17+ Sims 4 School Mods: Activities, Classroom, & More

Make school more enjoyable with some sims 4 school mods.

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With the High School Years expansion pack, your sims get to experience life inside school walls.

Your sims can attend class, roam in the halls, do homework, and all that fun stuff.

And creators have made school mods that will change some aspects of the game’s schooling system.

Sims will get new ways of interacting at school, have new ways to study, and develop their skills.

And these mods aren’t limited to high school students; you can also send toddlers to preschool and children to elementary school.

With that said, it’s time to head to class.

Fruitful Sims 4 School Mods

With our collection of sims 4 school mods, you’ll find fun ways to tweak some aspects of the game’s schooling mechanics.

And we also have an entire post dedicated to Sims 4 University Mods.

1. Education School Bundle by KawaiiStacie

girl sim on computer at home

This base game-friendly bundle includes mods that affect your young sims’ education.

With these school mods, your sims will be able to learn and develop certain skills and help increase motives.

There’s a virtual learning aspect where they can homeschool or do homework online.

These mods will also add new school interactions, such as sleeping in class, slacking off, making friends, and even flirting with classmates.

Overall, these schooling mods add another layer to your gameplay, providing a better and more realistic experience.

2. Short School Hours For Teenagers by MSQSIMS

female sim smiling while holding pen

Usually, your sims’ school schedule is weekdays from 8 am to 3 pm.

This school mod helps shave off a couple of hours from the schedule, making your sims finish at 1 pm instead of 3 pm.

With that extra time, your teenage sims can do better things like hang out, have fun, or do homework. 😉

3. Afterschool Activities for Sims 4 by Ilkavelle

collage after school activities

If you want some extra classes for your sims, this mod offers six activities to sign them up for.

These new classes are:

  • Acting Classes
  • Art Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • School Choir
  • School Orchestra
  • Literature And Poetry Circle

If your sim’s phone lacks the necessary options, install the creator’s Join Afterschool Activities mod, linked on the download page.

4. Form Groups In School Mod by MissyHissy

students around round table

Were you missing the Add To Group feature in the High School Years EP?

With this helpful mod, you get the Add to Group interaction, so your sims can travel together in the school halls, cafeteria, and other spaces.

The mod offers different group sizes you can create; you can form groups in schools for 1525, or 50 members.

5. School Tweak Mods for Sims 4 by Chipped’s Creation Corner

girl sim by her school locker

These sims 4 school mods offer a few new changes to your gameplay.

These mods affect how you interact with your sims’ lockers and how the students behave in class.

For the lockers, your sims will be able to :

  • Use it as a storage unit
  • Assign a locker to other sims
  • Buy school items
  • Change their clothes, just like a dresser

As for the second part of this, it adds new interactions to the classroom, like texting with others, browsing websites, etc.

Misbehaving in class will land your sims in detention, but alternatively, they can also do well and gain the Teacher’s Pet trait.

6. Stop Notifications for High School Events by Simularity

two school event notifications

Are you tired of getting notifications about events happening at school? This sims 4 school mod helps put a stop to those messages.

There are two versions for this mod, one that only removes the pop-up sound so that they’re less annoying but still there.

The second option will remove the notifications entirely.

7. Holiday Tradition for School by LittleMsSam

school holiday mod banner

For this mod, you must have the Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack installed.

Similar to the original School Holidays mod, this version allows students to get a fixed day off school without relying on random probabilities.

This mod allows you to set a free day for your teens or sim children by simply adding the Tradition to a holiday.

8. Sims 4 Go to School Mod V5 by Zerbu

in-game children classroom

Since the HSY expansion pack allows you to send your teen sims to high school, this mod does the same for children.

Before sending your sim children to elementary school, you must first build one or grab a school from the Gallery.

Once the school is built, you must change the lot type to Elementary School using the creator’s Venue Changes mod.

When kids attend school, they will learn different topics each day of the week.

9. Magic School Mod for Sims 4 by Ilkavelle

description for magic school student

This mod requires the Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack.

You can enroll your teen sims to become students at Bonehilda’s magic school.

To sign up, you go into the Career menu and choose Magic School Student.

Your sims will start as Beginner Students and level up as they reach goals and complete tasks.

As they increase their academic levels, new study topics will become available in the pie menu.

You can also send children to the school, but to do so, you’ll need the Kids can perform magic/spell mod by Cepzid.

10. More Students At High School by Ksuihuh’s Corner

students in full classroom

Do you find that your sims’ classroom needs more students? This mod changes the number of students that go to school.

