.

You can access the 11 camps options from a menu in your sims’ phone.

The different camps are:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Art
  • Band
  • Gymnastics
  • Language
  • Leadership
  • Space
  • Sports
  • STEM
  • Theatre
  • Wilderness

Camps work like school, where the young sims leave for the day and return home.

Each camp lasts five days, and they will earn your mini-sims some new skills and buffs.

This sims 4 teenage mod uses some elements from other EA packs.

Having them is optional, but you won’t benefit from skill gain if you don’t.

3. Relationship Bits Mod by Maplebell

two teen sims back to back

If you’re tired of the game’s generic title describing the relationship between two sims, this sims 4 teen mod helps with that issue.

Now, your teens can have better titles than Friend or Romantic Interest.

With this teenage mod, your sims will be tagged with more meaningful descriptives like:

  • Gaming buddies
  • Secret Admirer
  • Star-Crossed Lovers
  • Partners in Crime
  • And other cute names like those

You can set their relationship bits through the Enhanced Rel Bit pie menu.

Choosing one of these names to describe a relationship will provide better narratives between sims.

Some relationship bits even come with their own interactions.

For example, Star-Crossed Lovers can exchange a Forbidden Kiss, resulting in certain moodlets.

4. Teen Aspirations Bundle for Sims 4 by Ilkavelle

collage sim teens doing various activities

These sims 4 teen mods add new aspirations for your sims, and they are:

  • Prom Royalty
  • Overachiever
  • Towards Independence
  • Teenage Rebellion

Each aspiration has its own set of goals to fulfill.

Completing any of the four aspirations will grant you a personality trait.

These reward traits will earn your teen sims a boost, bonus, or new interactions, depending on which one they accomplish.

5. Preteen Gameplay Mod by ItsKatato

preteen kids hanging out in bedroom

When sim kids become teenagers, have you noticed how different they look when they reach their new life stage?

This sims 4 teen mod gives your young sims a transitional phase.

When aging up to their teen stage, your sims will gain the Preteen trait.

By default, this trait will make your sims shorter than Adults.

They will be pre-registered for middle school and have access to the new Hygiene pie menu.

The added hygiene interactions will allow any sims to apply products like deodorant, body spray, and lotion.

Using these interactions will slow down your hygiene Needs Decay.

6. Sims 4 Teenage Trait Mods by Triplis

teen sim with perpetual motion cas trait

These sims 4 teen mods will add eight CAS traits for your teenaged sims.

Each is based on existing traits but with added buffs and bonuses made exclusively for your teen sims.

Here’s the list of these new traits and on which trait they’re based:

  • Electric Sliderule (Based on Fun)
  • Emotional Conduit (Based on Loner)
  • Frenzied Rebel (Based on Angry)
  • Goody Two Shoes (Based on no particular trait)
  • Living Instrument (Based on Inspired)
  • Perpetual Motion (Based on Active)
  • Relentless Tease (Based on Romantic)
  • Walking Punchline (Based on Goofball)

There are two versions of these sets of teenage mods.

The first version is totally base game-friendly, while the second one uses elements from some expansions.

7. Let Friends Age Up Mod by LittleMsSam

lit up birthday cake on picnic table

If you want a sims 4 teen mod to age up NPCs, this one is for you.

This mod adds the age-up interaction to the birthday cake’s pie menu.

You’ll be able to age up to 20 sims of your choosing all at once.

Along with this sims 4 teen mod, you also get an optional mod.

That mod prevents sims from aging up when blowing out candles on birthday cakes.

This mod is helpful if you want to control when your sims age up.

8. Self Woohoo Teenage Mod by KawaiiStacieMods

picture of heart, bed and rocket

In general, when puberty strikes, so do hormones.

With this sims 4 teen mod, your young sims can woohoo themselves in the privacy of their bedroom.

Not only does this activity add up to your Woohoo stats, but it will also grant a buff or moodlet to your sims.

And, if anyone witnesses your sims’ naughty endeavor, it will trigger a reaction from these sims.

9. Sims 4 Teen Life Mods by JellyPaws

closeup sim teen girl in yellow shirt

This pack of sims 4 teen mods adds realistic features to your teenaged sims.

You’ll get new social interactions, hand scribbles, and cute posters.

The best part about these mods is that they also add realistic acne to your sim’s face, back, or chest.

No one escapes the cruel realities of acne, especially not these teen sims.

10. Ask About Dating Interaction Mod by Ilkavelle

dating questions interaction menu

Curiosity is all part of growing up; so is asking questions.

This sims 4 mod allows children and teens to ask specific questions to their parents about dating.

There are six social interactions that you can engage with your teens’ parents.

Here are a few of these interactions:

  • Ask about dating
  • Ask how your parents meet each other
  • Ask how to ask a crush out

You can find these Dating questions under:

Friendly > Deep Thoughts > Dating

After engaging with their parents, both parties will earn buffs.

11. Dance School Event by KiaraSims4Mods

dance club teen after school activity

This mod requires the Snowy Escape, Get Famous, or Seasons and Get Together game packs.

Plan some other fun events for your teen sims; you can have them participate in the school dance club.

