21+ Sims 4 Crop Tops: Unlock the Cutest Tops Now

Display a little extra skin with this collection of sims 4 crop tops.

sims 4 crop tops cpllage

When it comes to custom content clothing, crop tops are some of my favorite pieces.

You can pick a crop top that’s the outfit’s focal point or opt for something more casual to let your sims skirt, shorts or pants take center stage.

And since we love crop tops, we rounded up a mix set of short-sleeve, long-sleeve, casual, sexy, and even netted crop tops too.

Now let’s go cc shopping.

Trendy Sims 4 Crop Tops

Below, we’ve included some casual and dressy crop tops for your sims and some male crop top options.

1. Crop Top & Skirt Set by Blue Craving

tight crop top and skirt set

This two-piece custom content set includes a spaghetti strap spandex-like crop top and matching skintight shirt.

The crop top comes in 16 shades, while the shirt has 20 swatches to try out.

2. Floral Sims 4 Crop Tops by Black Lily

long sleeve floral crop tops

This long-sleeve crop top looks super cute with skirts and skinny jeans, and these floral tops easily add some charm to any outfit.

These crop tops come in 22 swatches, each with a different color and flower size.

3. Sims 4 Accessory Crop Top by Trillyke

collage of cropped accessory top

Our sims can all do with extra accessory pieces; this crop top is no exception.

Pair your new accessory crop top under dresses or shirts; this design comes in 10 solid color swatches.

You will find this crop top under the Gloves section.

4. Crop Top & Skirt Set by JujuAwesomeBeans

female sim wearing a floral crop top and skirt

This small custom content set comes with two pieces: a capped-sleeve cotton crop top and a matching asymmetrical skirt.

This set is perfect for spring and summer and comes in 14 patterns, including flowers, hearts, and polka dot options.

5. Sims 4 Sweater Crop Top by Laupipi

cropped sweater tops

What’s better at the start of Autumn than a cozy cropped sweater?

These cropped sweaters come in a beautiful autumn color palette, which includes 14 swatches.

You can wear this sweater casually with jeans, a dress, or a skirt.

6. Hooded Crop Top for Males by Beto_ae0

male sims wearing hooded cropped sweaters

These sims 4 crop tops are perfect for your male sims who enjoy showing off their abs.

This crop top is a sweater with a hood and comes in 16 different swatches.

The swatches include multiple solid colors, a few Star Wars options, two bands, and one anime character.

7. Sims 4 Casual Crop Top Set by Miiko

casual sporty crop tops

Do your sims love loungewear or sportswear?

This energy set can work for an active sim on the go or for those who prefer just hanging around the house.

The pack includes a cropped long-sleeve top, thigh-length biker shorts, and a comfy oversized hoodie.

Each custom content piece comes in 13 swatches, including a mix of solid and pattern options.

8. T-Shirt Crop Tops for Sims 4 by Saliwa

black crop tops with graphics

Since I am a massive fan of black-on-black clothing looks, these sims 4 crop tops are some of my favorites.

These crop tops have nice flowy sleeves and pair great with sports shorts, leggings, or jeans.

There are two swatches for these tops: the Chill Out and Vacation options.

9. Sims 4 Tee Shirt Crop Tops by Blue Craving

casual crop tops

Need some more tee shirt options for your sims closet?

This set of sims 4 crop tops offers two cropped tee shirt styles.

The first style is a classic cropped tee, while the second design is shorter, displaying the bralette underneath.

Both crop tops come in 20 shades.

10. Off-Shoulder Crop Top by Black Lily

off the shoulder crop tops

This long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder crop top is perfect for the spring and fall seasons when the weather is between hot and cold.

There are 18 solid color swatches, making quick work of matching the top with your favorite shorts or jeans.

11. Sims 4 Corset Crop Tops by LuxySims

female sims wearing camisole cropped style tops

This corset-style sims 4 crop top is casual and sexy and will look amazing with a sleek pair of pants or sporty shorts.

