27+ Sims 4 Princess CC: Gowns, Heels & Accessories

Get your sims ready for a midnight ball with this Sims 4 Princess CC collection.

sims 4 princess cc collage

As a kid, movie Princesses definitely had me in awe with their gorgeous gowns, sparkly shoes, and perfect hair.

When it comes to the sims 4, it’s not surprising that many of us enjoy recreating those princess looks within our gameplay.

Plus, the sims 4 princess cc options mainly focus on Disney Princesses, letting us turn our sims into our favorite childhood idols.

Whether you dream of Cinderella’s gown or Ariel’s beautiful hair, you can find the perfect custom content to recreate the look.

And, once you have all your princesses ready to go, you can pick out their new home from our collection of Sims 4 Castle Builds.

Stunning Sims 4 Princess CC

Below, we’ve included a mix of princess clothing options focused heavily on gowns and daytime dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and a few accessories.

1. Cinderella Pink Dress Recolor by Stardustsims4

sim in a solid pink Cinderella dress

If you were a fan of the live action version of Cinderella, you likely remember the pink tulle dress Lily James wore.

The dress is beautiful with its off-the-shoulder puffed elbow-length sleeves, cinched waist, and lush skirts.

2. Princess Heels with Rhinestones by MyteriousOo

transparant heels with rhinestones

When it comes to shoes fit for a princess, I always think of rhinestones or bows.

These gorgeous pointed-toe heels are embellished with sparkly rhinestones, complimenting any princess gown your sims choose to wear.

The shoes come in 12 color options.

3. A Mask Of Blossoms Princess Set by Simsonico

female sims in full volume gown

If you’re looking for an all-in-one princess custom content set, this pack comes with everything you need to get your sim dressed from head to toe.

The gown is quite impressive with its voluminous crinoline skirts and frilly details.

The set includes a lovely dress, bow shoes, earrings, bracelets, a floral headdress, a mask, a necklace, and garter socks.

4. Rapunzel Braided Hair CC by Tekri

female sim with long braided hair

Whether you’re styling a Rapunzel-themed princess sim or love a beautiful thick braid, this hair cc is perfect.

This impressive hair comes with side braids near the ears and then falls into a calf-length thick braid.

If you love the look of the thick braid but want something a little shorter, you can grab the Punzel option, which stops just around your sim’s hip area.

5. Aurora Princess Dress by Sifix

collage of Aurora dresses

Dress your princess in a simple yet elegant gown inspired by Aurora’s dress in Sleeping Beauty.

I especially love the off-the-shoulder collar and the detailing around the waist.

The dress comes in 10 swatches, including the classic pink and blue from the movie, but the ombre is a beautiful mix of both colors.

6. Sims 4 Princess Sleepwear by Natalia-Auditore

collage of a princess in pink sleepwear

When it comes to custom content sleepwear, will your sims be opting for comfort or something befitting a princess?

This beautiful off-the-shoulder nightgown with puffed sleeves could easily be an evening dress with a bodice and embroidered details.

There are 22 swatches, and you can opt for HQ or the non- HQ version.

7. The Princess Bedroom Set by Sixam

pink princess bedroom set

With this gorgeous sims 4 princess cc set, you can create a bedroom fit for your young princesses.

The pack comes with a beautiful canopy bed and bedding.

You will also find a crown-themed table and chair, a rug, a dresser, a bedside table, and an art board.

Light the room with a sweet cloud-shaped wall light and rainbow night lamp.

8. Winter Fairytale Tiara CC by NataliS

female sim wearing a diamond tiara

Nothing spells royalty better than a shining diamond tiara to top your princess’s head.

This winter fairytale tiara, with its layers of ice-like diamonds, is perfect for your snow princesses and queens.

9. Cinderella Ball Gown Dresses by Sifix

female sims in blue Cinderella gowns

If you’ve always loved Cinderella’s ballgown, your princesses can find this stunning dress in their closets.

With its little cap sleeves and petal-like layers at the waist, this gown is ideal for a fancy soirée among royalty.

There are 15 swatches, including beautiful blues, pinks, and some darker options.

10. Toddler Princess Dress Recolors by Gingerllamasims

many toddlers in princess gowns

Dress your little princesses up in these adorable dress recolors for their upcoming playdate.

These recolors will let your toddlers channel their favorite Disney princesses with swatches inspired by your favorite characters.

There are 14 princess dresses, including Belle, Snow White, Tiana, and Elsa.

11. Sims 4 Princess CC Dress by HuiEn

two female sims in puff sleeve gowns

When it comes to princess dresses, we don’t always need a ballgown; this dress is beautiful and can work for both daytime and evening events.

The dress is available in 15 swatches, including some great options with embroidery on the bodice and others with patterns on the skirts.

There are also some darker swatches for evening gatherings.

12. Snow Princess Elsa Heels by KikiSimLive

pairs of Frozen inspired heels

When it comes to shoes, these Elsa-inspired heels are gorgeous with their intricate ice patterns.

These heels look stunning with a lovely ball gown and take any dress to the next level.

13. Princess Bridal Collection by Zeussim

Princesses enjoying a tea party in a garden

If your sim princess has always dreamed of getting married, this princess bridal collection is the cc pack for you.

This sims 4 princess cc set comes with 9 bridal dresses and one bridal jumpsuit inspired by your favorite Disney characters.

