25+ Sims 4 Easter CC: Clothing, Decor & Bunny Objects

Get your sims ready for the Easter holiday with this Sims 4 Easter CC collection.

sims 4 easter cc collage

With Easter approaching, I thought it was the perfect time to round up some amazing Easter custom content creations.

And since Easter falls around the spring season, it is natural for many Easter designs to feature flowers and light spring colors.

From floral clothing designs, bunny outfits, Easter wreaths, clutter pieces, and plenty of home decorations, there’s Easter cc for it all.

Happy spring shopping!

Sims 4 Easter CC

Below, you will find a mix of Easter clothing for your sim families, home decor pieces, and even a little something for your sim pets.

1. Infant Bunny Onesie by MahoCreations

toddler in a bunny design onesie

Starting strong, we have this adorable bunny onesie clothing piece for your sim infants.

With its adorable bunny ear hoodie and carrot popping out of the front pocket, this onesie is the perfect festive outfit for your little ones.

Plus, this onesie comes in 32 swatches.

2. Animal Crossing Easter Set by Simdertalia

easter decorations

This sims 4 easter cc comes with 17 holiday themed pieces to decorate the inside and outside of your sim’s home.

The set includes the following objects;

  • Egg arch
  • Easter baskets
  • A garden flag
  • Easter eggs
  • Topiary Bunny
  • Easter balloons

3. Bunny Ears Hat for Pets by Around the Sims 4

sim pets with bunny ears

Let your pets join the Easter holiday with these adorable bunny ears, which come in 10 swatches.

The bunny ears hat is available for your sim cats and dogs (both small and large) and your favorite friendly raccoon.

4. Toddler Easter Overalls by Pelineldis 

toddler in overalls

What’s more practical than a pair of overalls for your toddlers to run around during the Easter festivities?

These adorable overalls come in 5 Easter-themed swatches, which are a good fit for your girl and boy toddlers.

5. Easter Alice Dress CC by Deetronsims

female sim wearing dress with bunnies

This sleeveless dress is one of my new favorites; it seems like the perfect outfit for an Easter Sunday brunch or garden party.

The dress comes in 30 swatches but I especially love the adorable swatch with the jumping bunnies through the flowers.

6. Spring Fling Stuff Pack by Nolan-sims, Deetron-sims, Riice & Pixielated

sims dressed for spring and Easter

This older spring custom content pack has many great spring pieces for your sims.

The pack includes hairstyles, clothing, bunny ears, a flower crown, makeup, and bunny whiskers.

You can also decorate your sim’s home with wallpaper, wall paintings, a flower wreath, and more.

7. Easter Clutter Set by Pink Baddie

Easter clutter pieces

We can never have enough clutter cc, and this set comes with 5 new Easter-themed pieces to add to your sim’s kitchen countertops.

The set includes the following clutter;

  • Easter eggs
  • Easter bunnies basket
  • Heart cup
  • Stacked salt & pepper jar
  • Easter bunny closed mug

8. Little Bunny Kidsroom by Severinka_

bedroom with bunny ear bedframes

Create the perfect bunny-themed bedroom for your sim kids with this collection of furniture pieces.

The bunny ears headboard is naturally the bedroom’s focal point and adds such an adorable feel.

You will also have bedding, garlands, an end table, a toy basket, a couple of screens, and a cute bunny clock.

9. Sims 4 Easter Bunny Nails by Sagittariah

bunny nails

In the real world, themed nails are all the rage, allowing people to enjoy the holiday for a few weeks versus a single day.

These adorable Easter bunny nails are so cute, with different-sized bunnies decorating each finger.

The nails are available in 10 colorful swatches.

10. Toddler Easter Chicks Dress by Pelineldis

toddler in dress with chicks

Your toddlers will never look cuter than with these Easter chick print dresses, which include Easter eggs, flowers, and heart prints.

There are 5 swatches in total, each sweeter than the last.

11. Easter Outfit For Children by Aldaria

sim kids dressed for Easter

This outfit requires the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

This casual kids’ outfit is ideal for an Easter hunt in the park and comes in one swatch.

The outfit includes the t-shirt with the Easter bunny on the front, rolled dark blue jeans, and a purple sweater wrapped around the waist.

Just add some sneakers to complete the outfit.

12. Spring Fling Dress CC by JujuAwesomeBeans

sim wearing spring floral dress

Easter is pretty much synonymous with spring and floral dresses.

This Spring Fling dress has slight puff elbow-length sleeves and falls below the knees.

And while the floral swatches are lovely, you can also choose between plaid and solid color options for other events.

13. Male Spring Blazer & Polo by SimmieV

male sims wearing blazers and spring polos

This custom content requires the Get Together EP.

