31+ Sims 4 Scars CC: Acne, Face & Body Scars

Set your sims apart from the rest with the help of sims 4 scars cc.

sims 4 scars cc collage

Customizing your sims can be endless, from picking outfits, hairstyles, eyes, makeup, etc.

But what makes your sims stand out from the rest?

Special details like tattoos, heterochromia eyes, birthmarks, and scars can make your sims unique.

Some might consider scars imperfections or flaws, but they always have a story to tell.

People’s scars are an important part of who they are, a physical representation of their life’s path.

And since keloid scars are something that runs in our family, so we’ve also come to embrace our scars throughout the years.

Unique Sims 4 Scars CC

Below, we’ve included various types of scars, including top surgery scars, acne scars, piercing scars, face scars, and more.

1. Chest Scars CC V1 by Reevaly

female sim with upper chest scar

This set has three swatches if you want subtle scar lines for your sims.

These hand-drawn scars will be located near the collarbone and show as a vertical line, a diagonal line, or a combination of both.

You can apply these scars on both genders aged Teen+, which can be found in the Tattoo category.

2. Sims 4 Chest Scars CC by Redearcat

various chest scars on male sims

Check out this set of scars, which comes with over 40 swatches for scars in different areas of your sims’ chest.

You get distinctive marks shaped in straight lines, x-shaped, or three claw marks.

These battle-like sims 4 scars cc are available for sims of both genders aged Teen+.

You can find these maxis match scars under the Tattoos category.

3. Cosmic Bruises & Scars by Saruin

sim with body scars and bruising

This set of scars and bruises is more intense, with deeper-looking cuts, large stitches, and dark bruising.

As the name describes, some of the bruises look like cosmic objects floating through the atmosphere.

There are 12 swatches for both the scars and bruises, which are available for your male and female sims.

4. Shark Fight Body Scar by AlisterAzimuth

shark attack scars on male sim

This set of scars will make your sims appear as if they went through a pretty intense ordeal, possibly an animal attack.

These wounds cover your sims’ front and back.

This cc would be great for occult sims like werewolves that had a few fights throughout the years.

You can use these scars for both male and female sims.

5. Sims 4 Eye Scars V1 by Reevaly

male sim with eyebrow scar

To use this custom content, you will need the Sims 4: Get Famous EP.

If you want to give your sims some lighter scars, this pack has two swatches for the eyebrow region.

These subtle hand-drawn scars are available for Teen+ sims of either gender.

The scar will be located in the Occult Eye Socket category.

6. Gavin’s Full Body Scars by Helgatisha

male sim with several body scars

This set of sims 4 scars cc has a bit of everything to cover up your sims’ body.

This set includes 30 swatches of different combinations of scars that can be applied to your sims’ face, torso, and legs.

Whether your sim is a vigilante police officer or working for the opposing side, this set has the scars to cover either storyline.

These scars work on any sims that are aged Teen+.

7. Sims 4 Facial Scars CC by Seleng

collage face scars of male sim

This pack includes eight swatches for scars located on your sim’s face, such as:

  • Two swatches that affect the whole face
  • One scar that targets the lower portion of the face
  • Some claw marks on the cheek
  • A wound on the chin
  • One scar on each eye
  • A scar that affects one ear

These painful-looking scars can be applied to any sim, regardless of gender or age.

You can pick your scar from the Skin Detail category of the Face section.

8. Lip Scars CC for Sims 4 by Nell

collage lip scars on male sim

This set of scars cc is for your sims’ lips.

There are five styles that vary in shape and size and go through both lips in a straight or irregular line.

These scars can be used on any sims aged Teen+ and remind me of Johnny Depp’s lip scar in Edward Scissorhands.

You’ll find these lip scars in the Face section, under the Makeup and then the Face Paint category.

9. Roronoa Zoro Scars Anime by Comaron

green haired sim with several scars

Are you a fan of the One Piece anime series?

If so, you can get the same scars as the series’ Roronoa Zoro character.

These sims 4 scars cc come in two swatches for lighter or darker color scars.

The marks affect your sims’ whole bodies and can only be used on male sims aged Young Adult and up.

The set is found under the Skin Details category in the Face section.

10. Apocalypse-Themed Facial Scars by Remaron

male sim with stitched face scars

This pack of sims 4 scars cc comes with six scars for your sims’ face.

These scars appear rough and stitched-lined and can be placed on your sims’ cheeks, nose, and mouth.

There are even Joker-style lip scars if you need something similar for your gameplay.

