35+ Sims 4 Male Hair CC: Curly, Straight, & Braided Hairstyles

Give your sims some personality with a great set of sims 4 male hair.

sims 4 male hair collage

Hair, much like clothes and shoes, tell us a lot about someone’s personality.

Messy or shaggy hair could imply a person is more laid-back, while a shorter hairdo can be seen as more confident and professional.

In sims 4, you want to give your sims the set of hair that best reflects who they are, even though it won’t change anything in your gameplay.

With this collection of sims 4 male hair cc, you can find the right hairstyle that suits and matches your sim’s personality and style.

And while all of these excellent hair cc finds will look fantastic on your male sims, many are also available for your female too!

Now, who’s ready for a new hairdo?

Fashionable Sims 4 Male Hair CC

This sims 4 male hair collection will help you find the right hairdo for your male sims.

There are plenty of styles, lengths, and textures to cover all of your male hair needs.

1. Male Hair Custom Content Set by QRsims

three males with medium length hair

This set of male hair offers three stylish medium-length hairstyles: a shorter and slightly longer side-parted hairstyle and combed-back dreads.

These hair cc are hat-compatible and come in 24 swatches.

What’s great about these men’s hairstyles is that they can also be used on female frames.

2. Street Boys Hair Set by JohnnySims

group sim men with headbands

This collection of sims 4 male hair has five short hairstyles for teens and older sims.

You sims men get a mix of messy, comb-over, slick, and curly fringe-style hairdos.

Each of these hairstyles comes in a variety of 24 swatches.

This set also comes with the headband accessory, which has 36 swatches.

3. Fantino TS4 Male Hair by Laeska

same short hairstyle on different gender

In this hair set, you get a cute curly fringe hairstyle.

The hair cc is both base game and hat-compatible and comes in 24 swatches.

You can also grab the female equivalent in a separate file.

4. Miguel Sims 4 Male Hair CC by Joshseoh

young private school teen sim

If you have teen sims or young adult heading to their first job, you can give them this modern bowl cut that comes in 24 swatches.

The hair’s loose strands give off a casual look, but it’ll also make your sims look really handsome.

This hairstyle is not teen-exclusive, as it can also be used on older sims.

5. Flowy Long Male Hair CC by Wistful Castle

sim male with long red hair

Are you familiar with Harlequin romance novels?

This male hair cc gives me romance book cover vibes with its side parts and long, flowy strands.

The wavy long hair has 32 color swatches to pick from and can be used on any sims aged teen or older.

6. Gerald Hair CC Pack by JohnnySims

male sim in suit with long blond hair

This hair set offers four possibilities for longer hairstyles for your male sims.

There are four slightly different versions of this shoulder-length hair, plus each version comes with a no hair strands option.

This hairdo also features a hair bun at the back.

You can choose from 24 color swatches, and they are hat-friendly.

7. Mpho Hairstyle in Sims 4 by DarkNighTt

black sim with hanging braids

With this braided hairstyle and a buzz haircut on the sides, your black sims will look hip.

The braids on this sims 4 male hair look amazing when used in HQ.

This hairstyle comes in 20 natural colors and 10 fantasy colors.

8. Messy Bun Hair Male CC by The Kunstwollen

front back view male with messy bun hair

If you want your sims to have long hair tied into a messy bun, this hair cc is exactly that.

This maxis match male hair cc also features strands that come down on each side.

You can swap the messy bun for a mini ponytail version, which also comes with strands.

As for color options, it’s available in EA’s default swatches.

9. Muning Male Hair CC by Marso

asian sim blond hair

Have you played with Sims 4: Cats and Dogs EP?

This male hair cc is inspired by one of the pack’s hairstyles, minus the cat hairband that usually came with it, and you get an upgraded shape.

The hairstyle resembles a messy crop with long bangs and hair strands on top.

You get 18 swatches, which can be used with hats.

10. Caspian Sims 4 Male Hairstyle by JohnnySims

messy blond haired sim man

For a good-looking medium-length hairstyle, this messy hairdo will do the trick.

This untidy hair cc is available in 24 colors and looks best on your teen sims or young adults.

You can also use this hair on female frames, but it requires a separate file.

11. Myles Hair Set for Sims 4 Males by XxBlacksims

collage hairstyle on different aged sims

This sims 4 male hair pack offers the same hairstyle for the whole family.

In this set, you get a high fade with a textured top that everyone can use, including toddlers and children.

This custom-content hair is available in one swatch.

12. Abell Hair CC for Male Sims by JNY

redhead sim with round glasses

This hair set offers the same hairstyle but in two different file packages, which are similar but have a different sheen.

