20+ Sims 4 Deco Sims: Decorative Sims For Any Event

Are you getting ready to take some new screenshots?

Download some sims 4 deco sims to complete the perfect scene!

sims 4 deco sims collage

If you enjoy taking pictures of your sims gameplay, you likely enjoy making the scene as realistic as possible.

Decos sims are just another way to use custom content to give your game a more lifelike feel.

While deco sims are decorative and non-interactive, they can still significantly impact your gameplay.

So, let’s take a look at how you can start using deco sims today!

How To Use Deco Sims

screenshot of sims 4 deco sims placed inside a house

Using sims 4 deco sims is as easy as placing a chair in your game.

Download the file and add them to your mods folder like any other custom content

– Once in-game, head over to Build Mode.

– Click on the chair icon, Objects by Function & select the category the creator lists on their download page.

– If no category is listed, try Decorations. Many creators have their deco sims under sculptures found in the decorations category.

– You can also use the search box and type deco or deco sims, depending on how each creator refers to sims 4 deco sims.

Select the deco sims you want and place them on lots wherever you need them.

As you can see in the example above, I placed some café workers randomly inside my sim’s house.

Remember that deco sims tend to be high poly, so go gentle on your PC with the downloads.

Sims 4 Deco Sims

The following collection of sims 4 deco sims mixes scene-specific sets and more casual deco sims you can work into different gameplay scenarios.

1. Sims 4 Gossiping Decos by Reigningsims

teen gossiping deco sims

Add some gossip queens to your gameplay with this collection of deco sims.

There are 6 deco sims to choose from (or use them all), and each comes in 5 swatches.

These deco sims work great for your sims heading to high school.

2. Restaurant Staff Deco Sims by Someone-elsa

restaurant waiters as decos

These sims 4 deco sims will fill your restaurant staffing needs.

There are six deco sims, and each comes with 3 different swatches.

You will find some waiters and kitchen staff, and two of the decos have spaces to add clutter pieces (on the tray and cutting board).

3. Rainy Day Deco Sims Set by StarrySimsie

rainy weathe deco sims

Are your sims heading into the rainy spring season?

This set of sims 4 deco sims includes 15 decos and 4 swatches for each.

You’ll find a variety of decos stuck in the rain, everything you need to set up some rainy-day screenshots.

4. Cafe Staff Deco Sims by Someone-elsa

café staff decos

These deco sims are for the coffee lovers out there.

This set of decos will have your favorite café adequately staffed.

From cleaning the tables to pouring the perfect cappuccinos, there are 6 decos to add to your gameplay.

You can also grab the different clutter pieces (trays, cups, plates, macarons) included in the download.

5. Fitness First Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

fitness re;ated deco sims

Do your sims hate working out?

Have your sims hit the park surrounded by like-minded deco sims.

There are 13 different decos, from stretching and measuring their pulse to performing lunges.

Each of the deco sims is performing some form of physical activity.

6. Sims 4 Pet Decos by Someone-elsa

three dogs deco sims

What good are gameplay screenshots without some amazing pets to share the screen?

This set of deco sims includes a mix of dogs and cats, 4 pets in total, each in 3 swatches.

7. Dancing Deco Sims by Akuiyumi

dansing decos for sims 4

These dancing sims 4 deco sims can be used for any event where you need to fill in the background with some dancers.

I’ve used these decos for my sims bachelorette party, which are also convenient for the club.

There are 20 deco sims to choose from, including female and male decos.

8. Sims 4 Hogwarts Deco Sims by Merulasnydes

hagwarts deco sims

This set of sims 4 deco sims is dedicated to the Harry Potter lovers out there.

Set up the perfect Hogwarts classroom with this set of 12 decos.

Each sims deco comes in 8 swatches, and half of the swatches include Hogwarts houses in the tie details.

9. Sims 4 Mourning Decos by Reigningsims

mourning decos for sims 4

Unfortunately, not all your sims will manage to escape the Grim Reaper using a Death Flower.

