15+ Sims 4 Cottage Houses: A Simple Way Of Living

Is your sim household looking to move?

Check out these sims 4 cottage houses and find your sims’ next home.

sims 4 cottage houses collage

Like in real life, finding a new home is not always easy.

It’s all relative to your household’s size, needs, and budget.

Sometimes, going for something simple is the way to go, which is where sims 4 cottage house come along.

And if your sims need a bigger home but don’t have the simoleons, they can still snag that perfect house using real estate cheats.

We’ve also have put together a great list of Sims 4 Horse Ranch Builds which include some great cottage style-homes.

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Cozyiest Sims 4 Cottage Houses

Going through this list of sims 4 cottage houses, you’ll find the perfect dream home for your household.

There’s everything from small remote houses in the woods to a two-story cottage in the suburbs.

1. Sims 4 Cottage Houses by Lhonna

simple brick cottage home

This cute simple, base game-friendly cottage would make an ideal home for a sims couple.

The little cottage house is fully furnished and features an open-concept kitchen and living areas.

It has one bedroom, one bath and comes with a pool.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

2. Sims 4 Rustic Cottage by Chrissie’s Corner Builds

wooden cottage house during fall

This sims 4 cottage house looks great as a remote location home.

It would be ideal for foresty regions like Mt. Komorebi or Copperdale.

It’s a two-bed, one-bath house that’ll fit a family of two or three.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

3. Sims 4 Cozy Cottage House by Flubs79

cottage house wooden pagoda car port

Considering its small lot size, this cozy two-story cottage home has a lot to offer.

It’s a one-bed, one-bath, with a main living and dining room area and an enclosed kitchen.

On the outside, it has a cute pergola-style carport and a small front-yard pool.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

4. Tiny Cottage House in Sims 4 by SIMSBYLINEA

tiny cottage with colorful flowers

If you’re looking for tiny sims 4 cottage houses, here’s a good option to consider.

This small cottage combines the living, dining, kitchen, study nook, and bedroom into a one-story floor plan.

There is a small enclosed washroom just off the kitchen.

If your sims enjoy flowers, they’ll love the outside of this house.

It’s surrounded by beautiful flowers that’ll fill up their yard.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

5. White Daisies Cottage Home by FarynGal

cottage home with white daisies

If you have a larger household, you’ll want this two-story, three-bedroom, and two-bath cottage house.

There are two bedrooms and one bathroom on the main floor, while the rest are on the second floor.

This lovely home is surrounded by white daisies, and it would be perfect as a cottagecore house.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

6. Huge Cottage House for Sims 4 by CatSaar

old cottage home climbing plants

You’ll love this beautiful brick home with a European feel.

The huge cottage house offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a writer’s office.

It also has plenty more room for your family to live and grow.

The lot contains a lot of greenery; shrubs, climbing plants, a garden, and a greenhouse.

The inclusion of a bonus building on the lot can serve as a studio or guesthouse.

Lot size requirement: 40 x 30

7. Cassatt Sims 4 Cottage House by Suanin

cottage house with front porch

This cottage home is big enough for a larger household and will fit right in with the neighborhood.

The fully-furnished house has three bedrooms and four bathrooms spread across two floors.

On the outside, the house has a front porch, and the back has one on each floor.

It has a lot of room for your sims to live comfortably and peacefully for years to come.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

8. Cordelia’s Secret Cottage by Simmer_Adelaina

cottage house in woods with garden

This cozy sims 4 cottage house has a lot of charm.

It would make an ideal home for a sim living alone or as a couple.

The house has one bed, one bath, a small living area, and a combined kitchen and dining room.

For minimalistic sims, this house is all they need.

Plus, we can’t forget the chicken coop, animal shed, and plants included with this cottage home.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

9. Belle’s Cottage for Sims 4 by Nobody1392

belle inspired cottage house

If you’re a fan of The Beauty and the Beast, you’ll want this recreation of Belle’s house.

This 3-story cottage has two beds and one bath, and it comes fully furnished.

This cottage has all the same charm as the movie’s but this time for your sims.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

10. Sims 4 Starter Cottage House by ALGbuilds

blue suburban cottage house

I love the design of this small cottage that will make a great starter home for your sims.

It has one bed and two baths and also has a basement.

There’s a front porch that loops around the side and a greenhouse on the lot.

The full-size windows in the dining area add a nice touch to this lovely home.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

11. Small Cottage House by JanisaSims

stone cottage house with red wood sidings

If you need more sims 4 cottage houses for smaller households, this home is perfect.

It comes fully furnished, and it’s entirely base-game-friendly.

The cottage is a single-floor house that has two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The kitchen and dinette are together, divided from the living room and secondary dining area.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

12. Sims 4 Two-Story Cottage House by Ginkgovio

two story cottage in countryside

This huge brick home with pink wooden shutters would make an ideal home for elder sims with a green thumb.

The interior is quite dated decoration-wise, making it a better fit for elder sims.

The outside has gorgeous greenery throughout, and it also includes a garden.

As for this sims 4 cottage house’s layout, it has two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

A third bathroom is also located on the main floor.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

13. Cottage in the Trees by SIMSBYLINEA

cottage in the trees

Are you looking for sims 4 cottage houses that are unique in design?

This cottage in the trees is different from your typical home, which makes it a must-have.

It’s a small single-story with one bedroom and one bath.

The bathroom is located in a separate building on the lower portion of this ‘treehouse’.

It would also fit nicely in the Henford-on-Bagley world from The Sims 4: Cottage Living.

Overall, it’s a cute home with lots of charm, especially with the way it’s furnished.

Lot size requirement: 30 x 20

14. Sims 4 Base Game Cottage House by Chrissie’s Corner Builds

two story cottage home with brick fence

This sims 4 cottage house is an excellent choice for anyone that doesn’t have additional packs installed.

It was made entirely using base game content only, and its size makes it a good option for a larger household.

It’s a two-story cottage house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

If your sim family outgrew their previous home, this cottage house would be the perfect upgrade.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

15. Sims 4 Cottage House by Simmer_Adelaina

cottage house with stone fence

Another option for sims 4 cottage houses is this two-story house.

It’s a small closed-concept home with two bedrooms and one bath.

It has a lovely front and back stone porch.

The house requires a lot of space for its size requirement, so I’d recommend putting it on larger lots.

The sims 4 cottage house would make a perfect cottagecore home with its old and rustic style.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 15

16. Briar Cottage House for Sims 4 by SimPickens

small cottage home in woods

If you want more ideas of small sims 4 cottage houses, this charming house is the definition of small and cozy.

It’s a tiny one-bed, one-bath with only one main room for the entire house apart from the bathroom.

This sims 4 cottage house is so small it only takes up 1/4 of the lot’s requirement.

The rest of the lot is the yard covered in stone slabs with potted plants, a firepit, and even a garden.

Lot size requirement: 20 x 20

Sims 4 Cottage Houses: Final Thoughts

Depending on your sims’ household size, this list of sims 4 cottage houses has one for each size.

There are tiny cottage houses for single sims to bigger two-story cottages for larger families.

We hope you found one or more houses that’ll be your household’s next potential home.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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sims 4 cottage houses collage

15+ Sims 4 Cottage Houses: A Simple Way Of Living

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