23+ Sims 4 Aspiration Mods: Scientist, Creativity & More

Do you want your sims to have more dreams and ambitions?

With sims 4 aspiration mods, your sims can reach for the sky.

sims 4 aspiration mods collage

While every sim has its unique look and traits, is that all?

Surely, our sims should have ambitions and a purpose in life?

The in-game aspiration system was made to add more fun and challenges by adding tasks and life goals.

Plus, your sims can earn cool rewards by giving them objectives to achieve.

Some of our favorite mod creators have created sims 4 aspiration mods to keep the game fresh.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest mods (keep in mind that some of them do require some extra packs)

Must-Have Sims 4 Aspiration Mods

I’ve rounded up this list of sims 4 aspiration mods that’ll bring more fun to your game.

With more things to do and rewards to earn, things just got better.

1. Scientist Aspiration for Sims 4 by Simularity

cas description scientist aspiration

This aspiration mod requires the Get To Work expansion pack.

If your sims are bright and intelligent, get this aspiration mod.

Clearing the aspiration goals will grant the Super Genius trait.

Overall, your sims learn mental skills 2x faster than other sims.

With this trait, your sim will be more intelligent and confident around others, granting a Confident +2 buff.

Plus, with the Focus +6 buff, you can expect your sim to have bursts of extra focus to complete specific tasks like studying.

2. Social Media Aspiration Mod by Kiarasims4mods

aspiration menu for social media star

This aspiration mod requires the Sims 4: City Living and Get Famous expansion packs.

This sims 4 aspiration mod will provide social media-related goals, such as uploading videos and gaining followers.

Clearing these aspiration goals will earn your sim some simoleons and the Unstoppable Fame trait.

With this trait on hand, your sim’s fame won’t fade, staying popular forever.

3. Vetenarian Aspiration Mod by Ilkavelle

sim veterinarian examining dog in clinic

This aspiration mod requires the Sims 4: Cat & Dogs expansion pack.

This fun aspiration lets your vet become the Doctor Dolittle of the Sims 4 world.

After your vet has cleared all four main objectives, this sims 4 custom aspiration mod will award them a wonderful trait.

The Supervet trait unlocks the Let Go of Fears interaction to banish pet fears forever (unafraid pets, you can’t beat that).

4. Home-Cooking Aspiration for Sims 4 by Marlynsims

aspiration menu for home-cooking

If your sims love to cook, they’ll enjoy going through these sims 4 aspiration mods’ objectives.

You can clear the challenges by reading cookbooks, cooking meals, and improving specific skills.

Completing the Home Cooking Enthusiast aspiration will reward your sim with the Fresh Chef trait.

The perks of this newly acquired trait are that your sim’s food will never spoil, and they will always prepare top-notch quality food.

5. Teen Aspirations Bundle by Ilkavelle

collage sim teen doing activities

Give your teen sims new goals with this pack, including four new sims 4 custom aspirations.

Clear these tasks to earn awesome character traits.

The new aspirations for teens are:

  • Prom Royalty – To win a trait that gives a boost in social skills
  • Overachiever – To gain a trait that gives a bonus for learning skills and boosts work performance
  • Towards Independence – The reward is a trait that will help your sim learn skills and grant household funds
  • Teenage Rebellion – The prize trait will enable your teen sim to some new rebellious actions

There are two main files to pick from, the base game and the High School Years file.

You can also select add-on files depending on your other expansion packs.

6. Adventurer Aspiration Mod by Simularity

cas description adventurer aspiration

This mod requires the Island Living, Snowy Escape, Get To Work EP, and the Jungle Adventure GP.

Each objective in the Ultimate Adventurer aspiration is set in different worlds.

These objectives are why you need a variety of expansion packs.

You will acquire the Ultimate Adventurer trait at the end of your sim’s journey.

With this trait, your sims will have a Confident +2 buff reminiscing about their past escapades.

After completing the challenge, an Energized +2 buff will take effect.

Your sim will be able to tell the tale with a new social interaction.

Plus, this sims 4 aspiration mod reward grants other perks too.

For example, these bonus perks will grant better career success, and confident buffs will last longer.

7. The Handy Sim Aspiration Pack by Kiarasims4mods

aspiration menu for master handyman

This mod requires the Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack.

Being handy is helpful for your sim, especially when something needs fixing or upgrading.

Going through the aspiration’s objectives will earn you nice rewards such as simoleons and the Handy trait.

The trait is quite practical, allowing your sim to repair or upgrade objects in a jiffy.

