Sims 4 Holiday Ideas (Festive Holiday Mods)

Fill up the calendar and help your sims celebrate with these fun sims 4 holiday ideas and mods.

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Sometimes, sims, much like people in real life, need an occasion to break the routine of everyday life.

The solution to that problem is holidays!!!

These special days, circled on our calendars, give us reasons to celebrate and be around people we know and love.

Our sims should also be able to have fun and party with their own set of holidays.

With the Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack, we can create custom holidays and place them throughout the short sim year.

Let the sim holidays begin!

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Fun Sims 4 Holiday Ideas

If you’re feeling uninspired, sometimes coming up with holidays may be tricky.

Here are some sims 4 holiday ideas with their list of traditions for each season to help you fill up your sims’ calendar.

Some holidays can easily be swapped into a different season and these holiday ideas all come from the Seasons EP.

1. Winter Holidays

  • Game Night (Sports TV, Games, Drinking, Invite Guests)
  • Winter Olympics (Sports TV, Invite Guests)
  • New Years Resolution (Make Resolutions, Exercise, Fasting)
  • Summer Holiday (Go on Vacation or Travel)
  • Date Night (Give Flowers, Go on a Date, Romantic Spirit, Watch Romantic TV)
  • Snow Day (Polar Bear Plunge, Baking, Festive Spirit)
  • Holiday Blues (Fighting, Air Grievances, Mischief Spirit, Remembrance)

2. Spring Holidays Ideas

  • Easter (Egg Hunt, Flower Bunny, Decorate)
  • April Fool’s (Mischief Spirit)
  • Superbowl (Sports TV, Invite Guests, Air Grievances, Drinking)
  • Spring Cleaning (Appreciate an Object, Cleaning, Gardening)
  • Spring Break (Streaking, Drinking, Bar-B-Que, Invite Guests, Party Spirit)
  • St-Patrick’s (Drinking, Decorate, Party Spirit)

3. Holidays for Summer

  • Father’s Day (Bar-B-Que, Sports TV, Give Gifts)
  • Summer Vacation (Go on Vacation or Travel)
  • World Cup (Bar-B-Que, Sports TV, Drinking, Exercise, Party Spirit)
  • Nude Recreation (Embrace Nudity, Streaking, Water Fun, Romantic Spirit)
  • Night Out (Drinking, Party Spirit, Air Grievances, Games)
  • Summer Party (Bar-B-Que, Invite Guests, Drinking, Fire, Water Fun)

4. Holiday Ideas for Fall

  • Halloween (Trick or Treat, Wear Costumes, Spooky Spirit, Festive Lighting, Decorate)
  • Day of the dead (Remembrance, Thankful Spirit, Festive Lighting, Spooky Spirit)
  • Oktoberfest (Drinking, Grand Meal, Decorate)
  • Veterans Day (Remembrance, Thankful Spirit, Appreciate an Object, Give Flowers)
  • Fall Bonfire (Fire, Tell Stories, Invite Guests, Drinking)
  • Do Nothing (Sports TV, Watch Romantic TV, Baking, Cleaning)

Exciting Sims 4 Holiday Mods

Creating holidays is one thing, but what will your sims do throughout their day?

These sims 4 holiday mods will give more options for activities and add new features to your gameplay.

1. Holiday Mods for Sims 4 by LittleMsSam

menu different event icons

When adding holidays to your calendar, you must assign an icon to represent the holiday better.

This pack offers three versions of holiday icons:

  • A short version with 100 icons to choose from
  • A mega collection that offers more than 2,000 icons
  • A religious icons pack that has a few icons to cover various religions

2. A Night Out Holiday Traditions by Simularity

sim girl ordering coffee at counter

If you’re planning a holiday for a night out, this mod includes five new activities your sims can do during that special day.

Only the Drink at the Bar tradition is base game friendly among the five.

The rest of these traditions are:

  • Eat Popcorn, which requires the Movie Hangout SP
  • Go Bowling, which needs the Bowling Night SP
  • Out for Coffee with the Get Together EP
  • Watch Movie through the Movie Hangout SP

With these new things to do, your sims will have a great night out.

3. Extra Holidays Mod by Frankk

collage three holidays

For more sims 4 holiday ideas, this pack adds three to your list.

This holiday mod includes SpookyfestFlower Day, and Simdependence Day.

These special days are set to be included in the FallSpring, and Summer, respectively.

