The Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod: Eat & Drink Without Distractions

Do quick work of eating and drinking with the Sims 4 faster eating mod.

Cutlery & timer for Sims 4 faster eating mod

Are you tired of your Sims eating slowly? Do you find that they sometimes take forever to finish their meals, even when you’re in a hurry?

If so, you’ll want to snag a sims 4 faster eating mod for your PC gameplay.

In sims 4, eating remains a necessary activity for the survival of your sims.

Let’s face it, though; eating is one of the slower and more boring actions your sims can do, or at least that is how I feel. 🙄

But if you download one of the available faster-eating mods, you can make eating and drinking a less frustrating and time-consuming activity.

Let’s check out a couple of different sims 4 faster eating mods!

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod

Ever wondered how you can make your sims eat faster in the Sims 4?

If you want your sims to speed things up and eat faster, you can opt for a couple of different mods, each offering its own take on faster eating.

QuickEats Mod For The Sims 4

With the Quick Eats mod, you have more options; you get the chance to somewhat customize your gameplay based on your speed preferences.

You can choose between four different eating speeds or flavors, as the creator likes to call them.

Slow-Eater, Peckish, Hangry, and Ravenous.

Without going into the technical details, here is a brief sum-up for each different level:


This flavor is pretty much self-explanatory. It is the slowest of the four, but still, your Sim will eat faster than its usual non-modded speed. 

Your Sim will focus more on eating but still allow for brief interactions or animations.


The peckish speed will prioritize food intake even more than the slow-eater option.

Your Sim will be more focused on eating but still allow for brief interactions or animations.


For this flavor, your Sim will be hungrier or, in this case, hangrier. 

While prioritizing more on food than the peckish type, there will be fewer moments for social interactions, removing many opportunities for potential distractions.


If you want to finish your meal in record time, then Ravenous is the flavor you might want to use.

It is the fastest eating speed, focusing solely on eating with minimal social interactions—less talk, more eating.

Screenshot of a sim eating faster

Compatibility of the mod

The best part about the sims 4 quick eating mod is that it’s compatible with the sims 4 base game and was tested with the latest updated version, which at the time of writing this article was version 1.89.204.

Where To Download The Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod?

You can find the faster eater mod using the button below.

You may want to register on that website if you wish to leave comments, but you do not have to be a member in order to download the content.

Note: Although you can get all four files, you can only put one in the “mods” folder at a single time.

Girl eating dessert fast

How To Install That Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod?

Installing this mod is relatively easy. To install the Faster Eating Mod, first, find it using the link above. 

Like all mods, you must copy and paste the unzipped content of the desired type of eating or flavor into the mods folder.

You can find the mods folder in your Documents folder, then follow this path: …\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\“.

To activate it, you do not need to do anything special. 

Simply launch the game like usual and enjoy faster eating times! 

You should notice the difference when your Sim begins to eat.

[Note: If you wish to switch the eating flavors along the way, you must delete the old file from your mods folder and change it with the new mod file.

Also, make sure you delete the file localthumbcache.package located in The Sims 4 folder to avoid any problems.

Other Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod

If you just need a simple mod to get your sims eating faster without any unique speed options, you can use the sims 4 faster eating mod by bjnicol.

You can expect your sims to still act normal; they will just eat and drink faster without the classic humming or obsession with ceiling paint.

And not to worry, your sims will still enjoy themselves and spend some time chatting in social settings.

There is also an optional version found at the link below where you can opt to have your sims eat at tables.

Final Thoughts On Using The Sims Faster Eating Mod

Whether the sloth-like eating gets on your nerves or you just want to save time, the sims 4 faster eating and drinking mod is a great option.

Speed up your gameplay and get back to more enjoyable activities.

Since these mods are easy to install, just follow the steps and enjoy a new, faster-eating experience.

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The Sims 4 Faster Eating Mod: Eat & Drink Without Distractions

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