8. Aspiration for Pastry Chef by Xbrettface

aspiration menu for pastry chef

Baking and leveling up your sim’s cooking skills are some of the tasks to undertake throughout this challenge.

Once everything is over and done with, you’ll get the World-Renowned Baker trait.

This trait is a 2-in-1 prize combining the rewards from the sims 4 aspiration mods listed at #3 and #5 into one trait.

The famous pastry chef aspiration mod works great with the creator’s Baker Trait mod.

The creator has also included a link to a bakery lot for added fun, adding context to the mix.

9. True Philanthropist Aspiration Mod by Ilkavelle

well dressed sims at classy party

This sims 4 aspiration mod requires the Get Famous EP and Parenthood GP.

If your sims are kind at heart and like to help others, the True Philanthropist aspiration mod is for them.

Completing the four personality goals is rewarding as you gain two traits and fame.

One of these traits is the Community Benefactor trait, which allows your sims to donate any item they want.

They also gain the Compassionate trait, which is already available with the Parenthood GP.

This trait allows your sims to exchange emotions with others, feeling empathetic.

Two versions are available for this sims 4 aspiration mod, so check out the description on the download page.

10. The Living Life Aspiration Mod by Midnitetech

aspiration menu for living life

This custom aspiration mod allows your sims to live their lives to their fullest.

The objectives are all about different aspects of life:

  • The social aspects of life, like work, friends, and dating
  • Self-improvement and daily life events
  • Getting into a serious relationship
  • Family-oriented while thinking about the future aspects

You should see these aspirations as a lifetime investment because you can only complete them slowly.

Your sims will gain the Long-Lived trait, allowing them to live longer and protecting them from potential accidents.

11. Aspiration to Stay Active by Kiarasims4mods

aspiration menu for all-rounder sim

You’ll need the City Living, Get Together, Spa Day EP, and the Fitness stuff pack for this aspiration mod.

The challenges included in this aspiration mod involve participating in sports and activities.

You’ll get some decent simoleons and the High Metabolism trait as a reward.

This aspiration reward trait allows your sims to slow down any weight gain and increase their workout muscle gains.

12. University Life Aspiration by Simularity

cas description university life aspiration

This aspiration mod requires the Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack.

This aspiration is all about the university life experience.

It starts with getting a scholarship and lasts until graduation day.

Your sims will gain the Fond Memories trait by completing all set aspiration goals.

The trait grants various buffs when reminiscing about the good times during university.

These buffs include:

  • Playful +2
  • Focused +2
  • Happy +2
  • Energized +2

You get a different buff depending on what your sims remember in that instance.

If, for example, they recall graduation day, they’ll get the Focused +2 bonus.

13. Perfectly Balanced Aspiration by Ilkavelle

sim woman doing yoga

This aspiration mod requires the Spa Day game pack.

If you want more health-related sims 4 aspiration mods, get this one.

This mod is all about mental health and finding balance, revolving heavily around yoga.

Go through all four health-focused objectives and win the Inner Balance trait.

The rewarded trait allows for three new interactions:

  • Cool down – This removes all moodlets to the person your sims talk to, except for the environmental ones
  • Help to find Zen – To help another sim with a focused moodlet
  • Take a breath and cool down – To rid your sims of moodlets, except for the environment ones.


14. Aspiration Mods Bundle by Snowiii95

aspiration menu for coffee owner

This collection contains six aspiration challenges.

Two of these aspirations are base game compatible, while the others require a specific EP or GP.

The base game aspirations are:

  • Coffee Owner
  • Handy Sim

The pack-specific aspirations are:

  • 100 Baby Challenge – Requires the Parenthood game pack
  • Alien Seeker – Requires the Get to Work EP
  • Photographer – Needs the City Living expansion pack
  • Singer – Must have the City Living and the Get Famous expansion packs installed

Just like previous aspiration challenges, each will grant their own reward.

15. Event Planning Aspiration by Kiarasims4mods

aspiration menu for event planner

To get this aspiration challenge going, you’ll need to pursue an Event Planner career and get the Party Planner trait.

Both mods are from the same creator, and they are both linked on the download page.

After reaching all the milestones, your sims will gain simoleons and the Perfect Host trait.

The trait boosts the success rate of all events thrown by your sims.

To learn more about the Event Planner profession, check out our article on Career Mods.

16. Homemaker Aspiration Mod by Simularity

cas description happy homemaker aspiration

This aspiration mod requires the Get to Work EP and the Parenthood GP.

The aspiration goals for this mod are all about your sims improving their skill set.

They will need to work on specific skills related to the kitchen, the house, and the kids.

The reward is the Happy Homemaker Ever After trait.