The top comes in 12 swatches, including staple colors (black, white, grey) and some spring colors, like browns, taupe, and beige.

12. Sims 4 Cropped Ruffle Top by Casteru

casual plaid ruffle crop top

Pair your favorite summer skirt with this sweet, cropped ruffle top.

The top has a fitted bust and flares with a classic peplum waist.

This adorable strappy crop top comes in 40 swatches, including 20 solids and 20 plaid color options.

13. Cut Out Crop Tops CC by TwistedCat

sporty cut out crop tops

These sims 4 crop tops are sleek and casual at once and remind me of Skims clothing pieces.

The crop tops come in both a long-sleeve and short-sleeve version, and both have 19 colors, including classic basics and brighter color swatches.

14. Lace Sims 4 Crop Tops by Miiko

female sims wearing lace crop tops

Add a touch of lace to your sims outfits with these beautiful sims 4 crop tops.

These lace crop tops are perfect for the summer season, and aside from the pretty lace, the wavy trim at the base of the top adds another lovely detail.

The top comes in 12 swatches, as seen above, with plenty of classic lace colors and deeper color options.

15. Crop Top Sweater for Sims 4 by Black Lily

long sleeve t-shirt crop tops

These long-sleeve tee shirts are another great casual crop top option for everyday wear.

The crop top comes in 3 swatches: the Sprite, Garfield, and Sunset.

Pair these tees with your sims favorite jeans skirts or shorts for a casual summer look.

16. Sporty Accessory Crop Top by DarkNightTt

cropped off the shoulder tops

Have a sporty sim?

This accessory off-the-shoulder cropped sweater is the perfect addition to any active sims wardrobe.

Pair this long-sleeved crop sweater on top of your favorite tank top, and it comes in 15 solid swatches.

17. Male Cut-Out Crop Top by Wistful Castle

male sim wearing a camo crop top

This sims 4 male crop top is a great stylish option for the modern male sims in your household.

The long-sleeve crop top has plenty of cut-outs and will go great with baggy jeans or leather pants.

The crop top comes in 15 solids except for the camo, and each swatch has white stitching.

18. Sims 4 Basics Crop Tops by Saliwa

skin tights crop tops

Since everyone can do with classic white and black staples, I was happy to find this set of skintight, sexy crop tops.

These crop tops will accentuate your sims bust, showing cleavage, and look great with skirts, jean shorts, sportswear, or pants.

19. Cropped T-Shirt Crop Tops by Black Lily

casual t-shirt crop tops

These short-sleeve tee-shirt crop tops come in 22 swatches, ideal for everyday casual wear.

The options include solid colors, striped tees, and a few graphics to change things up based on your sims mood that day.

20. Male Mesh Crop Top by Plumbobs n Fries

netted male crop tops

If your male sims are ready to hit the bar or club, they love these netted crop tops.

These crop tops come in 14 swatches, which include netting of different sizes and color options.

21. Lace Off-Shoulder Crop Top by MysteriousOo

off the shoulder lace crop tops

If you like off-the-shoulder style tops, you will love the mash-up with lace.

With the lace component, these crop tops can be dressy or casual and look great with a skirt or pants.

There are 10 solid swatches to try out.

22. Night Out Crop Tops by Black Lily

club wear crop tops

These Sims 4 crop tops are perfect for a girl’s night out or party.

The tops have a structured bust and crop mid-waist, plus they come in 14 swatches, including 10 solids and 4 checkered swatches.

23. Sims 4 Men’s Crop Top by Amythesailor

large cut-out male crop top

This men’s sims 4 crop top has a large cut-out, leaving your sims chests fully exposed while their upper chests and arms remain covered.

Given the style of this crop top, it will look best styled with leather or baggy pants.

These crop tops come in 16 solid color swatches and 9 triple-color patterns.

Sims 4 Crop Tops: Final Thoughts

With this collection of sims 4 crop tops, we hope you found some new favorites to add to your mods folder.

Try out a few crop top cc options to find the perfect fit for each sim in your household.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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