19+ Sims 4 Event Mods [Including a Mega Pack]

Want to crank up your gameplay?

With this list of sims 4 event mods, you can change up your sims routine in no time.

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Need some new exciting events to fill up your sims social calendar?

Whether you have been playing the sims 4 for a while or enjoy variety, adding more options to your gameplay is always a plus.

And as always, some fantastic creators put together a variety of sims 4 event mods for us to enjoy.

So have fun browsing for some new social events.

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Best Sims 4 Event Mods

In the following list, you’ll find a variety of activities for your sim to do or different places for them to visit.

1. Sims 4 Event Mods by Simularity

sims having a pool party

Packs Required: Backyard stuff pack & Seasons expansion pack

In the hot summertime, your sim can enjoy a fun pool party event.

This event mod turns your sim into the party’s host.

Your sim will have a set of goals to achieve, and by completing them, they will earn a Backyard Stuff item (drink tray, stereo, water slide) as a reward.

2. Sims 4 Event Mod at Hospital by KawaiiStacie

sims hospital room with patient and doctor

Pack Required: Get to Work expansion pack

Not all sims 4 event mods are fun and games.

Sims can get sick, but you don’t have to wait until then to get your sims checked out.

You can plan a visit to the doctor and bring a visitor along; there’s even a small play area for the kids.

Your sim will eventually be checked out by the doctor and prescribed meds.

The event ends when you’ve picked up your prescription from the pharmacist.

3. Sims 4 Camping Event by KiaraSims4Mods

sims camping enjoying campfire

Pack Required: Outdoor Retreat game pack

If your sims family loves being outdoors, they’ll likely enjoy camping through this sim 4 event mod.

Have your sims spend the day camping while going through fun camping goals like roasting marshmallows and hiking.

Complete the event to win a camping chair and cooler.

4. School Trip Events for Sims 4 by IlkaVelle

polaroid photos of school trip events

Who doesn’t like going on school field trips?

With these sims 4 event mods, you can send your household’s kids on fun school trips.

During the event, your little sim will acquire new skills by interacting with the teacher and other kids.

Your sim will also gain a bonus moodlet based on their performance.

5. Sims 4 Bachelorette Party by KiaraSims4Mods

sims having a bachelorette party

You can celebrate your sim’s last day unmarried by throwing them a bachelor or bachelorette party.

During the event, accomplish several simple tasks like telling jokes and taking selfies.

The goal is to ultimately win an item for your wedding day; a lovely wedding arch.

6. Vampires Everywhere Sims 4 Event by Kuttoe

polaroid of sim vampire on pinboard

Pack Required: Vampires game pack

With the help of this fun event mod, vampire sims are no longer limited to the world of Forgotten Hollow.

Any world created before the vampire game pack can get invaded by vampires.

Also, vampire-related events can occur in other worlds as well.

This sims 4 events mod takes the vampire’s game pack to the next level.

7. Sims 4 Singing Gig Event by KiaraSims4Mods

pair of sims singing in front of people

Pack Required: City Living expansion pack

Your sims can earn some extra simoleons by picking up a mic and singing as a side gig.

This sims 4 event mod is easy as it contains a few goals for an easy payout ranging up to 500 simoleons.

8. Sims 4 Hangout Event by IlkaVelle

sims sitting at a bar

After a hard day’s work, let your sim meet up with fellow workers and socialize for a while.

All there is to do is invite coworkers to any location of your choosing, such as the classic bar location.

Your sim will earn some influence points by talking with colleagues and accomplishing small tasks during the event.

9. Sims 4 Reunion Event Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

sims at a high school reunion party

Packs Required: Seasons expansion pack

Have your sim get reacquainted with former schoolmates by planning a high school reunion event.

Take part in several goals to win a nice Remembrance clock as a prize.

But the real prize in this event is your sim having fun meeting up with old friends.

You must assign the High School Reunion Trait to complete all the goals in this sims 4 event. 

10. Movie Night Event for Sims 4 by Simularity

sims 4 movie night event description

Pack Required: Movie Hangout stuff pack

With all these fun sims 4 event mods available, hosting a movie night is just as entertaining as the next.

Sometimes an evening at home with friends and family watching a movie is all the fun you need.

Earn points by completing specific tasks and win a neat item at the end of the evening.