Why not celebrate their lives with a complete funeral when they do die?

This pack includes 12 deco sims in multiple poses, plus one mourning crowd.

10. Beach Day Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

beach day deco sims

This collection of sims 4 deco sims is one of my absolute favorites.

There are 24 decos in 4 swatches each to create the perfect beach day.

You will find deco sims posing in all the classic beach day activities such as snorkeling, sun tanning, reading, snapping selfies, and more.

11. Casual Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

casual deco sims

These everyday casual deco sims can be used for various scenes, whether a city screenshot or a park stroll.

You will find 3 sets of two sims together, giving you a total of 6 decos.

Each of the sets comes in 4 swatches.

12. Mermaid Decos for Sims 4 by Reigningsims

mermaid deco sims

Level up your mermaid gameplay with these mermaid deco sims.

From sitting by the sea to lounging in the water, place these mermaid decos around to complete a magical seaside screenshot.

13. Seated Sims 4 Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

collected of seated deco sims

This set of 10 deco sims focuses on seated positions.

Each of the ten decos comes in 4 different swatches.

The creator also specifies that four of the deco sims are best used with a table.

Many of these decos can be used for various scenes, including school, work meetings, and some even for a doctor’s office.

14. Movie Set Decos by Reigningsims

movie set deco sims

Are your Sims movie stars?

This collection of movie set deco sims helps capture their busy day on set.

There are 7 decos performing various movie set-related tasks; each deco comes in 5 swatches.

15. Sitting Decos for Sims 4 by Someone-elsa

seated deco sims at an outside café

Here we have another set of sitting sim sculptures.

Place these deco sims around your favorite park, restaurant, and café to capture a lively scene.

This collection comes with 8 deco sims in 3 swatches for each.

16. Kitchen Crew Deco Sims by StarrySimsie

kitchen crew decos

This collection of sims 4 deco sims is all about the restaurant staff getting the job done.

Perhaps your sim is a famous chef and needs to perfect sue chef and kitchen staff to run a smooth kitchen.

This set of 12 decos focuses on different kitchen tasks, from rolling dough to other meal prep and even food tasting.

17. Sims 4 Llama Deco Sims CC by Akuiyumi

sims 4 llama decos

I had to include this set of llama decos because, well, I love llamas.

And who knows, maybe your sims are interested in running a llama petting zoo.

There are 8 llama decos and 11 colors to use.

18. Prisoner Decos for Sims 4 by Akuiyumi

prisoner sims 4 deco sims

Have your sims landed in prison?

These sims 4 deco sims will fill up the prison floor.

This set includes 15 deco sims and 3 poses for each, giving you 45 options to set up your scene.

19. Sims 4 Journalist Decos by Reigningsims

deco jounnalists

After your sims are done filming their movie, they will likely be interviewed by the press.

These journalist deco sims will be helpful when your sims need to pose for the tabloids.

There are 10 decos, including 6 journalists with a recorder and 4 writing down everything your sims has to say.

20. Sims 4 Family Decos by StarrySimsie

family gathering deco sims

Create the perfect storyline and include some sims 4 deco sims into the background of your sim family pictures.

These specific deco sims will work nicely for casual family screenshots in a park where sims will be walking.

21. 1910s Deco Sims by SimsToMaggie

1910s sims 4 deco sims

These deco sims are ideal for the sims 4 decades challenge.

Set in the 1910s, you will find one female and male sim to place around your decade’s gameplay.

22. Child Mannequin Decos Set by Akuiyumi

deco child mannequins

These deco sims are different from the typical options.

These decos are child mannequins that you can place around your sims retail store while they are busy at work.

While this set is for kids’ mannequins, you can grab the male or female versions linked on the download page.

Sims 4 Deco Sims: Final Thoughts

With so many sims 4 deco sims packs to go through, I’m sure you found some new decos to use in your storylines.

From casual sim decos standing in the rain to others working a movie set, you are now equipped to take some fantastic gameplay photos.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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