Your sims will get to dance to music, starting from being a Beginner Dancer to eventually becoming a Practical Performer.

12. Dynamic Teen Life for Sims 4 by A.Deep.Indigo

teens in school hallway

These sims 4 teen mods get the most out of a sim’s life by bringing new elements to the game.

This teenage mod pack offers new content for:

  • Emotions
  • After School Activities
  • Popularity
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Social Clubs
  • Gossiping
  • Tryouts and Auditions for certain game packs

You’ll need to grab the CORE files to install the mods, which are base game-friendly.

As for the rest of the files, grab only the ones of the game packs you own.

You’ll also need to install the creator’s General Pie Menu and Lumpinou’s Mood Pack, linked on the mod’s page.

13. More Kisses Sims 4 Teen Mods by Maplebell

two teenage sims kissing

There’s nothing more adorable than two teens in love.

This mod adds new kissing animations, which can be found under Romance, then under More Kisses.

These sims 4 teen mods were previously divided into different mod files, but the creator has now merged everything into one file.

Now, you get seven new kissing animations, which are:

  • Admire and Kiss
  • Amorous Kiss
  • Forehead Kiss
  • Grab and Kiss
  • Hug and Surprise Kiss
  • Shy Kiss
  • Steamy Kiss

14. Adult Jobs for Teens Mod by Sparklymari

teen sim next to open career ui

With these sims 4 teenage mods, your teen sims can get any jobs that used to be restricted to adult sims.

Before you can get the job of your choice, you’ll need to Quit school.

The best way to do so is using Deaderpool’s MCCC cheat mod.

Keep in mind that there are two versions of this mod.

If you don’t own every pack, grab the Split version so you can pick and choose those that you do.

Otherwise, you can install the other mod file.

15. Teen Runaway Mod by WICKED PIXXEL

teen sim walking next to bus

This mod allows your teenage sims to run away from home and experience the hardship of living on the streets.

By initiating leaving the household, your sims will acquire the Troubled Teen trait.

This trait unlocks an array of new social interactions and menus.

These new actions will help build your teens’ new Street Survival skill, which has five levels.

On the first level, you acquire the skill, and the levels afterward unlock a new way of surviving, like:

  • Beg for food
  • Beg for simoleons
  • Woohoo for money
  • Sell prohibited substances

16. Sims 4 Teen Lifestyle Mod by Snowiii95

two sims smiling awkwardly outside

These sims 4 teen mods offer a great variety of content for your teenage sims.

You’ll get a few new aspirations, a couple of teen careers, some unique traits, and a lot trait.

The four new aspirations are:

  • Aspiring Athlete
  • Emo Soul
  • Heartbreaker
  • Spoiled Brat

As for the new teen careers, you get either the Tutor or Cheerleader jobs.

The lot trait is called Mean Girls Club, which promotes self-confidence and fashion.

And lastly, the eight new traits you can assign to your sims are:

  • Band Nerd
  • Bully
  • Emo
  • Heartbreaker
  • Innocent
  • Jock
  • Nerd
  • Prankster

17. Teenage Interaction Reactions by MissyHissy

teenage sim chatting with other

While this teen mod resembles other interaction reactions mods, this particular mod grants moodlets to the sims.

With the mod, your sims will get new interactions that generate reactions from people around.

These actions are:

  • Ask About WooHoo
  • Give The WooHoo Talk
  • Boast About Messing Around
  • Spread Rumours About WooHoo
  • Tell Urban Legend

Only the first two interactions are base game-friendly.

The other three require the Sims 4: Parenthood game pack.

You’ll also need to install Lumpinou’s Mood Pack.

18. Sims 4 Talent Contest Event Mod by Ilkavelle

description for sims 4 talent contest event

Do you want your sims to show other teens what they can do?

If so, this teenage mod allows your sims to participate in a Talent Contest event.

This event is made for kids and teens.

Plus, they can participate in one of the following categories:

  • Acting
  • Dancing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Singing
  • Telling Jokes

There are two versions of this sims 4 teen mod.

The first version is for players with the Sims 4: City Living EP installed on their device.

Those that don’t have the EP can install the base game version included in the zip file.

19. High School Lot Trait by KiaraSims4Mods

high school cas trait and description

This mod requires the Sims 4: City Living EP.

This mod assigns High School as a Lot trait for a building.

Assigning this trait unlocks several teen social interactions, whims, and buffs.

To name a few, here are some of these interactions:

  • Stress about Exams
  • Gossip about Classmates
  • Joke about Teachers
  • And more

Some of the whims you’ll get are:

  • Finish Homework
  • Flirt with other teens
  • Use Social Network
  • Make an Enemy
  • And more

20. Obsessive Teen Mod by Ozzy Sims 4 Mods

sim lying on floor while on phone

If you’re looking to add realism to the day-to-day lives of your teen sims, this mod pack adds new interactions to the game.

This sims 4 teenage mod will give your teens 10 more things to do.

Six interactions are used on benches, three on armchairs, and one with another sim.