The perk to this trait is that your sims will get the Domestic Bliss moodlet, which grants a Happy +6 buff.

17. Eco-Friendly Sims Aspiration by Ilkavelle

aspiration menu for environmentalist

This aspiration mod requires the Sims 4: Island Living expansion pack.

For this aspiration, your sims must pursue a career in Conservationism.

By taking on tasks close to nature and maxing out your sims’ career, they will reap the spoils of their work.

The spoils are the Super Green Thumb trait, which makes everything your sim grow livelier and healthier.

This trait is handy for sims that grow their produce.

18. Creativity Aspiration Mod by Marlynsims

aspiration menu for woodworker

The woodworker aspiration mod is perfect for crafty sims.

From building a simple piece of furniture to selling sculptures for good money, your sims’ handiness skill has no bounds.

After completing the 3rd milestone, your sims will receive the Marketable trait.

That trait is usually available at the satisfaction reward store for 1,500 reward points.

At the end of this challenge, your sims’ handiness skill will have reached its peak and have gained the Carpenter trait.

With the help of this trait, your sims will learn mental skills faster by 40%.

19. Travel & Cultural Aspiration Mod by Kiarasims4mods

aspiration menu for travel and culture

This aspiration mod requires the Sims 4: Get Together, Island Living EP & Jungle Adventure GP.

This sims 4 aspiration mod is for those who want to travel and explore the world.

By tackling this aspiration challenge, your sims will need to travel to Selvadorada and learn about its culture.

After completing the four aspiration milestones, your sims will be rewarded the Treasure Hunter trait and some simoleons.

The trait will help your sims find valuable treasures and priceless relics along their way.

20. Own Business Aspiration by Ilkavelle

aspiration menu for business owner

This aspiration mod requires the Get to Work EP, Dine Out GP, or Cats & Dogs expansion pack.

For business-oriented sims 4 aspiration mods, you can get the My Own Business mod pack.

The challenge is about starting and growing a business by getting more clients, staff, and revenue.

The required expansion pack depends on the type of business you want your sims to open:

  • Get to Work – For opening a retail store
  • Dine Out – For a restaurant
  • Cats & Dogs – For a veterinarian clinic

Getting your business up and running will give you the Startup Funding Program trait.

The trait grants your sims access to funding when starting a new business to give it a better head start.

21. Aspiration for Mad Science Mod by Simularity

cas description mad scientist aspiration

This aspiration mod requires the Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack.

The concept of this mod is having your sims pursue a career in Science.

They’ll be tasked to build and use objects and devices against other sims as they progress.

Completing these tasks will award them with the Mad Genius trait.

With this prize, sims are faster to learn mental skills, and your sims will get an occasional Focus +6 buff.

22. Lifetime Sims 4 Aspiration Mods by NeedCoffee4That

aspiration menu for undercover agent

Ky-e, a former modder, originally created this mod, and NeedCoffee4That now maintains it.

The Lifetime Aspirations mod changes the way the system works for each aspiration.

It’ll replace the typical four goals with a singular one that’ll take your sims a lifetime to complete.

Having one goal per aspiration makes satisfaction points hard to gain, impeding purchases at the reward store.

To fix that issue, the creator added about 38 new sims 4 aspiration mods to keep the game challenging and fun.

When downloading the mod, each file corresponds to an EA pack.

So you’ll need to install only the files of packs you own.

23. Quality of Life Aspiration Mod by Kiarasims4mods

aspiration menu for quality life

To complete all the aspiration goals, you’ll need the following packs:

  • City Living
  • Discover University
  • Get Together
  • Island Living
  • Parenthood
  • Spa Day

Ok, so this aspiration mod does require multiple packs, but we still wanted to include it.

The main objectives for this custom aspiration pack are all about happiness in all shapes and forms.

Completing the aspiration goals will award you some simoleons and the Long-Lived trait.

This reward trait is the same reward as listed in #10.

As a refresher, your sims will live longer, and the trait will make them immune from having accidents.

24. Aspiration Mods Mega Pack by Snowiii95

aspiration menu for jack of all trades

You get a load of new sims 4 aspiration mods in this collection.

There are many base game-compatible aspirations, along with some pack-bound ones too.

They cover everything from aspirations for a gold digger to culinary librarian aspirations.

It’s definitely a must-have for those looking for new content in terms of aspirations.

Sims 4 Aspiration Mods Recap

With this sims 4 aspirations mods, you can earn some exciting traits and bonus perks to improve your gameplay.

We hope you’ve found the perfect aspirations for your sims for some extra fun and challenges.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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