25+ Sims 4 Toddler Mods: Activities, Bath Time & More

Help your toddlers grow with some sims 4 toddler mods.

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Toddlers grow up so fast; in-game is no different.

Playing with fun educational toys and performing tasks will teach them skills to help them in life.

With sims 4 toddler mods, you will get new ways to learn these skills and new traits that will help define who they grow up to be.

This life stage is critical to your little sims’ lives, so you must make the most of it while keeping them entertained.

Expand your gameplay with new toddler activities and take fun screenshots with adorable toddler poses.

Sims 4 Toddler Mods

In this list, you’ll find a collection of sims, 4 toddler mods that’ll help develop toddler skills and various pose packs.

Happy browsing.

1. Baby Steamer & Toddler Food by Around the Sims 4

electric steamer and meal plates for toddlers

This mod is for a functional electric steamer that makes food for your toddlers.

The small appliance will cook up to eight recipes for easy convenience.

These recipes need to be downloaded individually, and they are:

  • Lentils & Bread
  • Mashed carrots & Breaded Tofu
  • Mashed potatoes & Ham
  • Mush served on a ladybug plate
  • Mush served on a monkey plate
  • Mush served on an owl plate
  • Peas & Pizza
  • Red lentils & Gruyère

Also, the steamer item comes with a choice of 10 swatches.

2. Toddler Creativity Pack by PandaSama

collage creativity toys for toddlers

These sims 4 toddler mods feature four items that will stimulate your sim toddlers’ creativity,

These items are:

  • Crafting Station
  • Drawing Supply
  • Rock-a-stack
  • Xylophone

With the Crafting Station, your toddlers can make one of five craftables.

The more your toddler’s Imagination skill level grows, the more objects they’ll be able to make.

The Drawing Supply is an excellent way for your toddlers to be creative.

Your mini sims can draw one of seven drawing ideas and ask a friend to help with their drawing.

The Rock-a-stack and Xylophone items make use of your toddler’s Thinking skill.

Once your toddlers’ skill level is high enough using these items, they’ll gain positive moodlets.

3. Parents & Toddlers Poses by Acha_sims 

sim mother with toddler in arms

This toddler pose pack offers five poses between an adult sim and a toddler while they lie on a couch.

You’ll get adorable poses of toddlers with their parents while leaning or sleeping on them.

To set up the pose, place two teleport-any-sim items in the middle of a couch.

4. No More Toddler Quirk Notifications by Raesthetic

crossed off toddler quirk notification

During your gameplay, you get notified enough times about everything in your sims’ lives.

This mod tones down the notifications by removing the ones linked to quirk gains.

Usually, infants and toddlers gain a few quirks by accomplishing certain tasks, and you get informed as soon as they get it.

You will still get the quirks, but you won’t get notified of it.

The mod is divided into two, one for each age group (infants & toddlers), so pick one or install both.

5. Talking Animals for Toddlers by Ravasheen

set of three stuffed animals

This toddler mod is for functional stuffed animals to which your little sims can talk.

Children and toddlers can interact with the stuffed toys, which will help build their Communication skills.

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6. Better Babies & Toddlers Mod by Caradriel

female sim with infant in arms

This mod allows adult sims to gain moodlets by talking to others about different topics on babies and toddlers.

For better toddlers, your sims get new ways to interact with their little ones by trying to teach them to talk.

The parent and the toddler will benefit from some skill increase.

This mod also allows your sims to search for new veggie recipes on the computer, gaining cooking skills in the process.

7. Tiny Tots Trait Expansion Mod by Vanilla Chai Latte

toddlers lying down together

This sims 4 toddler mod adds 5 new traits for your toddlers and a few traits for your infants.

Your toddlers can take on some new interesting traits, including being an instigator, imitator, laid-back, quiet, or dreamer.

For your infants, there’s the option of fusser, stressy, and explosive.

8. High Chair Lock Mod by PandaSama

female sim behind toddler in high chair

This simple mod puts a virtual lock on your toddler’s high chair to prevent adult sims from automatically taking the child out of it.

