37 Sims 4 Valentine’s Day CC: Clothing, Decor & Poses

Let your sims step up their romance game with this Sims 4 Valentine’s Day CC collection!

sims 4 Valentine's Day cc collage

Ahh, l’amour! Is love in the air in your sims household?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, what’s more appropriate than a post featuring cc and mods dedicated to this special day?

Whether your sims are getting dressed for a romantic dinner or posing for a romantic photoshoot, we’ve rounded up some great cc and poses.

And if you’re not a fan of celebrating Valentine’s Day, all the cc pieces can be used for date night or a special anniversary.

Sims 4 Valentine’s Day CC

Below is a mix of Valentine’s Day cc, including sexy clothing sets, shoes, nails, makeup, and pose packs.

1. Velvet Valentine Clothing Set by MadameRia

sims dressed in velvet

While velvet might not be the most popular everyday fabric, it’s definitely high on my list for Valentine’s Day.

There is just something romantic about cozying up to something velvety soft.

This mini custom content set comes with a short-sleeved, V-neck formal dress and a matching suit jacket for your male sims.

2. Sexy Cassia Pumps by Madlen

two shoe designs with buckles

The Versace collection inspires these sexy shoes; with their triple ankle straps, these pumps are perfect for a night out dancing.

The pumps come in 8 swatches, and if you prefer regular heels, you can grab the platform-free version for classic pointed-toe heels.

3. Yvette Romantic Date Objects by Soloriya

dining room decorated with red and heart decor

Create a romantic night to remember with this set of 11 Valentine’s Day decor pieces.

The set includes the following objects;

  • Heart-shaped balloons
  • Regular balloons
  • Dangling heart curtains
  • Heart-shaped rug
  • Love-themed dining table and chairs
  • A cake and macaroons
  • A cocktail and a candle

4. Heart Headband for Valentine’s Day by Pralinesims

sims wearing headbands with hearts

Add a touch of fun to your sims Valentine’s Day with these springy heart headbands.

These headbands are great for a themed party among friends or a fun night out.

There are 15 colors for the hearts and two metal color swatches.

5. Valentine’s Day Poses by Helgatisha

sim couple posing

This Valentine’s Day pose pack comes with various sexy and seductive poses.

The pack includes 10 poses, including romantic moments, touching, nuzzling, and some hands-on action.

6. Valentine’s Day Collection by Autumn Fairy

bedroom decorated for Valentine's Day

Turn your sims’ bedroom into a romantic getaway with this Valentine’s Day pack.

The set comes with 10 pieces;

  • A double bed
  • Valentine-themed wall garland
  • Decor poster
  • Teddy bear
  • Box of chocolates
  • Flower box and greeting card
  • Decorative book

A few of the pieces require an add-on pack.

7. Luvsick Clothing Collection by Kumikya

female sims dressed in clothing with heart patterns

This heart-themed set includes some cute pieces your sims can wear year-round.

Hearts aren’t exclusive to Valentine’s Day, so the bodysuits, jeans, and transparent socks can be worn anytime.

The bodysuit comes with both a transparent and opaque version, and there’s also a solid color mini skirt.

8. Valentines Tights & Stockings by Helgatisha

mixed stockings with hearts

This tights and stockings set can be cute, flirty, or sexy depending on your sims’ Valentine’s Day outfit.

The set comes with above-the-knee stockings and full tights in solid and heart-designed swatches.

There are plenty of swatches to mix and match with different outfits.

9. Male Valentine’s Date Suit by McLayneSims

male sims dressed in suits

This sleek suit set comes with a deep V at the front, satin lapels, fitted pants, and an open-collar shirt.

There are 8 swatches in total, two of which come with a solid shirt, but the remaining shirts have patterns like one with lip prints.

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10. Valentine’s Day Bodysuit Collection by Trillyke

collage of three red lingerie pieces

If your sims plan on a bit of woohoo to end the night, this sexy lingerie set comes with 3 lace bodysuits.

Each bodysuit shows off ample cleavage and has different lace patterns with varying levels of transparency.

11. I Love You Bento Cakes by Xldkx-cc

love themed cakes in bento boxes

Grab your sims some delicious bento cakes for their Valentine’s dessert.

This set comes with three different love-themed cakes and cartons (both open and closed).

I love the creator’s sense of humor; these “Great Value” bento cakes look delicious.

12. Soulmate Makeup Collection by Chewybutterfly X Theblondsimmer

female sims with red makeup and floating hearts

When Chewybutterfly and Theblondsimmer come together, you get a beautiful set of makeup cc.

In Chewybutterfly’s section of the collab, you get 8 base game makeup items;

  • 1 blush
  • 1 lipgloss
  • 3 eyeliners
  • 2 eyeshadows

There is a fun eyeliner with heart details you should try out.