To add these sims 4 holidays to your game, you must install the creator’s Custom Holiday Utility, linked on the mod’s page.

This tool helps you add the holidays safely without causing issues to your game.

4. More Selectable Icons by Zerbu

menu for event icons

This mod offers over 1,500 icons that will be more than enough to cover your sims 4 holiday ideas.

You can also use this holiday mod to get icons for Social ClubsSimTuber Avatars, and Lifestyle Brands.

For those icons, you will need the Get TogetherHigh School Years, or the Get Famous EP.

5. School Holidays for Kids & Teens by LittleMsSam

school holiday mod banner

Do you remember when we had so many days off at school?

Kid and teen sims can also get random school holidays with this mod, lasting 13, or 5 days.

These days off are set by chance at a rate of 2%, and they will grant an On Holiday buff to your young sims.

You can install an additional file to increase the odds of a school holiday to 4, 6, 8, or 10%, but you can only install one at a time.

6. Snowy Escape Traditions by Alyne

snowy escape tradition banner

If you have the Snowy Escape EP installed, this mod adds some of the pack’s activities to be used as holiday traditions.

So, for your winter-related sims 4 holiday ideas, you can now include the following:

  • Browse Vending Machine
  • Eat HotPot Soup
  • Go Sledding
  • Hiking
  • Make a Tanabata Wish
  • Order from Mt. Komorebi Festival Food Stalls
  • Rejuvenating Hot Spring
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Yamachan

So, add one of these activities for your sims’ next winter holiday.

7. Sims 4 Spooky Day by Caradiel

halloween decorated table with candy

This holiday mod adds three new traditions that your sims can accomplish.

So, for your next Halloween-themed holiday, your sims could participate in:

  • Grab Candies
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Zombie Cake

You’ll need specific custom content or skills for each activity.

These items are the Spooky Candy BowlPumpkin Carving Station, and the Baking skill at level 4.

If you have the Island Living EP, this sims 4 holiday mod also includes an odd job for Pumpkin Delivery.

8. Paranormal Holiday Traditions by Simularity

psychic sim doing seance with crystal ball

If you have the Paranormal Stuff Pack, you can install this mod and add four traditions for your sims 4 holidays.

This holiday mod adds fun new things to do, like:

  • Conduct a Seance
  • Summon a Ghost
  • Summon Bonehilda
  • Commune with the Departed

You could add one of these traditions for your sims’ Halloween and make that day extra spooky.

9. More Premade Holidays by MSQSIMS

sim snowboarding and household calendar

Are you lacking sims 4 holiday ideas and want to add more premade holidays to your sims’ calendar?

This mod will add 16 premade holidays, such as:

  • Snow Fun
  • New Years Eve
  • Mothers Day
  • Fitness Day
  • Bonfire Night
  • And many more

10. New Sims 4 School Holiday Tradition by LittleMsSam

sim girl dancing to jukebox

This mod is similar to the School Holiday listed in #5.

But this time, you decide when your sim kids have a school holiday instead of relying solely on chance.

Take control of your children’s or teens’ off-school schedule by adding this new tradition to one of your sim’s custom holidays.

11. Updated Sims 4 In-Game Traditions by Lorea

elderly in kitchen with her cat

This mod updates several add-ons that were left unaltered these last few years.

One of these mods is Icemunmun’s Pet-Themed Holiday Traditions.

With this updated mod, you can add traditions to:

  • Age up Pet
  • Feeling the Love
  • Go for a Walk
  • Make Pet Food
  • Meet Or Adopt
  • Pamper Pets
  • Play With Dog
  • Play With Laser Pointer
  • Teach Tricks

And you get another pet-related activity, Take Care of Farm Animals, for your Horse Ranch EP.

12. Mead And Honey Mod by Pied Piper

sims 4 holiday creation screen

Do you or your sims enjoy honey?

With this sims 4 holiday mod, you can add honey-related traditions to your holidays.

Your sims can participate in these five activities:

  • Attempt to Collect Honey from Wild Beehive
  • Mead Brewing Tradition
  • Process Honey On Honey Press
  • Sell Collected Honey to Health Food Store
  • Sell Mead to Farmer’s Market

If you have the Get Together EP, this mod also allows Mead Brewing to become a social club activity.

Note that to be able to make honey, you must install the creator’s Honey Production Mod linked on the mod’s page.