11. Sims 4 Baby Shower Event by KiaraSims4Mods

female sims gathered for baby shower

If your sim or someone in her entourage is expecting, you can throw them a baby shower event.

Win a cute bassinet and some simoleons by completing a set of event goals.

You’ll need the Chat about Baby Names social interaction mod to complete some otherwise impossible tasks.

12. Sims 4 Event Mods Mega Pack by KawaiiStacie

pink haired sim around easter decorations

This collection is the motherlode of all sims 4 event mods.

You get just over 40 new social events, enough to keep your sim occupied for a while.

Among the 40+ events, your sims can go on a;

  • Romantic date
  • Do karaoke,
  • Go to a family reunion
  • Hit the gym
  • Throw a sleepover
  • Go camping
  • Field trip
  • Pizza party and more

Reaching the goal in these memorable events provides prizes, moodlets, and more.

You may need specific packs to complete some event challenges.

13. Double Date Sims 4 Event Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

sims having a double date

Packs Required: Movie Hangout stuff and Perfect Patio stuff packs, plus the Seasons expansion pack.

Get your sim to go on a double date with another couple with this sims 4 event mod.

Going on a double date takes the pressure off your sim and doubles the good time.

Completing this event will earn you some simoleons, but the real prize here is love.

14. Sims 4 Event for Witches by IlkaVelle

sims witches around a cauldron

Pack Required: Realm of Magic game pack

Looking for sims 4 event mods for your occult sims?

Your sim witches can now party and enjoy themselves while doing what they do best, spellcasting and witchcraft.

Completing this event can earn your sims some witchcraft experience, ingredients, or something similar.

15. Sims 4 New Years Party Event by KiaraSims4Mods

sims on dance floor at new years party

Packs Required: Spa Day game pack & the Seasons expansion pack.

End the year the best way possible; by throwing a New Year’s Eve party.

Have your sim grab a few drinks, dance, and party all night until the clock strikes twelve and then some.

16. At the Movies Sims 4 Event Mod by Simularity

sims 4 out to the movies event description

Pack Required: Movie Hangout stuff pack

This event is similar to the one listed at #10, but with this event mod, your sim goes out for a movie instead.

Depending on the goal reached, your sim can earn some fun rewards.

Two of the three reward items are the same as the ones in the Movie Night event.

17. Guys Night Out Sims 4 Event by KiaraSims4Mods

bunch of sim guys out a bar

Pack Required: Movie Hangout stuff pack

Have your male sim enjoy an evening with his peers by grabbing drinks, playing darts, chatting, and more.

Achieve the main goal by talking with a buddy for a while.

The payout of this event could be better, but that’s not important.

It’s all about a super fun time with the boys.

18. Sims 4 School Dance Event Mod by IlkaVelle

sims kids dancing at school dance

If you want more sims 4 event mods for your sim kids, there’s this school dance event.

You’ll invite children to the dance and assign an adult or teen to chaperone the event.

Get a DJ to bring the party to life, but only if you own the Get Together expansion pack.

19. Sims 4 Wedding Event Mod by Caradriel

sim couple having a wedding kiss

If your sim couple is engaged and to be married, the custom event mods included in My Wedding mod are a must.

This mod is one of my favorites because it offers an improved experience for your sims wedding day plans.

From signing a prenup, buying invitations, and planning their honeymoon, your sims can decide every detail.

This sims 4 event mod is loads of fun and brings wedding planning to the game in a more true-to-life way.

20. Resorts & Hotels Sims 4 Event Mods by KawaiiStacie

green-haired sims next to view of resort

This event mod is ambitious as it requires building and running a resort.

Your sim must get the required furniture and room amenities to meet the resort lot requirements.

The payout of the event challenge is skills, experience, and simoleons.

Although it’s not required, having the Vintage Glamour stuff pack allows certain interactions with staff members.

Sims 4 Event Mods: Final Thoughts

We, as simmers, are always on the lookout for new mods and custom content to add to our game.

Adding these sims 4 event mods brings a new level to your gameplay.

You can make your sim host a party, go on dates, or do sleepovers.

Plus, having objectives to reach and gaining prizes for some events gives an extra purpose to the activities.

Going through this list, we hope you have found some interesting new sims 4 events for your household.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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19+ Sims 4 Event Mods [Including a Mega Pack]

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