27+ Sims 4 Short Hair CC: For An Easy Breezy Look

Give your sims an easy yet stylish hairstyle with this sims 4 short hair cc collection.

sims 4 short hair cc collage

When it comes to hair, you can never go wrong, whether you’re into short hairstyles, long wavy hair, or beautiful curly strands.

But today, we will focus on short hair cc options because sometimes you want a fabulous hair bob for your sims to model.

We’ve rounded up some great short hairstyles, whether you want a classic bob, something wavy with extra bounce, or some cute braided pigtails.

Stylish Sims 4 Short Hair CC

Below, you will find a mix of hair bobs of different lengths and some pixie-style cuts, locs, dreads, pigtails, and more.

1. Unisex Short Bob Hair by GoAmazons

sims with very short hair bobs

If you want a short and effortless hairstyle, this Sunny hair is adorable and easy breezy.

Similar to a pixie cut, this unisex hairstyle is excellent for a busy or active sim who needs something with little to no maintenance.

2. Millie Short Hair CC by Aladdin-The-Simmer

female sim with short layered bob

This casual short hairstyle is similar to a bob but on the shorter side.

The hair is slightly parted on the side and has a little bounce to it; there are 3 versions available;

  • Both ears covered
  • Both ears visible
  • One ear peeking through

3. Creed Male Short Curly Hair by Joshseoh

male sim with curly haircut

Are you a fan of mullets? This men’s hairstyle features a curly modern mullet with an undercut.

You’ll notice a lot of curls on the top and center of your sim’s head, and then it gets shorter at the sides with shaved hair beneath.

4. Claire Short Curly Hair & Bun by Sehablasimlish

female child sim with curly bob and top bun

Give your female kids a practical yet stylish haircut with these thick chin-length curls and semi-updo top bun.

It’s a great everyday hairstyle for school or playing and comes in 15 swatches.

5. Loreta Curly Hair Bob V2 by GoAmazons

female sims with short curly hair bob

When I first saw this hair cc, I immediately thought of Clarke from season 5 of The 100 TV show.

This hairstyle has wavy-curly strands with slightly uneven ends from front to back.

6. Cropped Curly for Boys by Kiara Zurk

male child sim with short haircut

This short cc is described as cropped curly hair but has softer-looking, almost wavy curls.

The hair has cute curly locs at the front, giving off some young Danny Zuko vibes.

7. Dez Dreads for Sims 4 by Sheabuttyr

black male sim with side parted dreads

Are you searching for some new dreads for your male sims?

This sims 4 short hair cc gives your sim a dreads ponytail with some of the dreads crossed over each other.

You’ll also notice the two loose strands framing your sim’s face.

8. Anastasia Rounded Bob by Joshseoh

female sim with short rounded bob

I love this short, rounded hairstyle for my sims. Add in the bangs, and you’ve got yourself a sweet-looking hairdo.

With its structured look, this hair cc is ideal for a busy sim off to university or a day at the office.

9. Eliza Layered French Hair Bob by JohnnySims

female sim with a layered french bob

If you’re looking for a little extra length, this Eliza hair lands just before your sim’s shoulder and is available for both frames.

The hairstyle comes in two versions, one with or without all those lovely strands framing your sim’s face.

Either way, both versions will look great.

10. Kat Blunt Hair Bob by Dogsill

female sim with a short ginger haircut

This sims 4 short hair cc is a classic hair bob with its length falling between the chin and shoulders.

With its blunt edge cut and curtain bangs, this hairstyle is for a modern sim on the go.

The hair comes in the 24 EA swatches.

11. Sims 4 Short Male Hair by Wistful Castle

male sim with short black side parted hair

Whether your male sims are busy living a life of crime or love a sleek-looking haircut, this haircut will look great.

This short, straight hair is parted at the side and has some loose strands at the front, which are my favorite parts.

While it doesn’t show in the image above, a couple more strands will fall across your sim’s forehead and eyebrow.

12. Textured Short Curly Hair by GoAmazons

black female sims with a curly bo and headband

Give your sims a voluminous pulled-back afro with this sims 4 short hair cc.

The hair is pulled back by a headband made of metallic-like rectangular pieces.

The headband changes color depending on the hair swatch, some solid and others multi-color.

Plus, your sims will have plenty of baby hairs along their hairline and a curly strand near each ear.

13. Riri Pull Balls Hairstyle by Joshseoh

black female sim with a puffball hairstyle

Style your female sims with this gorgeous braided puff ball hair cc.

The hair is parted down the middle and then sectioned into braids that end in stylish balls.

With its unique and voluptuous look, this hairstyle is one of my new favorites.

14. Sims 4 Short Star Hair By Imvikai

female sim with a undone style hair bob

This modern hair bob will look great on your teen sims with its choppy ends, layers, and bangs.

Style this hair with a fun, funky outfit to complete your sim’s look.