13. Scary Traditions Mods for Sims 4 by Simularity

in game scary tv night activity

This next Holiday mod requires either or both the Paranormal and the Movie Hangout SP.

If you’re looking for more sims 4 holiday ideas for things to do, these two activities are perfect for Halloween.

For your sims’ next Spooky Day, they can Watch Scary TV or Watch Scary Movies as fun traditions.

14. Toddler Holiday Traditions by Caradiel

kids in ball pit

For this mod, you’ll need the Toddler Stuff SP.

If you want to make a holiday for your sim toddlers, this mod offers five outdoor activities for your tots’ enjoyment.

Among these traditions, your toddlers can have fun playing:

  • In the Ball Pit
  • In the Kiddie Pool
  • On the Slide
  • Inside the Tiny Treehouse
  • In the Jungle Gym

15. Earth Day Traditions by Srslysims

earth day traditions

To celebrate Earth Day, you’ll need the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

On the day that your sims honor the blue planet, you can have them participate in these five eco-friendly traditions:

  • Dumpster Dive
  • Fabricate
  • Juice Fizzing
  • Make Candle
  • Reduce and Recycle

Help your sims make a difference.

16. No Work Holiday Tradition by LittleMsSam

no work holiday mod banner

This mod is just like the one for School Holidays for kids, but for sims that are aged Young Adults and up.

You can set a date in your sims’ calendar for your sims to enjoy a day off work.

All you need to do is add a holiday, name it Day Off as an example, and add this tradition.

There are three versions of this holiday mod:

  • No Work!
  • No Work! (Women only)
  • No Work! (Men only)

And, if you didn’t check the Day Off option in the holiday setting, your household’s kids and teens will still go to school.

Now, your sims can really enjoy their day off with the kids at school. 😉

17. Island Living Holiday Traditions by Simularity

sim woman swimming with dolphin

If you have the Island Living EP, you can set some of this pack’s activities for your sims’ holidays.

For your sims’ summer holiday, you can have them do fun traditions, like:

  • Beachcomb
  • Build Sand Sculpture
  • Go Sailing
  • Go Snorkeling
  • Interact with Dolphin
  • Scuba Dive
  • Sunbathe

These activities have their own file, so you can add as many to your game as you want.

18. Sims 4 Holiday Traditions Mods by KiaraSims

dinner plate with heart

Do you have plenty of sims 4 holiday ideas?

This creator has made 66 traditions that can definitely use among many of your sims holidays.

There’s a great variety of activities that covers everything, like:

  • Cook Pancakes
  • Drink Coffee
  • Family Dinner
  • Go Bowling
  • Meditate
  • Read a Book
  • Woohoo
  • And many more

Now, your sims can fully enjoy their new holidays with these great things to do.

19. Kids Holiday Traditions by Caradiel

kids doing science experiment

This mod is entirely base game compatible.

If you’re planning a holiday for your sim kids, this mod offers five fun activities for your children’s special day.

With these traditions, your kids can:

  • Craft at the Activity Table
  • Make an Experience in science
  • Play in the Monkey Bars
  • Play Pirate
  • Play in a Space Explorer

20. Sims 4 Random Holiday Traditions by LittleMsSam

list of holiday tradition activities

If you own a bunch of packs, you can use these mods to add fun things to do for your sims during their holiday.

Here are the traditions that are entirely base game compatible:

  • Dance
  • Fishing
  • Play Instruments
  • Sleep

Here are the other activities that require a pack to work:

  • Darts with the Get Together EP
  • Do Laundry with the Laundry Day SP
  • Eat Icecream with the Cool Kitchen Stuff SP
  • Eat Popcorn with the Movie Hangout Stuff SP
  • Foosball with the Get Together EP
  • Go Bowling with the Bowling Night SP
  • Play Basketball with the City Living EP
  • Pumpkin Crafting with the Spooky Stuff SP
  • Use Hottub with the Perfect Patio Stuff SP
  • Watch Movies with the Movie Hangout Stuff SP

They come individually, so install the traditions for which you have the pack.

Sims 4 Holiday Ideas: Final Thoughts

We hope that these sims 4 holiday ideas will let your creativity run wild, and you’ll create a bunch of fun new holidays for your sims.

And, with the help of sims 4 holiday mods, you can make those special days extra special.

Your sims will have an even more enjoyable day whether the mod adds new holiday traditions or lets them skip work or school.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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Sims 4 Holiday Ideas (Festive Holiday Mods)

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