They’re both base game compatible and can be used on teens or older sims.

The first male hair cc has 24 swatches, while the second file has 49 colors and an almost comic-book-style look.

13. Griffin Sims 4 Male Hair CC by JohnnySims

two sims with curly blond hair

Are you looking for a short and curly hairstyle for your sims?

This cool male hair cc offers two versions: the first style is for a curly head of hair all-round, and the second has tapered sides.

An optional hair strand variant of each look is included in separate files.

These hairs are hat-compatible, so you can cover up these curls with a cap or a hat as needed.

Your sims can get this stylish hair in one of 24 swatches.

14. Darcy Hairstyle CC for Men by Okruee

blond medium length hair on sim man

This trendy hairstyle hits the sweet spot for a mid-length hair set by not being too long or short.

The tousled hair would look great on any young sim and give them a laid-back look.

Both gender frames can use this gorgeous hair, and it’s made available in EA’s usual 24 default swatches.

15. Curly Wolf Cut Hair CC for Sims 4 by Joshseoh

black sim with mullet hair

This curly wolf cut is worth a look if you want long hair for your male sims.

On top of having curly hair, your sims will have a mix of mullet and shaggy hair.

This base game-compatible hair has 24 default swatches, and if you like, you can even style it with a hat.

16. Sims 4 Male Hair CC by JellyPaws

young adult sim with nose ring

This short male hairstyle is a simple and clean look for your male sims.

The hair is a stylish and trendy haircut with a layered look at the front and back of the head.

Plus, that little cowlink strand at the top adds a cute little touch.

Pick your color from EA’s default color palette.

17. Balance Hair CC for Male Sims by SonyaSims

collage sim man combed over hair

I absolutely love this gorgeous hairstyle for your male sims; it’s giving me David Beckham vibes.

It’s a combed-back style with tapered sides that seem slightly messy but in a good way.

And, if you want to match father and son, there’s also a children’s version of this hairdo.

The kid version has 27 swatches, while older sims can have over 70 swatches.

The dual tones look fantastic, and you can have fun with the recolor slider for unlimited colors.

18. Sims 4 Te’jay Twists Male Hair by Sheabuttyr

black sim with dreads

Give your sims a popular hairstyle for their afro-textured hair with these large-sized twists.

These beautiful twists are medium-length, falling just above shoulder level from all sides.

This sims 4 male hair comes in 24 swatches, and you can use hats.

19. Long Hair CC for Sims 4 Males by Aladdin-The-Simmer

asian sim with long hair

This hair cc is an excellent choice if you want to give your sims a long hairdo.

If you have occult sims, this hair cc will look great on spellcasters or vampires.

The Ulrich hair cc can be used with hats and comes in 24 swatches.

20. Eren Male Hairstyle CC by The Kunstwollen

asian sim with medium length hair

Another great piece of sims 4 male hair is this mid-length curtain hairstyle.

The hair is split in the middle, with some strands, and it has a messy, almost wet look, which will work in your sims’ favor.

This maxis match hairstyle has the usual 24 swatches plus an additional 12 new colors.

21. Medium Dread Locs CC by JohnnySims

male black with tied up dreads hair

The Tyrell hair has medium-sized locs with an undercut, and the locs are tied up in a high ponytail.

The front locs framing the face come with tiny silver dreadlock beads, or you can grab the file with no front locs.

Both genders can use this sims 4 hairdo, and it has the typical 24 swatches.


22. Long Wavy Hair for Sims 4 Men by Laeska

sim male with wavy long brown hair

This set of sims 4 male hair is for long, wavy hair; four versions are identical except for a small detail: the ears.

In the first version, both ears are not showing, as for the second and third versions, only one ear is showing.

Lastly, the fourth version has both ears showing.

The hairstyle also comes with a facial hair cc to complete the look.

23. Set of Sims 4 Male Hair CC by QRsims

three banged up sims

This set of hair has three hairstyles to choose from:

  • Curly curtain
  • Top knot dreadlocks with loose dreads
  • A medium mullet with curtain bangs

They’re all base game compatible and have the same EA color palette.

The hair pack can be used for both frames if you like.

24. Jay-r Male Hairstyle CC in Sims 4 by Marso

sims with short black hair

You can get this cute comma-cut hairstyle for your male sims.

It looks great on younger sims, but it can be used by anyone aged teens and up.

This hair cc seems perfect for my teen sims heading to university in their uniforms.

25. Sims 4 Russo Hair Set by JNY

redhead sim with medium length hair

For a mid-length hairstyle, you can get this cool-looking hair cc for your sim males.

It’s a low-maintenance style with your sims hair in a half-up-do mini ponytail.

