20+ Sims 4 Magic Mods: Spells, Careers & More

Unleash your sims’ potential with new magical powers with these sims 4 magic mods.

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The Realm of Magic expansion pack offers numerous ways to teach your sims the arts of magic.

Your sims can learn spells, summon familiars, brew potions, and duel with other spellcasters.

But if you would like to learn more spells, conjure new potions, and make a career out of spellcasting, this is where sims 4 magic mods come into play.

These mods will add new content to your gameplay, unlocking and raising the game’s occult potential to the next level.

It’s time to open up these tomes and learn some new tricks.

Mystical Sims 4 Magic Mods

This list includes magical mods that will give your spellcaster sims new spells, traits, aspirations, a new career path, and more.

Most of these spells use the Spellbook Injector mod, which should be installed before using many of the following mods.

Naturally, The Sims 4 Real of Magic game pack will be required for these mods to function.

1. Houses Of Witchcraft by LittleRedSonja

female witch sim outdoors in wintertime

Some functionalities require the Sims 4: Island Living EP and the Outdoor Retreat game pack.

This mod provides four Houses of Witchcraft that all sim spellcasters can join, including NPC spellcasters.

Each house has pros and cons; your sims can join any of them by talking to a Sage through a new interaction menu.

Alternatively, your sims can join a house by buying the corresponding reward trait.

Your sims’ familiars will be affected by the house you choose.

The houses will give your sims a new skill: Witchcraft Studies.

This skill provides new interactions and recipes as your sims level up.

Other perks of this mod include:

  • The possibility of brewing potions
  • Getting new ingredients
  • Having new social interactions with other sims

2. Forbidden Spells for Sims 4 by Kuttoe

evil looking sims with four spell icons

For some spells, you will need the Sims 4: Seasons or the Get to Work expansion packs.

This set adds four new spells to your sim spellcaster’s repertoire.

The first spell is called Ennervate, which drains the life out of other sims to replenish their own.

The Melliferate spell unleashes a swarm of bees onto other sims.

As for the third spell, Miasma will make other sims ill with a sickness.

Lastly, the Grim Bargain spell will help fill up all your Needs meters at a price.

This mod also includes an add-on that lets them participate in Duels for Knowledge even if they have mastered all in-game spells.

This way, your spellcasters can still learn the mod’s new spells.

Note that your sims must be a Rank 4 spellcaster to learn these forbidden spells.

These spells’ success rate is not guaranteed, so if they fail, your sims will suffer a consequence.

3. Magic Rituals At The Séance Table by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

sims having magical seance

With this magic mod, your sims can perform magical rituals at a table.

You will need a minimum of three witches (or vampire witches) up to a maximum of 4 spellcasters casting together.

There are 12 rituals that your spellcaster sims can perform, plus a Rite of Ascension.

Like in any spells, if your sims fail at performing a ritual, they will get a consequence.

Be careful when doing the Rite of Ascension; every sim around the table will be affected in one way or the other.

To reduce the odds of failure, try to gain the recommended Master perk.

4. Sims 4 Magic Aspiration Mods by Snowiii95

black sim laughing at desk

This mod brings three new aspirations inspired by the TS2 game to the Sims 4.

Based on the Sims 2 witch system, your spellcasters can have one of three aspirations: good, neutral, or bad.

Your sim will have goals to attain based on the chosen aspiration.

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5. Magic School for Teens & Children by Ilkavelle

witch with cauldron in classroom

Send your sim children to magic school to learn the art of magic.

To send your sims to school, choose it through the Career menu.

The children will start as Beginner Students and study their way up by completing tasks, much like any adult sim career.

When they reach level 3, your young sims can study new subjects, such as AstronomyHerbalism, and more.

On level 4, your sims must pass an exam that will define their magic career and affect their starting salaries.

For this mod, you will need to get Cepzid’s Kids can perform magic/spell mod, which is linked on the download page.

6. New Spell: Electrokinesis by LittleRedSonja

spellcaster with lightning bolts

For this mod to work, you will need the Sims 4: Seasons EP installed.

This mod adds a couple of cool new spells to your sims’ collection.

The Electrokinesis mod contains two spells: Arcane Voltage and Witch Bolt.

