21+ Sims 4 Jewelry CC: Earrings, Necklaces & Rings

Accessorize your sim’s newest outfits with this collection of sims 4 jewelry cc.

sims 4 jewelry cc collage

Who doesn’t love a good piece of jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry, some people love a dainty pair of earrings, others a striking necklace or thick stack of bracelets.

The beauty is that you can add as few or as many jewelry designs as you like in the real world, and the same applies to your male or female sims.

Put together unique and creative looks with bolder pieces, or add the perfect finishing touches to an already fabulous outfit.

Happy shopping!

Best Sims 4 Jewelry CC

Below, you will find a collection of necklaces, rings, nose rings, and earrings for your sim’s different style needs.

1. MinimalSim Wiss Rings by WisteriaSims

male sim wearing mixed rings

Whether your sims prefer to layer on their jewelry or need a few pieces to complete their outfit, these rings fit the bill.

Your sim will get 3 rings on their left hand: two on their ring finger and a third on the index finger.

There are 5 swatches to try, four of which are dual-tone; the chain link index ring remains black for each swatch.

2. Jelios Earring Set by TwistedCat

sim wearing sun-shaped earrings

With its cute and casual designs, this set of 3 sun-themed earrings is perfect for daytime wear.

The earrings are available as a simple sun pendant hoop earring, a stud, or an extended 3-sun design.

These earrings are available in copper, gold, and silver tones.

3. Mixed Butterfly Jewelry Set by Boschiana CC

collage of different butterfly jewelry

What’s sweeter than dainty butterfly jewelry pieces that your sims can wear every day, especially during the summer month?

This jewelry set comes with 4 pieces:

  • A butterfly ring
  • An earring stud
  • A thin chain necklace with a pendant
  • A small-peal bracelet and charm

4. Sims 4 Moon Earrings by JellyPaws

female sim wearing moon earrings

These crescent moon earrings are a great choice for your teen sims and will pair great with a casual top and jeans or a cute summer dress.

The earrings are on the larger side, closer to statement jewelry pieces; they come in gold, silver, rose gold, and black.

5. Thick Wavy Hoop Earrings by Feyona

female sim wearing thick hoop earrings

Every sim needs a pair of thick hoop earrings in their jewelry box, and this wavy pair is an elevated version of classic hoops.

These medium-size hoop earrings are available in 4 metal-tone colors (gold, rose gold, silver, and black).

6. Nose Set No.02 for Sims 4 by FKA

collage of noses with nose rings

Add some interesting jewelry designs to your sim’s noses with this set of nose rings.

The pack includes 6 different nose jewelry pieces including a septum ring, dangling nose ring, large nose stud with gemstones and more.

Each of these nose designs comes with 10+ swatches.

7. Male Status Earrings Set by Christopher067

male sims wearing mixed silver earrings

Hoop earrings, an industrial bar, and a pyramid stud, this sims 4 male jewelry cc set comes with various ear piercings for your male sims.

Your male sims will get different piercings on each ear, including a diamond-studded cross pendant and a dangling chain piece.

These earring designs are available in 8 swatches.

8. Sims 4 Pearlinique Earrings by Katverse

sim wearing small hoops with mini pearls

These beautiful gold hoops and small pearl earrings are some of my new favorite custom content pieces.

The earrings have a delicate look to them, making them the perfect accessory for a date night outfit or even a bridesmaid’s dress.

There are 3 swatches available (for the hoop portion of the earrings): yellow gold, rose gold, and silver.

9. Mom Sims 4 CC Necklace by Boschiana CC

kid shape necklace pendants

Whether your sim’s birthday is coming up or your sims celebrate Mother’s Day, this Mom necklace is a great gift idea.

The necklace has 3 options; you can have both the boy’s and girl’s pendants or either.

There are 8 neutral colors available for these necklaces.

10. Male Necklace Pack by Wistful Castle

collage of 4 male sims wearing necklaces

Sometimes, the in-game options have some decent designs, but they could be vastly better with some tweaks.

Wistful Castle has changed some of the necklaces to make them double-layered and fancier.

These beautifully crafted necklaces will make great statement jewerly for your sims outfits.