This hair set is perfect for relaxed and mellow sims.

There are two versions, which look very much alike, except for the style of hair strands on your sim’s face.

26. Combed-Back Hairstyle CC for Men by Simcelebrity00

sim male with combed back hair

If your sims want a smooth, greased-up, combed-back hairstyle, get them this Salem hair cc.

Get your sim all dressed up in their new sleek suit cc set and head off to a dinner date with their latest love interest.

27. Long Dreads Hair CC by DarkNighTt

black sims with dreads hairstyles

This sims 4 male cc is for a longer deadlocks hairstyle.

You get medium-sized dreads that are slightly longer than shoulder length.

It’s available in 30 colors, which includes 10 new custom colors.

The nicely textured dreads are compatible with the HQ mod and hats.

28. Edgar Hair CC Collection for Male Sims by Joshseoh

three teen sims with short hairdo

In this set, you get three versions of a modern bowl-cut hairstyle.

The only difference between all three versions is the type of hair:

  • Messy
  • Textured Crop
  • Curly

This hairstyle follows a horizontal line from the sides to the fringe at the front.

Sims with masculine frames can use this hairdo and pick from a selection of 24 color swatches.

29. Wavy Long Hair CC for Men by Wistful Castle

black sim with long hair

This hairstyle comes with shoulder-length hair with a wavy texture and thicker volume.

Given its lush extra volume, this hairstyle will make your male sims stand out.

There are 26 swatches to choose from, and this sims 4 male hair cc can be used on sims aged teens and up.

30. Collection of 90s Hairstyle CC by JohnnySims

group men with 90s hairstyles

Let your sims walk down memory lane with this set of 90s hairs.

The hair set comes with six styles for your sims 4 men, which are:

  • Spiky Hair
  • Curtain
  • Slicked Back
  • Flat Top
  • Bowl Cut
  • Comb Over

They’re all hat-compatible, with 24 colors and, in some cases, six additional swatches.

The ombre swatches are only available for the spiky hair, the curtain, and the bowl cuts.

31. Sims 4 Braided Hair by Aladdin-The-Simmer

male black sim with braids

If you want to give your male black sims some braids, these cornrows are a great option.

Four perfectly aligned cornrows down the head, and the beautiful locs are tied in a ponytail at the back.

This male hairstyle cc is available in EA’s 24 swatches.

Technically, you can use hats with this hair cc, but I’ve seen some clipping issues with some of them.

32. Pretty Curtain Male Hair CC by The Kunstwollen

young adult sim with black hair

The creator has revamped an existing in-game hairstyle and made it look way better than the original.

This maxis match hair is available in EA’s standard palette of 24 colors.

This hairstyle can be used on sims of both frames, so all your sims can look equally as good.

33. Sims 4 Male Hair Set by QRsims

three males with different hair

This small collection contains three hairstyles for your male sims, which are:

  • Combed-back dreads
  • Mid-length crop hair
  • Combed-over

They’re all hat-compatible and use EA’s default swatches. Another great perk to this hair set is it’s unisex.

34. Short Braided Hair CC by Marso

black sim with braids and glasses

This male hair cc is a cool-looking, shorter version similar to the braided hair cc at #31, minus the ponytail.

On the head, four cornrows decorated with hair cuff jewelry gather at the back into a small ponytail.

At the front, you have two smaller locs that hang at the front. Then, you have a faded look all around the head.

35. Sims 4 Kinky Hairstyle CC by Saurus

sim couple with afro hairstyles

Are you looking for a classic hairstyle for your black sims?

The Damian set is for perfectly round, short-styled afro hair with small baby hair details around the hairline.

You can choose from the usual 24 default colors or try the added True Black swatches.

This hairstyle also works for female frames.

36. Wavy Hairstyle for Sims 4 Men by Simstrouble

sim with wavy medium length hair

This set gives you beautiful razor-cut mid-length hair with a wavy texture.

With its sexy loose hair strands, its the perfect beach hair for sailing in Sulani.

This hairdo has two versions: one with both ears hidden, while the other has one ear out.

This hairstyle has 24 swatches, and you can also add an ombre effect through the Face Paint category.

Sims 4 Male Hair: Final Thoughts

We hope you have found some new sims 4 male hair cc for your mods folder.

Long hair, short hair, dreads, scruffy, coiffed, combed-back, so many varieties are made available that it’s so hard to choose one.

The best thing to do is make a collection of your favorites.

This way, you save your favorite hairstyles for later or rotate between styles just like you would for outfits on different occasions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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35+ Sims 4 Male Hair CC: Curly, Straight, & Braided Hairstyles

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