39+ Sims 4 Halloween CC: Costumes, Makeup & Decor

Get ready for Allhallows Eve with this fantastic collection of Sims 4 Halloween CC.

sims 4 Halloween cc collage

With the spooky season quickly approaching, I decided to put together a great list of Halloween custom content for your sims to enjoy.

Whether or not you’re a huge Halloween holiday fan, we can all appreciate some amazing custom content.

Plus, many of the Halloween cc pieces can be used for occult gameplay, especially those focused on witches and vampires.

We’ve put together some classic Halloween costumes and other unique and fun pieces.

And don’t forget to capture all those amazing moments with these Sims 4 Halloween Poses.

Plus, you can find more autumn-time pieces in our Sims 4 Autumn CC post.

Festive Sims 4 Halloween CC

From Halloween party decor to complete costumes, we’ve rounded up some exciting options for the upcoming holiday.

1. Pumpkin Patch by StarrySimsie

entrance to a pumpkin patch

What better start the fall season than setting up an adorable pumpkin patch for your sims to enjoy?

This pumpkin patch is perfect for a family outfit or even a cute date between your newest couple.

You will need to enable bb.moveobjects before placing the lot.

2. Halloween Bunny Ears by Lilit’s Creative world

female sim wearing bunny ears

These adorable bunny ears can be a classic Halloween costume’s finishing touch or a headpiece for sims that are keeping things simple this season.

These bunny ears come in 8 colors, including a cute cow print swatch, and can be used by male and female sims aged teen to elder.

3. Sims 4 Halloween Hunted Decor by Kaiso

coffin design computer chairs

Nothing completes a home better for Halloween than festive furniture and matching decor.

This 3 piece Halloween set includes an epic coffin-shaped chair, a skull hanging planter, and a cauldron palm planter.

The coffin chair comes in 15 swatches, is also perfect for your vampire gameplay, and can be used year-round.

The skull planter comes in 8 swatches, and the cauldron has 7 options.

4. Halloween Witch Outfit for Sims 4 by Madlen

Head to toe black witch Halloween costume

So this amazing goth-inspired witch dress and hat are great for your occults and make the perfect outfit for this Halloween.

Witch costumes are always a popular Halloween choice, and this set is so detailed it’s hard to beat.

There are plenty of swatches besides black if you feel a little creative this Halloween.

5. Creepy Halloween Decor by Ravasheen

Halloween party decor cc

This Creep It Real Halloween decor will help your sims quickly set up their Halloween snack table.

The set includes 7 pieces;

  • Cookies
  • Candy bowl
  • Spider garland
  • Boo word table decor
  • Mixed-sized pumpkin candles

6. Scream Halloween Mask by BAkalia

collection of different Scream masks

What’s Halloween without a classic Scream mask?

This Scream mask is for your sims kids and comes in 20 swatches that change up the eyes, tongues, and teeth details.

7. Doll Stitching Halloween CC Blush by EvilQuinzel

female sim with Halloween doll face stitching

If you want something unique for your sims this Halloween season, this doll-stitching blush is definitely the thing.

This blush comes in the 5 color swatches seen above and can be found in the Blush category.

This doll blush works for female sims aged teens and up and for all species.

8. Halloween Skin Details by Sims3melancholic

devil-like female sim

This sims 4 Halloween skin details set includes various custom content pieces to create an amazing Halloween look.

The set consists of the following cc;

  • Francesca skin
  • Contacts
  • Eyeshadow
  • Highlights
  • Eyebrow devil horns liner

Depending on the piece, there are between 10-120 color swatches, and the double-eye pupil contacts and devil eyebrow horns are definitely interesting.

9. Sims 4 Halloween Set by Hydrangea

collage of spooky Halloween decor

Add even more Halloween decor to your sims home with this set of 9 custom content pieces.

The Halloween collection includes;

  • Halloween sign
  • Glass coffin shelf
  • Salem flying frame
  • Cast iron pumpkin cocotte
  • Spooky hanging sign
  • And more

10. Jessica Rabbit Set by Ice-creamforbreakfast

female sims wearing Jessica Rabbit dresses

There is nothing quite like an old-school Halloween costume, and this Jessica Rabbit set delivers.

This set includes the classic red sequins full-length dress, long gloves, and a cute bow show overlay.

You can also get a sequin top or bodysuit to change things up or opt for the classic dress in another color.

11. Sims 4 Halloween Face Paint by LeaIllai

female sims with scary spider and blood face makeup

If you want a quick face of makeup, this face paint will give your sims a whole Halloween look in seconds.

The face paint swatch includes a ghost-looking complexion, spiders, cobwebs, and dripping blood from your sims eye and mouth.

More Custom Content Ideas for Halloween Costumes

12. Halloween Rabbit Outfit by Madlen

two sim kids wearing bunny costumes

When it comes to sims 4 Halloween cc, this rabbit costume if one of my new favorites.