15. Stefania Wavy Bixie by Aladdin-The-Simmer

blond female sim with a short wavy cut

This Stefania hair is reminding of a sexy and wavy bixie haircut.

Bixies are a fun combination of a pixie cut and a classic hair bob.

They serve the fullness of a pixie cut while maintaining a similar bob length.

16. Sims 4 Harriet Pigtails by Dogsill

female sim with bangs and pigtails

Let your sims enjoy a fuss-free hairstyle with these baby pigtails and bangs.

Your sims hair will have two-strand twists leading to short pigtails landing just before their shoulders.

The bangs are also nicely combed to the side, giving this hairstyle a more casual feel than straight-down, blunt bangs.

17. Raymond Sims 4 Short Hair CC by JohnnySims

male sim with short curls on top and undercut

Let your sim’s top curls be center stage with this short, curly hairstyle available for both frames.

Your sim’s curls are focused at the center of their head while the back and sides are trimmed super short, yet you can still see the curl pattern.

While I like both options, you can choose this hair cc with or without strands.

18. Masuyo Short Bob With Bangs by GoAmazons

female sims with straight hair bobs and bangs

With this Masuho short hair cc, your sims will get straight layered hair with long side-swept bangs,

This modern and stylish haircut will easily work for a busy career-oriented sim, sim mom, or teen looking for a carefree hairstyle.

19. Lynlee Short Hair Locs by Sheabuttry

female sim with short, curly locs

This sims 4 short hair cc will give you curly locs in a shorter bob hairstyle.

I’m happy I found these beautiful curly locs, and this custom content hair is available for both frames.

20. Child Short Hair Conversions by JohnnySims

four male child sim with different short hairstyles

This short hair cc pack lets you pick from four different hairstyles for your male sim kids.

Whether you’re looking for something curly, straight, layered, or wavy, you’ve got some great options for your youngster.

21. Dual Unisex Hair CC by Wistful Castle

male sim with short pink hair

Looing for something a little edgy for your creative sims?

This male hairstyle is quite short, with a deep side part and a shorter undercut on the sides and back.

You can opt for a solid swatch or change things up with a dual-tone color combo.

22. Ruby Short Hair & Undercut by Simcelebrity00

female sim with short hair and a tapered undercut

When Ruby Rose joined Orange Is The New Black a few years back, I remember her haircut being all the rage.

Its a great short hairstyle with all its volume up top and a short undercut.

This hairstyle is both fuss free and sexy, the perfect combo.

23. Riku Short Asymetrical Hair CC by Joshseoh

sim with ginger asymetrical short hair

Get creative with your sims’ looks with this asymmetrical short hairstyle.

This custom-content hair is all about layers and asymmetry, with long strands on both sides of your sim’s face and one straight across their face.

If you’re not a fan of all those hair strands on top, you can also download the Tenn hair, which is a little more subtle.

24. Wildflower Short Layered Hair by Dogsill

female sim with a slighly wavy short hairstyle

Here’s another cute short hair bob, but this time, it’s a little wavy, has some nice layers, and has a hair flip at the front.

The edges are slightly curled compared to the blunt edges in #10 above.

25. Kumiko Female Pigtails by Sehablasimlish

female sim with short, blue braided pigtails

Combine a side part, braids, and pigtails, and you have a fun hairstyle for your toddlers, kids, and adult sims.

This hair cc is a great casual, everyday option for your sims. The download page has links for the different age groups you’ll want.

26. Dante Boys Short Hairstyle by OranosTR

male child sim with short combed over hair

Your male kids can always do with a short and stylish haircut.

This short maxi match hairstyle will give your sims significant volume uphop with the comb-over style and nice undercut.

27. Betty Boop Hairstyle by Simandy

female sim with Betty Boop hairstyle

Whether you’re a fan of Betty Boop or not, you can’t deny this hairstyle is serving up short hair vintage glamour.

With all the curled little tendrils, this hair is cute and flirtatious.

Pair this hair with a classic red dress, heels, or something different, like a dressy suit set.

28. Mumbai Hair & Headband by Livixo

two female sims with shoulder lenght hair and a headband

This shoulder-length hair looks beautiful. Even from the image, it has a great look of movement to it.

The embellished headband adds a lovely touch to this hairstyle; for some reason, I can picture this hair on my witches.

You can get this hair with Patreon early or on June 10th when public access becomes available. 

29. Ada Wong Short Hairstyle by Joshseoh

female sim with short straight black hair

Discover a unique twist on the short, straight-bob haircut inspired by the iconic look of the Resident Evil character.

The chic and modern hairstyle is available in 24 color swatches and can be used on female sims that are Teen+ of age.

This short haircut is available for early access and will be available to the public on June 12th.

Sims 4 Short Hair CC Recap

We hope you enjoyed this collection of short hair custom content options and that you found some new hairstyles for your sims.

There’s nothing quite like a modern haircut that looks amazing without needing a lot of upkeep.

Try out a new modern wavy hair bob or something more asymmetrical; there are plenty of styles to enjoy.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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