25+ Sims 4 Glasses CC: Round, Oval, & Aviator Frames

Complete your sims’ look with some stylish sims 4 glasses cc.

sims 4 glasses cc collage

In sims 4, you can dress your sims how you want and create a unque look for them.

But what about accessories to complete their appearance?

You can style your sims in a pair of eyeglasses to give them a sophisticated or intellectual look.

Or your sims can opt for sunglasses for a cooler, sleek look during the bright summer season.

With so many custom content glasses available, picking only one will take a lot of work.

Trendy Sims 4 Glasses CC

Our list of sims 4 glasses cc has a little something for everybody in your sims’ household.

Whether you’re looking for eyeglasses or sunglasses, there’s a shape and style to match your sims’.

1. The Scientist Glasses by Nords

round eyeglasses on female sim

This sims 4 glasses cc is for a round pair of specs that can be used for both genders, aged teens+.

The side shields make the glasses look like a thin pair of stoggles, which will look great on science-enthusiast sims.

The glasses are available in 10 swatches for different tints and frame colors.

2. DOMINO Glasses CC Pack by Pralinesims

male sim with rectangular glasses

These domino glasses are rectangular-framed and come in three sizes.

The custom content works for both genders and includes a great swatch selection with 70 options.

Whether your sims wear them as sunglasses or prescription eyewear, they will look stylish in these horn-rimmed glasses.

3. Glasses for Toddlers in Sims 4 by Giuliettasims

snowflake shape sunglasses on sim kid

During the wintertime, your sim toddlers will look adorable wearing these snowflake-shaped glasses.

Pick from a selection of eight swatches that work for both boy and girl sims.

These uniquely shaped sunglasses will make your sim toddlers stand out from the crowd and help boost their cuteness level.

4. Avant Sunglasses Collection by Suzue

wayfarer sunglasses on sim

If you’re looking for more unisex sims 4 glasses cc, this pair is for you.

These gorgeous Wayfarer-style glasses come with a nice selection of 10 color swatches.

This cc pack is made exclusively for sims aged teens+, but you can also get a pair for younger sims.

In the recommended tab, you’ll find links for matching sunglasses for your sim toddlers or children on the download page.

5. Sims 4 Bans Glasses CC by Silentgrim

bans glasses on female sim

This pair of glasses is a revamp of a pair found in Sims 4: Tiny Living stuff pack.

These specs have a Wayfarer-styled frame and include 23 colorful swatches, some with cute designs.

Sims of both genders can wear these glasses.

6. Male Pixel Glasses CC by Plbsims

male sim wearing pixel sunglasses

Are you looking for a cool and unique pair of glasses?

If so, then these pixel-styled specs are perfect are the perfect choice.

They’re offered in 15 colors and work for male sims aged teens+.

And, if you’re interested, you’ll find a link on the creator’s page for the female version of these interesting pixel shades.

7. Darcy Sims 4 Glasses CC by Quirky_Introvert

female sim with rectangular shaped glasses

These stylish rectangular browline glasses will look great on your female sims.

You get 24 swatches for this eyewear, including 12 colors for each of the two tints.

Your sims can deliver the perfect side eye with these glasses perched on the tip of their nose.

8. Simxties Peace Symbol Glasses by Mydarling20

peace symbol glasses on female sim

If you have groovy and free-spirited sims, this pair of glasses will make the perfect accessory.

These peace symbol-shaped glasses are certainly unique-looking and come in five colors.

They would look amazing on sims, reliving the 1960s as part of the Sims 4 Decades Challenge.

9. Half Moon Spectacles CC by Philosimy

half circle glasses on magician

This custom content is for a half-moon-shaped pair of glasses that hangs low on your sims’ noses, just like Dumbledore.

If you’re playing the Sims 4 Realm of Magic game pack, these specs will look great on your spellcaster.

But if you’re not playing with magic, these glasses would make a great pair for your elder sims.

They’re made available in four colors.

10. Grunge Glasses Edits for Sims 4 by Pralinesims

sims wearing grunge style clothing eyewear

To complete your sims’ grunge look, this pair of sims 4 glasses cc makes a great addition.

If you already have the game’s Grunge Revival Kit, these glasses are a minor revamp of the included ones.

You have the option for your sims to wear these sunglasses on their face or head. Both versions come in 12 colors.

You can also choose to go with or without the diamond emblem on the side.

Plus, these sunglasses work for both genders.

11. Pet Glasses CC in Sims 4 by The Kalino

cat with round glasses

Who said fur babies can’t wear sunglasses?

If you own the Sims 4: Cats & Dogs EP, you can give your dog or cat some cool round sunglasses.

These pet glasses are offered in four swatches, and they’re guaranteed to give them a funny or cool look, you decide.

There are also a couple more fun pet accessories on the download page.

12. Morrocoy Sunglasses Collection by Beto_ae0

oversized glasses on male sim

If you’re looking for aviator-style sunglasses for your male sims, this cc has what you need.

These stylish, oversized sunglasses are great for those sunny summer days.

They’re made exclusively for male sims and come in three color swatches.

13. Goggles CC for Children by Suzue

goggles on child sim

Are you looking for sims 4 glasses cc ideas for your sim children?