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13. Pose Pack for Valentine’s Day by Simsulani

collage of Valentine's Day poses

Take more pictures of your sims enjoying their date with this pack of 6 poses.

Each pose focuses on your sims holding each other, hugging, or kissing tenderly.

If your sims get married, you can display these framed pictures in their home.

14. The Midnight Collection by Sentate

female sims dressed in tight red and black dresses

This Midnight Collection is the whole package; you have everything you need to style your sims for their Valentine’s Day date and end of soirée.

The Xante dress exudes sexiness and pairs beautifully with the matching gloves and boots.

You can also try the ankle strap bow heels, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

But that’s nothing compared to the fantastic lingerie pieces included in this set.

Multiple designs are available, including corsetsbraspanties and garters.

Your male sims can choose between 3 different underwear options.

15. Sims 4 Valentines Dress by Paletteaye

female sim in a dress full of hearts

This adorable heart pattern dress is ideal for a Valentine’s Day daytime dress and also works for dinner.

The dress is fitted at the waist and flares slightly at the hips. You can pick from 13 swatches, including one tri-color option.

16. Red Rose Aesthetic Set by Simbishy

living room decorated with roses

I can only imagine the beauty of coming home to a room decorated with beautifully red roses.

Get settled for the night with this red-rose-inspired set, which comes with 7 pieces;

  • Rose fairy light garland
  • Rose & fairy light half-arch
  • Rose bouquets (2 sizes)
  • A cake decorated with roses
  • Roses & coffee cups

17. Aurora Dress 3rd Date Collection by Blue Craving

high slits, strappy dresses

The 3rd Date Collection comes with fun and flirty pieces, including 2 dresses, cheeky lingerie, and a Valentines Day jewelry set.

The Aurora dress offers plenty of cleavage and two thigh-high slits up the front, making this dress ideal for the risker sims in your game.

You can find the entire collection linked below.

18. Valentine’s Day Heart Pillows by ChronicallyKiki

sofas with heart shaped cushions

Add some cozy touches to your sims living room with these sims 4 Valentine’s Day cc cushions.

The set includes 3 styles of cushions (upright, leaning left, and right), all of which come in 30 swatches each.

You can also adjust the position and sizing of the cushions, all of which the creator has described on the download page.

19. Brita Red Slingback Heels by Madlen

red slingback heels

Pointed-toe, slingback heels are my absolute favorite shoe design; they scream sexy, especially when they have a touch of toe cleavage.

This pair of slingbacks comes with a branded ribbon and flat bow, adding some unique touches to this classic style.

While the red and pink swatches are ideal for Valentine’s Day, the other colors can work year-round.

20. Sims 4 Valentine’s Day Nails by WisteriaSims

hearts and loved themed nails

If you love changing up your nails in real life, you likely enjoy doing the same things for your sims.

This set of sims 4 Valentine’s Day cc has a cute collection of loved-themed nails, including reds, pinks, and one purple swatch.

21. Valentine’s Date Poses by ParisSimmer

sim couple holding a bouquet of roses

Let your sims enjoy their date night to the fullest with this pack of 8 romantic couple poses.

These poses focus on your couple meeting up for their dinner date, enjoying their meal, and sharing bites and kisses.

You will need the rose bouquet, gift, and fork linked on the download page.

22. The Soulmate Collection by Theblondsimmer X Chewybutterfly

female sims with pink makeup and heart blushes

In the Blondsimmer’s part of The Soulmate Collection, you get 5 more makeup pieces for your sims makeup bag.

The makeup options include 3 pink heart-themed eyeshadows, an eyeliner, and heart design blushes.

Hearts heavily influence these makeup pieces, creating sweet Valentine’s Day looks.

23. Valentine’s Days Set by Babyetears

heart-design hoodie and pants

What’s cuter than a holiday-themed lounge set?

This heart pattern cropped hoodie and pants set are super cute and perfect for your sims to wear on Valentine’s Day before heading out for their date.

There are 8 swatches available for each piece, including pink, red, lilac, and gray.

24. Love Feelings Collection by BackTrack

red dress with polka dots
heart turtleneck and red skirt set

I was so excited when I came across this Love Feelings pack; I adore the two Valentine’s Day cc outfits.

The puff-sleeved polka dot dress has a deep V down the front and some tiny button details in the middle.

The sweater and skirt are a great staple since they come in solid options and some fun heart swatches for the top.

There are also some sexy high-heel pumps, a wool beret, lace knit socks, and jewelry.

25. 50s Date Night Collection by Ice-CreamForBreakfast

Collage of sims dressed in red and pink outfits

This 1950s-theme Valentine’s Day pack is a beautiful set of custom content to add to your mods folder.

The pack includes a mix of dresses, earrings, gloves, a hat, hair, and an outfit for your male sims.

