10+ Sims 4 Yoga Mods & Yoga Poses

Get into zen mode with this collection of sims 4 yoga mods and poses.

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From cobra pose and reverse warrior pose to downward facing dog, there are many different yoga poses to discover and enjoy.

Whether your sims enjoy yoga for inner wellness or as a full-body workout, there are helpful mods they can use to improve their experience.

I’ll admit there aren’t a ton of yoga mods available, but those that exist will help your sims pursue a career in the field, remove moodlets, and more.

Plus, take some cool screenshots of your sims, performing some amazing and complex yoga poses.

Sims 4 Yoga Mods

Below, you will find a mix of yoga mods, and some fun yoga pose packs to capture your sims’ wellness activities. 

1. Beach Yoga Mod v. 1.1.0 by Andirz

male sim doing yoga at the beach

This mod requires the Spa Day GP and the Island Living EP.

With this sims 4 yoga mod, your sims can now enjoy a relaxing yoga session on the beach.

Your sims can use either a beach towel or a yoga mat for their workout.

Plus, there’s no need for your sims to change into yoga wear, they can enjoy their session in their bathing suit or in the buff if they’re already naked.

And if your sims are getting hot at the beach, they’ll switch into swimsuits for their yoga session versus the typical activewear clothing.

2. Yoga Pose Pack by Tamararoberts

female sims doing different yoga poses

Let your yoga-living sims show off their newfound balance with this pack of yoga poses.

The pack includes 9 different poses and all-in-one options. The yoga poses include some popular poses, including;

  • Tree pose
  • Warrior pose
  • Upward facing dog
  • Downward dog
  • Lord of the dance
  • And more

3. Yoga Instructor Career Mod by Kiarasims4mods

yoga instruction career selection

If your sim loves yoga, what better career path than to become a yoga instructor.

Your sim will start off as a yoga trainee, then move up to yoga assistant before become an instructor.

There are different promotion tasks and work from home tasks to accomplish.

4. Cat Yoga Pose Pack by Banana Simmer

sim doing yoga with cat

What’s cuter than sharing a relaxing yoga workout with your kitty cat?

This yoga pose pack comes with 5 adult female poses and 5 poses for your favorite cat; you can use them without the kitty, but they’re so cute.

While each pose is great, I love the extended tabletop pose with kitty matching the sim’s movement and the forearm stand.

5. Functional Yoga Mat by LittleMsSam

female mediating on functional yoga mat

Add a couple of new options to your sims yoga mat pie menu.

You’ll find an Anti-Anger Routine option to help your sims rid themselves of angry feelings.

The Be Happy Routine will allow your sim to be happy again after embarrassment or sadness.

6. Sims 4 Hot Yoga Poses by Katverse

collage of sim doing different yoga poses outdoors

Yoga is all about concentration and finding your inner core to tackle those challenging poses.

This pose pack has 5 in-game poses, including impressive balancing poses like the toe squats and forearm stand.

Place the teleporter in the middle of the yoga mat when setting up your poses.

7. Workout Planner Traditions by SimwithShan

female sims jogging

While this workout planner tradition mod is not focused solely on yoga, it does include 7 days of wellness and a fun day of yoga.

Your sims will do everything from meal preparation to enjoying a good run or jog for leg day.

For the full body workout day, your sims will enjoy a day of yoga and reach their inner zen.

8. Yoga with Child + Yoga Animation by 1SinfulKiss

collage of female sim and child going yoga poses

Let your mommy sims spend quality bonding time with their child with this set of yoga poses.

The pack includes some fun and challenging poses, and you will also find a couple of yoga animations in the pack.

9. Perfectly Balanced Aspiration Mod by Ilkavalle

female sim doing yoga

This mod requires the Spa Day game pack.

With a strong emphasis on yoga, this mod is about mental wellness and finding balance.

Complete all four of the health-related goals to earn the Inner Balance trait.

This trait allows for three new interactions:

  • Cool down – Except environmental moodlets, this eliminates all moodlets from the person your sim is speaking with.
  • Help to find Zen – To help another sim with a focused moodlet
  • Take a breath and cool down – Remove all sim moodlets, except for the environment ones.

10. Sims 4 Yoga Pose Pack by Snake’s Nest

collage of yoga poses

Here are some more yoga poses for your sims; this pack is focused on arm strength.

These yoga poses will give your sims an amazing upper arm workout with the forearm stands and one legged bridge pose.

11. Yoga With My Mini by 1SinfulKiss

collage of female sim and toddler doing yoga poses

Your sims don’t need to be children before joining the fun because this pose pack is for mommy and toddlers.

Start with a simple meditation pose, continue with more complex moves, and end with a bit of goofing around on the floor.

Sims 4 Yoga Mods: Recap

While sims 4 yoga mods and pose packs are not abundant, there’s a little something available to level up your sims yoga sessions.

From enjoying a fun yoga session on the beach to capturing some mediating time with their toddlers, you can level up your yoga gameplay.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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