31+ Top Sims 4 Male Poses: Snap The Perfect Shots

Use this collection of sims 4 male poses to take screenshots of your sim’s best moments.

sims 4 male poses collage

Poses are a fun part of the sims 4 gaming experience, especially if you love keeping keepsakes of your sims.

There are so many different poses, from family poses to selfie poses, but today we will focus on sims 4 male poses.

We’ve combined a mix of single and group male poses, including poses with cars and other accessories.

Once you are done here, you can also check out some of our other poses lists.

I’ll put some here and others at the bottom of this post for you;

Manly Sims 4 Male Poses

Most of the selfie poses in this list are for in-game use, although there are some CAS and gallery poses.

To use these male poses, you will need the following two mods;

You can review our poses guide if you need more information on how to get started.

1. Little Love Male Poses by Couquett

male sim posing with a toddler

Snap some family pics of your male sim and his mini-mes with this 5 piece pose pack.

You find 5 male and 5 toddler poses, making up five adorable group poses to capture that special relationship between father and child.

2. Relaxed Sims 4 Male Poses by KatVerse

casual sitting male poses

This sims 4 male pose pack captures your male sims relaxing in a chair, perhaps waiting for their date.

The pack comes with 5 seated poses and an all-in-one option.

To use these poses, you’ll need to place the teleporter in the middle of the chair.

3. Flex On Em’ Posepack by Afrosimtric Simmer

hp male pose pack

This sims 4 male pose pack includes 40 poses to try out.

You will find a mix of hip and casual male poses and some poses that include cars.

The creator has also included some pictures to help guide you in correctly placing the teleporter for the car poses.

4. Rival Sims 4 Male Poses by SSIAT

male sims posing while preparing to fight

This pack of rival male poses is a fun twist on the standard, friendly poses we typically see.

There are 6 options included in this pose pack, from a head-to-head standoff to a hands-on pushback.

5. Group Model Poses For Sims 4 by Ratboysims

male group pose

These sims 4 male poses were intended to be bro-esque poses, as the creator calls them.

There are four group poses for 3 of your sims to share.

While this post is for male poses, you can still use this pose pack for your female sims.

I particularly like the back-sitting pose between friends, it’s more on the unique side, and I haven’t seen another like it.

6. Male Model Pose Pack by StarrySimsie

male sim posing in red chair

Snap your favorite model pics with this sims 4 male posepack.

There are 10 male poses, 7 solo poses, and 3 that require the use of a chair.

There is a nice mix, from your sim kneeling to striking a pose while standing.

You will even find a Michael Jackson-inspired pose, where your sim poses on his tiptoes.

7. Oh Boy Sims 4 Posepack by Mel Bennett

collage of casual male poses

This 6-piece male pose pack seems inspired by males relaxing and chilling at home.

These poses are an interesting mix, from yawning to eating a slice of pizza.

Depending on the poses you want to use, you will need to grab the pizza and tongue custom content linked on the download page.

8. Sims 4 Pose Pack for Males by BULTAE

male sim sitting crossed leg on the floor

This random pose pack comes with 4 single, and 2 couple poses for adults.

Most of the poses give off a relaxed, casual feel.

You can snap the perfect picture in your favorite Ferrari.

9. Sexy Sims 4 Male Poses by KatVerse

men casually posing on tree

These model-like male poses bring the heat, especially if you capture these pics with a shirtless sim, just as above.

This pack includes 5 in-game poses and is centered on your male sims posing against an Elm Tree.

You will need to set the teleporter in the middle of the tree.

10. Male Trio Posepack by Pasos Grandes

3 male sims posing together

This male posepack gives me a mix of Magic Mike and male model vibes.

Each pose is for a trio of your male sims.

There are two accessories to grab; the door and rack are linked on the download page.

11. Sims 4 Male Gym Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

male sim lifting weights

Capture your male sims in all their gym workout glory.

This pose pack is all about the gym and exercising.

This pack includes poses with dumbells, a punching bag, the classic gym selfie, and more.

There are a few accessories to download; the URLs are all listed on the Description tab.

12. Bro Posepack for Sims 4 by Couquett

collage of male couple poses

Here we have another male group posepack which includes 5 different poses.

These are super casual poses between friends, hanging around together and having fun.

For the teleporter, you will need to place two of them in the same spot.

13. Suave Sims 4 Male Poses by Katverse

sexy male pose pack

These sims 4 male poses capture your sims in their elements.

The poses look great combined with a suit, especially the hand-to-shirt cuffs pose.

You can use these poses in-game or in CAS.

If you use these male poses in CAS, they will replace the Hot-headed trait.

14. Friendship Sims 4 Male Poses by SSIAT

everyday male poses

Friendship is in the air with this sims 4 male pose pack.

Capture some casual and fun moments between friends just hanging out and being quirky.

There are 7 male poses to try out, each including two of your favorite sims.

15. Lounging Sims 4 Male Poses by Couquett

male sims posing in the sand

This in-game male pose pack is ideal for taking screenshots of your sims enjoying the outdoors.

All the casual lounging on the ground makes these the perfect summer beach poses.

The marble coffee table used in these poses is linked on the Required tab.

16. Mixed Sims 4 Male Pose Pack by Beto_ae0

male sims posing at bar and on a chair

From lounging poolside with a good book to enjoying a glass of champagne, your sims can enjoy them all with this mixed pose pack.