You can find these scars under the Face Paint category of the CAS screen.

11. Acne Skin Details by Breezytrait

sim with acne cheek scars

If you grew up with acne, you likely have a few scars across your face.

Sadly, some people deal with extreme acne conditions and can be left with a full face of scarring and indentations.

These acne skin details bring some realism to the game and will cover your sims’ cheeks; there are 3 different opacities available.

12. Astarion’s Infernal Scars by Itsonlythee

back runes scars on occult sim

This scar cc was inspired by the Baldur’s Gate 3 video game, which is a replica of the character Astarion’s back markings.

If you’re a fan of the game or simply like the scar’s design aspect, grab this cc.

The patterned scars come in two swatches; one looks like a raised scar, while the other resembles a tattoo.

You can apply these scars on any sims aged Teen+.

13. Sims 4 Leg Scars CC by Redearcat

various legs scars on female sims

This set is focused is focused entirely on scars for your sims’ legs.

There are 18 types of scars that apply to different areas of your sims’ legs, front and back.

Plus, you get a mirrored version of each scar for a total of 36 swatches.

You can find these scars under the Tattoo category.

There are two files available, you can install only one, but if you get both, you’ll be able to apply two different scars at the same time.

14. Full Body Scar CC by -Merci-

male sim upper body with scars

This scar cc will get you one swatch of multiple scars spread across your sims’ body.

The marks are light lines that can be found in these locations:

  • Back of the left thigh
  • One line on the abdomen near the bellybutton
  • A small line across the chest
  • Couple of scars on both arms
  • A few lines on your sims’ left shoulderblade

Some scars are lighter than others, which adds a touch of realism because some heal faster than others.

You can find this scar cc under the Tattoo category.

15. N04 Face Scars CC by Pralinesims

female and male sims with face scars

In this set, you get four different bruise scars: under the eye, on the lips, on the cheek, and above the eyebrow.

You can also use the swatch, which simultaneously gives your sims all the scars.

Each of the scars comes in two color tones:

  • Light-colored for healed wounds
  • Dark-colored for fresher ones

These sims 4 scars cc work on sims of both genders for ages Teen and up.

You can find the scars under the Skin Details category of the Face section.

16. Harry Potter Lightning Scar by Slums

harry potter lightning scar on sim

Do you want to get your sims Harry Potter’s famous lightning-shaped scar on their forehead?

The scar comes in two swatches, a lighter or darker version.

This mark works for sims of both genders who are aged Teen+ which you can find under the Face Paint or Gloves categories.

If you install the Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack, this scar will look great on your spellcaster sims.

17. The Witcher Face Scars by Reevaly

witcher geralt face scars

If you want to recreate Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher video game, you’ll need this scar cc.

There are two designs for these facial scars, the only difference being the scar above the left eye.

These sims 4 scars cc also come in six colors for 12 swatches total and work only on Teen+ male sims.

You’ll find the cc under the Makeup and then Eyeliner categories.

18. Burned Face Scars CC by Moon Presence

sim with burn and lip scars

There are so many different types of scarring that can occur on a body, including burn scars.

This set is for sims 4 burn scars cc will show on the side of your sims’ face and have that textured look that often accompanies burn scars.

These scars come in 16 swatches, which are eight colors for each side of the face.

These wounds can be found under the Tattoo category, and they work on sims of any gender aged Teen and up.

If you are interested in the lip scars in the image, you can grab them here.

19. Sims 4 Face Scars CC by Nell

sim with lip and eyebrow scars

This pack has 10 scar styles for your sims’ face, and they go on your sims’:

  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Lips

These marks are available in lighter or darker tones for a total of 20 swatches.

You can use these cc on any sims aged Teen+.

20. Top Body Scars for Men by Remaron

male sim with stitched body scars

This six-pack gets the job done if you want more intense-looking scars.

In this set, you’ll get wounds like claw marks and various stitched-up scar lines.

These scars are made exclusively for male sims aged Teen+ and can be found under the Tops category of the clothing section.

21. Sims 4 Arm Scars CC by Redearcat

various arms scars on male sims

These amazing scars are applied on either the upper or lower portion of your sims’ arms or hands.

This set contains 18 designs like x-shaped scars, claw marks, straight-cut lines, or a mix.

You also get the mirrored version of these marks, giving you 36 swatches.

The cc is found under the Tattoos category for any sims aged Teen+.

