27+ Sims 4 Pool CC: Diving Board, Lounge Chairs & More

Get your sims ready to step into the summer season with this Sims 4 Pool CC collection.

sims 4 pool cc collage

With summer just around the corner, I felt inspired to find some pool custom content to set up a fun summer day by the water.

While this roundup is focused on pool cc, we’ve also included some beach cc sets that you can mix and match.

You can easily create the perfect day of fun and relaxation for your sim’s family to enjoy with these amazing pieces.

Whether you want a pool with an exciting design or to grab some new floaties for your sims to wade around on, we’ve got great options for you.

Let the pool party begin!

Our Favorite Summer-Ready Sims 4 Pool CC

Below, we’ve rounded up various pool-related custom content pieces, from fun floaties to lounge chairs, beach gear, and more.

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1. Silicon Pool Float by Wondymoon

large watermelon pattern float

Nothing gets a pool party started better than fun floaties for everyone to enjoy.

This custom content comes with silicon donut-shaped pool floats.

The floaties come in five swatches:

  • A watermelon-inspired swatch
  • A purple donut with sprinkles
  • A multi-color float
  • Solid blue and yellow options

2. Pool and Beach CC Set by SSIAT

mixed beach gear

Whether your sims enjoy a dip at home or the beach, this custom content pack has the usual objects for either setting.

The pack includes 6 pieces;

  • An icebox
  • A kids pool for your younger sims
  • A decorative beach ball
  • A car-shaped floaty
  • A beach chair and table

3. Sims 4 PoolFloats Conversion by Boschiana cc

sim family with arm and waist floats

I love a good conversion set, and this one comes with the floaties from the Poolside Splash Kit

They can be used with any of your sims’ favorite swimsuits.

The floaties are available for the entire family, including your sweet infants.

They come in 9 different swatches, including citrus fruits, tropical vibes, an underwater theme, and yummy donuts.

You can find the floaties in the bracelet section.

4. The Strandkorb Beach Lounger by Charly Pancakes

beachside loungers on the sand

These beautiful beach loungers are definitely on the fancy side and will make your sims the talk of the beachfront.

These beach lounge chairs have retro vibes. With their striped fabric, sunshade, and storage drawers, they are both stylish and practical.

5. Swimming Pool Diving Board by SimderTalia

swimming pool and driving board

Need a decorative diving board to complete your outdoor pool space?

This sims 4 pool cc has a classic white diving board to add the final touches to your inground pool.

And if you are still playing older versions of the Sims, this diving board is available for Sims 2 to Sims 4.

6. Functional Kiddie Pool CC by Scodee Yodee

child sim enjoying their kiddie pool

This custom content requires the Sims 4 Seasons EP.

Whether your toddlers are not ready for a regular-sized pool or just enjoy playing in their backyard, this kiddie pool is the perfect choice.

Kiddies pools are great starter pools for the youngsters in your household, and this custom content pool is functional, too.

7. Mahé Pool Lounge Chair Set by Madlen

modern wooden beach lounge chairs

Nothing breeds relaxation by the pool better than a comfortable lounge chair.

This modern and sleek-looking pool lounge set comes with 4 pieces;

  • Towel set
  • Ottoman
  • Accent table
  • A gorgeous lounge chair

8. Beachside Everday Essentials by Around the Sims 4

collage of various everyday pool necessities

No pool is complete without the proper gear to protect your sims from the sun’s rays.

This set is perfect for the beach or pool and comes with practical items your sims will need to enjoy their time to the fullest, including;

  • A beach towel
  • Beach bag
  • Game magazine
  • Thermos bottles
  • Various sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and sun oil

9. Patterned Lounge Chair Recolors by Simsulani

collage of patterned lounge chairs

These lounge chairs require the Sims 4 Island Living EP.

Add a pop of color to your sim’s backyard with these colorful, patterned lounge chairs.

