23+ Sims 4 Wedding Poses: Aisle, Ceremony, Bridal Party

Love is in the air! Use this sims 4 wedding poses to take snapshots of your sim couple on their special day.

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Weddings are beautiful events, even in the world of the sims 4.

The happy couple deserves the romantic photoshoot of their dreams.

Everything is to be remembered, from that memorable walk down the aisle to the first champagne toast as Mr. and Mrs.

With these sims 4 wedding poses, you’ll find just the right poses to celebrate your favorite couple.

Oh, and if you need other types of sims 4 poses, we have a whole collection of posts, and we’ve linked some at the bottom of this article.

Living Sims 4 Wedding Poses

From solo poses to group poses to capture the whole gang, this list includes a variety of sims 4 wedding poses.

To use these wedding poses, you’ll need to install two mods to your Sims 4 game:

You can also refer to our Guide To Using Sims 4 Poses if you need help getting started.

1. Portrait Wedding Poses by LutessaSims

sims 4 wedding portrait poses

Wedding photography is one of the most essential parts of a wedding, and these portrait poses are a must-have.

Capture your favorite couple in some classic portrait wedding poses.

Plus, you can also easily use these poses for your sims prom pictures too!

There are 6 poses to choose from in this portrait set.

2. Sims 4 Wedding Poses by SSIAT

bride poses with flowers

This set of sims 4 wedding poses is perfect for capturing your bride’s pre-wedding glow.

These solo poses focus on the bride enjoying some private moments alone and her new stunning wedding bouquet.

3. Wedding Pose Pack 1 by From The Sea

wedding pose pack

There is nothing like a tender kiss on the forehead or being swept into your partner’s arms to celebrate your new martial status.

This wedding pose pack provides 3 poses for your sim’s couple.

You’ll also want to grab the bouquet of flowers, which is also linked on the download page.

4. Bridesmaids Pose Pack by Beto-ae0

bride & bridemaids pose

A group of stunning bridesmaids supporting your sims bride is definitely something to remember.

This set of 5 bridesmaids’ poses celebrates the bride and her favorite friends.

These wedding poses capture everything from prepping for the special day to the final hurrah.

5. Sims 4 Wedding Pose Pack by Paris Simmer

post wedding couple pose

These beautiful sims 4 wedding poses capture so many important moments.

You’ll find a mix of poses, from a stand-alone picture of the bride to a surprise first look between the happy couple.

There are 9 wedding poses to try out (8 couple poses and 1 solo pose).

For 3 of the poses, you can turn them into group poses and include the whole bridal party.

6. Groomsmen Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

groom and groomsmen poses

The groomsmen are just as important as the bridesmaids, and this pack is solely dedicated to the groom and his boys.

These wedding poses include some more formal pics and a few goofy poses to let the guys let loose.

You can also snap a cute pose of the ring bearer hanging out with the whole hang.

7. Wedding Poses for Sims 4 by Atashi77

couple and kids wedding poses

This wedding pose pack includes a nice mix of wedding poses for the whole hang.

There are 7 poses in total, including;

  • 1 couple pose for sims toddlers
  • 3 couple poses for adult sims
  • 3 group poses

These wedding poses are to be used in-game and focus on various wedding moments.

8. Wedding Ceremony Poses by Storytelling Poses

wedding bride & groom poses

These wedding pose mods focus on your sims wedding ceremony.

These poses will capture everything from the bride’s walk down the aisle with her dad to the best man supporting the groom.

Plus, who can resist that first perfect kiss between the bride and groom?

9. Wedding Day Pose Packs by Starry X Lemontrait

wedding vow exchange poses

What could be better than one stunning pack of sims 4 wedding poses but two packs?

Not only does this collab come with 2 packs of wedding poses, but there are 49 poses to go around.

You’ll find a mix of guest poses (both standing and seated), father-of-the-bride poses, sharing of vows, and more.

The branch and paper accessories are linked on Lemontrait’s download page below.

10. Wedding CC Poses for Sims 4 by KatVerseCC

wedding portrait poses

While these poses are technically for your sims prom night, there are also ideal for wedding poses.

These poses can be used on your sims bride and groom or their guests enjoying the party.

There are 5 poses to try, and if using the chair pose, you’ll need to set 2 teleporters in the center of the chair.

11. Down The Aisle Wedding Poses by StarrySimsie

wedding walk poses

It all starts with a slow walk down the aisle.

This set of sims 4 wedding poses comes with 7 poses focused on the walk down the aisle.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen or the bride and groom can easily use these poses.

