23+ Sims 4 Gaming Room CC: Desks, Chairs & Lights

Set up your sims’ video game haven with some sims 4 gaming room cc.

sims 4 gaming room cc collage

When it comes to gaming, your sims will want a fun and comfortable dedicated space to enjoy their video games.

Decorating the room can be loads of fun, placing all the gaming pieces around and making the room flashy and immersive.

With the help of some sims 4 gaming room cc, you can create the perfect hub for your sims to get their geek on.

You can place gorgeous lighting items, hooking them up with a comfortable gaming chair and desk to perfect the room.

Your sims will fall in love with their unique space and never want to leave.

Cool Sims 4 Gaming Room CC

Our list of sims 4 gaming room cc has everything from furniture to lighting panels and other fun accessories.

1. Cute Gamer Pack by Desimny

blue-colored gaming room

This collection offers some cool options for gaming furniture and decorations.

You’ll find various gaming chairs, rugs, and picture frames in this set.

The picture frames are of an anime girl or a gaming controller with six and nine color swatches, respectively.

The gaming rugs are round-shaped and come in various patterns or an anime bunny design.

Three gaming chair models are offered, which range between 20 and 25 swatches, depending on the model.

The chairs require the Sims 4: High School Years expansion pack.

2. Content Creator Room Set by NICKNAME_sims4

pink-colored gaming setup

This pack has the basics for a gamer or content creator’s room.

In this set, you’ll find 11 objects to place inside your sims’ room, such as:

  • Gaming desk that comes in four swatches
  • Computer with keyboard and mouse in eight swatches
  • Monitors, including a vertical one, are offered in eight swatches
  • Various lighting items are available in three swatches
  • Microphone and speakers in four swatches
  • A Game Over sign offered in seven swatches

3. Flashy Neon Lighting Items by Syboubou

neon signs collection

You can’t have a gaming room without some cool-looking lighting items.

This set has different neon-shaped lights to be placed on your sims’ walls.

There are eight items in all, including:

  • A cactus
  • Arrows
  • Rainbow on a cloud
  • A small lightning bolt
  • Closed eyes
  • Exotic cocktail
  • Small cat to place on a surface

Each of these lights has its set of color palettes.

4. Peg to Differ Headphone Sets by Ravasheen

various headphones on pegs

This sims 4 gaming room cc is for another popular gaming accessory, a pair of headphones.

While you can typically game without headphones, they’re essential to many gamers’ setups.

These headphones hang off a peg that can be placed on a wall or, you guessed it, a peg board.

The creator’s peg board item is linked on the headphones’ page.

5. Video Station Desk by Bárbara Sims

streaming station desk

This item requires the Sims 4: Get Famous expansion pack.

Get this functional desk equipped with video equipment for your sims.

The desk has a wide angle, with a computer on one end and a streaming setup on the other.

Pair this desk with some colorful lighting items and other gaming accessories to complete your sims’ gaming room.

6. Sims 4 Gaming Room Set by NICKNAME_sims4

computer desk with three screens

This collection has a good selection of gaming items, which covers most of what your gamer sim will need.

In this set, you get:

  • A gaming desk
  • A three-screen computer
  • A pair of headphones
  • A pair of speakers
  • An animated air humidifier

The computer screens are available in white, silver, black, and pink.

7. The Perfect Night Geek Set by Syboubou

pink pc gaming setup with matching chair

This pack consists of eight awesome gaming-related items, including:

  • A desk with the popular IKEA-style drawers offered in eight colors
  • A gaming chair in 10 swatches
  • A dual-screen computer that’s available in black, white, gray, and pink
  • Cubic wall storage boxes with 13 swatches
  • Game On neon lighting sign, that’s also offered with Simlish wording
  • Pacman ghost headphone stands in eight colors
  • And speakers that also have eight color swatches

These sims 4 gaming room cc are so lovely that you can’t pass them up.

8. Sims 4 Custom Laptop Items by Giuliane

collage custom laptop colors

A gaming setup usually involves a desktop computer, but what about laptops?

With these laptop items, you can get a portable computer in one of the nine colorful swatches.

The laptop is small enough to fit on any desk size, which is perfect if your sim is limited in space.

9. Random Gaming Deco Items by Bknysimz

various gaming deco items

This collection has tons of objects to decorate your gamer sim’s room.

There are 33 gaming objects which come with their own set of swatches.

Here are some of the things that are included:

  • Mousepads
  • Anime stuff
  • Shelving
  • Plushies
  • Computer hardware
  • And the list goes on

These gaming items are individually listed, so you must grab each one you want.

10. The Aurora Gaming Set by DSCO

pink-colored gaming accessories

If you want more gaming accessories for your sims’ game room, you can get this set of eight items.

In this pack, you get several items like:

  • Three types of headsets
  • A computer with or without keyboard and mouse
  • A keyboard, mouse, and cloud-shape wrist rest

All of these items come in one swatch: white.

11. Bunny Gaming Chair Items by Desimny

couple of bunny-eared gaming chairs

This item requires the Sims 4: Get Famous EP.

Bunny ears are super popular in gaming setups, typically available as headphones or chairs.

This set with a couple of gaming chairs with adorable bunny ears.

The chair has 11 swatches and two versions; one has Simlish writing at the top of the headrest.

12. Kawaii Neko Gaming Station by Hydrangea

gaming hardware and gaming cockpit

For additional gaming equipment, this set has seven cool items.