The chairs have a sleek, modern design with a wooden base and are topped with a thick chair pad to lounge away.

The chairs come in 10 colors with a damask-type pattern.

10. Functional Marshmallow Pool Float by Hydrangea

a marshmallow shape pool float

This adorable marshmallow-inspired pool float looks good enough to snack on with its multi-color stripes.

The functional float is another great poolside option for your sims to enjoy this summer. These sweet floaties come in 5 swatches.

11. Pool Day Collection by Mel Bennett

collage of different pool items

It’s a fantastic pool day with some cold beers by the water and great music for ambiance.

With this sims 4 pool cc collection you get 7 items to enjoy a hot summer day;

  • A towel
  • Pool noodles
  • Beer crate filled with cold drinks
  • Donut float for your sim’s drink
  • Beer pong floatie
  • A functional radio

12. Poolside Lounge Pack by Max 20

collage of various items needed for the pool area

This pack has 24 amazing pieces to create the perfect outdoor garden experience.

The pack includes everything from a sun-fried gnome to Fargugium plants, sabal palmettos, a wide beach hat, and sunglasses.

Set up a bar chart by your sim’s pool while your sims lounge in the shade under their sun tent.

13. Sims 4 Float Loungers by DK-Sims

sim enjoying a pool float

Since your sims can always do with more floaties options to choose from, this pack comes with two sets of swatches for them to enjoy.

The Scandi prints offer a more muted color palette with whites, gray, dusted rose, and more.

Meanwhile, the Summer bright swatches are more vibrant with patterns and color options.

14. Playa Set for Sims 4 by Syboubou

collage of different beach day items

Syboubou is one of my favorite CC creators. They always put together amazing collections; this Playa set is no exception.

The set comes with 15 items, many of which are functional;

  • A beach ball
  • Seashells
  • Flipflops
  • Straw hat
  • Sand toys
  • Umbrella
  • Wicker bag
  • Snorkeling mask and flippers
  • Sunglasses and magazine
  • Sandcastle (functional as a dollhouse)
  • Swimsafe armbands (CAS or decor options)
  • Towel (functional with Island Living EP)
  • Kiddie pool (functional version needs the Seasons EP)

15. Cool Pools CC Kit by Mr. Olkan

collage of three inground pools

Create the pool of your dreams with this cool pools custom content kit which comes with 5 pool designs (my favorite is the triangle shaped pool).

Each pool model has 27 swatches to change the concrete color or pool lining, and there are 3 options with water animations.

There are five new water styles and two decorative pieces to customize your sim’s pool further.

You can find the download link in the video’s description linked below.

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16. Dreamy Outdoor Set by Sixam CC

sim floating on a large pink flamingo floaty

This dreamy outdoor set is another great collection of objects that creates a warm and inviting space for your sims to lounge around in the fresh air.

The pack contains 36 pieces, including;

  • String lights
  • Hanging swing
  • Chaise lounge
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • An outdoor coal grill
  • Functional floats, including a cute flamingo and eggplant

17. Summer Fun Children’s Pool by Kardofe

collage of 4 mixed children's pools

This little kids’ pool looks almost like a bouncy castle, but it’s a great functional pool with some much-needed shade for a hot summer day.

The pool is available in 4 colors (pink, blue, yellow, and striped yellow).

18. Summer Essentials Floater by Seimar8

pizza shaped pool floats

These floaters require the Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack.

Here, we have some more cute pool floaters; these floaties are almost like pizza slices.

The pool floaties come in 8 swatch patterns, including some Disney-themed designs, palm trees, beach balls, and an adorable tropical option.

19. Solid Color Pool Lounge Chairs by Simsulani

collage of solid color lounge chairs

These cc chairs require the Sims 4 Island Living EP.

These pool lounge chair recolors are the same style as those seen at number #9 above; however, they are all solid colors without any pattern on the cushion.

There are 10 colors available, including beautiful blues, purples, and yellow tones, as well as a solid black swatch.