Let your sims get married in dresses created after Belle, Aurora, Odette, Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Snow White’s popular gowns.

And Mulan inspired the bridal one-piece jumpsuit. You will also find glass slippers, flower gloves, and a little princess dress.

14. Sims 4 Princess Ariel Hair by Joshseoh

sim with Ariel inspired red hair

Ariel is one of my favorite princesses, and her hair is so unique it adds a special touch to her overall look.

This custom content lets you style your sims with her classic hairstyle, both with and without her lovely hair bow.

The hair comes in 24 EA swatches, and the bow has 10 color options.

15. Belle Inspired Dress by SimmerAddiction83

Belle inspired golden dress

No princess collection is complete without the option of dressing up your sim in Belle’s stunning ballgown.

While the gold color gown is the ultimate showstopper, your sims may be feeling another color for the night and have 32 swatches to inspire them.

16. Princess V2 Necklace by Suzue

female sim wearing a diamond necklace

Royalty and jewelry are almost synonymous, and no princess’s closet is complete without some fantastic jewelry pieces.

This diamond necklace will add just the right sparkle to elevate your sim’s look.

The necklace comes with one row of diamonds and is available in 8 swatches.

17. Sims 4 Princess Pink Dress by Stardustsims4

Cinderella in the classic pink dress

Cinderella’s pink dress is one of my favorites and has always seemed like an ideal dress since it’s gorgeous but not over the top.

The dress gets its unique flair from the different bows and fabric gathered throughout.

But this pink dress seems incomplete without the famous blue pearls, which you can get further down at #27.

18. Long Rapunzel Hair CC by Felipe

blond sim with long hair and braided locks

If you’re looking for an interesting hairstyle for your sim princesses, this Rapunzel-inspired hair is just the thing.

Your sim will have beautiful long locks of hair with a braided crown and 6 thick strands of braids going down their back.

And the ends of each braid look almost like curtain tassels.

19. Elissa Fairytale Princess Gown by Sifix

female sims in formal dresses

Add another fairytale gown to your sim’s wardrobe with this off-shoulder gown fit for a princess.

This dress looks like it’s made of satin, shows off a little cleavage, and has some thick skirts to twirl around on the dance floor.

The gown has 15 swatches, including a nice mix of light and dark options.

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20. Sims 4 Snow White Dress by Miiko

female sims in Snow White inspired dress

Your princesses can’t walk around town in gowns all day long, so this Snow White-inspired dress is the ideal length and style for daytime wear.

With its slight puff sleeves, bow details, and ties at the back, this dress is sweet and stylish and comes in 11 swatches.

21. Long Silk Princess Toddler Dress by MysteriousOo

toddlers in silk gowns

Here we have another dress option for your sim toddlers: this long dress is made of soft silk.

The dress has some rushing at the top and falls into a full-volume gown, available in 9 pretty colors.

22. Caitlyn Princess Dress by Zeussim

white off-the-shoulder gown

This Caitlyn dress can be an excellent option for your princesses to wear either as a gown or a wedding dress, depending on the swatch you choose.

The dress has small off-shoulder sleeves, crisscross bodice details, and small flowers to add a special touch.

23. Ariel Princess Gown CC by Sifix

sims wearing Ariel inspired gown

We can’t have a sims 4 princess cc post without including Ariel’s stunning pink dress.

The dress has a round swoop neckline, puff and fitted sleeves, and beautifully layered skirts.

And while the pink is lovely, there are also 20 Disney-inspired swatches to try out.

24. Sims 4 Braided Half Updo Hair by EnriqueS4

blond female sim with partial braided updo

With its intricate braided design at the back, this partial updo is fit for a princess.

Pair this hair cc with a fabulous ballgown, and your sim will be ready for any special event on her calendar.

This hair is available in 18 swatches.

25. Pastel Princess Glitter Shoes by MysteriousOs

pointy toe heels with a bow at the back

While other sims could wear these sparkly heels with bows for a special event, they seemed special enough for royalty.

These stunning shoes are available in 12 colors and you also find similar flats for your sim toddlers and children linked on the Recommended tab.

26. Sims 4 Princess Crown CC by Suzue

sim wearing a silver crown

When it comes to crowns, we typically see crowns made of precious metals or stones.

Plus, crowns come in different sizes, and I’ve always been fond of the smaller crowns, which sit further back on the head.

This multi-spike crown comes in 10 swatches: 5 gold crowns and 5 silver crowns with different color gemstones.

27. Cinderella Princess Pearls by Stardustsims4

sim wearing Cinderella's pearl necklace

While this pearl necklace was made to be worn with the dress at #17 above, your princesses can wear it with any outfit that works.

The necklace is for a classic single row of pearls; there are 14 swatches, including a few blue options, pink, purple, green, red, yellow, and more.

28. High Heels With Bows for Princesses by Arltos

pointed heels with a bow at the front

I thought these front bow heels were a cute option for daytime dresses and would go great with the shorter Snow White dress at #20.

The heels are a slip-on design and have a textured look to them, plus there are 13 swatches to try.

Sims 4 Princess CC: Recap

From Aurora to Belle, we hope you found some sims 4 princess cc to create the perfect princess for your household.

Plus, if you prefer, you can combine different cc pieces to create a new and unique sim princess.

Choose your favorite gown, shoes, and hairstyle to style the princess of your dreams.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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