I love head-to-toe looks, and this costume includes everything except the black boots, which I’ve linked for you.

This costume comes in the two swatches above, and you can grab the child or toddler files as needed.

13. Halloween CC Objects by Pixel Vibes

collection of Halloween custom content

This sims 4 Halloween cc set includes a mixture of home decor pieces from adorable pumpkins, a Halloween cake, and a neon Bat.

Use these festive pieces to add extra Halloween vibes to your sims homes.

14. Sims 4 Tinkerbell Costume by SM Sims

female sims in Tinkerbell costumes

This sweet and sexy Tinkerbell outfit includes a strapless thigh-high dress and matching wings.

The set comes in 4 different green swatches and is an excellent option for an adult sims Halloween party.

15. Sims 4 Pet Halloween CC by TheKalino

sims 4 Halloween cc for pets

We can’t forget our sims pets, and this sims 4 Halloween cc set is focused entirely on your pups.

This collection includes;

  • Bat wings
  • Devil horns
  • Skeletons
  • Dark necklace
  • A basket of sweets
  • A pumpkin hat
  • Witch hat & boots
  • Pirate hat & boots

16. Sims 4 Ghost Makeup CC by Pyxiidis

facial ghost makeup for sims

Add some freaky ghost makeup to your sims this Halloween season.

You can opt for the full face swatch or add the makeup to one side or towards the lower jaw and mouth.

You can find the ghost makeup under the categories of blush, face makeup, and skin details.

17. Halloween CC Clutter by SimmerKate

Halloween pumpkin decor

Add more clutter pieces to your collection with this set of Halloween objects.

This pack includes Boo balloons, a pumpkin tin can lamp, spooky spider web donuts, Halloween cookies, and decorated trash bag decor.

18. Sims 4 Halloween Dress by KaTPurpura

female kid sim in witchy dress

Turn this cute layered dress into the perfect base for a kids Halloween witch’s costume.

You can reuse this pretty dress for the fall season, but with the adorable pumpkin witch hat, this dress is ready for Halloween.

19. Sims 4 Halloween Set by Regina Raven

female sims wearing corset outfits

This Halloween set reminds me of a cross between Maleficent with the horns and the 1850s style with this bodice dress.

The collection includes 2 corset designs (one with and without sleeves), dresses, shorts, horns, claws, and a string lace necklace.

There are plenty of swatches for the dresses and corsets, so your sims can reuse these pieces for other events.

20. Halloween Fries Box CC by Mydarling20

sim wearing a French fries box costume

This French fries box overlay turns your sims into a delicious Halloween treat.

Not all Halloween costumes need to be spooky, and this overlay is a fun option for sims looking to keep things fun and light.

You can also grab the matching yellow sweater and red pants here.

21. Infant Halloween CC Costumes by Madlen

three infants in Halloween costumes

I mean, can we get anything cuter than this collection of Halloween infant costumes?

The set includes 3 adorable costumes for your tiny tots: a classic bunny, a shark, and a stinking cute skunk.

22. Halloween Vampire Costume by KatPurpura

kid sim wearing a vampire costume

This costume is a great full-body vampire outfit for your sims children to enjoy.

While your vampire sims can easily use this outfit, this costume has a classic old-school Victorian design, perfect for a Halloween party.

23. Halloween Decorative Pieces by Soloriya

spread of Halloween food, drinks and candles

Since there can never be enough food at a sims party, I was happy to find this collection of decorative foods and drinks.

Set the table with an array of yummy Halloween-themed snacks; you can add functional pumpkin-shaped candles for a little ambiance.

24. Halloween CC Costume Pack by Plazasims

collage of sims 4 Halloween cc costumes

This collection of sims 4 Halloween cc contains a variety of costumes for your male and female sims.

The full-body costumes include;

  • Palespooky suit
  • Alice outfit
  • Pumpkin suit and hat
  • Witch outfit
  • Vampire suit
  • And more

The files are individually packaged, so you pick and choose the pieces you want.

25. Toddler & Child Costumes Pack by PowLuna

sim children and toddlers dressed up

Dress up all your sims, toddlers, and children with this great collection of Halloween costumes.

Your toddlers can dress up as a vampire, clown, or bee, while your sim child can be a witch, scarecrow, or cheerleader.

You can either download the whole costume or just the accessories.

And remember to grab the makeup cc for these costumes linked further down in this post.

26. Sims 4 Child Ghost Earrings by Glitterberryfly

child wearing ghost earrings

This adorable set of ghost earrings will add a spooky touch to your sim child’s costume.

It’s a sweet little piece of custom content to complement a Halloween party look or for a sim who prefers a minimalist costume.

You can find the adult version of these ghost earrings here.