11. Nuit Jewelry Set by Oydis

female sim wearing golden jewelry

This sims 4 jewelry cc pack is another beautiful everyday set you can use to add a touch of charm to your sims custom outfits.

The set includes 2 necklaces and 4 earring combinations. I especially love the star details; they remind me of the North Star.

There are 15 metal swatches available.

12. Sims 4 Icedrop Earrings by TwistedCat

pearl and diamond stud earring

These icedrop earrings will look fantastic for a wedding or evening gala event.

The combination of the diamonds and the pearl makes this jewelry custom content a classy piece, available in 20 swatches.

13. Asalet Necklace For Kids by Nords

child sim wearing a flower necklace

Do you need a sweet necklace for your sim kids?

This flower pendant necklace is the perfect choice for kids; it will pair great with school clothes and dressier clothing options for more formal events.

There are 10 swatches, including pink, red, silver, black, grey, blue, and copper.

14. Thorium Jewelry Set by Bradford

sim wearing thorium earrings and necklace

This thorium-inspired jewelry pack is truly interesting with the different metal textures and styles.

This collection gives me steampunk vibes with the gear-like earring pieces and the pendant necklace.

Your sims can wear each necklace individually or layer them together; the necklaces and earrings come in beige/gold, silver, and black.

15. Multiple Diamond Earrings Set by Feyona

sim wearing various gold and diamond earrings

This sims 4 jewelry cc set has multiple diamond earrings to adorn your sims ears.

Each side gets a unique arrangement of earrings in different sizes and locations.

The earrings are available in 4 swatches: yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and a black-plated version.

16. Sims 4 Leif Earrings by Divinecap

female sim wearing leaf earrings

These leaf-inspired earrings are beautifully simple and delicate, ideal for a minimalistic sim who loves nature.

The earrings are available for your male and female sims and come in 3 metal tones: black, gold, and silver.

17. Jewelry Box CC Set by Joliebean

collage of 7 mixed jewelry pieces

If you’re looking for a mixed collection of jewelry pieces, this set comes with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

You can pick from 3 small hoop earrings, classic large hoops, or a gold-like plate.

Finish off your sim’s outfit with bead necklaces or stacked bracelets.

18. Samara Cross Jewelry Set by Blue Craving

sims wearrings cross necklaces and earrings

Crosses have always been a popular symbol in jewelry designs, which has stayed the same in modern times.

This jewelry set comes with dangling cross earrings and a chain necklace paired with a cross pendant.

These jewelry pieces have a touch of gothic aesthetic to them, and while the earrings are only available in black, the necklace has 10 swatches.

19. Brynn Spike Stud Choker by Feyona

female sim wearing spike stud choker

Chokers are a popular jewelry accessory in Gothic culture; pair them with spike studs, and you’ve got the best combination.

These chokers come with two rows of spike studs, available in 4 metal colors (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and black).

20. Pastel Bow Earrings Set by JellyPaws

sim wearing bow shaped earrings

These sims 4 jewelry cc maxis match double-bow earrings are super sweet and add the cutest touch to any outfit.

The bows are stacked with two tiny colored pearls in between, and you can choose from pink, purple, a couple of blues, yellow, black, and light yellow.

21. Male Sims Wiss Bracelets by WisteriaSims

male sim wearing woven black bracelets

These woven male bracelets will pair great with the rings listed at #1 above.

The black bracelets come as a stacked set of two, and there are small metal details that are available in 4 swatches.

22. Heart Wings Jewelry Set by Boschiana CC

female sim with heart and wings earrings

I love sets with a necklace and matching earrings; it makes it easy to accessorize my sims’ outfits.

This jewelry set is all about love, with its winged heart earrings and simple pendant necklace.

The jewelry comes in 13 swatches, including silver, gold, rose gold, and black.

Sims 4 Jewelry CC: Final Thoughts

Whether your sims aesthetic is more on the casual side, or formal side, there are jewerly cc options available.

From diamond-studded pendants to beautiful pearl earrings, and stud chokers, you can find perfect assossories you need.

You can also mix and match delicate jewelry pieces with edgier designs to create unique looks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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21+ Sims 4 Jewelry CC: Earrings, Necklaces & Rings

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