In this fantastic gaming set, you get:

  • Desktop computer setup in five swatches
  • Gaming chair set in three seating positions, each having seven swatches
  • Curved TV monitor available in six swatches
  • Keyboard and mouse combo with five swatches

All the items listed fit into the awesome-looking gaming station, which is available in six colors.

This gaming rig is what every gamer wishes for, which is why it’s a must-have for your sims’ gamer room.

13. Semicircle Neon Lighting by Syboubou

neon semicircle light

This sims 4 gaming room cc is for a round neon light; the neon tube can go anywhere.

The light would look better against the wall surrounding where your sims’ monitors go.

The item has only one swatch, but you can change its color through Live mode by clicking on it.

14. Functional Arcade Machines by Simadream

lineup of arcade machines

This cc item requires the Sims 4: Get Together EP.

An arcade machine is a fine addition to anyone’s game room; it’s nice, especially for sims who also enjoy some retro gaming.

This set of gaming items has arcade machines that come in two sizes, a standard and a large.

The standard size has 13 swatches, each being its own game, while the larger machine has three.

15. Vaporwave Retro Game Console by NICKNAME_sims4

collage different colored retro console

Speaking of retro gaming, gamers often have a collection of old and new video games.

You can display this retro-style console as part of your sims’ collection; the item comes in four swatches, including the classic gray color.

The console is part of a bedroom set, and you can get the matching controller object here.

16. Battlestation Gaming Room CC by Simkoos

gaming desk with streaming setup

This set features 14 fun items to be placed inside your sims’ gaming room.

This collection includes items like:

  • Desks
  • Computers
  • Wall lighting panels
  • Streaming equipment like mics, ring lights, etc
  • And more gaming decorations and accessories

Each item has its own set of swatches. You also get some headset options that you can wear while on the CAS screen.

You can find the headphone accessory under the Hat category.

17. Do It Yourshelf 2.0 Wall Desk by Ravasheen

various modular desk setups

This item is part of a set that allows you to custom-build a modular desk.

You can place the white wall desk in your gaming room and add a desk extension to make it bigger.

Storage cubbies are also included where you can place all your sims 4 gaming room cc.

18. RetroCafe Hello Neon Sign by Severinka_

hello neon signs

If you want more neon lighting options, this simple Hello sign does the trick.

The small-sized neon sign is available in three colors and would look good in any gamer’s room.

19. Sims 4 Gaming Computer CC by DSCO

female sim gaming at desk

This set has more great items to put inside your gamer sims’ room.

In this pack, you get;

  • A computer tower
  • Two monitor options
  • Computer accessories

There are four swatches for the large computer tower: black, white, green, and pink.

If you want, there are also clear glass panels to add to the PC tower’s look.

The tower is only available as a decorative item unless you have the Sims 4: City Living EP installed.

There’s also a choice between a decorative or functional computer screen.

The deco computer screen has 14 swatches, while the functional one comes in four.

As for the accessories, there are four swatches for the keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and gaming controller stand.

20. Gaming Headphones and Mouse by Bknysimz

heart-shaped mouse and kitty headphones

You get two cute gaming accessories in this set: a heart-shaped mouse and a pair of cat-eared headphones on a stand.

The computer mouse comes in four shades of pink, while the headset comes in three.

So, if you have a pink-themed gaming decor, these items will make great additions.

21. Gaming Room Items by NICKNAME_sims4

pink-colored gaming desk and accessories

This collection contains lots of items for your sims’ gaming room.

You get 12 items, which include furniture, computer hardware, streaming accessories, and a digital wall clock.

Most items come in different color combinations focused around the same four colors: black, white, gray, and pink.

The animated humidifier has slightly more swatches, with eight.

So, if you like pink-colored items, this set is for you.

22. Baepsae Desk Set for Sims 4 by Syboubou

pastel blue and white computer desk

This set covers the basics of a gaming room with a desk, computer, memo stand, and headphone stand.

Most items, including the corner desk, come in six swatches, but the computer has eight.

Mix these items with other gaming accessories and some neon lighting to turn these desk items into a fantastic gaming room.

23. Gamer Build CC Items by Simsinatra

computer on desk with pacman deco

This small set of sims 4 gaming room cc includes a few computer items and Pacman-looking decorations.

The computer set includes a screen with a mouse and keyboard that comes in two swatches.

You also get a computer tower that comes in two swatches as well.

As for the Pacman look alike, it comes in the classic yellow, while the ghost planters come in four swatches.

The decoration items take up a little space, meaning they can be easily placed around the room.

24. StreamOn Sims 4 Gaming Setup by Zynoox

pink gaming and streaming accessories

This collection has a great selection of gaming gear, such as chairs, lighting panels, and streaming equipment.

The chairs are base game compatible and come in two versions: one with bunny ears and another without.

Each of these two chairs comes in 24 swatches.

The neon leaf lighting panels are offered in four angles, each having eight colors to pick from.

The cute bunny-eared streaming equipment comes in eight colors and includes a mic, webcam, and ring light.

Sims 4 Gaming Room CC: Final Thoughts

We hope that by going through our list of sims 4 gaming room cc, you’ve found a few items to add to your collection.

Whether it’s cool neon lighting or streaming equipment for your sims’ vlog, there’s an item for everything.

Let’s not forget about your sims’ comfort level and give them a comfy gaming chair or an incredible gaming station.

One thing is certain: our sims will have all the neat stuff we wish we all had.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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