You can give your boy or girl sims this fun pair of goggles for a unique look.

There are 14 swatches of this steampunk-style eyewear.

If you wish, a toddler and adult version is also on this custom content’s page.

14. Bat-Shaped Sunglasses by AleNikSimmer

bat shaped glasses on sim

Ensure your sims wear these wicked bat-shaped sunglasses for their next Halloween bash.

If you’re familiar with the Monster High cartoon show or dolls, these specs were inspired by Draculaura’s doll accessory.

These glasses come in either BlackWhite, or two shades of Pink.

15. Island Paradise Sims 4 Sunglasses by Severinka_

sim men with colorful sunglasses

You can give your male sims these cool sunglasses with a mirror coating.

There are two versions of these stylish shades: one that your sims wear and the other that sits on their head.

These glasses come in seven colorful frames, all the while keeping the multi-colored mirror effect lenses.

16. Iconic Futuristic Glasses by Plbsims

bright colored futuristic rectangular glasses

This pair of thin, rectangular lenses is another unique style of sims 4 glasses.

These futuristic-looking glasses come in a variety of seven swatches and work for both genders.

They would look great on tech geeks or to wear at nightclubs. Either way, your sims will seem out of this world.

17. Geometric Glasses CC Pack by Silentgrim

geometric glasses on black sim

These glasses were originally from the Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

The creator tweaked the pair by removing the lenses, so they’re basically just frames.

As for colors, these frames come in 17 swatches, and I love the two-tone options.

18. Browline Glasses for Sims 4 by Pralinesims

round browline glasses

If you like browline glasses, this pair features that type of frame and round-shaped lenses.

They can be worn for both genders and come in a vast selection of 90 swatches.

These sims 4 glasses are fashionable and chic, which will go well on sims with a sense of style.

19. Frameless Sunglasses for Female Sims by Giuliettasims

colored round sunglasses on female sim

Do you want to give your sims a simple pair of round sunglasses?

These glasses come in 10 colors of round frameless sunglasses and are made exclusively for female sims.

You’ll notice the bridge is the same color as the lenses, which adds a nice, stylish touch to them.

20. Heart-Shaped Glasses for Toddlers by InfinitePlumbobs

heart shaped sunglasses on toddlers

Make your infant sims look even more adorable with these heart-shaped 60s-inspired sunglasses.

This sims 4 glasses cc has six swatches and is made for both boy and girl infant sims.

So, if you’re looking for sunglasses for infants, you must add these to your mods folder.

21. Super Shady Sunglasses CC by SimmieV

shades on male sim

For a pair of square-sized sunglasses, these glasses will look stylish and trendy on your sims during those hot sunny days.

These shades come in eight swatches for fancy frame colors and lens tints.

You’ll notice that the frame comes in fun designs like stone, woodgrain, tortoiseshell, and glitter.

22. Oval-shaped Sunglasses Pack by Merakisims

female sim with oval shaped sunglasses

This pair of glasses will look stunning on your female sims.

The shape of the lenses is not oval in the traditional way but more like an egg shape angled sideways.

They have a great design and are available in 12 swatches for each frame color of silver and gold.

23. Sims 4 Glasses Pack for Toddlers by Casteru

four toddlers wearing glasses

These sims 4 glasses cc include four different styles for your sim toddlers.

In this pack, you get:

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses, available in 30 swatches
  • Round Glasses that come in six swatches
  • A pair of Dad Glasses in six colors
  • Six swatches for No Makeup Glasses

Each of the four glasses has an Adult sim equivalent linked on the creator’s page.

The adult sim version of the No Makeup glasses has two versions, one with a chain and the other without.

24. Miru Oval Glasses Collection by Suzue

oval shaped glasses on male sim

This pair is excellent for sleek, fashionable, oval-shaped glasses for your sims.

The glasses have the perfect lens height and width ratio and look great for both genders.

The frames come in 10 swatches, are made thin to blend well with your sim’s face, and are hardly noticeable.

25. Tokyo Town Glasses for Sims 4 by BackTrack

wraparound glasses on female sim

For a cool-looking pair of glasses, these will look amazing on your female sims.

This pair is a sporty wraparound style with a chic twist to it.

They come in 12 colors that will look great with the reflective tint on the sunglasses.

26. Ultimate Collection of Glasses CC by Pralinesims

two sims wearing different style glasses

This link is for a vast collection of sims 4 glasses that includes 28 pairs.

You get a mix of different styles like browline, round, aviators, butterfly, oversized, and more.

These glasses work for both genders and come with their own sets of color swatches.

You’ll also get a few on-the-head sunglasses options.

27. Dezi X Montay Sunglasses Set by bbygyal123

female sims with fashionable sunglasses

If you’re a Desi Perkins and Monet McMichael fan, their sunglasses collaboration features 3 stylish designs.

This custom content brings you a sims version of the sleek Montay glasses, which come in 3 solids and one leopard print.

Sims 4 Glasses CC: Recap

Going through this list, we hope you’ve picked a few pairs of sims 4 glasses cc along the way.

Whether it’s regular eyeglasses or sunglasses, there’s a pair for every sims of all ages.

Let’s not forget how cute those novelty glasses, like the bat-shaped or the heart-shaped ones, are.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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