31+ Sims 4 Black Hair CC: Locs, Twists, Bantu Knots

Get the looks and protective hairstyles you need with this collection of sims 4 black hair cc.

sims 4 black hair cc collage

When it comes to the sims 4, we know that most of the diversity we get in our gameplay comes from the fantastic work of custom content creators.

The game lacks enough textured hairstyles, so we need to seek out black hair cc to create sims that represent our different communities.

From Bantu knots, twists, and braids to locs, these hairstyles represent more than just a stylish appearance.

Many of these protective hairstyles have a deep history, and thanks to cc creators, we can discover them in more depth.

You will also find more hair options for your black sims in some of our other posts linked here and at the bottom of this article.

Sims 4 Black Hair CC

Below are various black hair custom content options, including natural hair looks, locs, braids, Bantu knots, and afro hairstyles.

1. Xenna Long Braids Hairstyle by Sylviemy

black female sim with long center part braids

When it comes to braids, I love a center or side part, and this hairstyle is parted straight down the middle.

Your female sims will get long, beautiful braids and curled baby hairs along the front hairline.

2. Natural Curly Hair CC by XxBlacksims

black female sim with natural shoulder lenght hair

There’s nothing quite like rocking your natural hair; this black hair cc lets your females show off their gorgeous natural curls.

This hair cc is available in one swatch, which is the black hair color seen above.

3. Sims 4 Tatima Hair Twists by Sheabuttyr

female black sims with twists hairstyles

When it comes to hair twists, this sims 4 black hair cc set comes with two times the style.

You can go for a side part look or a parted hairstyle for your sim’s twists.

Either version comes with edges along the hairline.

4. We Fresh Child Hair CC by Yooniesim

black child sim with updo bun

This cute set of hairstyles comes in two slightly different styles and is the perfect look for your child sims.

You can choose between a braided updo with a puff bun up top or braided ends.

Then come the accessories: butterfly clips, elastic hair bobbles, a bear bobble, or little pompoms around the hairband.

5. Sims 4 Shawn Dreadlocks by Sylviemy

male sim with dreads and white bandana

With this custom-content hair, your male sims will get above-the-shoulder length dreadlocks.

The top of their hair is covered by a bandanna, only available in white, regardless of which 24 hair color swatches you choose.

6. Base Game Twist Hair by Sailor24Love Sims

black male sim with hair twists

We have some more twists for you, and this custom content is for your male sims.

The twists cover your sim’s entire head and there’s a roughly one-centimeter line-up at the hairline.

This hair cc is available for teens to elders and comes in 24 EA colors.

7. Sims 4 Mid-Lenght Braids by Simtric

black female sim with braids

Give your sims some layered shoulder-length braids with this custom-content hair.

This hairstyle has a center part and some nice layering at the front, adding a little dimension.

8. Dada Black Hair CC by Candysims

female sims with curly hair

This sims 4 black hair cc has a looser curl pattern and will hit your seems just past their shoulders.

With no hair bangs getting in the way, this hairstyle seems ideal for those hot summer days at the beach.

While this hair can be used with the standard EA color, it also comes in 27 swatches from the My Candy color palette.

9. Adeyyemi Locs Set by Saturngalore

collage of female sim with different locs hairstyles

When it comes to updo hair locs, you can never have enough hairstyles for your sims to enjoy.

This set comes with 5 updo version of hair locs for your male and female sims.

While I’m no expert on the topic, the creator states that Yoruba and West African influences inspire these hairstyles.

10. Sims 4 Male Black Hairstyle by JavaSims

male black sim with two-tone dreads

These long locs are striking with their side part and two-tone design.

This hair cc is available for your male sims, ages teen to elders, and is hat-compatible.

There are plenty of solid color swatches, two-tone options, and even some options where the roots are black, but the locs are a different color.

11. Mireia Long Braids for Sims 4 by Sylviemy

black female sim with half-up braided ponytail

These long female braids fall behind your sim’s back and are a half updo look with a high-top ponytail.

Plus, these braids have an intricate hair pattern at the scalp, giving this hairstyle a beautiful design.

12. Sims 4 Moxam Hair Locs by Ceeproductions

male sim with large updo locs

These thick locs in an updo hairstyle, available for both frames, will give your sims an impressive look.

Your sims will get a straight line-up at the frontal hairline, which curves at the temple.

These gorgeous locs are available in the standard 24 EA colors.

13. Tiana Sims 4 Black Hair CC by XxBlacksims

female black sim with long smooth hair and partial updo

This long hairstyle is one of my new favorites; it looks stunning in CAS.

The half-updo hairstyle is available in black, burgundy, blue, and copperish-brown.

And the hair colors have black reflective sections, making them look almost two-tone.

14. Male Hobie Hair CC by Sheabuttyr

black sim with thick dreadlocks

This hairstyle is inspired by Hobie Brown, an African-American teenager who is part of the Spider-Man universe.

Like Hobie Brown’s hair, this custom content hair has its flair, is quite striking, and comes in 24 swatches.

15. Female Afro Hairstyle CC by OranosTR

black female sim with afro haristyle and bandana

While there are different types of afros, this custom-content hair provides a perfectly round afro for your sims.

This full-volume hair cc also comes with a bandanna, and to change the bandanna color, you’ll need the Afro hairstyle recolor.

16. Male Rasta Haristyle by OranosTR

male sim with short locs

This short male hair cc is an excellent option for an everyday look; it ends just past the nape area.

The locs are pretty even around the back of the head but offer some shorter layers at the front.