Among these new actions, your sims can:

  • Take a selfie
  • Eat a burger
  • Scroll the internet
  • Hold hands with another sim
  • Facetime
  • And many more

21. Teen Mods for Activities by Maplebell

list of activities for teen sim

These sims 4 teen mods give your teens fun stories and activities.

There are 15+ rabbit hole-style activities that you can send your teenagers to.

Here are a few examples of fun new things they can spend their time doing:

  • Going to the movies
  • Going bowling
  • Going to a house party
  • Going to the beach
  • Playing games with friends
  • And more

The creator has also added interactions with the parents so that they can or must ask permission to go out, depending on the type of parent they have.

If your teenage sims go out without permission, their parents can confront them when they return home.

It’s all relative to what kind of parents you set them to be between:

  • Permissive Parent
  • Strict Parent
  • Uninvolved Parent

22. Delinquent Teens Mod by A.Deep.Indigo

sim teens with attitude in messy room

Does your sim household have difficult teens who have rebellious tendencies?

This mod brings a new scenario to your teen sims’ lives: they can run away, do infractions, or do time.

Sometimes, they may get away with it, other times, they get caught and suffer consequences.

There’s a whole system behind this brilliant mod, which adds a nice touch of realism to the game.

To use this sims 4 teen mod, you’ll need to install two other mods:

  • Mood Pack by Lumpinou
  • General Pie Menu by A.Deep.Indigo

The links are included on the mod’s page.

23. Expanded Relationships for Sims 4 by JellyPaws

mod title with blurry city background

If you thought your teenagers needed more interactions, this mod is for you.

This mod adds a lot of new interactions between friends or within your household.

Your teen sims will be able to express themselves, confide, or chitchat with others about different subjects like:

  • Ask About Family Movie Night
  • Complain About Household Chores
  • Express Shyness Around Sim
  • Talk About Family Drama
  • And more

24. Teen Mod for Sleeping In by LittleMsSam

banner with female sim and sun on bed

You should notice that in the game, children and teens get up early regardless of the weekday.

We all know teens love sleeping in, especially on weekends and holidays.

This mod will allow your young sims to sleep until someone or something wakes them up.

During regular school days, they will get up at their usual times.

25. Sims 4 Swim Team Club by KiaraSims4Mods

sim career menu for swim team

This mod requires the Get Famous or Seasons EP.

With this new sims 4 teen mod, you can have your teens join the swim club at school.

Your sims will go swimming three days a week, and they’ll work their way up from being a Swim Beginner to becoming the Swim Team Captain.

26. Sims 4 Teen Romance Mod by PolarBearSims

two teen sims kissing

This sims 4 teen mod removes that age barrier that prevented teen sims from getting involved with Young Adults and Adults.

Your teen can now date and mess around with sims outside their life stage.

It also solves the issue where two teen sims are dating; one age up becomes a Young Adult and can no longer date the younger sim.

27. Education System Bundle by KawaiiStacieMods

sim girl taking selfie at desk

For a better schooling system, these sims 4 teen mods offer new content for your sims’ education.

Now, your sims will get more interactions and better skill-building while at school or doing homework.

If you have a computer at home, your teens can also do Online Schooling and homework.

If you’re interested, the creator also offers a Preschool mod for toddlers.

28. Quitting School Mod for Teens by Triplis

career menu for high school student

With this mod, your teens can now drop out of school whether they are struggling academically, rebelling, or simply getting fed up.

You can find the option to quit their ‘Job’ under the Career app on your sims’ phone.

And, if your sims have a change of heart, this mod also allows them to rejoin school without a hassle.

The mod will stop Auto-Enrolling, so they stay out of school regardless of aging or other game mechanics.

Also, keep in mind that dropping out of school won’t take too much of a toll on your sims’ grades if they decide ever to come back.

29. Sims 4 Genius Teens Mod by Ilkavelle

sim next to university book sculpture

If your sims’ household has young, gifted teens, they can skip their high school years and go straight to university.

The first requirement is that your teens have the Genius personality trait assigned to them.

As for the rest, it all comes down to which mod you’ve installed.

There’s a version where your sims only need the Genius trait to enroll and get accepted at university.

The second option requires more work to get in.

This version also relies on having the Genius trait and meeting certain academic requirements.

For this, your teenage sims must accomplish one of two things:

  • Finish primary school as a grade-A student
  • Become a grade-A student sometime during high school

Only after meeting one of the two requirements can your teen enroll and get accepted into university.

30. Teen Social Interactions Mod by Maplebell

two sims chatting about a llama

This teen gameplay mod adds a bunch of new interactions between friends and family.

Some are conditional, meaning they become available after other conditions are met.

For example, some actions may require a high friendship level to become available.

You’ll find these new options under the Socials pie menu.

For some of these interactions, this mod requires the installation of the More Kisses mod listed at #13.

These sims 4 teen mods are a great addition, bringing more diversity to the game.

Sims 4 Teen Mods: Recap

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of sims 4 teen mods and grabbed a few to add to your gameplay.

The game’s mechanics are pretty basic in different aspects, and teens require more attention to make the game more relatable and realistic.

Certain mods change behaviors or physical ones, like a preteen phase or even acne.
It’s all the little details that matter, and they’re what makes a game great.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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