To lock the toddler in place, select the new Disable Pick Up interaction from the high chair’s pie menu.

Activating this function will prevent sims from picking up the toddler until you’ve re-enabled it through the Enable Pick Up interaction.

9. Toddler Construction Set by TheGoldSim

toddlers dressed for construction

Toddlers typically love imitating their parents, so what’s cuter than seeing your toddlers prepping for their future construction jobs?

Let your toddlers build popsicle stick designs or use building blocks to create a castle or clubhouse.

You will find the following items;

  • A popsicle stick craft table 
  • Building blocks craft table
  • Different building block types
  • Construction worker outfit
  • Goggles and a hard hat
  • Cones and barricade
  • Buff for all interactions
  • And more

10. No Puddles Under Bathtubs by LittleMsSam

no puddles under bathtubs mod banner

First, bathing toddlers can make a mess, creating water puddles in the bathroom.

Unlike those on the floor, toddlers splashing in the bath guarantees puddles underneath the tub, which is not cleanable.

This mod fixes the issue by dropping the puddle rate to 0%, but there’s still a chance of puddles falling outside the bathtub but in a cleanable area.

11. Too Many Toddlers Pose by Chrystin

female adult sim posing with 3 toddlers

This single-parent pose will let you capture the sweetest pose between your adult sim and their household of toddlers.

The pose is for one adult sim and 3 toddlers; place the adult sim first.

You can also grab the “No More Mirroring” mod linked on the download page, for faster results.

12. Pre-School: Activities for Toddlers by Around the Sims 4

adult sim with toddlers playing

This toddler stuff pack includes toys that can be placed around the room, and be played with.

In this pack, you get building blocks, doll houses, puzzles, bells, dowel toys, and more.

By playing with these educative toys, toddlers can develop different skill sets to help them grow.

You also get a functional mini chair item and a table for toddlers to eat on.

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13. Toy Obsessed Trait Mod by Kiarasims4mods

description to toy obsessed trait

This mod requires the Parenthood GP, Kids Room and Vintage Glamour stuff packs.

If you want more toddler traits, this mod is for the Toy Obsessed trait.

The trait will give new toy-related social interactions like talking about toys and asking to go to the toy store.

With the trait equipped, your toddlers will improve their Imagination and Creativity skills twice as fast.

This trait can be applied to both toddlers and kids, and they will gain buffs when playing with toys.

14. Fantastical Play Rug & Deco Tent by Ravasheen

kids on playmat with tent

This mod requires the Sims 4: Dream Home Decorators game pack.

This toddler mod is for a functional play tent, which is a mix of an interactive rug item and a decorative tent.

Inside the tent, toddlers can sleep, nap, play solo or with others, or play make-believe.

You can also hide the rug by bringing its opacity level down. The deco tent comes in four swatches.

15. Toddler Stuff Mod Pack by PandaSama

set of four toddlers toys

This set includes four functional objects for your toddlers:

  • Basketball Hoop
  • Rocking Horse
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Swing Chair

Playing with the Basketball Hoop will help improve your toddler’s Movement skill.

Sims of all ages can use the Rocking Horse and Swing Chair.

With the Sleeping Mat, you can set up your toddler for a 1.5 to 2 hour Nap or put them to Sleep until they replenish their energy.

Each item is offered in seven swatches.

16. Furniture for Toddlers by Around the Sims 4

mini chairs and table for toddlers

This toddler item pack has mini chairs and tables that replace the high chair item.

Toddlers can sit and eat at their mini table, just like grownups do.

For seating options, you can place toddlers on either a mini-armchair or a mini-school chair.

As for tables, you can grab a mini tray table or a round black chalkboard table.

17. Traveling Toddlers Mod by KawaiiStacie

toddler dreaming of a school bus

With this mod, you can help your toddlers escape their homes through rabbit holes.

With this sims 4 toddler mod, your toddlers will be able to leave the house and be able to build skills.

They can also enjoy relationships with other sims in the rabbot hole and motives/needs.