17. Makena Afro-Textured Hair by GoAmazons

sims with medium lenght afro-textured hair

We can all use a bob hairstyle in our mods folder, and this cc offers a mid-length afro-textured hair for your female and male sims.

The bob’s design has a slight side part, and you’ll notice a few stray hairs, giving this hair cc a more realistic look.

18. Sims 4 Tyson Black Hair CC by JohnnySims

male sims with long fringe locs

Here’s another short hairstyle for your male and female sims, with the main focus of the hair being the long bangs.

The locs focus heavily on the center of your sim’s head, with the longer strands partially covering your sim’s eyes.

19. Female Basita Braids by Sheabuttyr

black female sim with short braids and beads

Need a short braided look for your sims? These basita braids have got your sims covered.

These braids are just shy of shoulder length and come with a central part.

Finish off the look with some accessories beads, which come in 26 swatches, including 11 multi-color beads.

20. Child-Toddler Boys Conversion by Dbasiasimbr

collage of black toddlers and kids hairstyles

Have any child and toddler boys in your household?

This set of conversions includes four different black hairstyles for your little ones, including a curly mohawk, dreads, a taper fro, and natural curls.

Plus, the Colten hairstyle is unisex, too.

21. Bubble Pop Child Hair by Yooniesim

child child sim with bubble pop hair

This bubble pop hairstyle combines braids, puffs, and bobbles into one intricate updo hairstyle.

You can change the hair band colors and add hair bobbles; both are available in various swatches.

22. Zola Bantu Knots CC by Saturngalore

black sim with bantu knots

This Bantu knots edit takes the base game version to the next level.

The creator has added braids, which come with beads, to either the front or side of your sim’s face.

There are 3 versions, each changing the style and length of the front and side beaded braids.

23. Dominic Black Hair CC by JohnnySims

male sims with side part dreads

With this black hair cc, you can give your male and female sims some chest-length locs.

These hairs come with a deep side part, adding a nice amount of volume to the overall look.

24. Trisha Hairstyle Set by Sylviemy

female sim with long ponytail dreadlocs

With these long, stylish updo locs, your female sims will definitely be the talk of the town.

I love a good hairstyle that transitions from an office-ready look to nighttime glamour.

Plus, you can add the golden hair rings for some extra style.

25. Wrap Queen Mini Hair Set by Yooniesim

black female sim with updo hairstyle in a wrap

This mini hair set has 3 black hair cc creations and two overlay wrap options.

Wrap your sims’ natural textured hair in a beautiful head wrap, and choose between 1-3 tiers of hair volume.

The first overlay has 24 swatches, including some fun pizza patterns and lemons; the second option has 35 solid colors.

26. Two Strand Twists Hairstyle by Nords

black male sim with hair twists

This black hair cc offers two-strand twists of medium length, which are nicely divided into sections.

Your males will get a clean undercut fade and a straight line-up on the frontal hairline.

27. Shioban Twists Hairstyle by Simstrouble

black female sims with long twists

Do you need something a little longer for your female sims?

These gorgeous hair twists will fall mid-back on your sims and are in a partial updo, with the twists held back with a clip.

The claw clip comes in 34 swatches; you can also find the ombre accessory on the download page.

The hair comes in 3 versions, each changing up the twists at the front of your sim’s face.

28. Dionne Female Twists by Imvikai

female sims with updo twists

This pretty hairdo will give your sims twists in a chic-looking low-style bun.

The hair is parted down the center, and two long hair tendrils frame the face.

This hairstyle will look amazing paired with an evening dress. 

29. Cam Braids Hair by Cecesimsxo

black male sims with neet braids

Are you looking for a stylish new hairdo for your black male sims?

The Cam hairstyle will give your sims attached braids at the back in a cross-shaped pattern and a couple of loose braids on the sides.

The hair comes in nine swatches and can be found under medium-length hairstyles.

This black hairstyle is available for Patreon early access and will be released publicly at a later date.

30. Orangeade Children Braids Hair by Yooniesim

black sim child with braids with beads

This set is for a head full of braids for your sim children of any gender.

Your sims’ braids will be decorated with colorful beads, which are included in this set.

There are 15 swatches for the hair and 50 for the bead accessory.

You’ll find the beads under the Piercings category.

31. Skai Coily Hairstyle by Gegesimmer 

black sim with coily hair

This set will give your black sims a kinky coily hairstyle that comes either in a short-haired version or a longer one.

Each of the two versions has three styles: with hair strands, fewer strands, or no strands at all.

The hair comes in 24 colors, and it’s not hat-compatible.

32. Mairaly Braids & Curls Hair by Daylifesims

two female black sims with curly buns

This hair set will give your sims a head full of curly braids tied into two buns.

The braided pattern has an uneven part at the front, but it’s divided straight and equally at the back.

The hair comes in EA’s default color and is fully hat-compatible.

This hair is available for Patreon early access and will be available on July 13th for public release.

33. Nailah Hairstyle CC by LeahLillith

black female sim with thick curly hair with purple streaks

With this Nailay hairstyle, your sims will get stunning thick curls falling just past the shoulders.

Multiple options include a solid hair color, split tones, an ombré version, and more.

This curly hairstyle is currently available for early access to Patreon.

Sims 4 Black Hair CC Recap

We hope you’ve found some new favorite black hair cc options to try on your sims.

Hairstyles like Bantu knots or locs can totally transform your sims’ looks, so have fun experimenting with different hairs to find the perfect style.

If you come across any other afro-textured hairstyles you would like us to feature, please leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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