There are solo, and couple poses to choose from.

12. Romantic Sims 4 Wedding Poses by Beto_ae0

loving wedding couple poses

This wedding pose pack is one of my favorites because of its romantic feel.

I love all the up close and personal poses where your sims are entirely focused on each other and celebrating their wedding day.

13. Sims 4 Wedding Couple Poses by SSIAT

tender wedding poses

This wedding pose pack is all about sweet poses of the happy couple.

You’ll find a mix of sweet embraces and your sim being lifted in the air by their partner.

The rose bouquet is linked right under the image collage on the download page.

14. Group Wedding Poses by Atashi77

sims 4 bridal party poses

In this sims 4 wedding pose pack, you find 3 fun group wedding poses between the bridal party.

Watch your sims bride and bridesmaids being mysterious, hiding behind their flower bouquets.

You’ll also find the bride being pampered and the groom being happily lifted in the air.

15. Wedding Ceremony Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

wedding couple hugging pose

Capture your stunning sim bride walking down the aisle and being adored by all her friends and family.

My favorite pose has to be #9, pictured above; the happy couple focused solely on each other.

I also really like the group pose with the bride and groom sharing their first kiss while the wedding party celebrates in the background.

16. Wedding Celebration Poses by Paris Simmer

wedding couple cutting cake pose

Once the ceremony is done, there is nothing better to do than celebrate with some champagne and cake.

This wedding pose pack focused on the celebration part of the night, from the champagne being poured to the cake-cutting event.

You’ll need to grab the knife linked on the download page for the cake-cutting pose.

Unfortunately, the cake piece cc is no longer available, so you’ll have to skip the cake-eating.

17. Wedding Day Pose Pack by Atashi77

reluctant wedding couple poses

Not all weddings go off without a hitch.

This wedding pose pack captures your sims trying to avoid their big day.

You’ll find a pose of the groom being dragged back by the bride and the reverse of the groom carrying his bride toward the altar.

This pose pack offers a fun twist on classic wedding poses.

There are 4 couple poses, 2 poses for groups of four, and 2 poses for groups of 5 sims.

18. Wedding Poses With Horse by Paris Simmer

couple posing by horse

Are your sims more into the countryside and have a love for animals?

These sims 4 wedding poses included some adorable poses for your couple to share with their favorite pet horse.

There are also a couple of seated wedding poses, for a total of 6 poses in total.

19. Sims 4 Wedding Mod Poses by Atashi77

wedding couple & flower girl poses

This pack of wedding poses is another all-around set.

You’ll find poses for the flower girl and her companion and the bridesmaids and the happy couple.

There are 11 poses in total;

  • 2 single poses
  • 2 single kid poses
  • 1 couple poses for your sim toddlers
  • 5 couple poses
  • 1 group pose (4 sims)

20. Bridal Party Pose Pack by lilalmondsim

sims 4 bridal party poses

This wedding pose pack celebrates the bridal party, from the special bridal champagne toast to them posing with their bouquets.

There are 10 poses to try, a mix of couple and group poses.

21. I Do Sims 4 Wedding Poses by Pasos Grandes

bride & groom dancing pose

This wedding pose pack is another of my favorites.

These poses are simple and elegant candid snapshots of your sim couple enjoying their wedding reception.

It’s the perfect pose pack to capture tender, loving moments between your sim bride and groom.

22. Photography Wedding Poses by Loulicorn

sims 4 wedding day poses

This sims 4 wedding pose pack is perfect for portrait-like snapshots between the bride and groom and family members.

You’ll find poses of the bride sharing a hug with her father or the bride being dipped by the groom for a sweet kiss on the neck.

23. Wedding Dance Poses by SamsSims

sim bride and groom slow dancing

Let the happy couple enjoy their first slow dance and snapshot some stunning pics to frame for their home.

These sweet poses focus on your sims dancing away while gazing into each other’s eyes or resting against each other in a loving embrace.

24. Vampire Sims 4 Wedding Poses by Beto_ae0

vampire wedding pose pack

I decided to include these vampire wedding poses because they can be used for your vamps or human sims.

While most of the vampire wedding poses include filled cups, who’s to say what is inside the cups, wine or blood 😉

There are 6 poses to try out!

Sims 4 Wedding Poses Recap

With sims 4 wedding poses, you can snapshot your sim’s special moments.

From the bride getting dressed to the groom hanging with his groomsmen, no moment should be left out.

If you have any other wedding pose suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this post for later!

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23+ Sims 4 Wedding Poses: Aisle, Ceremony, Bridal Party

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