The Arcane Voltage spell creates an amount of power based on your sims’ spellcaster level and can power any lot, which in turn can power different devices.

As for the Witch Bolt, it’s a more powerful version of the Zip Zap spell, capable of frying other sims and can be lethal.

7. Vampiric Teleportation Spells by TwelfthDoctor1

sim floating in air at park

For this mod, you will need the Sims 4: Vampires game pack.

In Realm of Magic, you can use this mod to move around in the shape of a bat or mist, just like a vampire would, but for spellcasters.

Your spellcaster must be at level 4 to learn the Bat Form and Mist Form spells from the Untamed category.

8. Ministry of Magic Career by Caelinaarria

ministry worker career description

This sims 4 magic mod allows your sims to pursue a career as a Ministry Worker in the Ministry of Magic.

Your sims will have four base career levels, starting as an Elevator Voice and becoming an Owl Post Sorter at level 4.

After level 4, your sims can choose to take part in one of these seven departments that act as new career branches:

  • Mysteries
  • Magical Transportation
  • Magical Law Enforcement
  • Magical Games and Sports
  • International Magical Cooperation
  • Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
  • Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

Each branch has its set of new jobs to which your sims can get promoted.

For example, following the Department of Mysteries branch can lead your sims into ultimately becoming a Minister for Magic.

9. Potions Ingredients Overhaul by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

potion brewing menu

This magic mod tweaks the game’s potion recipes to make the ingredients look more exotic and harder to find.

For example, the Forced Friendship potion used to be:

  • 1 Baconite
  • 1 Potato
  • 1 Salmon

With the mod, the recipe is now:

  • 1 Moth Luna
  • 2 Toxic Chamomile
  • 1 Charming Mushroom

So, if you find the potion system too easy, use this mod to give yourself a challenge.

10. Cauldron Potion Transmutation by Icemunmun

witch in front cauldron

For some potions, you will need the Sims 4: Outdoor RetreatVampire GP, or the Get to Work EP.

With this sorcerer’s cauldron, your sims will be able to conjure up some new potions.

Your sims will be able to interact with the item with the following interactions:

  • Add herbs
  • Add magical elements
  • Transmutate into brew
  • Transmutate into serum
  • Donate to Cauldron Gods
  • Transmutate into alchemy potions
  • Transmutate into herbalism potions

Crafting potions helps develop your sims’ Potion Transmutation skill, which has five levels, each unlocking new interactions and rewards.

11. New Spell: Silenzio! by LittleRedSonja

spell description with shush icon

For this mod to work, you will need the Sims 4: Seasons EP installed.

This mod allows your spellcaster sims to hush other sims using the new Silenzio spell.

So, if there are sims who won’t stop talking and are simply annoying, you can use this spell to make them lose their voice for a few hours.

While this may be great for the spellcaster, the sim in question will become quite stressed by their inability to chat away as usual.

Your spellcaster needs to be at level 2 to learn the mischievous spell.

12. Better Familiars for Sims 4 by LittleMsSam

blue mystical sim owl flying

This mod tweaks the Realm of Magic’s familiars by making them more useful with more features.

First, summoning a familiar will make your sims gain more XP by 50%.

These magical creatures will also gift your sims with items, which will be sent directly into your sims’ inventory.

The creator has given familiars a hidden relationship with your sims that won’t appear in your relationship menu, but it’s still there.

This relationship affects all familiars, not individual ones, and the better it is, the more likely your sims are to receive gifts from them.

13. Master Duelist Career Mod by Ilkavelle

warlock career description

Another possible career for your spellcaster sims is the Master Duelist career.

Like any career, this one has multiple levels, and when you reach level 7, you choose one of four paths:

  • The Great Sage
  • Untameable Warlock
  • Famous Warlock Hunter
  • Famous Artifacts Hunter

This mod also adds two new duel options to spar against another spellcaster:

  • Duel for money
  • Duel to the death

Beware, losing to those duels will have a consequence on your sims, either by losing money or their lives.

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14. Supernatural Modpack Collection by Snowiii95

career description for ghost hunter

Some of these mods require a specific expansion pack, which is mentioned in the file name.

This collection of sims 4 magic mods includes several new sim traits, lot traits, aspirations, and careers.