As the pose pack title described, this set is a random collection of hanging out, and selfie poses.

Pick your favorites and snap some great pics.

17. Gentelman Poses for Sims 4 by AKUIYUMI

genleman male pose collage

Well, as the title entails, these male poses are gentleman-inspired.

There are 20 male poses in this pack, which are focused on your sim standing while gesturing with his hands or holding a pose.

18. Motorcycle Male Pose Pack by StarrySimsie

pose of male sim working on a motorcycle

Is your sim a hard-working mechanic?

This male pose pack includes 7 single poses for your male mechanics.

The download files come with the wrench accessory, which you will find in the hat section.

These poses are also made to go with a specific motorcycle by Breeze Motors, which you will find linked on the download page.

19. Sims 4 Model Male Poses by KatVerse

collage of casual male model poses

Capture casual poses or create some intrigue with this 5 piece pose pack.

These are in-game poses, and there is also an all-in-one option.

You’ll need to set the teleporter in the middle of the barstool.

The barstool is the Groovy Times Bar Stool and is within the base game.

20. Male Boxing Poses by Pasos Grandes

male sim kickboxing

Not everyone is into the same gym exercises, so this boxing pose pack was a nice option.

From punches to high kicks, you male sim can be the UFC champion he always dreamed of.

There is a nice mix of athletic kickboxing poses and some more model-like options for 14 poses in total.

21. Sims 4 Male Mood Posepack by Couquett

male and couple pose pack

These sims 4 male poses are an eclectic mix of styles.

From bro-like poses to almost theatrical options, this pack has 8 in-game poses to try.

22. Sitting Up Male Poses by StarrySimsie

male sim posing on the bed

In this sitting-up posepack, you’ll find 12 male poses ready to capture your sim lounging around.

From listening to music or texting on his phone, there are a variety of at-home everyday poses.

The specific iPhone is also linked on the download page.

23. Casual Sims 4 Male Poses by KatVerse

male sim posing in a street

Since you can never have enough male poses, you can have 5 more with this pack.

This set includes 5 solo male poses, basically of your sims trying to look hip.

You can use these poses in-game or in CAS. For CAS, they replace the Hot-headed trait.

24. Attention Male Poses for Sims 4 by Beto_ae0

male sims relaxing on chairs and motorcycle

This male set reminds me of the posepack listed at #16 above since it contains a fun mix of poses.

From lounging around to sipping their favorite Starbies drink, there is a pose to remember it all.

The motorcycle, cup, and drinks custom content are listed on the Description tab.

25. Sims 4 Male Gallery Poses by juumpo45

male gallery poses

Although we have a whole post on gallery poses, I wanted to include at least one set here.

This male gallery pose pack consists of 6 poses of your male sim, essentially trying to look good for the camera.

Whether a newbie model or not, these poses catch your sim at his best angles.

26. Sims 4 Male Cowboy Poses by Pasos Grandes

male sim posing with cowboy hat

We can all do with a little country in our lives, and this cowboy-inspired pose set will make you blush.

From classic model poses to some more seductive options, this posepack is ideal when combined with a desert-like background.

You will need to use a counter for two of the poses; the counter cc is linked on the download page.

27. Winter Instaboy Male Poses by Mel Bennett

collage of male sporty poses

Since we already included a couple of gym-inspired pose packs, we couldn’t leave out winter sports.

These poses included options for snowboarding and skiing, plus just hanging around ready for some Instagram shots.

There are 6 poses in total, and all the necessary accessories are linked on the download page.

28. Male Pose Mods for Sims 4 by SONECHKO

collage male sim posing while standing

This collection has a great selection of male poses for your sims.

There are 20 poses, which are mostly standing ones, with a few that are sitting.

Your sims will do many arm gestures, making each pose look unique and fresh.

29. BikeMan Male Poses by The Brennts

collage male sim in suit on bike

If you’re a fan of men on motorcycles, you’ll love this set of four poses for your male sims.

Two of these poses show your sims on the bike, while the other two show them leaning on it.

To use these manly poses, you’ll need the motorcycle, which is provided on the pose’s page.

30. Male Poses 12 Posepack by HelgaTisha

collage male sim in black posing

This pose pack offers 18 stylish poses for your male sims.

Each pose is paired with a similar but alternate version of that same pose so when you pick a pose, your sims will rotate between the two.

You can also pick the All-in-one pose, which will make your sims cycle through all the poses.

31. Men Poses Set for Sims 4 by Hippy70

male sims standing and sitting in room

This set of eight sims 4 male poses, offers various sitting, standing, and leaning poses.

In this pack, you get:

  • One pose where your sims lean back against a wall
  • Two seated poses on a couch or chair
  • Two seated poses on the floor
  • Three standing poses

32. Candid Guy Poses by Atashi77

collage male sim doing standing poses

If you want casual male poses, this set of eight is worth a look.

Most of these poses are of your sim standing while being either pensive, with arms crossed, or with his hands in his pockets, to name a few.

There is one pose where your sim casually sits on the floor with his knee up.

Overall, this set provides a good selection for your adult male sims.

These poses are available for both in-game and the CAS screen.

Sims 4 Male Poses: Final Thoughts

These sims 4 male poses let you snapshot your male sims while they enjoy all their favorite activities.

Whether lounging around on the bed or snapping selfies at the gym, there is a posepack for everyone to try.

If you have any suggestions or come across any dead links, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to save and pin this post for later!

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