Every male sim deserves a snazzy blazer for Easter brunch or dinner, and this blazer comes with a spring-inspired polo underneath.

There are 8 swatches for the floral polos and each comes with a lightweight denim blazer overtop.

14. Vintage Easter Paintings by PastelStyle

Easter bunny frames

Decorate your sim’s home with this small set of Easter paintings. These paintings will add charm to your sim’s house for the holiday.

The pack includes 3 creations;

  • White framed Easter bunny paintings
  • Canvas Easter paintings
  • A floor Easter painting

15. Mommy & Me Spring Outfits by Streneesims

sims dressed in floral outfits

These mommy & me outfits are ideal for Easter and Mother’s Day and will have your sim families looking perfectly matchy.

There are 8 beautiful swatches for your sim children and adults, including flowers, hearts, and stripes.

You can also get this outfit for your toddlers if you own the Toddler Stuff Pack.

16. Toddler Easter Chick Earrings by Giuliettasims

toddler wearing chick earrings

These toddler Easter chick earrings are super cute; they must be one of my favorite Easter-themed custom content pieces.

This cc comes in 7 swatches, which changes up the Easter egg portion of the earrings; the chicks remain yellow.

17. Long Sleeve Easter Onesies by Pelineldis

toddler in long sleeve onesie

These long-sleeved onesies are another cute clothing option for your little infants this Easter holiday.

With 5 Easter-themed swatches, your little tots will be the cutest little sims running around.

Plus, you can also get these adorable onesies for your toddlers, too.

18. Easter Vibes CC Collection by Mel Bennett

Easter desserts and flowers

What sets the vibe better than some delicious desserts?

With this sims 4 easter cc collection, you’ll find a yummy Easter cake and some frosting-covered cinnamon rolls.

No table is complete without flowers, a cute little rabbit, and Easther letters.

19. Sims 4 Bunny Familiars Set by Dissia

sims with bunnies on their shoulders and head

What’s cuter than walking around with your favorite bunny?

While these bunnies can only sit on your sim’s head or shoulder, they are the sweetest addition to Easter Day.

The bunnies come in 8 swatches, changing their fur color; I love the white bunny with the charcoal and beige patches.

20. Toddler Girl Bunny T-Shirt by RobertaPLobo

toddler sim with bunny tee and hat

Get your female toddlers all dressed up to pay in this adorable Easter bunny T-shirt.

The top comes in the 5 swatches seen above. You can also get the cute little shorts with the large flower to complete your toddler’s outfit.

21. Sims 4 Easter CC Decor Set by Soloriya

Easter table decor

Put together a beautiful table for your special guests on Easter day with a collection of decorative objects.

The set includes;

  • Cakes
  • An egg cup
  • A bunny girl and boy
  • A garland
  • Tulip wreath
  • And more

Each of these Easter decorations comes with between 2 to 4 color variations.

22. Spring Button Ups Shirts by SimmieV

male sims wearing spring shirts

These Spring pattern button-up shirts are another great clothing option for Easter brunch.

These shirts are casual yet stylish with their open collar and French cuffs.

There are 8 swatches for your male sims to model.

23. Toddler Boy Bunny T-Shirt by RobertaPLobo

male toddler wearing bunny tee

Your little toddler boys also need cute bunny T-shirts, and this set comes with 4 fun swatches.

I love that the swatches are not just classic rabbits but include bunnies with cool sunglasses, reading glasses, and even a cute little neck scarf.

24. Sims 4 Spring Dress by DanSimsFantasy

female sim in pink floral dress

While some darker swatches are available for this dress, the pink floral swatch above is the perfect spring Easter dress.

With 50 swatches, there are plenty of floral options, and spring colors for your sims to wear this Easter.

25. Easter Chocolate Egg CC by Pink Baddie

chocolate Easter egg

Grab this decorative and edible Easter chocolate egg for your sims which also comes with a moodlet.

You must enable “bb.showhiddenobjects “cheat to find the chocolate egg in build mode.

There are 2 versions available, one for Cottage Living and one without.

26. Happy Easter Decor CC by Severinka_

Happy Easter decor

Since we can never have enough sims 4 Easter cc to choose from, this set comes with 13 decorative objects.

Add even more festive charm to your sim’s home with the following pieces;

  • Easter egg
  • Easter eggs on a plate
  • Eggs on a stand
  • Happy Easter wall garland
  • A vase with apple tree branches
  • Rabbit sculptures (both light & bright colors)

Sims 4 Easter CC: Recap

We hope you found some sims 4 Easter cc pieces to create a few stylish spring outfits and decorate your sim’s home.

There’s a little something for everyone, from Easter bunny paintings and eggs to chick earrings and spring dresses.

If you come accross any new Easter custom content, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

sims 4 easter cc Pinterest pin

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