There’s usually a set limit of sims per lot, but with this mod, you can decide to have 18, 24, or even 40 students at the school.

Adding the extra sims will make the school look more lively and realistic.

You will notice the school bell will ring 10-15 minutes earlier to compensate for the extra students taking their seats.

You can also choose to install a mod that adds a second vendor to the cafeteria to make up for the extra students.

11. No Death From Stink Capsules by MissyHissy

sim reacting to stink bomb in locker

In the high school pack, there are two new ways sims can die:

  • Urban myth
  • Stink capsules

Your sims can prank each other by putting stink capsules into school lockers.

While there’s a slight chance that the stink capsule could cause a death, this sims 4 school mod prevents that.

12. Sims 4 Education Overhaul by A.Deep.Indigo

teacher writing on white board

This mod revamps the game’s education system with changes to careers, preschool, enrollment, and others.

For sims pursuing an Education career, this school mod adds a branch allowing them to become a K-12 Educator.

You can enroll your sim children and teens in other schools, like virtual, occult, boarding, or private schools.

Your young sims will also discover new options like field trips, school projects, homework assignments, and more.

This overhaul also allows toddlers to attend preschool to develop skills, fulfill their needs, and gain buffs.

There’s a lot of fun to discover, so we suggest reading all the details on the download page.

The education career option requires the Discover University EP.

13. Choose Your Classmates by Konanhurry

classmate selection window

As the name says, this mod will allow you to pick your sims’ classmates to be in the same class as their besties.

To make your selection, with your teen selected, click on the mailbox and pick Choose High School Classmates from the pie menu.

So, no more random classrooms; your sims can now be with people they know.

14. Afterschool Activities Mod by LittleMsSam

random small mod banner

Aside from school, afterschool activities are an excellent way for your sims to develop other skills to help them further in life.

But while these activities are fun, school takes up enough time in our sims lives.

This sims 4 school mod limits these afterschool activities to once a week to free up their schedule and allow them to do other fun things.

15. More Cafeteria Food Mod by Simpishly

lunch lady at cafeteria with food option

This mod requires the Sims 4: Discover University pack installed.

If you want to diversify the school’s cafeteria menu, this mod adds new meals to the table.

Now, high school students will get to chow down on new recipes like:

  • Chicken Sliders
  • Hamburger Sliders
  • Junior Lunch
  • Meatball Tamale Bites
  • Rainbow Brownies
  • Senior Lunch
  • Tortilla-Wrapped Hot Dogs
  • Tortilla-Wrapped Veggie Dogs
  • Veggie Sliders

This mod also changes the University menu by adding a whole new list of food items.

16. High School Years Club Activities Mod by MissyHissy

view of amusement park at night time

You’ll need the Sims 4: Get Together & High School Years expansion packs for this mod.

This bundle adds six new club activities from the High School Years pack to use with Get Together.

So now, your teen sims will be able to enjoy these activities in their clubs;

  • All Things Trendi!
  • Browse Thrift Shop
  • Drink Bubble Tea
  • Have Pillow Fights
  • Use Social Bunny
  • Visit Pier Attractions

17. High School Uniforms Mod by Ksuihuh’s Corner

collage school uniform on sims

Do you want the students of the school to dress the same way?

If so, this mod will standardize how sims look by providing them with school uniforms.

You get to pick one of 10 colors available, but the uniform doesn’t affect the outfits of other clubs, like the Football team.

These sims 4 school mods are divided by colors, so download and install the one you want.

18. Sims 4 Afterschool Activities by Ilkavelle

it course class description

This mod pack brings five new activity clubs your teenage sims can join.

The activities are the following:

  • IT Course
  • Nature Club
  • Science Club
  • Speech & Debate League
  • Technical Classes

Each of these activities has 5 levels and for your sims to get promoted, you’ll need some of the creator’s mods linked on this mod’s page.

19. SimU Online Skill Classes by Midnitetech

list of online skill classes for sims

This base game-compatible mod allows sims to take online classes to help develop their skill sets.

The skill classes are available through your sims’ phone and computer and is enabled for children to elder.

Classes taken on the phone will take less time to complete, but the skill boost will be less than those taken on the computer.

No matter which platform your sims use, they will benefit from buffs once they complete a class.

Sims 4 School Mods: Recap

Hopefully, with a few of these sims 4 school mods, the younger generation of sims will have a brighter future.

Simple mods like homeschooling, or enrolling in different schools can be beneficial for your sims.

Other mods like shorter school hours and holidays also help balance hard work and fun time.

These mods let your sims improve skills to prepare them for their future careers and allow them to be the best they can be.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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