27. Halloween CC Bedding by Pink Baddie

Halloween bedding set

Do you enjoy customizing your sims home for each holiday?

You can add some Halloween charm and extra coziness to your sim’s bedroom with this pumpkin blanket and pillow set.

28. Sims 4 Halloween Dress by MIRO

set of two Halloween dresses and hats

This Halloween dress is one of my favorites; I especially love the blood-stained swatch.

The dress has a great 1850s feel to it with its high collar and cinched waist.

And for the perfect final touch, the bone crown fascinator hat takes this Halloween look up a notch.

29. Halloween Figurines for Sims 4 by Simbishy

table of pumpkin figurines

What’s cuter than figurines?

This sims 4 Halloween cc set includes the sweetest pumpkin and ghost figures to decorate your sims home.

From a pumpkin magician to triple-stacked ghosts, these figurines are a delight.

30. Halloween Jumpsuit CC by Busra-tr

red and black Halloween bodysuit

This jumpsuit is the perfect sexy Halloween costume this year.

The jumpsuit comes in 10 colors and is available from teens to elders.

You will also find the link to the eye mask in the Required tab.

31. Halloween Fairies by Lazy_Eyelids

two female fairies

This sims 4 Halloween cc set comes with both a beautiful fairy costume and some shiny and sparkly fairy body paint.

The fairy dress and wings come in 12 multi-color iridescent swatches, and the body paint has 12 swatches, too.

The body paint will appear across your sim arms and legs.

32. Halloween Party Costumes by KaTPurpura

5 child sims dressed up for halloween

Need a great base for your sims Halloween costumes?

With the 13 Halloween dress swatches, you can easily turn your female child sims into a pumpkin, vampire, ghost, witch, or princess.

33. Sims 4 Pumpkin Necklace by Glitterberryfly 

female sims wearing a pumpkin shaped necklace

This pumpkin pendant necklace will add a sweet touch of Halloween to your sims look.

The pendant is outlined in gold, and the pumpkin itself comes in 3 color options (orange, light yellow, and green).

34. Costume Makeup CC Set by Moluna

collage of toddlers in Halloween makeup

PowLuna collaborated with her sister Moluna to create a fantastic Halloween collection, and here we have the makeup portion.

Moluna put together some great makeup cc to compliment and complete the Halloween costume seen at #25 above.

You will find the makeup cc for a bee, vampire, witch, IT clown, sad clown, happy clown, zombie, and scarecrow.

35. Halloween Treats for Sims 4 by Nordica-sims

table filled with Halloween treats

Add some more treats and decor for your sims Halloween party with this set of sweet snacks.

The set includes;

  • Gingerbread skeletons
  • Plated pumpkin cookies
  • A pumpkin-shaped bowl of candy
  • Decor vase
  • Fresh pumpkin

36. Toddler Halloween CC Costumes by PowLuna

six toddlers dressed in different Halloween costumes

Need even more toddler costumes? We’ve got you covered.

This set of Halloween cc includes six more costume ideas for your little sim toddlers.

They can dress up as a witch, Superman, Supergirl, ghost, fairy, or skeleton.

37. Halloween Face Paints by GabymeloveSims

trio of female sims with face paints

This set of Halloween face paints has three half-face looks for your female sims.

Your female sims can trick or treat with a wicked pumpkin face, which covers most of the face but leaves just enough space for a cracked porcelain mask.

The skeleton face is really a half-face paint, going straight down the middle.

For the final look, it reminds me of ghost marks with finger scratches along your sims mouth area.

38. Halloween Bat Fishnet Tights Hat by Dissia

set of bat design tights

Complete your sims outfits with this set of Bat design fishnet tights.

You can choose from among 5 different sizes of bats for your sims tights; each size comes in either black or white.

39. Bloody Mary CC Pack by Caio

female sims wearing spooky skeleton and ghost dresses

This Halloween-inspired custom content set comes with 9 pieces ideal for your teen and adult sims, although they are available for elders, too.

The Jesse dresses are great options for a Halloween party with their skeleton and ghost swatches.

Your sims can wear the crop tops, skirts, skin-tight dresses, pantyhose, and lacy boots year-round.

40. Collection of Halloween Toys by Around The Sims 4

collection of Halloween toys

While I’m generally scared of everything spider-related, this adorable plush toy is an exception.

Both the large spider and ghost plushies are decorative, but the smaller toys are all playable.

This cc pack is available for early access and goes public on October 27th.

Sims 4 Halloween CC: Final Thoughts

With this collection of sims 4 Halloween cc, your sims are now ready to dress up and enjoy the upcoming holiday.

Create a household dressed up in a cohesive theme of costumes, or go rogue and let everyone pick their own fun designs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

sims 4 Halloween cc Pinterest pin

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39+ Sims 4 Halloween CC: Costumes, Makeup & Decor

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