22. Around Nose Scar V1 by Reevaly

male sim with nose scars

To use this custom content, you need the Sims 4: Get Famous EP.

This set of sims 4 scars cc includes three swatches for subtle scarring lines around the nose area.

These scars are ideal if you want to add lighter scarring to your sim’s face without it being the main focal point.

The cc works on Teen+ sims of both genders.

You can find these marks under the Occult Brow category.

23. Heart Surgery Scar CC by JellyPaws

male sim with heart surgery scar

This custom content will give your sims a scar in the middle of the chest as if they have had open-heart surgery.

There are two colors to pick from: one that appears to have healed and a newer-looking one.

This scar cc works on any sims aged Teen+ and while it saddens me to think of sick babies, you can also get an infant version here.

24. RottenMothBoy Face Scars by Giggle Coffin

goth face scars on sims

This scar cc pack brings you six facial-stitch scar designs.

In this collection, the scars will be long, straight, stitched lines along your sim’s face.

The lines will look vertical or horizontal, along the cheeks, or a mix.

There are three swatches for each set:

  • A light faded one for the healed scar look
  • A darker color for a recent wound stitch line
  • A black inked one for a tattoo-like appearance

These scars will also work well with the goth or grunge aesthetics.

25. Roxana Scars Collection by Blue Craving

collage of female sim with different scars

For some reason, when I look at these facial scars, they remind me of a cracked porcelain doll, especially when using all 4 simultaneously.

The scars cover your sims’ cheeksnosesmouthseyes, or all together.

These scars are available in two opacities, which look like fresh scars and old scars.

26. Children Facial Scars by Seyjin

collage of sim kid with different facial scars

The custom content requires the Sims 4: Get Famous EP.

Life can get tricky sometimes, and youngsters, including our sim children, get hurt.

Depending on your sim’s storylines, you may need to include scarring skin details on their faces.

This pack of sims 4 scars cc includes a mix of forehead, eye, mouth and cheek scars for your sim toddlers and kids.

27. Face Piercings Scars CC by Magic Bot

female sims with various scars from piercings

If you’ve ever had facial piercings, you know they can leave some scarring when you decide to remove them.

And, if your body rejects the piercing, you might even lose a chunk of skin in the area (Jenny’s got a lovely eyebrow scar to show for it).

These piercing scars are available for various areas on your sim’s face: the eyebrowsnoseabove the liplower lipcheeks, and more.

Plenty of swatches are available; these scars are in the skin details and tattoos categories.

28. Small Scars For TS4 by N00b00simmer

collage of sims showing different body scars

This small set of base game scars includes a few different scars for your sim family (ages toddlers and up).

There are 7 swatches available, giving your sims’ scars on their chin, nose, knee, elbow, forehead, and hand.

These are medium-sized, healed-looking wounds.

29. Top Surgery Scars by MNLVLZ

trio of sims with top surgery scars

Inclusivity matters in life, and I’m happy to see more inclusive custom content pieces coming to the Sims 4.

There are 6 different top surgery scars in this set, each of which comes in 5 swatches;

  • Double Incision
  • Inverted T
  • Fishmouth
  • Peri-Aerolar
  • Keyhole
  • Minor Scar

Both the double incision and Inverted T scars come in two different versions.

30. Sims 4 Facial Scars by Soloriya

male sim with forehead and lip scars

This custom content pack has face scars, pimples, mustaches, and nose shine.

Two scars are included in the set: a significant slash across your sim nose bridge and another scar over one side of their lips.

These scars can be found in the tattoo category.

31. Crawlers Out Pack Body Scars by WastelandWhisperer

female sims from two angles with body scars

This mini custom content pack has tattoos, grungy overlays, and epic battle scars.

This pack of scars looks like your sims just won an intense battle with a lycan and survived to tell the tale.

There are facial and body scars, including large arms and legs slashes, and some stitched-up wounds.

32. Male Burn Scars for Sims 4 by NV. Games

male sim with burn scars on one side of his face

The artistry of these burn scars is truly impressive, and paired with the eye preset, this cc goes to a new level.

The burns will cover the side of your sim’s face, touching its eye, nose, and mouth; there are many color swatches to pick from.

One eye preset really affects your sim’s eye; it’s as though the scarring has taken over the upper lid, causing the eye to be partly closed.

Sims 4 Scars CC: Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for more subtle options, unhealed scars, or werewolf slashes, there are scars for almost every need.

Remember, scars should be worn with pride, and they can bring a different level of realism to your sims 4 gameplay.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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