20. Plouf Pool CC for Sims 4 by Syboubou

collage of various outdoor pool items

As you can see from the collage image above, this poolside set includes some fantastic pieces to customize your sim’s poolside area.

The pack comes with 40 pieces, including a ton of useful pieces, including;

  • A pool ladder
  • Diving board
  • Beach towels
  • Curly palm trees
  • Tiles wallpaper
  • Deco pool steps
  • More floaties
  • Waterfall cascade
  • And many more

21. Flamingo Float Accessory by Beto_a0e

child sim playing on a flamingo float

Sims of all ages can enjoy this adorable flamingo-shaped pool float, turning pool time into fun.

The float comes in 8 swatches, so you can choose a classic pink flamingo color or something more unique.

You can find the float in the bracelets category.

22. Pool Stuff CC Set by Nordica-Sims

mixed pool items on a counter

We can always use some extra pool stuff, and this small set comes with pieces your sims can enjoy by the pool.

The set has a functional island-shaped lounge mattress, a cute dolphin float, and a basket with pool noodles.

There are 2-6 swatches per item.

23. Sims 4 Summer Fun Set by Kardofe

various pool side items

Put together a great poolside or beach side with this summer fun set, which comes with some great objects for a day of sun.

The pack includes:

  • A slide
  • A kid’s pool
  • Decorative floats
  • A functional inflatable mattress
  • A foldable-style table and chairs

24. Sims 4 Hot Tub by Awingedllama

sims enjoying an outdoor hot tub

This cute little hot tub looks like an above-ground pool and is an excellent addition to any backyard.

The hot tub could complement your sim’s inground pool as a separate space to relax, or you could let the hot tub be the backyard’s focal point.

25. Pool Lounge Float CC by Nordica-Sims

large pool floaties

These lounge chairs require the Sims 4 Island Living expansion pack.

We’ve got some more pool floaties for you, and these lounge chairs are a great length, making them ideal for relaxation rather than the classic donut-shaped floats.

These lounge chairs are fully functional, and with their headrests, your sims will be super comfortable floating around.

26. Sims 4 Inflatable Pool by MyxDollYT

family enjoying an inflatable pool

With this custom content pool cc, you can add a cute little oval-shaped inflatable pool for the little ones in your household.

The pool only comes in one swatch, but it’s an excellent option for your youngsters to enjoy while their parents oversee their fun time.

27. Sims 4 Beach Set by Hera Sims

beach lounge chair, umbrella, and towel

This custom content beach set includes more gear for a great day in the sun.

The set includes a functional lounge chair with a towel, beach chair, flamingo float, and umbrella.

A beach ball and watermelon pool floats (functional with Island Living) are also available.

28. Mermay Pool Collection by Lumenniveus

outdoor pool with mermaid tail shaped flooties

Grab some summer pool essentials for a relaxing day lounging in the sun.

You can set up a cozy snook with the parasol and chairs in one corner.

I love the mermaid-themed pool floaties; the pool stairs will also be a great addition. 

More decor options and even jeweled pool mosaic tiles are included. 

29. Patio of Tomorrow Poolside CC by Surely-Sims

blue patio set and orange barbecue

Two items require either the Seasons EP or Backyard Stuff SP.

Decorate your sims’ poolside with this collection of retro-style patio set items, which includes:

  • Firepit
  • Cooler
  • Metal Table
  • Metal Chairs
  • Umbrella
  • Metal Loveseat
  • Decorative Flamingos
  • And more

For some water fun, this set also includes a toddler pool and waterslide, but these two require the packs mentioned above.

Sims 4 Pool CC Recap

With this fun collection of pool cc, you’re ready to create a great poolside area for your sims to enjoy during hot summer days.

Why not throw a great pool party event for everyone to enjoy?

Set up a bar chart and some cozy pool lounge chairs, and let the household enjoy the fun.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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