With this mod pack, you can assign one of these 10 new traits, such as:

  • Fairy
  • Siren
  • Ghost
  • Zombie
  • Night owl
  • And more

Lots in your sim world can also be assigned one of these three new traits:

  • Graveyard
  • Fairies magic
  • Apocalyptic ground

As for careers, your sims can choose between three new career choices: alchemist, fortune teller, or ghost hunter.

This pack also provides three new aspirations: bloodthirsty, leader of the pack, and mystic healer.

15. Black Magic Remake by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

sim conjuring magic outside at night

For this mod to work, you need the Sims 4: Journey to BatuuJungle Adventure GP & Paranormal stuff pack.

With this mod, your spellcasters will turn to the darker arts and become blood mages.

You’ll first need to assign your sims the new aspiration: Mastery of the Dark Arts.

With the aspiration equipped, your spellcaster’s Charge level will change into a Blood level.

Your blood mages can now perform the dark arts by making pacts with the Grim Reaper, doing necromantic rituals, and conjuring up some necromantic potions.

16. New Spell: Incontinento by LittleRedSonja

spell description with diaper icon

This mod allows your spellcaster sims to become a little prankster and cause bladder failure when using the Incontinento spell.

So, if you would like to prank other sims and cause them to have an embarrassing moment, this fun little spell will do the trick.

This spell is easy to acquire because your spellcaster only needs to be at level 1 to learn that mischievous spell.

17. Sims 4 Spellcaster Tweaks by Kuttoe

two sims spellcasting using wand and book

If you want to make things more challenging, these sims 4 magic mods tweak how the sims cast and learn spells in the game.

These tweaks change the outcome of certain spells like:

  • Discharge
  • Dedeathify
  • Copypasto

The Discharge spell will now reduce your sims’ Energy need by 15%.

For both the Dedeathify and Copypasto spells, your sims will receive a more significant number of charges than they would generally receive.

The mods also change some in-game delays that impact how sims learn new spells.

Now, sims can search for new tomes and ask Sages for new spells more frequently than before.

18. Magic Healer Career Mod by Ilkavelle

healer career description

With this mod, your sims can become a magical healer as a career choice.

Choosing this career path will make your sims start as a Trainee Healer and unlock new stages by completing specific tasks.

What’s great about this mod is that your spellcasters will also learn new spells in the process, such as:

  • Felix Felicis
  • Remedis Simae
  • Corpus Athleticus
  • Benemoodus Simae

19. Magic Mastery for Sims 4 by TwelfthDoctor1

magic pie interaction menu

These sims 4 magic mods add a few things to your game, including a new sage.

This sage is a jack of all trades who can teach your sims all the spells and potion recipes.

The mod also removes the constraint that sages must be in a specific venue type to teach spells and potions to others.

Now, sages can teach wherever they please.

Another perk of this mod is the addition of 18 new spells, including curse spells, to your sims’ spellbook.

This mod offers so much content that it’s a must-have for anyone enjoying the Realm of Magic EP.

20. More Spell Is Fun Mod by Cepzid Creation

sim changing sim into frog

This mod pack adds many new spells to your spellcaster sims’ repertoire.

There are 14 new spells divided into the three spell categories, most of which are of the Mischief type.

In this set, you get spells like:

  • Spider attack
  • Bladder curse
  • Hunger charm
  • Poison dart spell
  • Force fart or belch
  • Toadification curse
  • And many more

21. New Spell: Baba Yaga! by LittleRedSonja

sim skeleton witch and reaper side by side

For this mod to work, you must install the Sims 4: VampireJungle Adventure GP, and, optionally, Cottage Living EP.

This spell allows your sims to transform themselves into Baby Yaga, the fearful witch.

Casting this spell on your sims will make others around you panic and scare them away.

If you cast Baby Yaga on other sims, they will become loyal subjects you can unleash to scare the people around.

Sims 4 Magic Mods: Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this list of sims 4 magic mods and that you’ve added a few spells to your sims’ spellbook.

With these mods, you can add fun new spells, play with the dark arts, or tweak a few of the game’s mechanics to make things like potion crafting a bit more challenging.

The Realm of Magic EP is alot of fun on its own, but adding some mods makes the game even more enjoyable.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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