18. Sims 4 Toddler Poses by Ratboysims

toddler on female sims shoulders

Are you looking for poses between toddlers and their parents?

This pack has four poses: two with a parent and two alone.

With a parent, you will get a pose with the toddler on their shoulders and one with them helping the toddler to walk.

As for the other two poses, they are for toddlers casually standing while looking their cutest.

19. New Toddler Holiday Traditions by Caradriel

toddler having fun in ball pit

This mod requires the Sims 4: Seasons and Toddler Stuff packs.

Create a play date for your toddler sims using any of the five holiday traditions this mod provides.

With these toddler traditions, your little sims can do fun activities like:

  • Play in a Ball Pit
  • Play in a Jungle Gym
  • Play in a Kiddie Pool
  • Play in a Tiny Treehouse
  • Play on a Slide

20. Toddler Ask for Food Mod by LittleMsSam

toddler ask for food mod banner

When toddler asks for food, parents will give them all sorts of food, even junk food.

This mod will make parents give their toddlers better foods, like:

  • Apple Sauce
  • Cereal
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Ham Cheese
  • PBJ
  • Peas
  • And yogurt

21. Toddler Traits Pack V2.5 by Vicky Sims

panel with 20 toddler traits

If you want to give new traits to your toddlers, this mod will provide you with 20 of them.

Your sim toddler can have cute traits like being AdorableTalkative, and Bubbly.

You can make your toddlers smarter using the Intelligent, Imaginative, Quick Learner, and Curious trait.

Each trait provides its own buffs and can affect their skills and needs.

These traits are made exclusively for toddlers and can be added through the CAS screen or as reward traits.

To use these sims 4 toddler mods as reward traits, you’ll first need to download and install one of the creator’s linked mods.

22. My First Bowling Set by TheGoldSim

toddler bowling outside

Let your toddlers join the fun with their first bowling set, which will let them play with a functional ball.

Your toddlers will increase their movement skills and fun meters by playing.

You will also get autonomous for toddlers, new buffs, a functional bowling set, and animations.

23. Toddler Bunk Bed for Sims 4 by PandaSama

instructions to bunkbed for toddlers

This toddler mod is for a five-piece functional bunk bed set, each having several swatches.

This set includes two top-bunk designs, one frame for the bottom bunk, and two mattresses for the top and bottom bunk.

To make it work, you must click on your toddler and assign a bunk; the rest works like any bed.

If you like, you can use the top bunk only, without using the bottom one.

This way, you can use the bottom as a play area instead of a bed.

24. Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen by Ravasheen

toy white kitchenette

Your sims’ children and toddlers can use this toy kitchen and play house.

This functional item can be used to make pretend food while building their skills at the same time.

Toddlers who use the small kitchen will gain experience in their Movement skill.

As for children, by playing with the item, they will improve their Motor and Creativity skills.

Also, when using the toy kitchen, your sims’ kids will be wearing cute chef’s hats.

25. More Toddler Activities by Around the Sims 4

toddler having fun on floor

This toddler stuff pack acts as a complement to the items listed in the #11 spot.

You will get more fun activities for your toddler to do and enjoy.

These activities include:

  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Playdough
  • Cut & Paste Crafting

You need to grab each item individually, and for more realism, make sure to grab the paint stains and dirty hands and faces.

26. Sims 4 Toddler’s Posepack by Acha_sims

two toddlers grimacing

This pose pack is a great way to take pictures of two toddlers posing together while standing or lying down.

In this toddler mod, you get 10 poses for a pair of little sims being silly together, making faces, or simply being cute.

So, if your household has at least two toddlers, this mod is a perfect option to capture these moments.

Sims 4 Toddler Mods: Recap

Going through our list of sims 4 toddler mods, we hope you’ve grabbed a few to add to your mods folder.

The game does a great job of providing ways to stimulate your toddlers’ individual growth.

Adding mods like additional traits helps define what type of sims you want them to become.

Functional toy items will entertain toddlers for hours while boosting skills like Imagination and Creativity.

And because toddlers are so adorable, you need ways to take photos, which is where pose mods come into the picture.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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