I love the Flossie dress with the cowl neckline and heart details on the skirt, and the fit and flare Eva dress is a classic 50s dress ideal for Valentine’s Day.

26. The Sweetest Thing Set by Violettssims

collection of a chocolate bouquet and boxes

This Valentine’s Day mini set is all about delicious chocolate bouquets and chocolate boxes.

Your sim can offer their date a chocolate strawberry bouquet (available in both laying and standing versions).

Or, go for a classic chocolate box of chocolate strawberries.

27. Valentines Heart Necklace by Glitterberryfly

gold chain necklace with heart pendant

This heart necklace adds a little finishing touch to your sim’s Valentine’s outfit.

If you need more jewelry pieces, you can get the matching earrings and a middle finger ring on the Recommended tab on the download page below.

28. Valentine Mini Dress by Paogae

red dress with mesh arms and heart details

This Valentine’s mini dress is a definite winner from top to bottom.

The dress is figure-hugging, but my favorite part is the mesh sleeves and the heart details around the neckline, sleeves, and down the back.

Add some sexy heels to complete this date night outfit.

29. Hearts CAS Backgrounds by Katverse

multi heart CAS background

What better way to get your sims dressed for their romantic date than standing in a room covered in hearts?

This set comes with 3 CAS backgrounds, all of which are pink-toned.

There’s the floating hearts background (seen above), a tone-down hearts option, and one with heart swirls.

30. Valentine’s Clothing Collection by BackTrack

couple dressed in Valentine's Day clothing

This sims 4 Valentine’s Day cc comes with great clothing for your sims couple.

The set includes pieces your sims can use for the holiday and year-round since they come with solid swatches for everyday wear.

The pack includes the following pieces;

  • A pleated skirt
  • off-the-shoulder crop top
  • Collar dress
  • Men’s shirt
  • Fitted pants

There are some heart swatches, which are very pretty, especially the white base option.

31. Love Letters Collection by 1-800-CUUPID

trio of sims dressed in red and pink clothes

Get your sims all dressed up for a single girls’ night out with this collection of sims 4 Valentine’s Day cc.

The pack includes a sexy fitted dress, a cropped accessory jacket, the Euphoria outfit, belly-bottom jeans, and earrings.

The Euphoria outfit is a top and skirt combo, or you can grab the top to pair with the jeans.

32. Romantic Valentine’s Recipes by Robin

sim sitting down for a Valentine's Day meal

Add food and drink to your sims Valentine’s Day menu with this set of yummy recipes.

Start off your sims meal with a delicious strawberry daiquiri, and your sims can end the night with a great dessert.

The sweets table includes Oreo and Biscoff cupcakes and summer berry cookies.

33. Valentine’s Pleated Heart Skirt by Bellasims

sim wearing a skirt with heart details

This adorable pleated skirt with hearts at the hem is a great daytime look for Valentine’s Day.

You can pair this skirt with a red, pink, or white top; add some cute heels and accessories for a complete look.

34. Cupid Mesh Booties by Xldkx-cc

pink bootie shoes with red hearts

These adorable mesh botties will make the perfect shoes to complete your sim’s Valentine’s Day outfit.

They are available in 2 swatches: the red hearts on pink version above and a red one-white design.

These shoes will look great with the pleated skirt listed right above or the heart design dress at #28 for a super matchy look.

And if you have the Get To Work EP, it goes really well with the simple red romper included in the pack.

35. Language of Love Pose Pack by Simmireen

collage of loving poses

This romantic pose pack is about capturing those special moments on Valentine’s Day where your sim offers a lovely bouquet of flowers.

The pack comes with 10 couple poses and 1 single pose where your sim is getting ready to offer the bouquet to their date.

These poses are gender-neutral, and the download file includes the bouquet of roses.

36. Spicy Valentine Loading Screens by BaggaJo

collage of 6 Valentine themed loading screens

I found some more loading screens you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

The pack includes 6 loading screens, five of which have some form of hearts, while the last screen is a close-up of luscious lips with red lipstick.

37. Valentine Sweater CC by Streneesims

female sims wearing sweaters with hearts

Spend the holiday in comfort with this set of heart-themed Valentine’s Day sweaters.

The set includes 5 different sweater patterns, each focusing on various sizes of hearts, and there are some fun, colorful swatches.

The sweaters are asymmetrical at the front and fall slightly longer at the back, making them ideal to pair with pants and some heels for dinner.

Sims 4 Valentine’s Day CC Recap

With so many amazing sims 4 Valentine’s Day cc pieces available, your sims will be ready to take on the day of love in style.

Dress your sims beautifully for their upcoming dinner date, and then let them slip into something a little more comfortable afterward.

And I always love to take pictures of my sims, enjoying special events with some memorable poses.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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37 Sims 4 Valentine’s Day CC: Clothing, Decor & Poses

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